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Ghastale: The White Mask (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ghastale-first-saga-blood-and-bones.17476/
    Current RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Dave Strider, @Mewtwofan259, @Comic, @Mecha Who, @Cloudswift

    So I should drop a basic plot summary for those unaware. Ghastale is an AT (Alternate Timeline, NOT an AU) of UNDERTALE. Now that the hype has worn down and the toxicity of the fanbase has been considered to drop by about a hundred levels by most people (I never thought it was that toxic in the first place but whatevs) I think it's safe to give this another shot. The story begins at the point of the game where Frisk is just entering Waterfall. After talking with Sans about what happened in the last timeline, Frisk watches Sans teleport away. They eventually come across a large, grey door - if you've played UNDERTALE, you know the one I'm talking about. That's where the story begins.
    We're using the canon of both UNDERTALE and UNDERTALE YELLOW, as I consider them both crucial parts of the UT lore. All of the characters will be available, but remember that the only characters that have actually met Frisk by this point are the ones they met before Waterfall. I'll also be allowing OCs, but with specific limitations. Right now, said specific limitations are the different SOULs, as the humans who the six SOULs belong to will appear in this RP. All of the major monsters, a few of the minor ones and the humans will be here. If you want someone, feel free to ask. If there's someone not here that should be here, tell me. And I'm only going to be allowing RPers to take one major character (not including myself for plot purposes, and with certain justified explanations for others). Let's get the list up, shall we?
    Flowey/Asriel Dreemurr:@Mewtwofan259
    Toriel Dreemurr: @Cloudswift
    Napstablook: @Mecha Who
    Sans: @Eeveechu151
    Papyrus: @Dave Strider
    Undyne: @Mewtwofan259
    Alphys: @Mewtwofan259
    Mettaton: @Comic
    Muffet: @Dave Strider
    Asgore: @Comic
    Gaster: @Eeveechu151
    Frisk (Red SOUL/Determination): @Dave Strider
    Roxie (Orange SOUL/Bravery): @Cloudswift
    Clover (Yellow SOUL/Justice): @Eeveechu151
    Sam (Green SOUL/Kindness): @Comic
    Kyle (Cyan SOUL/Patience): @Mecha Who
    ___ (Blue SOUL/Integrity):
    Kevin (Purple SOUL/Perseverance): @Mewtwofan259
    Chara (Black SOUL/Hate): @Dave Strider
    James (Turquoise SOUL/Creativity): @Eeveechu151
    @Mewtwofan259 @Il Fantasma @SS-I Never you guys were major players in the last iteration of Ghastale, you in for the reboot?
    @Dave Strider @X3n0 Jake @Riverrunner you folks are in Strider's Voxistale, would you guys consider joining this one? We're starting from the beginning of the timeline split in this version, so you guys don't have to worry about world history. It's just normal old UT until something happens in the RP that splits us off from the main timeline.
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  2. DAMN! My punny Skeleton is no longer an option! Which means I'll have ro settle for second best. Papyrus is who I desire to have this time. Papsypoo.
    Am I allowed more than one character? I'm probably not gonna make any oc's, however.
  3. As I said earlier, only one major character allowed with exceptions. Said exceptions probably depend on your RPing skill. I'll allow you to take a second major character. OCs will be useful for later, as a future plot point does directly involve the human SOULs.

    Also, if you've ever played the UNDERTALE YELLOW demo, know we're using stuff from it.
  4. K... so, it'd be cool if I just...
    Actually, I think I'll stick with Paps.
  5. Alright, sure. I'll make the RP when we've got at least three RPers, including myself. Oh, and we do need a Frisk.
  6. I missed my chance last time, but I'd like to snag Undyne. As well as Alphys and the purple soul.
    Name: Kevin
    Sex: Male.
    Soul: Purple/Perseverance.
    Backstory: Kevin had always been the smartest kid in school. They wanted to be an Author. They always carried around their notebook full of creative ideas. Unfortunately, the other kids didn't think this way. Bullying drove Kevin to the point where he climbed to the top of Mr. Ebott and jumped down. He woke up, and Toriel did the same thing they always do. The old turtle by the name of Gerson took him in and cared for him. But the young royal guardsmen Undyne found out and took out Kevin.
    Cause of Death: Spear to the face.
    Monster connection: Gerson.
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  7. Sure! Welcome back, Mewtwo.
  8. Alright. We just need a Frisk and I can make the RP.
  9. Hm... I'll take Frisk. I don't think I could do a ton as solely Paps.
    But Frisk is a very diverse set character, so, will Frisk be a them, a he, or a she? Also, I'm guessing Frisk has already done at least one or multiple time lines before considering they spoke to San about the last one. And Frisk will be their 'Pacifist' self for this?
  10. I'll be looking forward to this!
  11. Wait, did you look up the last iterations of this RP? Hm.
    Sure, you can take Frisk! Frisk's gender is up to you, and I'll say that Frisk has gone through a bunch of Neutral and Pacifist runs. Frisk was about to complete a Genocide when he/she/they used the DETERMINATION they got from Sans to RESET in the middle of Chara's dialogue. Said event is why this timeline exists, BTW.
  12. Okay, awesome. Then I'm ready.
    Personally, I always saw Frisk as female, so I'll settle for female Frisk, and I'll just stick with her usually normally quiet self.
  13. Sure, but remember that Frisk does talk in this. Make sure she can speak.
  14. Hey, Mewtwo, it's Dave's choice. He says he wants Frisk to be a female, so she's a female in this case.
  15. Well yeah, but still quiet. To an extent.
  16. I was just saying my opinion. (Another thing I like is the Blind Frisk headcanon)
  17. So just to clear up where the plot's going right now, Frisk will find her way to the door in Waterfall and enter. Inside is the malformed Gaster, who Sans is fighting now. Papyrus and Undyne will probably show up, Papyrus unable to recognize it as Gaster until Sans points it out and Undyne forgetting about the human to fight the more immediate threat. Sound good to you guys?
  18. Yeah. Though can we have Undyne rescue him? My favorite character deserves some action.
  19. Rescue who? If you mean coming to help Sans and Frisk from Gaster, yeah of course. 'Sides, how mean would I be if I DIDN'T give Undyne some action?
  20. Yeah, have like Frisk and Sans be losing, then Undyne comes in and dropkicks something, just like she promised. :p
  21. Yeah, of course. Besides, Mewtwo, you already know that things aren't what they seem...
  22. Hey Mewtwo and Dave, the shadowy figure is known to our heroes right now as Gaster. If you've seen Glitchtale Episode 2 "Yet Darker", the Grey Room look is what Gaster looks like.
  23. I kinda figured. The references felt pretty heavy.
  24. I know. But Undyne doesn't know who Gaster is.
  25. Yeah but you called him Ghast in your post, Mewtwo. And actually, Undyne would know who Gaster is - he was the King's advisor and the previous Royal Scientist, as well as the father of Sans and Papyrus.
  26. Maybe Alphys would've told Undyne about it.
  27. Can Alphys and Undyne already be dating at this point?
  28. Uh, could I still sign up for this RP? Just wondering...
  29. Then I'll happily snag/take Dalv, and if possible, the green soul.
    Name: Sarah
    Sex: Female
    Soul: Green/Kindness
    Backstory: Sarah was always kind to everyone at her school, but she didn't have many friends, because usually everyone would ignore her being kind, and if people saw her complimenting them, they'd think "Meh. She's probably faking it, or something." Eventually, her parents took her to Mount Ebott, because Sarah wanted to go there out of random curiousity. Sarah, whilst walking and looking around, fell down the hole leading to the underground. Soon, she woke up, and Toriel did her usual thing. While down in the ruins, Sarah was nice to everyone, especially Froggit. When the time came for her to decide to leave the ruins, she did, and headed straight to Waterfall. After a while, one of the royal guards found her and killed her.
    Cause of Death: Sword to the head, and legs.
    Monster Connection: Froggit

    Also, if you need one, here's an RP sample:
    Tell me if I'm accepted or not.
  30. @Mewtwofan259 Well, were they dating at this point in Undertale? They at least have crushes on each other RN - we know that.
    @Shimmering Accepted! I can tell you've got good RPing skill, so I'll allow you to take a second major character. (Still waiting for someone to take Flowey...)
  31. @Shimmering the person the mysterious kid is talking to is Dalv, so you can join the RP.
    FYI, for future reference, no one can hear the voice that the kid is talking to but the kid.
  32. Alrighty. Thanks! I posted!
    #38 Stargrounds, Aug 9, 2017
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  33. @Shimmering Dalv and the kid are already at the entrance to Dalv's home, right before the walkway where you fight Dalv in UTY.

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