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Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Firefly, May 8, 2007.

  1. Has any one found any glitches in D/P yet. I personally found none.
  2. out of curiousity, what is the glitch that you found?
  3. He said he didn't find any.

    I saw one on Youtube where if you have in your party a non-fainted Pokemon, an egg, and two fainted Pokemon, in that order, and go into a double battle, the egg will be sent out as Missingno, which is kinda cool. I'm not sure if it works in the US version though.
  4. some wierd stuff has happened to my guy in the underground. also, there seems to be a bit of a translation issue when it comes to an opponents pokemon missing, ie:"The Attack of the foes gyarados missed!"
  5. I think by foe they mean the Trainer your battling. That got me confused at first.
  6. I haven't found any Glitches in D/P at all, but I did see a Cloning cheat/glitch that can be done over Wi-Fi.

    I'd be glad to tell you all how it's done if you want me to or if not then tell me not to.
  7. I want ya to.....TELL ME!
  8. oh, thanks, I totally misread what he wrote.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I haven't seen any yet, but I haven't tried to find any either. As far as I know the glitches that led to obtaining Shaymin and Darkai were fixed long ago, and those two were the biggest ones people had discovered. I know there was also some question about whether or not the Ditto fainting thing (you kept the copied Pokemon's moveset or something?) was a glitch or not, but I've yet to hear anything about it either way.

    But yeah... US D/P seem fine to me so far.
  10. I dont have any glitches anymore X3

    It seems the one I told you about Linky, was because of my DS :p ( stupid thing has no sound on it now..it needs to die)
  11. Just to clarify what i ment by "Wierd stuff":
    Treasure in places you can't get to - usually goes away if you tap the screen with your stylus.
    Movement into the wall (literally), then back to your bases door (not trap, on its own) - Has only happend once, calms down after a little while.
  12. That was a glitch, I think - it was removed for the US game.
  13. I have not seen a glitch so far!

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  14. One Time i was battleing a friend and he had hacked pokemon and after the battle it screwed up my game
  15. I haven't fund any gitches,Then again,I never find any.
  16. There's a glitch to duplicate pokemon. I'll edit this with a link to a video and I'll personally give you the steps.

    Edit: Here's the vid. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jUjrQeQZ7nc Now he says 12 seconds. I prefer looking at the little clock in the corner. When it revolves from 7 to 8 times turn it off. There is no way of knowing exactly when to shut it off
    1. Deposit a pokemon and ask for something like an Abra level 100 (Make sure what you ask for is level 100)
    2. After about 12 seconds or 7 revolutions of the little clock thing in the corner shut it off
    3. Turn it back on, it will say that your game file was corrupted perfectly normal
    4. WHen you load your save you will becoming out of the GTS
    5. Go back in GTS and take back your pokemon
    6. Go to deposit and you'll have the one you took back in there and another one, either in your party or in your box.
    Works on the english version!
  17. Thanks i understand it a lot now
  18. I've heard of a Glitch Ball. Unfortunately, that's all the information I have.
  19. I wonder what it does? Maybe it's just a dupicated master ball.
  20. Well going through many pages at gamefaqs the other night I read about a glitch involving the fast gear of the bicycle and move left and right real fast while moving up. It somehow will either give you an invisible wall or load the next area as a big black area, sorta like the Elite 4 glitch in the JPN version. But I have not been able to get it to work myself, so I'm unsure if it's just a random glitch, or someone spreading a rumor.

    Yea the E4 Door Glitch is gone, so no catching Shaymin and Darkrai. Heck who really needs to catch them with all the hacked ones on GTS. Otherwise I haven't seen many glitches, i sorta wish there was a missing no. type glitch so I could get more than 1 of some TM's breeding for egg moves takes forever.
  21. I found a couple glitches but you need A.R. (Action Replay) to see them.
    One of them makes the city all white and unloaded I see if i can get a picture
  22. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    i think I found a glitch. When I was trading between my two games Diamond and Pearl, I accidentally clicke on a Blaziken on my Diamond. It traded. The only odd thing about that is that I was only at the 2nd gym on my Pearl. I think it was a glitch because in FireRed it would say that the pokemon can't be traded yet in a situation like that. I guess they might have changed it on purpose but I decide to post this anyway.
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, FR/LG and Emerald put restrictions on your trading until you completed specific tasks in the games. Diamond and Pearl are more like Ruby and Sapphire as far as trading is concerned, though. You can trade any non-Sinnoh Pokemon you want but they won't show up in your PokeDex until you have the National Dex. You can also trade eggs, which FR/LG and Emerald wouldn't allow. But yeah... it was done purposely, and I'm personally very thankful for it =)
  24. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    Im glad too, because I had a Dusclops that was AWESOME and I wanted to evolve it. I Like The New Trade Setup!
  25. I know the item cloning glitch if you want it...
    First you need a Ditto and a Pokemon that knows Thief. Have the Ditto in your party first, then the Thief. Give the Ditto the item you wanna clone, and use the VS Seeker near the couple at the Spirit Tower. In the battle, make Ditto use transform on something so it can fight and kill one of the enimies. Once 1 is dead, use Thief on Ditto. After you take the item, finish the battle but DONT DIE!!!If you win, go to the party menu, and both Ditto and your Thief will have the item.This video shows the process...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNDoPQJ1QxY
  26. The guy who told me about it showed me a picture. It's at http://www.emulatorromshare.8m.net/index_1.html

    Yeah... I think it might be a hoax...
  27. There was the wi fi clone glitch but they officially removed it.. *sob*
  28. Yea, there are alsoa lot of glitches with an AR but I still think you can get darkrai and shaymin.

  29. oooooooh i know a glitch and it really works i've done it
    the only thing is that it is useless :'( :'( well anyways this is how
    you do the glitch

    first go to solacean town. go to the bottom. get on your bike at gear 4
    then ride up. but while your riding tap the left and right buttons repedeatly on the control pad. it will look like your character is spinning and biking at the same time. when you reach the top of the
    town there will be an invisible wall you can't go through(your game may crash). if it doesn't work try again. hey and maybe if ur lucky you might be able to walk through and get to the void were darkrai lives! ;D ;D ;D
  30. Useless since your banned, :( but was that Japenese or US/UK?
  31. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I, er, have a distinct feeling that the "invisible wall you can't go through" at the top of Solaceon is simply the bit where the tall grass starts - i.e. the grass you can't run or bike through. So I doubt the "spinning and biking at the same time" has anything to do with it.
  32. this doesnt have anything to do with d/p, but in red and blue versions you could trade with silver and gold. what would happen if you tried to trade a missing no. to the silver and gold versions?
  33. that's the tweaking glitch. you can also do it when going dowwards. some say that yoiu realy can get event pokemon through tweaking. but it is horribly hard tough…

    Mod Edit: Some may say that you can get event Pokemon through tweaking, but they'd be wrong. A quick Google search tells me that the invisible wall occurs simply because you keep switching area, so the game is unable to load the correct backgrounds for the area you're in. Like the original poster said, the glitch is useless. And the only screenshots or videos I've found of someone crashing through into the Darkrai void were blatantly faked.

    Save your time and DS buttons - don't even bother!
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  34. If I remember correctly, Gold and Silver could detect if you encountered Missingno. in Red or Blue and actually prevent you from being able to trade with the glitched cartridge.
  35. when i played Diamond and Pearl, i didn't find any glitches. so far i haven't found any.
  36. My Crystal glitched up on me...

    basically my clock stopped working. If the game boy was turned off, the clock would freeze, so when its turned back on, it starts at the time it was turned off.. To stay to real time I had my SP through the wall for a week before my file erased itself... lol.

    Also both my gold versions' memory files are screwed up. They cant save. lol.
  37. does anyone know anything about a arceus with the same type as the move curse it looks like this
    just open the link at the bottom of my trainer card

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  38. yeah, glitch ball has photoshop written all over it. the only official glitch i know of is the one in the japanese version where you can wind up stuck in a wall in the elite 4
  39. i dont know if its a glitch, but when i check my mail on pokemon crystal, theres a bunch of mail saying "green?" and at the bottom of the list it this letter. but when i try to read it the game screws up. has this happened to anybody?
  40. It exists, but there's currently no way to get it.

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