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Good News/Things Happen

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Carmen Lopez, May 25, 2007.

  1. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by nothing but bad stuff in this world so this is the topic to post some of the good stuff that happens. The good news can be something that happened to you or just something that happened on the news.

    I graduated high school last night. My gosh that sounds weird! The graduation also went off without a hitch. I guess that means I'm free of high school after 13 years now. It was a special night for me because my friends and family all came. That definitely was a good something that happened.
  2. Next week I am going with my 7th grade team to New York. It's gonna be awesome. I can't wait.
  3. I hatched an adamant Diglett on my second egg.
  4. Linkachu

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    I finished and graduated from my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree a few weeks ago, which has been a /big/ relief. Too bad the RN exams are still looming over me... >>

    And I received my first paycheck from my new job last Friday =)
  5. And I'm sure you'll have an awesome time. I did when I went. At least you're going in Spring. I had to go in March. Even though my nose froze, it was great.
  6. I just had a birthday last week, and I'll be graduating next week. As a present for both, I got a new cell phone! That's cool, because I've never had a cell phone before and I've always wanted my own ringtone.
  7. I left school last friday, its brilliant to finally be done.
    Now im off to america on 29th july for 6 weeks (anyone want me to visit them in that time, tell me now)
    And before that I have NASS festival 6-8th july
    7 exams left =)
  8. That's so awesome! Where are you going? What do you plan to see?

    As for myself, I entered 4 of my short stories in a contest, and 3 of them came in in the top 10. One of them won third, so today I'm going to accept my prize. I get to dress up in an overly elaborate outfit I made myself, and I can't wait to meet my competition. ^^ It's going to be a blast (the contest was sponsered by a convention, and I got registration to the con, the prizes are going to be given out at the masquerade ball ^^).

    I'm pretty stoked, my friends have been telling me I'm an awesome writer for years now, and I really want to be an author when I grow up (not professionally, as a side job so I can make a ton of money and buy a mansion ;D ). So this is to me, the "okay, go ahead" with my writing. It's proof I'm good enough. And that, to me, is priceless. ^^
  9. Well rather than leave this topic to die, i thought id save it from relegation to page 2...

    I have finished all my exams, and today I got my car back after 3 weeks of it being in the garage being completely dead, im very glad its back seeing as I was very afraid I couldn't drive to NASS next weekend. .Oh and as im out of school, I dyed my hair bright red which I personally love.

    Unfortunately im not staying in america for 6 weeks anymore, I'm still flying out on the 29th to Ohio but Im returning to england around the 20th of August.

    To MoonStruck and anyone else that is interested in my america trip, basically Im flying out there for Warped tour on 1st August, then im going to travel mostly on greyhound busses and trains to go to a few concerts whilst i travel between Ohio and Colorado, Im meeting my friend in Ohio to start my trip, and finishing meeting another friend in Colorado. Anyone living in any states that are en route or whatever drop me a line, preferably find me a concert, and I'll be there =)
  10. Sorry if this counts as spam, but I'm excited because now I know for sure:


    Usually it's not a big deal for most people but it is for moi!


    Only, amazingly, failed one class (I think Latin :p)

  11. It's so hard to believe I made this thread the night after my high school graduation. I start college August 10th. I'm excited yet terrified out of my mind. But that still constitutes a good thing that happened. I just hope I like my college experience.

    Congrats!!!!!! :)
  12. August TENTH? I thought school didn't get back in session till somewhere closer to September... But, I'm homeschooled, so it doesn't mat- OH NOES! I have to do schoolwork as well! EEK, Algebra... I hate Math... :'( *Faints*

    Also, CONGRATS, HyperReaper33!

    TO STAY ON TOPIC: Uhh... My friend has a new sister! His fifth sibling. Six children... I don't know HOW they have ANY money... *Shudders*
    Nothing good has happened to me lately... Oh, wait, yeah! I got a new Gamecube. Our old one wouldn't read disks.
  13. Well yay! I don't remember if my Gamecube works, lol. Time to test Metriod...
  14. Metroid Prime? I don't have it, but my friends say nothing but good things about it. Hope it works. ;D
  15. My best friend for nearly four years has came to visit me^^ We've been having lots of fun, right now he's just taking up space in our bed though, I could go poke him if I wanted though...

    But he does leave on the 16 which makes me sad T_T But Im enjoying the time while he's here^^ I dont get to see him much anymore so I have to make the best of it.
  16. Congrats, Musashi! I'm lucky, all my friends live really close. *Starts crying, he's so lucky*
    I'd love to see his expression if you poked him, Lol. It'd be hilarious. I know, poke him, and take a piccy! Then post it, so we can see.
  17. One of my best friends lives down the street, my second best GIRL friend lives further down, and all my other female/male friends live too far away to ever see except during school, and my BEST friend has moved down to L.A.... Just lucky she didn't go all the way to Texas. v__v

    Good things... Well, I might be getting my computer fixed so it doesn't just stay off all the time, and soon, I might even get a DS and Pokemon Pearl! ^__^
  18. *gasp* Then you can hand out you friend code and be SEMI-POPULAR!!!

  19. ...Ouch. Just ouch.

    New thing! Yes, I know, short notice, but eh-

    I finally caught a Ralts in Ruby! :3 Yes, that rare psychic thingermajiger! Now I can make him go to the daycare center, level up, then evolve him into an awesome Gardeviour! Woo psychic! :p
  20. I have both a Jolly and an Adamant Ralts on my Emerald which is very nice for breeding if I want a new Gallade. :)

    And I beat a round of the Battle Tower last night on Pearl...
  21. I'm going to the San Diego Comic Con this month. My brother's handling the accommodations, and he's already bought tickets for us, my half-sister, my step-brother, and his girlfriend, who will apparently be driving us. I don't know what kind of hotel we'll be staying at, although we could stay at my uncle's house, who is apparently a millionaire from a lucky real estate deal.
  22. I'm goin on a mission trip this Saturday
  23. Good for you, Uzumaki_Naruto! Is it a christian Mission trip??
  24. Yea, we are going to Colorado.
  25. That's awesome! It's good to see another christian on 'Charms.
    Have a good time(And save some souls)!
  26. I am a Christian too and I hope you have a good time too Uzamaki_Naruto.
  27. YOU ARE? Saaweeet.
    I like to see people like me on teh int0rw3bs. :)
  28. Thx guys. We're doin a VBS and a basketball camp for the kids there.
  29. Aww, how sweet. A friend of mine did a mission trip in, I think, Arizona..(?) Not sure, though.
  30. A friend of mine is going to a mission trip in... Thailand I think. I wish I could go, but it's cool that he gets to. :)

    But I got to go to the movie theater last night for the second time this month, which is a lot more than I usually get to, so that's good for me. :D
  31. Yeah... That is cool, Orangen. What'cha gunna see?
  32. Saw Pirates of the Carribean a week or two ago and Shrek 3 last night. Somehow I always end up waiting a really long time after something comes out before I see it... XD
  33. well...won 5 times straight on WFC Free Single Battles (3 of the guys had Darkrai and one Arceus o.O)
  34. THREE had Darkrai?! They must have the Japanese version.... There's a glitch where you can get Darkrai and Shaymin(Only in JP, though).
    Arceus... Who would resort to using HIM?
  35. Maybe a person with Noobish tendencies.

    Meanwhile I'll be going to Panama City the third weekend in July. It'll be my first time in Florida (despite living in Georgia, Florida's neighbor to the north) and it'll be my first time outside of eastern time zone. I'll also see the ocean for the first time. And that isn't the only good thing happening that weekend......

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  36. one that AR'd it, Dark type Arceus lvl 80, pwned it with a lvl 75 luxray God I was afraid >.
  37. I agree.

    Hoorah for you! I love Florida and Georgia... My aunt lives in Georgia, and I visited Florida while I was visiting her, and the rest of my fam down south.

    ...... *Throws gigantic party* YIPPEE! YEAH, HPDH! I can't wait! I don't have any money, though.... -_-

    [quote author=Ultimate link=topic=1867.msg27011#msg27011 date=1183773231]
    one that AR'd it, Dark type Arceus lvl 80, pwned it with a lvl 75 luxray I was afraid >.
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Life's been interesting this past month or so, but there's still some goodness mixed into it.

    Working night shifts with the right people can be awesome because there's a fair bit of downtime to just sit and chat. I mentioned one of my on-going stresses about work to a few of my co-workers yesterday (they kinda dragged it out of me, heh) and what resulted was nice... Gave me a bit of perspective, too.

    Otherwise, there's a chance that my best friend is coming down to visit at the beginning of August. I'm working all through that week, but just having her here would be awesome. I really hope her mom decides to go through with the trip...
  39. Something awesome happened to me!! I was expelled from my stupid dumbass school!! Finally I've been trying so hard to get out of there, and the only school close to that is Mel High, and All my best friends go there, and also they have the highest programs to offer to students, I get to fo there when school starts back up!

    Im so estatic I feel like crying!! Instead I'll go poke Kumo >_>
  40. This is probably the first time I've ever congragulated someone for getting expelled but congrats. I'm glad you're moving on to bigger and better things.

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