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Global Link Vote - Winner Announced

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Coreysawrus, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. So it turns out Arceus has won the vote >:( I'm not happy about it one bit I would rather have a had a Pokemon with a good dream world ability or one of the legendaries that has not been distributed for a while suchs as Deoxys or Jirachi.

    What are your thoughts on Arceus winning
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lame. Arceus is basically banned from all styles of competitive too, so it doesn't really help anyone there either. ;x

    Can't say I'm surprised by this though. I just would have rather something else be chosen.
  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I agree with Katie it's pretty lame. It won in Japan though so I wasn't surprised to see it win elsewhere. :/
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    It was bound to happen. I'd have much rather something with an unreleased Dream World ability would have won, because essentially, that's what the Dream World is for :V

    Bit of a waste in generally really, because like its already been said, even a different legendary, like the ones who haven't been distributed as recently, would have been a better choice.

    Ditto would have been cool. It did make me laugh that Mudkip was quite high on the list. Gotta love him~
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    My thoughts on Arceus winning is that the majority of the Pokemon fanbase are utterly retarded.

    ...but you already knew that.
  6. Other than possibly getting an Arceus for Pokedex reasons, I'm not thrilled. I knew Mareep had zero chance of winning, but I would like something not so overpowered or banned in tournaments to win. I am disappointed like all of you.

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