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Ghastale: The White Mask

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jun 3, 2017.


What's the connection between Gaster and the skelebros?

Poll closed Jun 6, 2017.
  1. Sans and Papyrus are two halves of Gaster

    3 vote(s)
  2. Gaster is the father of Sans and Papyrus

    6 vote(s)
  3. They met once or twice

    0 vote(s)
  4. There's no connection

    2 vote(s)
  1. RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ghastale-first-saga-the-white-mask.16753/

    So I should drop a basic plot summary for those unaware. Ghastale is an AT (Alternate Timeline, NOT an AU) of UNDERTALE. Now that the hype has worn down and the toxicity of the fanbase has been considered to drop by about a hundred levels by most people (I never thought it was that toxic in the first place but whatevs) I think it's safe to give this another shot. The story begins at the point of the game where Frisk is just entering Waterfall. After talking with Sans about what happened in the last timeline, Frisk watches Sans teleport away. They eventually come across a large, grey door - if you've played UNDERTALE, you know the one I'm talking about. That's where the story begins.
    As this is an AT, we'll be using mostly canon characters from UNDERTALE and UNDERTALE Yellow. I'll just throw up a list quickly. I'll be taking a few important to the plot (and Mettaton since he's my fav UNDERTALE character), but most characters are up for grabs.
    Frisk: @I Never
    Flowey: @Mewtwofan259
    Toriel: @Il Fantasma
    Sans: @Eeveechu151
    Papyrus: @Mewtwofan259
    Grillby: @Mewtwofan259
    Monster Kid: @Mewtwofan259
    Gerson: @Shmeee
    Undyne: @I Never
    Mettaton: @Eeveechu151
    Muffet: @Shmeee
    Chara: @I Never
    Orange SOUL (Bravery):
    Clover [Yellow SOUL (Justice)]: @Eeveechu151
    Tempo [Green SOUL (Kindness)]: @Il Fantasma
    Cyan SOUL (Patience):
    Blue SOUL (Integrity):
    Emily [Purple SOUL (Perseverance)]]: @Shmeee
    Gaster: @Eeveechu151
    Dalv: @Eeveechu151
    I'll also be allowing OCs in some cases, but they'll be few and circumstantial. At the moment, I'm allowing five OCs to fill in for the roles of the rest of the human children who are not named by UNDERTALE or UTY. So... you guys in?
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  2. Can I RP as Frisk, Chara, and Undyne?
  3. Well, I was kinda planning to give the role of Frisk to Fantasma is she wanted it, and there are a few circumstances surrounding Chara's inclusion that are relevant to plot, but I guess I can give you at least Undyne until we work out the other two. By the way, can you send me some of your previous RP work in a private convo?
  4. @I Never has given me a submission of previous RP work, and it looks good. Approved! You're in!

    So @Mewtwofan259 and @Il Fantasma, which characters do you guys want? Fanta, if you could take Frisk again that could be great - you RPed as them great last time.
  5. If I can't be Frisk, can I be Flowey instead?
  6. Somun took Undyne! My favort charctr. Lol, I guess I'll take Grillby, Monster Kid, and Flowey.
  7. Well, Never, you already have Chara. I think Mewtwo should get Flowey in this case (and Grillby and Monster Kid, of course). Oh, and if I didn't mention it yet @I Never has taken Chara.
  8. ...I might be able to join this. The only problem is, I don't want to join at a time where I actually have spare time to post and then realize that that's all the time I had, y'know...? Maybe I should take a less plot-dependent character...
  9. You did great as Frisk last-time, though. But if a less-important character is really what you want, there is a massive list and potential for the inclusion of a few human OCs in the form of the human SOULs...
  10. Thank you, but I really think taking one of the SOULs is a better idea as of right now... Is there a form I need to fill out, or can I just tell you which one I'd like?
  11. Well, a brief description of the SOUL, their trait, and how they died would be best.
    And I guess in that case, @I Never can take Frisk.
  12. Alright. I'll get to that as soon as I can get into my computer! This gives me an excuse to being back Tempo, too! Yay~! xD
  13. Cool. Remember, the SOUL will need to have had their respective equipment as found in the games. And Justice is already taken, as with UTY being official in this RP Clover is the Yellow SOUL.
  14. So if everyone's just about ready (minus Fanta creating her human), I'll probably begin the RP in just a bit. I'm not sure I'll be able to get Gaster's text to work, though - Charms doesn't seem to support all the shapes that make up Wingdings...
  15. Name: Tempo Lizano
    Gender: female
    SOUL/Color: Kindness/green
    Personality: She's 100% a girly-girl and loves to wear dresses, but even mention the color pink to her and she'll slit your throat. Kidding! She'll just punch you in the arm like the sissy she is. She hates getting into fights and getting her hands dirty, although she doesn't hate dirt as much as one might think. If she ever had the chance, she'd love to get some different-colored contacts to hide her natural red eyes, not to mention that being albino isn't really helping her eyesight anyway. She'd probably choose a light green color, but she was never really able to thanks to her parents being tightwads.
    Apart from her flower crown, you will never catch Tempo dead in anything even remotely resembling the color pink. She loves playing certain games and wearing dresses, but pink is where she draws the line. Usually very cheerful, she tells herself that running away from home was the best idea she's ever had, but she'd love to find a place to live, even if it was a foster home or something of the sort.
    How She Died: I'm gonna have to put some more thought into this. :S
    Monster Connection: Toriel

    Thoughts? Maybe ideas of how she could've died? I honestly dunno what to put there...
    #15 Il Fantasma, Jun 3, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
  16. So where do the Burnt Pan and Stained Apron come in...?

    Anyways, looks great! I'll probably discuss my future plans for Tempo in the RP with you in a private convo. But do you want to take any other characters? Just Tempo won't allow you to come into the RP until at least the second act...
  17. I'll think of some way to incorporate the items into her character and how she died. As for taking another character, I think one's good enough for me as of right now...
  18. Once again, you won't be able to come in for the first chunk of the story if you don't take someone else... you sure? Papy's available, as well as all the others that don't have names beside them on the first post.
    Also, ideally each of the humans will have a connection to a fellow character that's not another fallen human.
  19. Yeah, I'm sure. I don't wanna take more than I can handle. What do you mean by "each of the humans will have a connection to a fellow character," though...?
  20. I've seen you handle more than one character perfectly before...

    In the past, when they were alive, each human ideally had a connection to a monster. Such as Chara and Asriel, and Clover and Dalv.
  21. That was before I had to buckle down for reviews and finals and crap, though... ;-;

    Ah, gotcha. Maybe she could be connected to Papy...?
  22. Oh I getcha. When you got finals?

    That wouldn't really work, though. Papyrus had never seen a human before meeting Frisk during the events of UNDERTALE... I do like the idea, but it wouldn't work in the sense of continuity...
  23. They're in, like, two weeks, but we're already starting to review and get a ton of projects and junk.

    Whoops, that's true... Uhm, I'll need to think of someone else, then... maybe Toriel...? >~<
  24. Same time. But at least we get a week of review, right? ...right?

    Toriel could definitely work, as her house is the only known way out of the Ruins where most humans would fall down (not counting Dalv's exit in the Deep Ruins). She'd be likely to have met most of the human children, if not all of them.
  25. Could Grillby and Monster Kid have bigger roles like they did in Time Will Tale?
  26. Well... possibly? I don't know what that is, but I'll try to fit them in where I can. Grillby, at the very least, should take an important role relating to Gaster.
  27. I suppose so... Still, though, I'm not excited for them. xD

    Cool cool! I can add that to her "form," if you'd like me to.
  28. Same. And sure, that could work!
    Fanta you want to take Toriel so you have at least one beginning character?

    Anyways, if everyone's ready then I'll start up the RP later today. Do I have the go-ahead from all RPers?
  29. ...I suppose taking Toriel wouldn't hurt, right...? I guess I will.

    You have the go-ahead from me~!
  30. You can go ahead, but just a fair warning...I go to church on Saturday's, so if I'm not that active on Saturdays...then that's why.
  31. Alright, I'll get to work right now.
  32. Noticing some parallels to Glitchtale.
  33. A few, yeah. I'm a huge fan of Glitchtale, so I'm borrowing a few elements. Besides, they're both ATs. There's bound to be a few similarities.
  34. I mean in the beginning scene. With Gaster and Sans trying to fix something, Sans wanting them to leave, a Scientist falling into the core. Honestly, Glitchtale and Time Will Tale are my favorite ATs.
  35. That's one of the elements, yeah. And with Gaster falling into something other than the CORE - it still works. Gaster's Followers said that he fell into "his creation", but it was never specified which. So it's completely plausible that it could have been the Determination Infuser.

    @I Never we usually refer to Frisk and Chara with gender-neutral terms, as they're never really given genders.

    Oh, and Mewtwo? If you want Flowey to come in during the early stages, just have the flower secretly following Frisk around. He does it in the games, anyways.
  36. (Though Time Will Tale is an AU, still, pretty good) Yeah, I'll have Flowey pop in occasionally. Something we could do is have Sans go to Grillbys, and talk about Gaster. You said that Grillby used to be one of Gaster's assistants.
  37. You know the difference between AU and AT right Mewtwo?
  38. But @Eeveechu151 you refered to Frisk as a he, so I just assumed

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