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Give a Pokémon type

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Yoshi Star Shine, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    Maybe a steel/flying type?

    What would @Philucifer's type be?
  2. Meme.
    Joking, maybe you'd be a psychic type and a poison type, because of the purple on your avatar.

    What would The Scout from TF2's type be?
  3. I would say fighting type with his athletic prowess

    What type would a torch have
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  4. Depends. If it was a wooden torch, then it'd be grass and fire. If it was a flashlight, then steel and fire.

    What would a Rubix Cube's type be?
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  5. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Normal and Psychic, obviously.

    What type would a Fidget Spinner be?
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  6. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    A Normal type.

    What type would Dr Facilier (fav disney villain) be?
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  7. I'd say either Dark/Psychic or Dark/Ghost.

    What type would a Komodo Dragon be?
  8. Dragon, maybe Poison.

    What type would a strawberry be?
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  9. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Grass, since it's a plant.
    And Grass or fairy because 1. A strawberry is preetty normal and 2. It's sweet?

    What type would a Pickle be?
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  10. Grass, since it's a thing that grows.

    What type would a hot dog have?
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  11. DreamyVictini

    DreamyVictini Previously Victinope

    Fire, for sure.

    What type would a Lakitu be?
  12. Flying, with either Grass Or Poison, because they can sometimes throw out Piranha Plants.

    What type would Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare On Elm Street have?
  13. Fighting and dark...?

    What type would Gandalf 'The Grey' be?
  14. Psychic is the closest to magic, so that? Or maybe fairy? I dunno.

    What type would Vegito Blue have?
  15. Fighting

    What type would the mothers have?
  16. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47


    What type would a Mocking Bird have (other than flying -_-)?
  17. Normal/Flying

    What type would have a cookie?
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  18. Fairy.

    What type would a lemon be?
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  19. Grass I think

    What type would a pencil has?
  20. Iron, because of the lead inside of them.

    What type would @ManyAchievables have?
  21. Wait, it wasn't steel?
    Ghost/Steel because of the profile picture
    What type would have an iron?
  22. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    Fairy and Steel because your body needs iron and steel because its obvious

    What type would Alpharad have?
  23. Psychic type. He pretty much mains Joker and Psychic is the closest type to Joker.

    What type would No0b3 have?
  24. Idiot typeNormal, maybe Fire too because rage?

    What type would Sakuya Izayoi have?

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