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DPPt/HGSS GM's trade shop

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by GodlessM, May 12, 2009.

  1. So I have updated this thread to include more information. I am fairly laid back about trades, so if you need anything just ask, I won't ask for much in return. All the lists are below.

    Go to the bottom of the thread to read about the Mystery Egg give away.

    Important: First thing is first, if you and I agree to a trade and arrange a time, if you say you are going into Wi-Fi but instead disappear offline without a word and don't show up in Wi-Fi, the trade will automatically be cancelled and I will trade away the stuff if somebody else wants it. So be warned, be true to your word. Also if we are to conduct a big trade or I am breeding something for you, if you do not show up within a weak I will cancel the trade. Multiple offenses as such will lead to a blacklisting.

    Also, read this post properly before posting here. And don't offer stupid things, e.g. "Hey what would you give me for my Garchomp and Charmeleon?" I make it clear what interests me below, there are no exceptions. So make an offer; if you make no offer I will ignore you!

    Also, I don't do dex trades simply because they are a pain in the ass.

    Lastly, all my youtube subscribers will be subject to better trade deals, just as a thank you to show how much I appreciate the support.

    Top Traders




    Egg Move Pokemon I offer

    Chimchar with Fake Out
    Teddiursa with Shadow Claw and Close Combat
    Spiritomb with Pain Split
    Duskull with Pain Split
    Pichu with Volt Tackle

    Pokemon I can offer

    First, the more interesting stuff:
    All starters

    Most of these must be bred so don't ask for natures. No reason you can't breed for those yourself anyway.

    If you need a Pokemon that is not listed above, ask me for it, and I will breed it for you unless of course I can't. If I don't have it, but can get it easily, I will go out to catch it for you. This means some stuff may take a day or two, but I will add you to the order list at the bottom and get your stuff ASAP.

    Legendaries I offer

    Groudon (Relaxed)
    Kyogre (Timid)
    Rayquaza (Quirky)
    Giratina (Serious)
    Moltres (Calm)
    Regice (Lax)
    Cresselia (Sassy)
    Uxie (Lax)
    Azelf (Impish)
    Mesprit (Lax)

    Events I offer

    10JAHRE Entei (Relaxed)
    Gamestop Deoxys (Impish)
    10ANIV Lugia (Hasty)
    Eigakan Arceus (Docile)
    Movie07 Darkrai (Modest)
    TRU Shaymin (Timid)
    Flower Paradise Shaymin (Modest)

    Shinies I offer

    Latias (Modest)
    Phanpy (Docile)
    Golem (Impish)
    Charmander (Jolly with Belly Drum)

    EV'd Pokemon I offer

    Tyranitar - Adamant (Shiny)
    Aerial Ace
    Rock Slide

    Charizard - Timid
    Focus Blast
    Air Slash

    Charizard - Lax
    Sunny Day
    Focus Blast

    Raichu - Mild
    Volt Tackle
    Focus Punch
    Grass Knot

    Salamence - Naive
    Heat Wave
    Aqua Tail
    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Dance

    I have others EV'd Pokemon that I can get cloned for you if your offer is good or if you are a friend, just ask.

    Items I can offer

    Hard Stone
    Iron Ball
    Toxic Orb
    Fire Stones
    Thunder Stones
    Grass Stones
    Water Stones
    Moon Stones
    Sun Stones
    Soul Dew
    A few TM's (if it is widely used in competitive battling I will not be trading it away, but if you want in-game moves or anything too weak for Wi-Fi, it's all yours, assuming I have it that is)

    Pokemon/Legendaries I need

    Jolly Jirachi (x/x/x/x/x/31)
    Calm Poliwag (x/x/31/15/31/x) *must have Water Absorb*
    Adamant Aqua Jet Azumarill (x/31/31/x/31/x) *must have Huge Power*
    Bold Night Shade Hoothoot with Hidden Power Fighting (31/x/31/31/31/x) *must have Insomnia*
    Adamant Bonsly/Sudowoodo (31/31/x/x/31/x)
    Careful/Calm Aqua Ring Spheal (will give a much better offer if HP and both defenses have high IV's) *must be nicknameable*
    Jolly Dragon Dance Corphish
    Adamant Extremespeed Dratini
    Impish Recover Wooper

    (all preferably with good IV's particularly in stats useful to said Pokemon)

    Note if I post something breedable above, you may offer to breed it for me and I will accept.

    I'll also take some Pokemon with good nature that are UT or some Pokemon that are EV trained, depends on whether I want that Pokemon on a team or not. I will also take certain shinies. I don't generally want any events unless it's shiny (but that even depends on what event it is).

    {note that I will only take legit Pokemon)

    I also need a sav'er to alter the nicknames of some Pokemon I got in trades. This is imperitive and the person will be rewarded greatly.

    Items I need

    Red Shards
    Star Pieces
    Certain TMs (just offer)
    PP Max

    Mystery Egg Give-away

    Since starting this thread I have done a tonne of breeding, and a result of which is I have a tonne of eggs lying around so long that I forget what is in them. My boxes are now nearly full and so I need to start getting rid of these stragglers. So until they are gone, anyone who makes any deals that I deem to be excellent, I will give them a Mystery Egg free. So make sure to come and make a great deal here and who knows what you might find when the shell cracks!
  2. Ok the first three Bulbasaur are hatched.

    All three have Overgrow and were born knowing Tackle and Giga Drain.

    One is sassy, another is calm, and the final one is relaxed.
  3. I'll gladly trade a Misdreavus for a Razor Claw. If you are interested message me via PM.
  4. I can get you Stunky, Glameow, and Trapinch, for the Up-Grade, Reaper Cloth, and Huntail, if that's alright with you?
  5. Don't have Huntail I'm afraid. I can get one, but it will take some time, maybe around a week as I'd have to find a Clamperl and get a Deep Sea Tooth/Claw (which ever does the job).
  6. That's ok, it would be too much trouble. Do you happen to have a Surskit or Masquerain?
  7. Yea I have Surskit alright.
  8. I've finished breeding your pokemon, let me know when you are ready.
  9. OP now edited after two successful trades.
  10. Sorry for the bump. The thread is updated greatly now, including the Aerodactyl give away.
  11. i'll give you enteir or raikou with a dragon scale for shaymin.
  12. Consider it done phanguy. Let me know when you are good to trade? Anything you want for the other one?
  13. actually i could really use any of the power items. i only have the one for attack so far. so any of them would be great.
  14. I think you misread, I need the power items myself.
  15. haha. while i did indeed misread, the power items really are the only other things i'm looking for anyway. don't really need much else. i'll take a shiny of anything if you have one. except for bidoof. i have one, and i hate bidoof.
  16. Only shiny I have is Jirachi so I'm not so eager to give it away.

    I guess for now let's just do Entei with the Dragon Scale for Shaymin. I'm on a role at the battle hall with Milotic at the moment so if I get enough BP I will buy you a power item and then we can do the trade for Raikou at a later time. Sound good?
  17. haha, that's cool. how'd you get a shiny jirachi?

    that sounds good to me too. i'm gonna try to start racking up the bp as well.
  18. Got it in a trade off some bloke. Let me know anyway when you are good to trade.
  19. i'm on now if you can get on.
  20. Will be on in just a sec.
  21. Thanks to phanguy for the trade; OP is now updated.
  22. Ok I now have 30 Chimchars to give away free, natures include sassy, hardy, bold, bashful, brave, jolly, impish, docile, calm, careful, and perhaps a few others. I also have a few Chimchar eggs, and some Aerodactyl and Eevee to give away. On top of that, I also have some eggs lying around that I am willing to give away; the catch is I don't know what's inside them, so for each kind soul who takes one of these God forsaken Chimchar, you get a free mystery egg. Enjoy people.
  23. Could I get a Chimchar with a mystery egg? Nature doesn't matter.
  24. Of course just PM me the next time you are on.
  25. I will give you a Darkrai for a latios message me if you will take that offer.
  26. :o wo what a giveaway! i'll take anything you can throw my way, i need pretty much everything you just mentioned..!
  27. Just PM me when you are free to trade giacomo.

    Also note everyone that I have updated the OP.
  28. Ok guys just a quick update, my lists have been updated.

    More importantly, I have added a section for battle requests in the OP. If you want a battle just post here or PM me. But if you are going to challenge me and then not be online for ages - please don't waste my time.

    Cheers everyone.
  29. Hi I can trade a lugia (Non-Legit Shiny got from a friend)
    I'm also willing to Trade
    TM Rock Slide, TM U-turn,TM Facade and Life Orb
    Dittos I have: Careful, Timid, Serious, Adamant

    Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko any of these would be great not fussed on nature or level
  30. Sorry but you must have missed the note in the OP that says I only take legit Pokemon. And unfortunately I got all those TMs off a guy last night. However I could use the Timid Ditto, so if you want to take your pick of the starters you listed, I'll breed it then we can do business.
  31. Ok can I get the Cyndaquil thanks can trade now if your are available

    Edit: Do you still need a Life Orb?
  32. You'll have to give me twenty minutes to breed a new Cyndaquil.

    And no I don't need the Life Orb anymore, but thanks.
  33. May take a little longer; when I turned on my game I realized I was in the league.
  34. That is fine in no hurry
  35. Sorry for the delay, ready now.
  36. Thanks, let me know what other dittos types you are looking for I seem to be able to catch ditto from the trophy garden every 2nd day
  37. Thanks for the Ditto
  38. Just to let you guys know, I have updated the OP with some new wants.

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