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Ask to Join Gorgon Glare ! A Fairy Tail roleplay {Reboot}

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Super Lazy Man, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    1. Welcome to Gorgon Glare Guild
      this will be a RP for a Fan made Guild, to join fill out this forum for your characters

      Name -
      Gender -
      Age -
      magic -
      guild mark location -
      personality -
      appearance -


      1. there will be a limit of a total of 3 slayers so first come first serve

      2. dragon slayers and devil slayers are allowed but no god slayers

      3. fan made magic is fine with me as long as you supply a brief summary

      4. if your going to have celestial spirit magic your limited to 1 zodiac key max, and no

      5. please be respectful of fellow role players

      6. i shouldnt be saying this but no god moding

      7. no one liners please

      8. and yes children of existing characters are fine but remember i will always be wondering why they'd join this guild instead of their parent's guild, keep that in mind

      9. you can have a max of 2 magics, 1 if your a slayer

      10. most important rule, have fun! ^^
    Name: Eleo
    Age: 16
    Magic: electricity .. he can also provoke storms to make his magic faster and stronger (lighting blast , shock , he can make lighting come out of nowhere (sky included)) and speed magic ((at fullest achieves 2x the speed of sound )at the moment)
    Guild mark location:left shoulder
    Personality: not very but kind of silent and kind of nice (Perfect for rival) pretty much a smart dude that doesnt like stuff that dont make sense
    Appearence: has gold eyes , yellow hair , pale skin , wears a green coat with thunder on the middle, has white shorts , and brown shoes,
    Has a scar on left eye
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  2. I am going to take one slayer slot. And two characters overall

    Name: Drake Dragoneye
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Giant Storm Devil Slayer magic- Lightning Path (This is one of three paths that a Giant Storm Devil Slayer can take, it focuses on Lightning type magic)
    Guild Mark Location: Forehead
    Personality: Drake is highly protective of his allies, somewhat friendly, he also can be very cruel, only if his magic causes trouble.
    Appearance: 1.8 Meters (5'11") with black hair and blue eyes, a blue long coat with a silver shirt and a pair of black pants, boots are commonly seen on Drake.

    And my second Character

    Name: Izumi Fitzgerald
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Guild mark Location: left side of Neck.
    Magic: Requip: The Shielder (She can Requip Armor and Shields)
    Appearance: She Stands 1.55 meters (5'1") with reddish-brown hair and green eyes, wearing a blue dress.
    Personality: She is very shy, sweet and caring once she gets to know you, she is also very affectionate towards Drake.
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  3. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

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  4. Okay I have a question. Why are only God-Slayers banned? There isn't anything to imply they are straight up better than Devil Slayers unless I misremember? And Dragon Slayers in the series have never lost to God Slayers in the show. So I am curious.
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  5. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

  6. while that is true, there is also the fact that God Slayer elemental magic is stronger than the other two kinds, since we saw Natsu fail to eat Zancrow's fire because it was too strong for him to do so without emptying out his magic in an almost suicidal attempt to turn the table on him, and Zancrow was shown to be a more competent user of the magic than the other two, so he definitely had the potential to prove it to be stronger... which is something best avoided in a friendly RP

    anyway I came to point out that Ill make a character for this RP and post it later today.
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  7. But the problem is God Slayers are mainly a title. In the show they are not OP, if anything they are underplayed as they are winless in the series. With Wendy tying against Chelia on top of Natsu/Zancrow. Just seems you guys are being mean to God Slayers who already don't get a chance to be cool to deny them the chance here is all. Feels selective based on shaky reasoning given they are far from OP in practice in the show.

    In any event, bio.

    Name: Garnet Albess
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Magic: Gem Magic (A type of Holder Magic in the form of a golden necklace with various colored gemstones placed around it. Each gem using a different type of magic spell. Currently in position of 5 Gemstones. Including the Amethyst Stone, which grants her magical violet claws she can use to slash at enemies, the Emerald Stone, which produces magical green wings to allow for limited flight, Ruby Stone, which allows her to channel and fire crimson magic blasts, the Rose Quartz Stone, which produces a magic barrier to protect her from attacks, and the Sapphire Stone, which produces waves to push enemies and "surf" on for greater mobility. Each stone can only be used one at a time and there is a limit each one has before they need to "recharge" to be effective once more.
    Guild Mark Location: Left arm.
    Personality: Somewhat a "jerk with a heart of gold", who loves treasures and is a bit vain with valuable possessions but she does have a fire and determination to fuel her. She knows what she wants and she will get it no matter what, though even if her "spoiled" attitude can be grating at first there is a kind heart buried underneath even if she won't admit it.
    Appearance: A dark skinned girl with medium length black hair, black eyes and of average height. She wears a white sleeveless top complimented by a light green sleeveless vest along with her aforementioned necklace and a pair of golden wrist bands. Wears a matching green skirt with black bottoms underneath along with a pair of heels that can convert into flats if need be.
  8. they are actually pretty strong if Zancrow is any hint to play off of, it’s just that Chelia and Wendy are pretty much equals in terms of power since they have just about equal experience, the guy from Sabertooth fought Laxus who is an S class, and the only one to truly show its potential was Zancrow who was killed off by Zeref before he can have a rematch with Natsu who was clearly struggling most of that fight, but yeah, the show didn’t do it justice, in the right hands it can be very strong...
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  9. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Accepted, also, the high heels have magic in them :o
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  10. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Gorgon glare guild mark! 20191231_171650.jpg
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  11. It can be strong, but my argument is there is nothing about it that is OP as the show provided examples for how even Dragon Slayers of the same element can get around the disadvantage. IDK I just don't like how only God Slayers are excluded just means they don't get a chance to have a cool rep more than anything which is kinda a bummer.

    Nah, just customed designed with a retractable pair of heels., to be fashionable and effective on the field ^^
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  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Would I still be able to join if I know basically nothing about Fairy Tail?
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  13. This looks fun! I'd love to join, but I have some questions. I want one of my characters to be a celestial spirit mage. It says in the rules that they van only have one zodiac key. By Zodiac key are you referring to gold and silver keys, or just gold? Also, overtime may they obtain more keys or would they be stuck with that one for the entire RP?

    Edit: I'm adding a question :p. Can we make up keys (That are based off of celestial bodies, of course) or only use the canon ones?
    #13 Barefoot_Kittens, Jan 2, 2020
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  14. The Zodiac Keys are the Gold Keys and that one Black Key
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  15. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Yes, but refer to a Wiki before doing something that you're not certain about
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  16. I might revive one of my Old characters for this. Oh Hell.

    Name - Alexandre Zoldyck
    Gender - Male
    Age - 30
    magic - Requip - Swordsman. ( interchangable Armors and Swords. ) Side: Unknown Curse Magic.
    Main: His original, most Noteworthy form. His sword looks to be a Normal-looking Sword, a Marking at the base of it.
    Speed Mark.I: He ditches his Jacket, the under armor becoming a Sash around his Stomach. His Normally Baggy Black pants become blue, with White to symbolize waves.
    Power Mark.I: is Black pants become a Burning red, having Orange and Yellow as an outline for Fire. His Jacket is purely Molten-orange, and the Under Armor is transferred to his Sword, which becomes a Giant, Bustersword-like Blade.
    Defense Mark.I: His under-armor fuses around his Jacket, turning it into a long Steel Jacket, shoulder guards appearing. The Ass-cape part of the Jacket has Spike-like things pertruding from the end.
    Requip Secret Technique ~ Earth Dragon Blade: A form he obtained after taking blood from his old friend, Dasken Lauphage. The form changes his Sword to look like a Giant piece of sharpened rock, capable of cutting Steel. Stones hover around him, ready to start Flying at moments notice. Despite it being from the blood of a Dragon slayer, he is unable to use the fullest potential, only able to use the Earth in a Defensive manner for so long, and Offensive in some cases. Despite using this form since he was 18, the Magic Drain only allows him to be in it for 16 minutes, and once that time is up, any of the Rocks that were under his control drop. Though that can be helpful in theory, the rocks are also capable of Crushing him alive in his Weakened state if that happens. It's still his overall best form. High risk, High Reward.
    guild mark location - Right Shoulder
    personality - He's quiet for his age, speaking up to talk his mind whenever it's needed. Any mention of the name 'Dasken' is enough to make him turn away. Despite that, he does have a soft spot for younger people.

    Once he starts to trust you, he'll start talking about the adventures he and his Crew had, most notably talking about the Darkness Dragon Slayer he knew as a Child, Barry. The Ice Dragon Slayer, Melone, is one he can barely keep a straight face talking about.
    appearance - He's a 6'2, Tanned Male. He has White Hair, with black Streaks across it. He gas Green eyes, which change to Grey Earth-Dragon Blade He wears a pocketed Black Jacket over a Blue Robe, over Under armor. He wears a black, Baggy Gi-like Pants, with White Boots.

    If anything needs to be changed, I will change them as soon as I can.
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  17. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name - Trinity Caelius

    Gender - Female

    Age - 17

    Magic - Light Ecriture (It’s like Freed’s Dark Ecriture, except it doesn’t do curse, but more so blessings and enchantments
    It also incorporated some of Larcade’s Magic pertaining to pleasure and joy

    Guild Mark Location - Back of left shoulder

    Personality - Trinity is sort of a book nerd and strategist. She is able to work with runes and letter magic. Other than her defining book smarts, Trinity is a devoted and caring person. Her magic is based more on curing, hence she has that second handed nature of caring and nurture.

    Appearance - Trinity takes on a height of 5 foot 5 inches, average, maybe lower, for a female her age. Her hair is dyed a light baby blue that reaches her middle back and her bangs are generally mess. Her eyes are naturally green but when she uses Light Ecriture, she becomes dichromatic with one eye becoming golden. She wears a lilac sweater that is baggy near the arms and a white skirt paired with brown knee high boots. Her writing utensil of choice, also act as her weapon of choice is a sharp and thin fan, think of it as big as Temari’s fan from Naruto, but much thinner and lighter for Trinity to handle it.
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    Oh well. I'll think of another bio. Though it probably would have helped if you'd like the new bio with the old thread. Will get it done ASAP.
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  19. Okie Dokie, Celina's keys are all fan-made. Let me know if you need me to add anything (I don't mind given examples to their fighting styles/attacks or anything else)

    Theodore Shelby
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Main- Telekinesis Magic, Side- Heaven's Eye
    Guild Mark Location: Left Bicep
    Personality: Theo is what you would call a pushover, especially when it comes to his friends. He is gullible and easily manipulated, making him an easy target for anyone with a slightly-higher-than-average IQ. Theo is extremely kind and patient, an overly compassionate fellow who really doesn't know how to stop giving. He's not very good with money- due to his tendencies to give it away- so he's never been one able to indulge in luxuries. Overall, Theo is confident and fairly skilled- not as timid as you would assume from hearing stories about him- but his over sized heart leads to him often being tricked into losing battles. Although a strong magician, Theodore relies heavily on others and will avoid combat as much as possible when by himself. But, when given something to protect, Theo will fight with his life.
    Appearance: A fairly small boy, Theo doesn't appear to be much of a threat. He's not particularly muscular and stands at only about 5'9, his motherly demeanor doesn't help. Pale skin paired with lightly dusted freckles, gives Theo a childlike appearance. His features are big and bright, with a round nose and typical content smile. Theo's eyes are large and round, a honey-brown color that sparkle when he's excited. His hair is a light shade of pruple, nearly lavender and it's slightly curly texture gives it a messy look.

    Celina Fort
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic
    Gate of the Eagle, Aquila: A slender woman who is fairly tall, with large brown feathers sprouting from her arms (similar to deneb). She wears a long, flowing white dress and has bare feet. Aquila has large brown eyes and thin lips, making a pretty face with soft expressions. She sports long brown hair which flows all the way to her waist but is fairly neat and smooth, with a feather crown placed gently on top of the straight locks. She is a gentle and graceful woman, eager to serve her master's will with elegance.
    Gate of the Hunter, Orion: Orion is a large man, twice the size of any human. He is extremely muscular, and scars riddle his tanned body. The man sports only a toga and sandals, as well as a large shield in one hand and an oversize sword in the other. Orion's eyes are a dark brown shade, and his blonde hair is short but messy. Orion speaks in short sentences, always more focused on the battle than anything else. He's generally disinterested in anything that isn't him being heroic.
    Gate of the Shield, Scutum: Scutum is literally a giant shield. He is rectangular shaped, standing about 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Scutum has small, red beady eyes and a thin mouth as well as two stick-like legs underneath him. He is a thick shield, made of iron- with colorful shapes on his exterior. Red, Yellow, and Blue make up the shape of a crest on his front side. Scutum doesn't say much, he's a bit on the dull side but happy-go-lucky and really enjoys being summoned.
    Guild Mark Location: Right side of Neck, parallel to ear
    Personality: Imagine every mean, queen-bee, stereotypical high school girl and you've got exactly how Celina wants to be. The only flaw in her plan is that nobody cares. Celina has always tried her best to stick her nose up, make rude remarks, and take charge of others- but unlike a high school setting Celina has gotten nothing but the occasional glare out of her attitude. At best, people would see her as a spoiled brat- not at all the image she is going for. She has a sharp tongue, and is fairly witty with her sass- putting positivity and compliments below her and choosing only to critique others. She is easily flustered, especially on the topic of strength (which she is very much lacking without her keys) and honestly fairly timid once you break down her facade.
    Appearance: Celina is youthful in most way, but has a certain womanly charm to her body. She's on the short side, standing at 5'3, but has a curvy shape to her body. She's fragile, overall with little to no muscle on her body. Celina's skin is a sun-kissed olive color. She has sharp, cat-like features with a pointed nose and thin lips. A beauty mark under her left eye accents her face, her pupils being a sparkling shade of bright blue. Her hair is a light shade of grey, cut bluntly at her shoulders with choppy bangs at her eyebrows.
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  20. Name: Alister Desyre
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Magic: Gold-Make
    Guild Mark Location: Left wrist
    Personality: A bit of an...eccentric personality, to be kind on the subject. He is a bit of a loud mouth with a love for adventure and a flare for the dramatic, but is not too shy to boast and can be a bit of a showoff or kinda a cocky prick to those who'd refrain from using more mature language. He loves the life of the party and every chance to show off his skills, but all of this and his desire to flash his "bling" as it were is merely a mask to cover an entire crawl's space of insecurities and own past trauma build up over his lifetime as he desires to make something of himself to match this persona he has created; rather than the rather meek if not uncertain young man he actually is on the inside.
    Appearance: A young man of tall height with a slender yet athletic build, has fair skin with dark red hair and emerald green eyes along with a slight goatee of matching red color along his chin. Alister wears a white top with a red-purple jacket and matching colored pants along with black boots as well as a rollex watch and a gold necklace on full display. Also has some sunglasses that he wears on occasion, mainly when he thinks it helps him to look cool as he will wear them even if it is not too sunny out.
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  21. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Cool, but can you explain to me that magic?
    amazing ! Both accepted
    That's alot of stuff, if your character is new to the guild (like mine) then remove one of the requips, if she isn't new,then accepted!

    I will make the actual roleplay thread now
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  22. I get it. It Gold-Make Magic. Just like Grey and Leon's Ice-Make magic. So he can make things out of gold.
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  23. Allows the user to make & manipulate weapons/items out of gold. Similar to Gray's Ice-Make Magic. From things like swords & shields to canons to even living constructs such as a large tiger.
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  24. It would be kinda odd if all of these characters joined the guild at once, out of nowhere- unless they put out an advertisement or something. So maybe we should vary character introductions more than just having them all walk into the guild hall. I just don't know how yet. Or we could have it that the guild master put out an advertisement, that would be easier. Speaking of which, do we have a guild master?
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  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Can’t we split up the characters
    Maybe like 2/3 of the character already are part of the guild and the other 1/3 can join at the beginning
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  26. *Cough* I'm not stupid. Just brain-dead, ok? Yeah, we can do that. I don't mind making Theo and Celina already part of the guild- but I'll have both of them out of the guild to start.

    I'll also use Celina to get someone's attention. That way we aren't all starting in the same spot- I'm gonna have her be attacked by bandits.
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  27. ok this is a bit later than "later today" but better late than never

    Name - Armatiel Hellscream (nicknamed “The Devil Child” because of his magic and Age)
    Gender - male
    Age - 16
    magic -
    Rings of Hades magic is a form of Holder Magic and Summoning Magic that utilizes special rings, called the Rings of Hade, in a similar way to Celestial Spirits Magic and Angel Magic

    There are 9 Rings, each one summons a wicked Spirit who’s magic is so powerful it alters the Terrain around their general vicinity, it is up to the summoner to have a strong will and be able to control the otherwise mischievous and malicious summons, only one ring can be active at a time and summoning them takes a lot of magic power, the best an experienced adult can summon are two, Armatiel can only summon 1 at a time at the moment
    1. The Ring Of Limbo (Charon) : a lanky tall figure in black robes and a light black beard, his skin grey and almost translucent as you can see his black veins clearly, long messy black hair and ice blue eyes, he wields a Boat Oar And is skilled at sailing, his magic is Archive magic and the terrain around him turns withered, colorless and silent

    2. The Ring Of Lust (Asmodeus) : an effeminate lithe man with pink skin, crimson hair, and black bat wings, dressed in a beautiful black dress, purple glowing eyes and wielder of Wind Magic, the terrain around him is always blanketed over with a dark thunder storms

    3. The Ring Of Gluttony (Beelzebub) : a giant blue fly with black demonic wings and red eyes, armed with a poisonous bite and the terrain around him is a frigid drizzle of acidic Rain

    4. The Ring Of Greed (Mammon) : a Gold furred werewolf in a black suit and a glittering silver eye, wielder of Metal-Make magic and the Terrain around him becomes a light Sandstorm (the Ring Armatiel has)

    5. The Ring Of Wrath (Moloch): a black bald demon with huge ram horns and spikes all over, green eyes, he uses Re-Equip (weapons only) and the terrain around him becomes heavy rain

    6. The Ring Of Heresy (Krampus): a lanky towering Satyr with brown fur, black eyes, fanged teeth, a metal hook and chain, and a wielder of Fire Magic. The Terrain around him is withered, dry and prone to wildfires

    7. The Ring Of Violence (Belial): a fit, muscle bound man with tan skin and a blond wild mane of hair, amber eyes and golden horns, user of Regulus Magic and dressed in a sultan like outfit, the Terrain around him becomes overgrown with dead twisted trees

    8. The Ring Of Fraud (Mephistopheles): a pale man with grey hair and dressed in black pants, a red shirt and a black fur coat, black horns, red eyes, and a long black tail paired with demonic wings too small to fly with, his magic is Darkness Magic and his Terrain is an ever-shifting mirage

    9. The Ring Of Treachery (Lucifer): a fit pale man in purple armor, 6 black wings, a broken sword, horns curved in a Halo like shape, amber eyes and ombré hair, wielder of Blue Fire Magic (as stated by Natsu when he ate the blue fire produced by the Rainbow Fire guy, it is cold, and since Purple Fire is its own magic, only makes sense Blue Fire is too) and his Terrain is a relentless blizzard.
    guild mark location - the palm of his left hand
    personality - a very odd kid to say the least, not the type to look for trouble but is the type to never back down from a tough fight if the opportunity rears its head around the corner, he is more mature than his appearance leads on and often relies on his other senses to navigate around, not that he is blind, he just prefers it that way, it asked about it he’d just reply with “I work with my magic better that way”.
    appearance - a pale kid with black messy hair, dressed in black pants and shirt, a maroon cloak, and a maroon blindfold, wearing a silver pentagram locket around his neck.
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  28. Wait, hold on. Why are the Zodiac Keys limited but the Rings magic which seems to do the same thing without any restrictions? Feels a bit biased.
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  29. I just posted all 9 rings in case anyone else was interested, the only rings I’m using Is already stated
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  30. I'm not saying you or the rings are handling it wrong, just curious on the nerf to Celestial Mages
  31. The max is gonna be one per person like the Zodiac keys, at least I assume so, as it only makes sense that that is the case right?
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  32. IDK, I don't think most Gold Keys are that strong but it is a RP AU so anything goes.
  33. Not all of them are combat oriented, but they certainly are much stronger than the silver keys
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  34. I can have my OC part of the guild. Though we should consider who we want already want with the Guild and who'd be new additions. Preferably so I know what to post lol
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  35. Existing Members: Alex, Theo, Celina, Garnet

    New Members: Drake, Elio, Izumi

    That's what we've got so far. I think there are 3 other characters who have yet to post
  36. I’m waiting for my character to get accepted XD
  37. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    I dunno..looks good but kinda op to me
  38. What concerns do you have that make it seem op? I’m awake all night so we can straighten out any rough edges you think will be an issue :)
  39. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    This is bothering me...

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