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Going to New York in April!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Myth Busted, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. .....!!!!

    Today I found out that my Dad and I are holidaying to the Big Apple aka NYC aka New York!

    This is, literally, the dream.

    First of all, it's America. I have never, ever been to America. It's the land of my fantasties. I thought I'd be much older when I got to holiday to America, but no!

    Second, my 3 favourite shows are set there. Two of them I don't like so much any more, but my absolute favourite show, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is filmed there, and I literally am shellshocked that I'll be there, during the filming season. I know I'll be nowhere near 30 Rock at the time of filming, but it really brings me closer to the action!

    Here's the question:

    In a four day time frame, who has any tips for journeying to NYC? We'll have enough cash to spend, so add the stores and stuff that would be cool to visit if possible.

    I'm sort of reeling right now...!

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  2. Aff, well, good luck! I've been to NYC a few, since I live nearby, here's a few things I remember.
    - Nintendo World is a must. Just cause it's Nintendo World ♥ I haven't been there in a while, but it was really cool then ♥
    - I went to a really lovely restaurant, Ellen's Stardust Diner. They had really lovely food, and the waiters and waitresses sang ♥ Not recent songs, but some older ones. They're really good though~!
    - If I recall, there is a really big M%Ms store around, with two floors. The second floor let you make an M&M bag and they had like, sooooo many kinds ♥
    - Toys R Us is really big and awesome, especially with their Ferris wheel, which was adorable to watch. They have a bunch of stuff, yesyes!
    - Quicksilver is a clothing store that has a lot of nice stuff. We got some really soft shirts that were awesome ♥ I don't think they're too expensive, but I can't really remember all that well. They're really nice though ♥

    Those are the places I went last I visited New York, I suggest you go to a few! Have fun ♥

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