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Ghostbusters or PMD: Explorers of the Sky. Which Will You Get?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Mystic_Suicune, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. So which will you buy, Ghostbusters or the new Mystery Dungeon game and why?

    I'm most likely gonna buy Ghostbusters. I loved the movies...the animated series was okay, I guess. The GB game takes place two years after the events in the second movie. Looks like this is going to make Ghostbusters a trilogy! I've always liked the Ghostbusters, even more than Pokemon, and I was watching Pokemon way before I watched Ghostbusters. So yes, I'm going to but Ghostbusters before the Explorers of the Sky game.
  2. Linkachu

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    Err... Am I missing something, or is there a reason why you made a comparison between those two particular games? o.o As of now, I don't really understand why the decision to get one over the other would even come up since they're (assumably) completely different...
  3. I made a comparison since their both two games coming out this year, that I thought most 'Charmers might consider buying, so...if this makes no sense, feel free to close this.
  4. Linkachu

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    Actually, I wasn't even looking at this thread from a modding point of view - just logic as a gamer XD It seems like a very random comparison when so many different things are being released this year. If both games are good, I'd think people would just buy both, eh?

    For the record, I know nothing about this Ghostbusters game, so it's not on my radar to pick up. PMD Explorers of the Sky I originally wasn't going to get either, but after watching the E3 video of it I changed my mind. Looks like enough new stuff has been added to warrant the purchase ^^
  5. Sir Red

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    I agree on not really getting the comparision, but of the two, I'd pick up Ghostbusters first. The biggest reason that the game looks awesome is because of the voice actors. They actually have Bill Murrey (sp?), Dan Akroyd and the others from the movies. Plus the graphics look great too.
  6. Secad MS

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    I'm probably most likely to get Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky because a) it's Pokemon, b) I like how the entire ‘Dex (even Arceus) is going to be in it, and c) I would prefer the movies to any video game of Ghostbusters any day.
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  7. pokemon cause i just started playing again like a month ago and i need as muany games as i can has
  8. Definitely Exploroes of Sky, for sure I'm gonna get that! I'm unsure on Ghostbusters. I have seen the movies (just #1, not ALL of them), and it got me wondering about the game...
  9. PMD: EotS FTW. I can't wait to see what Nintendo has added, like Shaymin, and presumably the various forms of PokeMon, like Giratina. I just hope they have those.
  10. I'd prefer Explorers Of Sky then Ghostbusters. Never had much of a liking for Ghostbusters. But I would love to play Explorers Of Sky, because I had Explorers Of Darkness and got really far, but when I turned my DS on one day, my save file was gone! :'(
    I was never bothered to play through it again, so exchanged it for some cash.

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