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Global Link Closures

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Update for our Global Link users. Effective Tuesday, October 1st, from 3:00am, the Pokemon Global Link will be closed for extended maintenance. This closure is in effect until Saturday, October 12th, though the exact time is still to be determined.

    While the Global Link is closed, you will not be able to Game Sync any of the fifth Generation games. You will also not be able to participate in Random Matched Ranked Battles. However, Free Battles are still available. You will also not be able to connect over Nintendo Wi-Fi for Memory Link. Any Pokemon that have been tucked in can not be retrieved until the Global Link is operational again.

    Once Maintenance is completed, both the Fifth and Sixth Generation Global Links will operate for a time. On Tuesday, January 14th, 2014, the Fifth Generation Global Link will close down completely. The final closure will take place over a number of steps, before ultimately resolving in the complete shut down on January 14th.

    The current schedule for the closing of the Fifth Generation Global Link is as follows:
    • Effective October 12, 2013 new registration will close permanently. Existing players will also not be able to add new game cards to their account. The Demo of the Global Link will also close during this time.
    • Effective December 10, 2013 new Pokemon cannot be tucked in. However, presently tucked in Pokemon can still be woken up. As of this date the B2W2 Medal "Good Night" cannot be obtained, and, due to this, neither can the medals "Top Medalist" or "Great Adventurer". Game Sync will still be possible during this time, however, after this point any changes to your C-Gear Skin, Musical, or Pokedex Skin will no longer be reflected in your game.
    • Effective January 14, 2014 the Global Link will close entirely. You will still be able to trade over GTS, but your Trade History will no longer be viewable. The Random Match Ranked Battles will shut down entirely, while Random Match Free Mode will be available only to players. At this time, no Pokemon can be brought to the Entree Forest anymore, and thus the B2W2 medals "Dozing Capture", "Sleeping Capture", "Deep Sleep Capture", and "Sweet Dreamer" will no longer be obtainable.
    Please keep these dates in mind while the transition over to the Sixth Generation Global Link occurs.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Rex, Oct 2, 2013.

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