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Ghost of Laverre City

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Sy Kage, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. An idea I had that I thought would be good for a role-play.

    Pretty much, I'm thinking of a story that follows along with the horror story that an old man tells you outside of Laverre City in Pokemon X and Y, and how it could be tied in with Laverre City myths and ghosts.

    The story could follow a group of trainers trying to uncover the mystery of Laverre City, and the puzzles, mysteries and dangers that come along with this task. Organizations trying to keep the mystery secret, ghosts that haunt Laverre City, myth behind how the Pokeball Factory worked in old times and many more things could be tied in with this story.

    What I am seeking at the moment are people that may wish to take part in this role-play and some general ideas of putting the story together to have a 'nice flow'. Please let me know if you're interested in any way.
  2. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    If this works out, I'd love to join! :) Though it's my first RP, both on and off Pokecharms. Is there anything I need to know before I start?
  3. Just your basic character you will be playing as, so you might want to post a bio up here aswell. If you have any ideas for the plot, you should also have your say here.
  4. Two criminal organisations,Shadow-Ion (their members are known as 'Shadowions') and A.R.I.E.S (stand for Anti-Rulers Independent Empire School, but it's definitely not a school) start to make their dream of getting the long-ago secrets about Poke-ball production into actions. It remains a mystery whether they are cooperating partners or rivals. But they have three things in common-horrible,reckless,dangerous. As the secrets that had stayed as secrets for long years are dragging the group of trainers into great adventure, this two orgs also begin their unholy plans in Laverre City......

    This is part of my idea. How is it?
  5. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Name: Lucy Garnet
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Sinjoh Ruins. (Technically from Sinnoh.)
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’ 6”
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Hair: Black, usually worn in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: A black and pink dress (based on the Sparkly Bolero Dress.), black and white OTK socks, black shoes, a pink felt hat, and a pair of white sunglasses.
    Identifying Marks: None

    Musculature: Average build for a girl of her age.

    Personality: She is very outgoing and always willing to make a friend, due to her seclusion from the world from living in the Sinjoh Ruins. This also makes her very Naïve about the world, and is very unaware of her skill as a trainer.
    Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Researcher.
    Skills: She has extraordinary skill as a trainer, as most trainers who cross her path will find out. However she is unaware of her skill, due to her secluded lifestyle, and she thinks she’s just an average trainer. She’s studied the Sinjoh Ruins and the Mystri Stage all her life, and is very interested in world mythology and history. She’s also a decent cook.

    Past: Lucy is a champion’s daughter and lives next to the Sinjoh Ruins. Her mother, Sicily, champion of the Sinnoh League, allowed her to live there after they visited the ruins when Lucy was young. She showed great interest in the ruins, and Sicily decided to let her live there and study them. Lucy lived with one of Sicily’s closest friends, a young hiker named Ralph, in a small cabin just a few feet from the ruins. As she studied the ruins, she also practiced her skills as a trainer with a Dratini that her mother gave to her. She was quite skilled at battling, and strives to be as good as her mother. Once she turned 15, she finally left her long-time home and began traveling the world.

    Since then, she has traveled all over the nearby region of Johto, battling Gym Leaders to improve her skill. She defeated the Elite Four and Champion, and set off to find more places to discover and new Gyms to challenge. She moved to Vaniville Town in Kalos for this such reason, along with Ralph. She currently has 5 Kalos gym badges in her possession.

    Family: Sicily, Champion of Sinnoh (Mother), Ralph (Guardian).
    Love Interest: None
    Favorite Type: Dragon


    Species: Dragonair
    Nickname: Irene
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Nature: Careful
    Special Features: None
    Irene was Lucy’s first Pokémon, given to her by Sicily (as a Dratini) for protection when Lucy moved to the Sinjoh Ruins. Irene has since been Lucy’s closest friend and her guardian. She holds an everstone, because Lucy thinks that if she evolves into Dragonite, her beauty will be lost.

    Species: Braixen
    Nickname: Eliza
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Serious
    Special Features: None

    Species: Golett
    Nickname: Bit-Block
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Nature: Quiet
    Special Features: None

    Species: Heracross
    Nickname: Thorn
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
    Nature: Jolly
    Special Features: None

    Species: Roselia
    Nickname: Olivia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Nature: Timid
    Special Features: None

    Welp, here's my bio for my character, Lucy. I didn't include the backstories for all of the Pokémon, just for her Dragonair. I felt like it would be too long if I did. :p Many of her Pokémon might not be used for this RP, but just in case, I included them. If there's anything in this that seems Mary Sue-ish, let me know and I'll change it. :)

    (Also, I like your idea, @Tingfeng-Anna.)
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  6. This seems great! Are you willing to participate?
  7. Ooo, another RP! I'd love to join! In addition to the plot Anna suggested, why not have the ghosts of the old factory workers haunt the factory and surrounding areas? I kind of see it like the Gilded Age in American history, where working conditions were terrible, and the pay was low. These unsafe ways of making Pokeballs could be the use of Pokemon running on treadmills to generate electricity non-stop, or having Electric Pokemon in little compartments, doomed to power the factory with their power, until they die. The machines could be a large plates of steel, that mash the Apricorns into shape after being baked in a burning oven, also 'managed' by Pokemon. Many workers lost their lives or were maimed in the process, meaning there would be some extremely messed up looking ghosts haunting the place.
  8. I see where you're taking this, Frozen! I especially like the workers that haunt the factory part. As for Pokemon 'managing' the machines, I wouldn't be completely sure. But there could be the Pokemon of the old workers that hang out around the factory, scaring everyone off along with the ghosts. But the ghosts would mainly be found outside and around Route 14, Laverre City Trail, near the haunted house where the main tells the story. There is also a Pokemon fan club in Laverre City, so they could maybe be included inside the story. Some of the Hex Maniacs (girls with purple hair) could be telling crazy stories following up to the one from the haunted house. The gym, perhaps, could be haunted by the ghost of the old leader, Valerie, as this may be set far in to the future, since this is when Laverre City is even older and the Pokeball Factory workers have died.

    Should this be a private RP though?
  9. Here's my bio

    Bb age 5
    Hair: color bluish black
    Eyes: Baby blue
    Clothing: ripped frilly dress,torn one striped OTK socks,worn out purple Mary Janes,bloody skull,ripped bag,bone club
    Pokemon:drifloon given to by father
    Meloetta befriended
    Darkrai befriended
    Shiny Banette befriended item: mega stone
  10. Here's my character setting:
    Name: Aqria Seth
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Hair: Viridian
    Eyes: Cobalt blue
    Clothing: Black and tight T-shirt with green patterns, jeans skirt, ninja sandals
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Personality: Steady, decisive, friendly, not easily enraged - but if you do......get ready to face a Satan.
    Hometown: Pastoria City
    Family: Sabre Seth(elder brother), parents: William Seth, Piscia Eve(both passed away)
    (a) Sylvia - a friendly Mawile
    (b) Zoroak - silent and refuse to be named
    (c) Tide - a shy Simipour
    (d) Drake - a befriended Haxorus, has sharp instincts
    (e) Cobalt - an obedient Greninja
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  11. Here is the bio for my character, Eliyas. And, I have a feeling this should be a private RP, as we don't want random people joining and possibly mucking up the story.

    Name: Eliyas Monuka
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Camphrier Town, Kalos
    Age: 14
    Height: 4'3'
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Hair: Bushy, brown, always seen
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Grey cotton hood, sometimes wears cap, ripped denim jeans
    Identifying Marks: One hair being grey
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Can be scared, usually found alone, docile
    Skills: The ability to on some occasions read minds
    Past: Lost family to Team Flare
    Family: Dead
    Love Relationships?: None
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Ivory
    Gender: Female
    History: Given to Eliyas by AZ as a gift.
    Personality: Much of a diva

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Ebony
    Gender: Male
    History: Given to Eliyas by AZ as a gift.
    Personality: Lonely

    So, when do we want to start this?
  12. I'm in!
    Here's my idea! Hope you like it! Bbs father was killed and she took the skull and a bone of her father and ran off on her birthday! :,(
    She found an amulet and put it on THEN Bb befreinded N and even died protecting him every time she wears a skull a horde of cubone follow her
  13. @stephanie spots Nice! But this is more of your character's backstory rather than an idea for the actual RP.

    Let me pose my previous question again. When should we start this?
  14. I dunno when we should start this your the leader:) This will be the first role play I've ever done soooo I need to know the basics also tell me if I'm doing something wrong
  15. How about giving the group of trainers in this rp a team name? I suggest Team Zyra or Team Breaker. Just a team formed because they joined forces in order to solve the mystery of Laverre City, but they might finally be a real team after went through those adventures together.
  16. So, they make the team mid-story? That would actually be pretty cool. As for the name, I like your idea, Anna. But, we might want to look for something more suitable. Team Hunter? As they do hunt for the ghosts and the evil organizations. But, if that doesn't work we could go with Team Zyra or Team Breaker :)
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just a quick friendly reminder - we have certain rules re: Mega Stones, Legendaries and the use thereof.

    In other words, write those out of your teams. The way these characters are looking now and the way you are looking now, they aren't going to get Mega Stones/Mega Rings authorized for their use. And they're DEFINITELY not going to get Legendaries, befriended or not.
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  18. I'm guessing Team Ghostbuster would be out of the question..?

    ANYWAYS, If y'all are still doing this, I wouldn't mind joining in. I haven't played or watched Pokemon since D/P, but I've been on a poke-kick myself recently and I'd like to think I'm a decent RPer.
  19. I think the story might begin when one of the character met the 'ghosts' when wandering around one of the scenes-alone, usually. The character is probably not a citizen of Laverre City, and knows nothing about the haunt rumors. And maybe another character first meet 'him' when he is screaming, shrieking or running out of the usually deserted scene like he just went through a tough battle, at a nearby ice-cream stall or something like that ^_^
  20. Ooh... a ghost story... Can I join?
    What if the deceased parents of the characters are some of the workers of the Pokeball factory? They don't know what happened to their parents, and one by one, the characters move to Laverre city because they want to investigate what happened and there was gut feeling that they need to go there, that someone is saying a message to them. They are still seperate though. They only meet in one moonless night when they were doing things outside and then they heard something happening at the old abandoned pokeball factory.
  21. Maybe one of the characters's family member worked at the Poke-ball factory and mysteriously 'disappeared', then, he/she comes to Laverre City to check everything out since many years passed by and he/she is independent enough to do this. Strange things happen just when he/she reaches the city, and he/she meets the characters one by one. :)
    When this will start?
  22. This will be my bio then...

    Name: Michael
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'2
    Gender: Male
    Family: Parents lost at the Pokeball factory, his aunt is Wanda on Hoenn. He has a relationship with Wally (maybe Uncle-Nephew?)
    Personality: Reckless, always stands up for his friends.
    Hair: Black with a small touch of blue.
    Eyes: Sea-blue
    Clothes: A blue and yellow hoodie with a Spade shape on the middle, black shorts, black and red sneakers and sometimes wear shades.
    Health: bad like Wally's health.
    Hometown: Verdanturf city, Hoenn. He came to Laverre city because Wanda found a new job there and asked to come with her.

    Absol (female) nicknamed Aki
    It was given to him by his father when he was young.
    Personality: quick to all things
    Identifying mark: a spade in its horn.

    Kirlia (male) Nicknamed Ruby
    Given by Wally when it was still an egg.
    Personality: grumpy.
    Identifying marks: A scarf with a spade on it.
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  23. Want me to start it, guys?
  24. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Sure, I'd love to start anytime you're ready!
    *cracks knuckles*
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  25. This is my little introduction. ^_^
    "Are you really leaving, Aqria?"

    Aqria Seth turns around to see Crasher Wake, the gym leader of her hometown-Pastoria City. Her viridian hair is gently drifted by a whiff of morning breeze, as Crasher Wake shows an expression of worry: "No one knows whether the news is true or not! By the way, it's better to call that a RUMOUR rather than a news."

    Hearing this from her friend and Pokemon battle opponent, Aqria gently pats on her Mawile, Sylvia's head, which makes it grinning cutely......Although Sylvia is nice to her, it IS still a deceiver Pokemon facing their rivals. Aqria smiles in confidence: "Don't you trust me? I got all the Sinnoh badges, including your Fen."

    "It's not your battle skills I'm worrying about."Crasher Wake looks like he just ate a dozen of bitter gourd. He sighs, uttering his opinion as he gazes at the blazing light of dawn: "You are going to Kalos Region! It's far away and we basically know nothing more detailed than general knowledge about it. And it's just an unproved eyewitness report. Who knows whether Sabre is really at Laverre City. It might be a trap."

    "......As you said, I haven't been there before. How could I have enemies there?"Aqria chuckles, but a mist of sorrow can be easily discovered in her cobalt-blue eyes. Even her elder brother could disappear like he just evaporated from Sinnoh Region, what is impossible. Three years had passed without any single hint about Sabre Seth's location and status, and it was a great torture for her.

    "I can't give up any hope to find him."The beautiful 15-year-old girl speaks gently but full with determination.

    Another Pokemon of hers, a Greninja named Cobalt which is training itself by battling Crasher Wake's Gyrados while their trainers are speaking to each other, tosses its powerful Water Shuriken at the leader's Pokemon's eyes as a critical hit. Defeating it "again", Cobalt returns to her side, nodding to express its concern. Sylvia does the same, both her small mouth and the giant jaw smiles.

    "Seems I can't stop you now, Aqria!"Crasher Wake retrieves his Gyrados into a Poke-ball, tapping his giant palms on Aqria's small but steady shoulder. His face turns serious again. "But be mindful. Roark told me that there seems to be two criminal organisations that sets their capital Laverre City, and it's a NEWS from the police. Be careful about Team Flare and another which I forgot the name. Good luck. I hope you find Sabre safe and sound."

    "Thanks a million, Wake. Hope to see you soon." Aqria Seth appreciates the gym leader's info. She smiles very brightly and waves to Crasher Wake before heading for the exit of Pastoria City. She gazes at the streets, people and forest of her hometown before starting her far journey. The morning sun seems to ignite a flame of hope in her heart.

    "Let's go, Sylvia, Cobalt. And here you are, Drake." Aqria calls upon two of her Pokemon, while a Haxorus she befriended comes out from the forest beside the road. She will find her beloved brother, and bring him back to their long-rested mother and father.

    "Here I come, Laverre City!"
  26. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    I'm ready! Do I need to post an intro? If I do, I'll do it tomorrow, cause I need to go to bed. :p
  27. @SuperSableye24 Kay, that's fine. I'll need to make up a little intro myself aswell.
  28. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    "Ah, I really needed this!"
    The cup of hot cocoa in Lucy's hand was exceedingly hot to the touch, but she didn't care. After the sudden downpour of freezing rain on Route 14, Lucy was forced to run through half of the trail. She must have fallen in the mud at least 3 times. Eventually she reached the Pokemon Center and managed to get a room, and grabbed a shower and some new clothes. Then she grabbed an umbrella and trudged down to the cafe for some relaxation.

    "Man, that rain came out of no where. I hope it doesn't rain during my gym battle." Lucy said, talking to herself. Her Dragonair, Irene, was on the other side of the table, munching on a Pokepuff, along with the rest of her Pokemon. Eliza the Braixen, Bit-Block the Golett, Thorn the Heracross, and Olivia the Roselia.

    While Lucy was daydreaming about how Golett could even eat without a visible mouth, she couldn't help but overhear a couple sitting at a table next to her. It sounded like the guy was telling the girl what sounded like a ghost story. It was something about the Pokeball Factory. Oh yeah, I could see that factory from the Pokemon Center. The man continued, saying that long ago, workers at the factory were killed by in multiple "accidents", and that the ghosts of those workers haunt the factory to this day. He also says that the Pokemon that belonged to those workers guard the factory, scaring off curious trainers.

    "And get this. Once, someone made it in there, and when he did, he turned around to see...A HORDE OF FACELESS MEN!" "EYAAAH!!! Stop trying to scare me, Emmett!" The poor girl knocked her coffee all over that mans lap. "Alright, jeez, I'm sorry Mally, it's just a story," the man named Emmett said sheepishly, obviously trying very hard to ignore the searing hot coffee that soaked his pants.

    The couple proceeded to leave. "Heh, he probably deserved that. Still, what if that story was true..." Lucy wondered. She gulped down the rest of her drink, and prepared to leave. As she put her Pokemon back into their tiny homes, she decided on her plans. I think after my gym battle, I should go check that old factory out. See if that story was true or not. She then payed for her drink and went back to the Center, ready to rest up for the long day tomorrow.
    Alright, I tried. I'm sorry if it's terrible but at least I did it. >w< Oh, and her outfit is now her "Casual" attire in my signature, instead of her "Special Occasion" attire.
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  29. "Great battle, guys! You really made an effort there!"
    Sy, a trainer on his way to the Pokemon League Champion, had just defeated the gym leader of Laverre City, Valerie, and was now back in the main room. He turned back away from the clock on the wall to his two faithful companions. Ivory and Ebony, the Meowstic duo. "Guys, let's head down to the Center. You gotta get healed up before we do anything else." Sy returned his Pokemon to their balls and ran off out the door, yelling a quick 'See ya' to the man engraving his name on the brass gym statues.

    "Hope to see you again!" chimed Nurse Joy from behind the counter.
    "Thanks, Joy." Sy put the Poke Balls into his belt. Just before he headed out, he turned around, suddenly remembering something. "Joy, I've been meaning to ask, but, anyways, would you perhaps know anything about the ghosts people say haunt this city?"
    The room turned silent. Everyone stopped chatting between eachother, feeding their Pokemon Pokepuffs and holding up punching bags. All their eyes were pointed at Sy. His face turned red. It was a stupid question.
    "Well-" Nurse Joy started. "-I'll tell you what I know. Twenty-five years ago a courageous trainer and his group of friends went on a journey around Kalos. Together, they defeated the notorious Team Flare, that, today, are a disbanded group. One of Team Flare's crimes was stealing the novelty Poke Balls from the factory in this very city. In the end, everything was resolved, but..." She trailed off, as if too scared to speak of what happened.
    "Lysandre went on a crazy rage and secluded the workers inside the Poke Balls, leaving them to die!" A man near the door said. He spoke in an angry tone, as if he was there when it happened.
    "Okay, that's enough." Sy looked up, feeling guilty that his question had caused the commotion. He turned around to leave and strolled to the door. As he passed the man, he saw he had blue eyes and black hair, and was wearing a blue, zipped up jacket.

    Sy was a traveler, so in his bag - given to him by a hiker - was a tent. He set up camp on Route 14, let out Ivory and Ebony from their balls, and snuggled into his sleeping bag.
    And, as usual, Ebony slept on his face.

    Yea, I had to put Calem in there.
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  30. I guess Aqria is the only one who comes from another region, a foreigner...... :p Please tolerate her little knowledge about Laverre City.
  31. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Actually, Lucy isn't from Kalos either, she's technically from Sinnoh, so I guess they're in the same boat. :p
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  32. I'll write something about A.R.I.E.S. here.
    A.R.I.E.S. is one of the new criminal organisation that gained quite a lot of control of Laverre City. Person who controlled it are more interested in money-making than ruling the whole Kalos, specified in threatening shop owners for a part of their profit, scamming the trainers on Pokemon trading website, making fake Poke-items etc. No one could stay alive after seeing the org's founder alias leader and vice-leader, except a few trusted ones. Even most of A.R.I.E.S.'s followers know nothing but their name - Kachina and Nachita. They are two powerful Pokemon trainer that call themselves the "headmistress" and "assistant headmistress", and the members "pupils".
    This illegal force shows no obvious threat to the general safety of Kalos, but it's going to change when Kachina the leader, receives a police spy report which says the formula of Poke-ball production is still somewhere inside the deserted, somehow haunted factory......
    The threat of A.R.I.E.S. is going to multiply when she and Nachita decides to seek that top-secret formula by all costs......
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  33. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Should we start this soon?
  34. That is what we've been waiting for.

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