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DPPt/HGSS Goemon's Trades

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Goemon2057, May 28, 2007.

  1. Hello,i just wanted to let people know that i'm starting a trade for pokemon.If you want to trade pearl exclusives (rarity doesnt matter to me) or somthing neat (some of the cool 1st gens would be nice too) i'll trade an egg that hatches into an eevee,i believe some may also come with the normal move Secret Power (or at least most of mine have)

    I am also currently looking for a moonstone and chikorita

    If you want to trade somthing just PM me,also i'm a bit slow on trading knowledge (i've only traded with one person ever in this game) so if u could add any info such as that it would be appriciated.

    I've edited the name to add i am also trading Firered/Leafgreen Buyable TMs.I can also get a variety of pokemon in firered,such as Porygon (Basically anything you remember in Pokemon Red)

    Here is the list:
    Hyper Beam
    Brick Break
    Secret Power
    Iron Tail
    Flame Thrower
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball
    (TMs currently off until my second team is ready for elite four,don't worry it wont be long!)

    Same trades,but i am open to multiple TMs since money is easy to get,but try to keep it small if u can cause it takes awhile to trade items ^^;; (also i can only do 6 a day due to migrating)
  2. i can get you a bonsly or a sudowoodo or BOTH for two eevee eggs....
  3. Sounds great just give me a time tomorrow after 3,i can do it definatly on any day except friday.I'll take a bonsly egg if ya have one,otherwise anythings fine
  4. how about 3:30? i can have a bonsly by then, but i dont think that it will be an egg, if thats ok.....
  5. NMR


    are those the tm's ur trading?
  6. Yes,Not all are special but some are more available in firered/leafgreen than diamond and pearl
  7. Alright,getting on now then

    EDIT:Sorry couldnt amke the deadline,got caught in a battle by accident from som1 else,beat a Darkrai with Mew O.o
  8. NMR


    i have lots of moonstones, i have cyndaquil, and a torchic that i'm willing to trade for the last 5 tm's on ur list, r i can get other pokemon for u.
  9. i can get you glameow or sheildon for a delibird
  10. Hows about a random pokemon with moonstone (or a chikorita might be nice if ya have one,but optional :D ) for the TMs

    and Pick either Rhinos and deal.

    Pick a day over the weekend and a time (i can't do it today cause i'm graduating high school :D )
  11. NMR


    How bout sunday afternoon 12pm ct.
  12. Sure thing,i'll get the stuff ready today
  13. im looking for a porygon, togepi and i am willing to trade anything i got, just PM me and ill tell you if i got that or if i can get that.
  14. The choices are too wide for me,and i'm not really looking for any specific pokemon ^^;;,i'd much prefer u list some pokemon.But i can get both of those

    and NMR don't take mind to the edit,ure TM's will be ready
  15. ok, i have the sheildon ready for now, i can be on tomorrow, but im not sure what time ill get on
  16. Last thing,i have a delibird thats nicknamed,do u want the nickname,a change of nickname,or no nickname?
  17. doesnt matter, if i dont like the nickname i could breed it myself
  18. alright,then i'll be ready by tomorrow,just give a time

    if u cant give a time IM me,i'll be up pretty early

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