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Global Destruction - Sprite Comic Series by Rumar

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Phanes, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hey, guys, there's a few things to keep in mind when reading this series:
    1) Not all characters are mine, they belong to friends of mine as well (example: mafia+ztars)
    2) There's some harsh language especially affiliating with certain characters
    3) It's a bit of a read, there's going to be more than 100 pages, which is nothing to me since my biggest sprite comic series ran for 500 pages.
    4) Feel free to C+C, critical criticism is critically chronically collected... happily. ;>_>
    5) They're all going to be links since images are at least 800x500 in size.
    6) It's not covering the amazing world of Pokémon, there's a pokemon look a like though, can you spot which one?
    7) We start off strictly having work done in MSPaint, so bear with me for a bit, then it finally converts into Photoshop, when I was running this series I wasn't having any luck with my laptop, now it's done on my new one, the old one was reformatted because of a horrible virus thus causing me to lose all of my programs. Hope you like! Feel free to post

    Archived! Check it out!
    Page 1: Veck's Revenge?
    Page 2: Just a Simple Pawn?
    Page 3: Can't Match Up
    Page 4: Surprise Visitor
    Page 5: Mister X Misdemeanor
    Page 6: The Godfather has Spoken
    Page 7: The Mafia Defeated?!
    Page 8: For Whom the Burnout Tolls
    Page 9: Down Memory Lane
    Page 10: Arrival of a New Ally
    Page 11: Gain a Bad, Lose a Good
    Page 12: Awaken: Tony and Tony?!
    Page 13: Shark Infested Waters
    Page 14: Never Surrender
    Page 15: Friend in Need
    Page 16: Reboot Successful, Arise Cloak3000!!!
    Page 17: Old and New Face Off
    Page 18: Team Ztar Reporting for Duty
    Page 19: The Simple Mission
    Page 20: WHAT?! Team Ztar Defeated?!
    Page 21: Silence is Golden... and Silver
    Page 22: Confronting an Old Friend
    Page 23: Search is Over, Genette's Crisis
    Page 24: Wait a Minute... Enemy Gone Good?!
    Page 25: Locations, Locations, Locations
    Page 26: Taking Down the House
    Page 27: Burnout's Intuition
    Page 28: An Imposter in the Wake
    Page 29: New Allies?
    Page 30: A New Lead
    Page 31: Teams of Three
    Page 32: Takima's Inner Flame PT 1 of 3
    Page 33: Takima’s Inner Flame Pt 2 of 3
    Page 34: Takima’s Inner Flame Pt 3 of 3
    Page 35: Anger Can Be Poison
    Page 36: Anger Can Be the Cure
    Page 37: Legion’s Last Stand! Part 1 of 2
    Page 38: Legion’s Last Stand! Part 2 of 2
    Page 39: Unlikely Alliance
    Page 40: Dark SoGGy’s Baby
    Page 41: Mr. X's Crazy Contraption!
    Page 42: Viral Software Initiated
    Page 43: Viral Breakdown
    Page 44: Simple Drag n Drop!
    Page 45: Fated to be Cursed?
    Page 46: New Nightmare
    Page 47: Mr. X's Surrender?
    Page 48: Mastermind Revealed!
    Page 49: My Two Cents
    Page 50: Takima Prime (New!)
    Page 51: Enter Geno STAR? (Coming Soon)
    Page 52: Going Going GONE!
    Page 53: For Myself, Honor, and AETHER!
    Page 54: You're Just Not That Scary...
    Page 55: CHAAARRRGE!!!
    Page 56: Where Am I?
    Page 57: Mail Call!
    Page 58: Cloak Prime
    Page 59: 28 Days Later
    Page 60: STORM THE GATE!
    Page 61: A Knight in Shining Hoodie!


    Alright, I posted the first 50 pages of the series, the site I normally post them at are only 10 pages ahead of Pokecharms now.
    Hope you enjoy and feel free to post what you think!

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