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Open God-Abandoned Planet

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Psymallard, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Discord- https://discord.gg/tvzbbbA3ZG (Join the God Has Left the Chat Discord Server!)
    Five years ago was a great time for humans, who were making enormous breakthroughs in magic and technology. Five years ago, leaders grew arrogant, tempted by Satan. Five years ago, Satan convinced humans to invade Heaven. The human troops were swiftly eradicated, and God was displeased with this, and disconnected Heaven from the material world. Thus began the Eternal Night, and Earth was now considered the top level of Hell.

    Now to describe this less cinematically and more explanatory. The Eternal Night is a never-ending night, where the moon's cycles dictate the time instead of where the sun is in the sky. A full moon is noontime and a new moon means midnight. Magic comes in three main categories; holy, demonic, and manmade. Holy and demonic are what you'd expect, being obtained by forming pacts with either side. Holy magic is more rare nowadays, since holy beings have not made a pact with mortals for five years, and those that use it are usually targeted by demons. Manmade magic is magic that one practices, and the user has no limit (other than death) to how much they can improve their arcane power. This Earth is modeled after the real world to an extent, with the story taking place in Europe, with the Sahara to the south, Mideast to the east, and the Orient farther than that. Monsters that will be used include most if not all mythological beasts, with each existing where they originate from (so no Oni in Italy). The cities are dense and castlelike to better protect humans from waves of demons. Anyways, rules.

    1. Pokecharms rules.
    2. If someone is waiting for you to respond to them for more than a week without reasoning, either they or I can auto your character.
    3. You can have as many characters as you want as long as you can keep track of them.
    4. Character Bio:
    Appearance- (include height)
    Magic Type- (if applicable)
    Spells- (if applicable)
    Tools- (weapons, pets)

    My Character:
    Name- Augustus Bauer
    Age- 47
    Gender- Male
    Appearance- His hair is a silvery blonde and swept back, reaching halfway down his neck. His beard is unkept, with the hairs being around half an inch each along a strong jawline. His eyes are a piercing, pale blue. He's 6'7" and thoroughly muscled, although his whole body is covered in weathered plate armor from the neck down.
    Magic Type- Corrupted Holy Magic
    Spells- Weapon Enhancement(his weapon is imbued with his magic type)
    Stamina(a corruption of a healing spell, it allows someone to fight in top form even if they're dying)
    Lightning Burst(a corruption of a lightning summoning spell, there's a 1.5 second warm-up where the target feels a tingling sensation and hears a very slight buzzing noise before exploding with electricity)
    Tools- Broadsword, steel buckler
    Languages- Italian, English, French, Polish
    Backstory- 20 years ago, Augustus was a crusader of the church, having magic bestowed upon him by the Pope. He lead crusades into the Middle East, reclaiming the Holy Land. When he came back from combat, he stayed in Paris for a day, where he met a beautiful Gypsy, named Gowri. He knew of the possible repercussions, but he broke the 2nd Commandment that day. He married her in secret, and his loyalty in God being swayed, an angel told the Pope of Augustus's wife. That night, his house was raided, with anti-magic users cancelling out his own magic and him being run through with a blade, he could do nothing but watch as his love's skull was split in two. He was left there, with a sword through his belly, and he managed to survive with healing magic after the invaders had left. Without his devotion to God, his powers corrupted, and were given a duller tint that most holy magic. He made a pact with Satan, who sent him on a wild goose chase for the past 17 years with the promise of exchanging Gowri's soul.

    Feel free to ask any questions
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  2. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Name- Damon Silver
    Age- 362 (looks about mid 20s or 30s)
    Gender- Male
    Appearance- Athletically built standing at 6'8 with long white hair in a ponytail and piercing eyes that were a mix of pink and orange. He wears torn trousers with shackles attached to his wrists and ankles the broken chains left dangling. He also has a steel colour with a chain attached to it as well.
    Magic Type- Demonic
    Blood Harvest (the user enchanted their canines causing them to become fangs allowing the user to draw blood from their victim this drains the victims strength and gives it to the user)
    Physical Enhancement (grants supernatural strength and speed to user)
    Stolen Life (As long as the user kills and consumes blood then they are essentially immortal with an incredible healing ability)
    Tools- No
    Languages- English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian and Latin.
    Backstory- Damon was a teacher of languages at a small school, one day his town was invaded and every inhabitant was killed except Damon, he had been out looking for some flowers for his lover. In an act of desperation he pleaded to Satan to grant him the power to get his revenge and Satan obliged but also made it so that Damon would crave violence and long for the kill whilst simultaneously assuring that he could never escape this cycle of violence.
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  3. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  4. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    Name- Caligo Tenebrosus
    Age- 32
    Gender- Male
    Appearance- Caligo has a strong build, standing at 6’ 11”. He has short white hair and wears a fedora. He has scars from battles all over his body mostly appearing as stitches. He wears a black coat covering his shoulders. He wears grey pants and brown boots. He lost his eye in a fight( to be explained in backstory )

    Magic Type- Demonic
    Killer Reincarnation ( Satan gives user more power changing the person form, takes a lot energy and lasts for 10 minutes at tops )

    Sword Steal ( User puts energy into weapon,( blade, spear, etc. ) and does a deadly slice attack, that steals energy.

    Tools- A crimson long sword with a skull on its hilt.
    Languages- English, Russian, Japanese, Latin, Chinese, and Hebrew.
    Backstory- Caligo used to live a normal life until he turned 21 when someone broke into his house and killed his family, and almost killed Caligo and cut his eye. After that Caligo pleaded to Satan to give him strength and power, Satan agreed, but the more Caligo uses his powers the more, he loses his humanity.
    Other- Caligo is marked to be killed on sight by Holy Officials.
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  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    As a quick aside, I assume you probably didn’t know and made these mistakes accidentally, but terms like “gypsy” and “Orient” are generally considered to be offensive these days. The former is often used a pejorative; generally speaking, the terms Roma or Romani are preferred. “Gypsy” comes from a mistaken belief that the Roma people were itinerant Egyptians, based on a passage from Ezekiel. Likewise, “Orient” generally just means “East” (contrast “Occident,” “West”) and though the place that is defined as being “the Orient” has shifted over time, the term is inescapably Eurocentric and offensive when applied to East and Southeast Asia.

    Aside from that, I do have a few questions to get a better feeling for the world you’re constructing here. You mention your character was a Crusader 20 years ago, part of an army that captured the Holy Land. The only Crusade to find such success was the First, from 1096-1099. So, am I correct to assume the year is approximately 1119? It would fit with the seemingly medieval weaponry and armor. In this time period, the House of Wisdom in Baghdad was still the center of the Islamic Golden Age, and Song Dynasty China was seeing the development of the Four Great Inventions (gunpowder, the compass, papermaking, and printing). Europe, meanwhile, was seeing the founding of its first universities, Bologna (1088 ) and Oxford (As early as 1096). So this is, in fact, a period of technological development. Has technology developed along these lines in your world, as well?

    Europe in this time was not fully Christianized, assuming the 1119 date to be correct, this is before even the Wendish Crusade. Pockets of Norse Paganism still exist, and the old faiths of the Sami, Finn, and Baltic peoples still thrive. Islam, under the Almoravid Dynasty, is still the dominant religion of much of southern and eastern Iberia. Obviously much of north Africa and the Middle East are also Muslim, while the Cuman-Kipchak Confederation practices Tengrism. There are Jewish peoples across the entire continent, but especially in Muslim territory where they suffer less persecution. Christianity itself is not united, the Eastern Orthodox Church holds sway over much of the Balkans, Caucuses, and the parts of Anatolia still under the control of the Roman Empire, not to mention the various Miaphysite practicing branches that make up the Oriental Orthodox Churches, but your synopsis only suggests a Catholic worldview.

    These are just some of the faiths that would be within throwing distance of Europe, and doesn’t account for faiths further afield in Asia, Africa, or across the oceans in Australia, Polynesia, and the Americas. There are probably even faiths that I do not recall off hand. What do these other faiths think of the sudden disappearance of the Sun and the appearance of monsters and demons across the world? Presumably a person from Europe would know about what at least some of these various nearby faiths were saying.

    What are the mechanics of this eternal night? Has God just made everything stop? Does the Sun still exist but its light no longer reach the Earth? Is it eternally day on the other side of the world? How does everything not freeze without the sun to warm it, is the solar system still held together? Does the moon still revolve the Earth? How do lunar phases work without sunlight to reflect? Have the phases sped up to where the moon goes through them all in a 24-hour period or does it still take a lunar month – approximately 29 days – to go through them all? If the moon revolves, what happens when it sets? If it doesn’t, what do places where the moon is beneath the horizon do?

    And I guess finally, did history proceed as it did in our world up until the Eternal Night began (5 years ago, so in 1114 if the 1119 date is correct), but for the existence of magic? Should we expect actual historical figures? So, for example, were Pope Paschal II (Pope 1099-1118 ) and Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor (King of Germany 1099-1125, Holy Roman Emperor 1111-1125) in the middle of the Investiture Controversy? Was it Paschal II who sanctioned the murder of Augustus’s wife (Which would’ve been in 1102 assuming the 1119 date)? How has the onset of the Eternal Night affected the political situation?
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  6. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @JustNinja the spells are overpowered, a paralysis and then insta kill move? And summoning a Legendary Demon? Tone this down and I will accept you.

    @Rex gypsy is likely a term I will use throughout, since this is still a ignorant medieval European setting, but I can use Romani when narrating. As for the Orient, I will use Southeast Asia instead of that name as well. I used them both as terms of description, not intendedly offensive.

    Yes, that would be the year this begins at, and technology might be a little bit behind because of the demonic invasion. Gunpowder, compasses, and papermaking exist, while printing hasn't been able to take off. And of course Europe is not fully Christian, at the time of this RP not many people worship God anymore because of his abandonment of the Earth. I was fairly vague on the details of other faiths, but both Jesus and Muhammad exist, and beings that were only featured in the Old Testament (Or Tanakh) like seraphims, oraphims, and golems. Most other faiths would likely have heard of mortals storming the heavens, and the ones that don't probably think they did something wrong. In the Eternal Night, God has taken away the sun completely. The world is flat, so there's not even another side to worry about if there was a sun. Hell itself is seeping into this world, so the heat from it is also preventing an ice age, at least for now. The moon doesn't revolve around the earth, it emits its own light in this world so it hasn't need to reflect, and the moon does have a 24-hour cycle now. You can expect most historical figures not written about in religious writings to be fictional, the Pope before the Eternal Night was Pope Lucius I. Politics are mostly local, since the fortress-cities only have a couple brave travelers traveling between them in this dangerous time.
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  7. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    I edited. Is it ok, now?...
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  8. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

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  9. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    Thanks, my mans!!

    EDIT: Also how many RPers will we need to start the RP
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  10. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @JustNinja I was thinking I could start on the opening when one more person joins, maybe sooner if it doesn't seem like anyone wants to.
  11. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name- Nataniel Dylan Gallo
    Age- 27
    Gender- Male
    Dylan's Wild Shape magic gives him the ability to take on five distinct shapes:
    - A base human form, standing 6'2". This form is called "Homid."
    - A slightly more monstrous form reminiscent of classic Hollywood wolfmen, growing claws and fangs and much more hair, its normal red color streaked with white. This form stands 7'5". This form is called "Glabro."
    - A traditional anthropomorphic werewolf with pure white fur, standing 10'6". This form is called "Crinos."
    - A quadrupedal white furred dire wolf form which stands 5'10" at the shoulder. This form is called "Hispo."
    - A large, but otherwise normal, white wolf form that stands 3'10" at the shoulder. This form is called "Lupus."
    Magic Type- Manmade / "Natural"
    Wild Shape - Dylan has the ability to shapeshift into one of five forms, each increasingly wolf-like. While the transformations are near instantaneous he does have to pass through each one in sequence to get to the next. He can remain in any of the five forms indefinitely, but the transformations can be disrupted and it is more difficult to 'stop' at the Glabro or Hispo forms than it is to stop as Homid, Crinos, or Lupus. While the Homid and Lupus forms have the standard sorts of abilities that one would expect to find from a human or wolf of that build, the Glabro, Crinos, and Hispo forms all feature markedly increased strength, speed, and stamina, with Crinos being the single most powerful. As one would expect, the three monstrous middle forms make it difficult to move around in human society, and thus the weaker, but less eye catching, end forms are preferred for general day to day life.
    Rage - Dylan boils with a sort of supernatural anger, even when he seems calm he's actually simmering. Tapping into this rage allows him to do a number of things. It gives him a healing factor of sorts, he can effectively will his wounds closed, though increasingly severe wounds take an increasingly long time to heal fully. It helps keep his mind focused, making him resistant to attempts to mentally dominate him. It also increases his pain tolerance, and can give him a boost of adrenaline when his stamina's running low. As one might expect, the amount of Rage Dylan can call on at any given time is dictated by the phase of the moon; he has the most rage when the moon is full and the least when the moon is new. Burning through his reserve saps him of energy, leaving him vulnerable, while pulling too much rage at once sends him into a feral frenzy. Thus, he must maintain a careful balancing act at all times.
    Tools- A recurve composite bow and some hunting knives.
    Languages- Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Scots Gaelic, Arabic
    Backstory- Dylan was born in a small hamlet some miles outside the the city of Lugo, within the Kingdom of Galicia. As one might expect, he and his family were Galician, with his specific ancestry traced back to the intermarrying of local Celtiberians with Picts, greatly displaced by Rome's final attempted conquest of Caledonia in the early 200s CE. The secrets of his Wild Shape magic had been passed down by generations of his family - a supposed gift from their Celtic gods - but was forgotten over centuries of intense Christianization until Dylan, himself, rediscovered it shortly after coming of age.

    As the third son to survive to adulthood, Dylan was never expected to inherit much of anything. And so, in order to not be a burden on his family's meager resources, he set out on his own shortly after his twentieth birthday in order to carve his own path in life. That was in 1112, two years before the Endless Night began. In the years since then, Dylan has often tried to trek the old pilgrimage paths back to Lugo, but he's never made it all the way back. He fears that his family is likely dead.
    Other- N/A
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  12. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

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  13. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

  14. Hi, so I've read what you wrote about this whole world and I'm definitely interested. I want to play a gunslinger/inventor type character, would that fit with the timing. You mentioned gunpowder exists, I just don't want to overdo it and ruin the pretty unique setting. Any thoughts?
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  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    In this time period, pretty much all the advances in gunpowder weaponry are happening in China, and are primarily the fire arrow and fire lance. The earliest known artistic depiction of what may be a cannon, again in China, dates from 1128, but the earliest known cannon dates from a 1227, century later. The proper hand cannon came later that same century, and the first proper firearm, the matchlock came about in the 1400s. So actual guns would be fairly anachronistic.

    Maybe, if you want to achieve a similar dynamic, you could be a spellslinger, shooting fire magic through some sort of arcane focus like a wand? Not to say you absolutely can't have a gun, it's not my RP so it's not my call, but it's an idea if you want to maintain the rough technological advancement of the setting.
  16. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @Orfiz while gunpowder does exist, the closest thing that there are to guns are crossbows and Chinese fire lances, a firework or greek fire launcher could work too. Assuming you want to use robotics, I'll allow clockwork machines without too much complexity.
  17. @Psymallard @Rex I see, that definitely makes sense. I like the idea of using a focus and slinging spells out, with a slight clockwork aesthetic. I'll just post the bio now with my ideas, and if it doesn't fit, let me know and we'll figure something out.

    Name- Nikolas Volta
    Age- 28
    Gender- Male
    Appearance- (include height) Standing roughly 5'9", Nikolas has a bit of a lanky build to him. His skin is overly pale, perhaps a bit too much. He typically wears a dirty, white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a pair of tattered long pants, and a large brown overcoat. His hair is an inky black, a sharp contrast from his rather light skin. His face has a bit of scruff to it, due to attempting to shave without a mirror. It's patchy and incomplete. Under his coat, his torso is covered with holsters for all sorts of random inventions and spell materials.
    Magic Type- (if applicable) Manmade
    Spells- (if applicable)
    Nicholas himself is a rather weak magic user, and chooses to use his rudimentary (and sometimes, barely functional) devices to amplify his abilities.
    Hand Crossbow - The most basic form of self defense that Nikolas carries, this little weapon sits in a holster on his waist. While it can fire standard crossbow bolts, Nikolas often augments the bolts with small amounts of arcane energy of different elements to give them additional effects, such as heating the tip until it's red hot or coating it in static electricity to attempt to paralyze the target.
    Volta's Fiery Burst - Nikolas's finest work, this spell is a creation of his own. Using a crudely sculpted copper tube with an insulated handle, Nikolas circulates fire magic within it, letting it swirl around and build up until it unleashes with a small explosion. While the burst can be destructive, given the time to build it up, it can also be unleashed much quicker, to a much less impressive effect. When it is at full power, the explosion from unleashing it can cause a little bit of recoil, potentially harming Nikolas himself.
    Thunderstaff - While Nikolas would love to keep any enemies far away from him, if someone gets close, he can fight with a simple metal staff that he keeps slung on his back. Due to his martial prowess and strength not being too great, Nikolas relies on some tricks to stay alive, with his Thunderstaff being one of them. As Nikolas using the staff, he is constantly circulating thunder magic into the staff, making in have the potential to shock and temporarily stun creatures it hits, giving Nikolas a chance to slip away.
    Tools- (weapons, pets) A plain, grew metal staff that he slings over his shoulder, his manmade arcane focus (A curved piece of copper tubing with a handle, used for Volta's Fiery Burst), pouches on his belt of various materials (sand, gunpowder, dirt, metal shavings, random herbs, ball bearings), a sheet of metal that he keeps strapped to his back under the coat to try and thwart any sneak attacks, and a straight razor that he uses to to attempt to shave himself (or for self defense, if needed)
    Languages- English, French, Chinese
    Backstory- Nikolas, self proclaimed explorer and adventurer, originated from France in his early life. He spent some time in basic schooling, until he left at the first chance he got. He spent most of his life in China, wandering and learning about their culture, origins, and most importantly, technology. He hoped to further the development of gunpowder weapons, until the Eternal Night struck while he was on one of his research excursions to Europe. Ever since that, he has aimlessly wandered, spending time all over the place, relying on his inventions and trickery to keep himself alive.
    Other- Nikolas is kind of full of himself. Before everything happened, he would return home and boast to the youth of his daring exploits and thrilling adventures (most of which he was making up). While he is truly resourceful and skilled in staying alive, he isn't as great as he sells himself. Nikolas knows when he is actually in trouble, and prefers to stay out of the front lines whenever possible. He usually stays in the back to give his Burst time to build up or to take shots with his hand crossbow, and only fights hand to hand if absolutely necessary. He knows when to run and hide.
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  18. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @Orfiz accepted.

    I'm working on the start of the actual RP now.
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  19. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  20. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Is anyone still around?
  21. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    I would make a post today or tomorrow, but I have a question. Are all of our characters in the same area as yours or our character will meet up later in the RP....
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  22. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Characters would preferably be in and around Paris, since without character interaction it's essentially just a piece of writing.
  23. JustNinja

    JustNinja Previously XxMrNinjaxX

    Ok, thanks for the clarification...
  24. I’m definitely interested. This is a great excuse to use Swedish in an RP lol. I’ll start working on a character. Should be up some time tomorrow... or today since it’s past midnight lol
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  25. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    is there any age limit for these characters?
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  26. I'm basing my character off of a creature in Swedish folklore which would be called "The Nude" if translated to English. The creature is male for those wondering.

    Name- Johnathan (John for short)
    Age- 25
    Gender- Male
    Appearance- He stands at 6'1 and have black hair. His skin have taken on a slight shade of blue which makes him seem to glow in the dark. His eyes are green with a hint of red inside them and his pupils are reptillian-like. He wears nothing but a "red" blouse, blood-stained black leather pants and blood-stained black shoes. His arms and his face have a few scars but they only add to what would be charming if it weren't for the clothes.
    Magic Type- Manmade, based on "The Nude's" magic.
    Mind Control; this one only works if Johnathan have access to a violin.
    Horse-shift; like shape-shifting but can only transform into a horse.
    Hydrokinesis; only work on pure water, he can't bend blood, soda or any other liquid. Holy Water have a resistance to his hydrokinesis but isn't completely unaffected.
    Healing Magic; like the name suggests, he can heal himself
    Boost; he can give himself a little boost in speed and strength.
    Tools- A violin, a dagger and a seemingly immortal arctic fox keeps following him around (not immortal in the sense that weapons can't hurt it, just long-living).
    Languages- Swedish, old Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German and Russian.
    Backstory- His mother cheated on his "father", while his job required him to live far away, with another man and Johnathan was the result. When the "father" came back and noticed what had happened, he murdered his wife in anger and left the child to die by a river in the forest. The child was discovered by a creature whom was intrigued by the child. The creature took the child in and taught it some of it's magic over the years. Johnathan was still a human, so the creature decided that he should go be with his own kind once he had reached the age of seven, but gave him an "immortal" companion; an arctic fox. Johnathan had by then only learned the basics of some of the creature's magic and had to figure out the rest of these spells on his own. When he went back to his own kind, he was of course homeless. He listened to how the humans spoke and quickly learned the language. He knew he needed knowledge so he decided the best way was to learn as many languages as possible. He spent his years roaming freely from country to country to learn their languages, though one language was always present in all of the countries, English, so he easily learned that. Starting in Sweden, he then went to Norway. When finished there, he walked back through Sweden to Finland and then continued to Russia. Then back to Sweden and over to Denmark to then continue to Germany and that's where he is now.
    Other- Anything we could write to make sure we read the rules?
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  27. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Sorry, been a bit busy lately, I'll get a post together soon as I can.

    As an aside, the violin doesn't exist yet. It won't until the 1500s, at this point, none of its direct ancestors, the rebec, vielle (the prototypical Medieval fiddle), and lira da bracchio, exist either. The closest is the lyra, a Byzantine string instrument played with a bow, but it's played sitting down with its base on your knee and its neck resting against your shoulder.

    Likewise, there is no such thing as jeans - they won't be invented until 1871. Nor does soda exist - though its ancestor drink, sharbat, does exist in Iran around this time. And the t-shirt evolved from older undergarments around the turn of the 20th century, it also does not exist. Are you sure you read the reset of the thread? It doesn't seem like you know the setting.
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  28. To be honest, I was a bit too lazy for that. I would like to insist on the violin though as it’s a big part of “The Nude’s” story but I could change it to something more fitting for the time. I’m not sure what clothes I could give my character though. The soda thing was merely used as an example for what liquids my character can’t manipulate so that’s not to be taken seriously. I will fix up my character according to the time-period soon but I’m a little busy at the moment. Thanks for sharing that with me, I appreciate it
  29. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    @Killerbunny the god accepted. And yes, you are allowed a violin since that is in the realm of possibility with this era's technology.
    There isn't an age limit, but older characters are recommended (late twenties and up).
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  30. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    Name- Gio Aperturez

    Age- 27

    Gender- Male


    Magic Type- Manmade

    Fire Burst - He creates a ball of fire that is 1'2 in diameter, and can weigh up to 2 tons. It can easily burn flammable objects and will hurt. A lot. He can only use this Spell every time he is near a rock or a fire. the size of the ball is dependant on the size of the rock that he is using. If he had used a pebble, then the ball would be really small. If he used a boulder, it would be very large.
    Lightning Strike- He casts lightning from his hands in a fan shaped area, and can spread between enemies within .5 meters from eachother. The range of the fan shaped area is 15 cm in length while 20 in width. (Width will be how large it is, and Length will be how long it can reach).
    Toxic- He can cast a purple cloud that will Intoxicate anyone, but the air will have to come from Gio himself. So creating large masses of these, will or might make Gio lose oxygen. The strength of the poison is dependant of what the intoxicated person is doing. If someone is panicking, the poison will act faster than normal, while being calm, the poison will work slower. The longest time for the poison to set in is one hour, the shortest being forty-five minutes.
    Shield Creation- He can create a shield created from magic that is stronger than most material other than diamond. He can create the shield with his blood cells, and the more he uses this, the more blood cells will disappear, and can lead to death.

    Tools- a magical book where he can amplify his magic.

    Languages- English, Greek, Spanish

    Backstory- Twenty years ago, Gio's parents had died in a fire in their village near the outskirts of Paris. He had been taken in by a Wizard, telling him that he could give him magic. He was given magic, being trained the past fifteen years, until the wizard had passed away. He set off to Paris to begin a new life, until five years later.

    The Eternal Darkness begun, still living in the outskirts of Paris, his other colleagues had fled into the city. He tried to escape, but being cornered by monsters, he jumped out the window, barely alive since he had used one of his spells. He escaped with his life, whilst burning down the tower with all the monsters that attacked him with it

    Other- If there are any problems, you can DM me on discord. My tag is in my About Me section in my profile if you need it.

    This was a very long OC sheet
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  31. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

  32. @Shadow_Pup quick question, which language is your character using right now?
  33. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    French I guess seeing as we in France
  34. Damn. That’s the language that John came to learn in France. He should know a few words by now, but he shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation
  35. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Well this is going to be an interesting interaction then

    Edit: He could switch to German, English or Russian at your character's request
  36. I think so too. I think I'll go with German actually

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