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Ghosts and other Paranormal experiences - Post your Story!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by EtherealHaze, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. I'm extremely fascinated anything paranormal. Ghosts, ufos, cryptids, anything like that. What got me interested in the paranormal was the large amount of Ghost sightings in my family. I've seen ghosts, my sister has seen ghosts, my Mom and some other relatives used to live in a Haunted house and moved out only a few months before I was born! The house they lived in was on Oldbury Road, Moss Vale, NSW. It was a small cottage but up the hill from the house was a huge abandoned mansion, just to make it creepier! All different stuff happened there, the upstairs part of the house always felt cold, when mum was in the kitchen she would always hear a girl outside playing hopscotch and giggling, but when she checked the sounds would stop and no one would be outside, when she went back in the girl would giggle loudly and start playing again. There was also a violent male spirit in the house who lived upstairs. In the mansion up the road, apparently mum would always see someone standing or walking past the windows, even though the building had been abandoned for years. There was also a strange horse on the property, apparently it was grey and had brown eyes that looked slightly red. When when mum drove in, the horse would be in a paddock far from the gate, but as soon as she got out to open gate the horse would be right there ready to attack her, so he always had to carry a huge stick around with her. How did the horse get to the gate in less than a few seconds from a few paddocks away? Phantom horse maybe? Speaking of phantom animals, there was also I big bird aviary (not sure how to spell it sorry) at the back of the mansion that was empty. One day mum went up to the mansion and saw about 20 or so healthy, normal looking budgies in the aviary, but of course she wondered 'how the hell did they get in there? Apparently after that, they never appeared again. Mum said that the property gates were huge iron gates, like the kind of ones that you'd see in a horror movie. One night someone got injured (which was apparently caused by the male spirit) and they called the ambulance. Mum had to wait for the ambulance down at the gates, so just imagine being in the darkness alone with the huge iron gates swing back a forth, thats what she said it was like and she swears that there was someone watching her.. Eek!...
    A whole lot of other stuff happened in that house, they even managed to snap a picture of the ghost girl. They were taking a photo of the house and when they got the photos developed, the ghost girl showed up in one of the windows in the lower part of the house, she was looking directly at them. Mum swears that there was no one inside at the time. Mum eventually called some ghost hunter people to come in and cleanse the house. When cleansing the house, apparently the male spirit let out this blood curdling scream. Mum was also able to find out the history of the house. In the early 20th century, the mansion was home to a wealthy family. There was a gatekeeper who lived in the cottage (the one mum and the others lived in). The gatekeeper had a wife and two daughters. One day his wife left him and he spiraled into a huge rage and the become depressed so he killed his daughters and then killed himself, in the cottage. That explains why it was haunted, the gatekeeper's ghost was the violent one and the girl's ghosts lived in the lower part of the house most likely because they were scared of their father. Soon mum and everyone else moved out. Nowadays it's used for weddings or something. I wonder if the ghosts come back sometimes?
    This is the cottage. Obliviously it has been done up since mum moved out. Apparently its called Highfield cottage and it's in Sutton Forest, which is very close to Moss vale. Meh I just say it's in Moss Vale.

    It's not only mum who has had ghostly experiences, my sister and I have also had our own share of paranormal experiences. My sister used to talk to a ghost (I won't mention his name because I'd like to keep that private), he used to come and sit on her bed every night, but she didn't think he was a ghost at the time, until we found out he was. One night My step-cousin, my brother, my sister and I were playing truth or dare, I dared my sister to go out outside in the darkness for 30 seconds. I was standing at the door and made sure that she couldn't get in. Suddenly at around 10 seconds into the dare, she started banging on the door screaming 'let me in!". Honestly I though she was joking, she kept banging on the door until the dare was up. She came flying inside and flopped onto her bed and started shivering. I asked her what happened and she said that while she was out there, a strange blobby-human figure was slowly walking towards her, and since the moon was out, she saw it clearer. She said it was white and kinda looked like a man covered in vanilla ice cream. Lets just say, we never dare anyone to go outside in the dark when we play the game. My sister also says that when it's night time and she has to go to the toilet, when she walks through the kitchen (you have to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom) she always sees tiny little people under the kitchen table and she swears that they are real. She still sees them to this day.

    Now my turn! The first real ghost I can remember seeing is one I saw about 5 years ago in my current house. One day I was home alone, sitting on the couch reading books. I was facing the bathroom, the door was open. Another spare room in connected of the bathroom, it's door was also open. Anyways I happened to look up from the book and then suddenly this huge black shadowy figure walked past the bathroom door and into the spare room. Now I know a lot of shadow ghost sightings are just when you look out of the corner of your eyes and think you see something, but it may not be real, but I swear I was actually looking at this thing, it wasn't out of the corner of my eye. It actually walked past! For some reason it reminded me of the Grim reaper. I ran outside and didn't go back in until mum came home. I've seen tonnes of other ghosts, but I'll tell you about them later, since I think this is getting a bit long.

    Now I want to ask you, have you seen anything paranormal or strange? I doesn't have to be ghosts it can be anything unusual, but I rather something along the lines of these:

    . Ghosts. (also includes doppelgangers, poltergeists, and other types of spirits)
    . Aliens/Ufos
    . Strange animals (Cryptids)
    . Possessed items (eg Dolls, toys etc)
    . Haunted houses.
    . Phantom animals.
    . Sleep Paralysis, dreams. Sleep related stories.
    . Gnomes, Fairies and other mythical creatures.
    . Random out-of place stuff (eg, a day that wasn't quite right)

    So a story about any one of the things listed above is fine.
    Please no Fake stories, I want real ones. This isn't about fake paranormal stories.
    Oh and here is the website for that cottage:
    Notice how it doesn't say anything about what happened. Maybe that will scare people away?
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  2. Well im not sure about paranormal stuff happening to me, exactly anyways. I have had some weird stuff happen to me rarely the first one was when I was 3 to 4 years old my parents and me went to a cabin (like those cabin's that are huddled together) don't remember exactly why, but anyways they took a photo of me and there is this weird figure on the photo right in front of me, and theres like an urban legend that a lot people died there and so on.

    Years after that when I was 12 my house became crazy out of the sudden XP once when I was seeing movies with my parents on the living room, my old room' door (which completely connected to the living room) suddenly started knocking very hardly and suddenly burst open (we were completely scared since we were seeing a horror movie XD) nothing like after that we couldn't explain it though.(there are possible explanations maybe so XP)

    Oh and a really weird thing happen to me was about a year ago, my dad and me just cam from the movies and we had to go to this route to go back to home, that we pass regularly, this time was different somehow, we were in the car normally passing though when I was talking to my dad I see the silhouette of a woman, and when I told my dad it just disappeared and the thing that there is a grave nearby of a person who died in an accident close by, the weird thing is that the grave of a man so I don't know. (this is the only real maybe paranormal thing to happen to me that I can remember from now.

    My mom had a weird thing happen to her before I was born, it was some years before I was born my mom lived in one of the first houses she chose to live with my dad (since it wasn't much time they were married)
    and later on the night my mom was in bed and she saw someone pass by the bed dressed in white and she dismissed it for my dad, and when she looks at her side my dad was there and she couldn't explain it. She told my dad and he said he was sleeping all the time.

    I don't say I think these a paranormal or stuff since im kinda skeptic on these but this is as close to paranormal I got so. I have the fascination for these things also but im more inclined to the beings (myths,legends,etc) i have been since I was very little so XD.
  3. i dont have many but i think my house is haunted. it used to belong to a couple and i remember no deaths or any of that crap took place but somethings are creepy inside (mainly my basement). my wii u is downstairs as my room doesnt have enough space as i have my wii and xbox 360 up there so i sometimes go down to play. its usually dark down there and because im easily scared or startled i always turn on some lights first then play some mario kart 8 or whatever the hell i want to play. i remember i have some scary dragon mask thing said to ''make evil spirits go away'' but it looks like a demonic creature of a sort. i usually go downstairs when i have friends over as they like to play on my mrs. pac-man arcade game and some air hockey. i never dare to go into the room with the dragon mask when im downstairs and try to avoid my downstairs unless im with my cat as shes usually downstairs yet shes shy. my upstairs isnt all that safe either. i usually spend my time in my room only to go out to eat or watch tv. i have a nazar in my room which i think comes from india or somewhere in the middle east and like the mask its said to ward off the evil eye which causes injury or misfortune according to their beliefs. the only times i hurt myself in my room is when i hit my knee or lower leg on the corners of my bed and im never really unfortunate. usually the creepier stuff begins at night. i usually do stuff on my computer at night and in the evening and i never really bring my computer out. i think it started once when i started watching some creepy videos like gaming related creepy pastas or videos about haunted places. i once was watching videos but i felt like i was being watched so i turned around to see nothing. this happened until i was so scared i turned my light on and ive been sleeping with it on since. i also always try to be straight when going to sleep so i get the best view of my room.

    thats it for the creepy ghost stories but ive had a few ufo sightings or things ive heard that sounded like they came from a ufo. the first began when i was trick-or-treating in either 4th or 5th grade. i was with my aunt, uncle, grandmother and cousin since everyone else went inside to have a break. i remember i heard a weird noise that sounded like a police car but when i looked up i saw a few clustered lights in green, blue and red. i stared at it for a bit and it moved a little bit in the same area but didnt leave. i stared at it until i had to go back home. the next thing that was odd happened when i was in 6th grade. i was in bed and i heard the same noise as i did in my possible first encounter with a ufo. it lasted about 10 minutes but i was too scared to look out the window. this happened for about 3 days and i told my parents about it yet they never believed me and yelled at me to get back in bed. its never happened since
  4. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I've had my share of the paranormal as well. It just took a while before I posted in this thread.
    When I went to Georgetown, Washington DC about a couple years back, our hotel was next to a graveyard. (That probably explains the cheap price)
    Every time it looked out I felt like someone was staring back at me.
    But I soon got over that and placed it in the back of my mind.
    So, it was around midnight when I felt like having frappe.
    And the closest place was a Starbucks, which was a couple blocks away from the graveyard.
    Me and my friends went to Starbucks, with no spooks, until we were heading back from Starbucks.
    Of course I started spewing nonsense, like "Defile the dead" and all of that. It was just a joke.
    Then we looked at the graveyard, and saw what looked like a figure of a man, with green eyes glaring right at us.
    Now there were streetlights all around us, so we thought it was just the hotel staff playing or those Virginia fans we saw earlier tricks on us, probably to scare us off, and were upset that Syracuse won the pinstripe bowl a couple of hours earlier.
    We couldn't make a figure of the man, and he didn't move. At all. And we were there for about a minute staring. He was just glaring at us, with hose green eyes.
    We ran to the hotel, and immediately went to sleep.
    Before I did, I opened the window, and looked at the graveyard, and that man disappeared.
    That's all the paranormal that's happened in my life.
  5. This is perfect for Halloween. Well, these happened just this summer. I was on vacation visiting my friends at West Paris, Maine.

    1: Okay, so me and my friend were walking around Pioneer Street, West Paris. We saw this abandoned looking trailer along the way. It was chained at the front door. My friend gets the idea to look inside it. I look through for a minute (I didn't look). I could see a calender that still had January 2014 on it. There was fine china that was set as if somebody was about to eat. But the scary thing was that there was a rocking chair, right? There were two baby dolls sitting next to it, they looked like they had make-up on them, hair all messed up, AND, it looked as if somebody jammed needles into them. So I think a somewhat sadistic old woman lived there and died somewhere in January.

    2: Another West Paris story. My friend (As mentioned last paragraph) lived in this duplex on Main Street. We were already convinced that something evil lived there. We went up in the attic, and on paper I wrote: "Whoever is here, drop this paper in the middle of the room" and stuck it to the wall. Next morning, guess what? That paper was lying in the room.
  6. Me and my friend enjoy watching Ghost Hunters, so one day last year we decided to check out an abandon hospital in the nearby county of Tooele. We only stayed there for only 20 minutes because of what happened.

    We went into a room and began asking questions. Occasionally we would hear footsteps and there was a disembodied moan we heard.

    And then...it happened.

    I went into a closet and asked "If you don't like me in here, can you please show me?" and about 5 seconds later, the door to the closet slammed shut by itself so loud and so powerful. I immedietly stood up to exit the room since me and my friend were both terrified. But when I reached for the doorknob, I saw a very tall figure in front of me that was wearing what looked like a fedora. I fell onto my back because I was absolutely paralyzed with fear. A couple seconds after my friend opened the door and the figure was gone.

    Needless to say we haven't returned to ghost hunting since.
  7. It happened last year's August. I was sleepless and it was 2:15 AM.
    I look at my door and see a woman in a white dress and a beach hat that covers her face. She carries a basket.
    Somehow, I don't feel frightened. Instead, I just wave at her and she waved back and disappeared. I somehow felt safe with her...

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