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Private/Closed Genocide (Sign-Up/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by N E G A N, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. I've seen all sorts of roleplays about Undertale, but they usually revolve around an alternate universe or timeline. Never have I seen one focused on genocide. So, here we are. About to take a genocide route. At the beginning, a pacifist run has already been played, so the monsters that are aware of the timelines recognize Frisk (e.g. Sans and Flowey). We will probably also make the genocide run more interesting by adding a Grillby fight, maybe Disbelief Papyrus, an actual Mettaton NEO battle, soul-powered Asgore, and maybe even Gaster.
    All characters will be in play, and this will begin before meeting Flowey. Interactions between characters can also happen outside of Frisk's genocide path. Not much more needs to be explained. There will be no OC's, as people tend to make their OC's be more powerful than necessary. This will focus solely on the Undertale Genocide route.
    You also have permission to make less important characters more important, complete with a personality, and story.
    27 left.
    Frisk: @ZiruDeathLord
    Muffet: @ZiruDeathLord
    Alphys: @ZiruDeathLord


    Toriel: @Comic
    Dogamy/Dogaressa: @Comic
    Asgore: @Comic

    Napstablook: @X3n0 Jake
    Doggo: @X3n0 Jake

    Sans: @Fraseandchico
    Lesser Dog: @Fraseandchico
    Chara: @Fraseandchico

    Papyrus: @Dave Strider
    Grillby: @Dave Strider
    Monster Kid: @Dave Strider

    Greater Dog: @SummerShaymin
    Undyne: @SummerShaymin
    Doge: @SummerShaymin

    Mad/Glad Dummy: @PKMN Master G.K.
    Feel free to ask any questions.
    #1 N E G A N, Sep 29, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  2. thanks! BTW I decided I also want to be Lesser dog and sans, if that's alright?
  3. I give. You can have Sans and Lesser Dog. I'll be taking Grillby.
    We need some NPC's taken control of too. I'm making the limit on main characters as 3, so @Fraseandchico you have reached your limit, but you can select as many NPC's as you like. @Comic same applies to you, but you can choose one more Main Character.
    I say we need more people. @Eeveechu151 is usually reliable in this field, but sometimes, Ghastale happens (You still need to reply to that, because I think you intentionally let it die).
    We have a massive cast of characters, so you guys can go ahead and suggest anyone else you like.
  4. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    @Mewtwofan259 I liked your roleplaying in Ghastale.
    I'd like to take Dogamy and Dogaressa as a main character.
    And for NPC's, I'd like Nice Cream Guy, Ice Wolf, River Person, and Burgerpants.
  5. Can I take from the NPCs, uhhh, Temmie and Bob?
  6. Like, all 5 Temmies, Bob, and Tem Shop Temmie?
  7. Gahh, sorry! I'll get to that as soon as possible.
    Anyways, this seems quite interesting to me. I'll be taking my two favs (THANK GOD THEY'RE NOT GONE YET); Flowey and Gaster.
  8. I didn't take Gaster solely because I know you like him, lol.
  9. After having viewed your Roleplaying and love for Undertale, I have decided to invite you; @ZiruDeathLord.
    If you don't wish to be involved, then don't be afraid to decline. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  10. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Thanks! Alright, the main characters I do, would probably be Frisk, if that's okay, with everybody ^^
  11. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Oh, and I'll take annoying dog, too XD
  12. Alright. You're in.
  13. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    I'm guessing we're waiting for more people before we start, concluding we still have a lot of open roles.
  14. Yeah.
    @ZiruDeathLord @Comic @Fraseandchico @Eeveechu151 Some of the NPC characters are not extremely important, and I'd love to have some be claimed. Also, if you guys have any good people to invite, don't be shy! I intend to have every single character up there in use.
  15. Actually, Can I take all 10 froggits/Final Froggits?
  16. I already looked, and I'm afraid there's not anyone I'm particularly interested in. But actually, perhaps I could take Greater Dog and Mettaton?
  17. Right now, I have set a limit of only three main characters per player, at least until further notice. I gave you Mettaton.
    And I gave Frase his Froggits.
  18. Can I be annoying dog? XD
  19. Annoying Dog is actually already taken.
  20. Crap... ;-; will the amalgamated make an ACTUAL appearance in the story?
  21. Amalgamates* (fucking autocorrect)
  22. Yes. This is a genocide route where Frisk goes back to kill everybody. They will have enough determination to overpower the Amalgamates and kill them.
  23. K. Mind if I control memory head?
  24. Also, I have an idea for the flowey death.
  25. Oh? I was planning on a Flowey battle, yes, but not involving the souls, as I will have Asgore do that.
  26. Ok then, you already got my drift. I was planning on an omega flower with asgore's SOUL as well as the human souls.
  27. Also, why is doge in main characters?
  28. I added unused characters. Royal Guards 3 and 4, Doge (Part of the Royal Guard), and W.D.Gaster.
  29. May I also control napstablook? Memory head is laaaaattte in the game.
  30. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    I'll take the turtle shop keeper guy, and Alphys . I'd probably be able to pull off their personalities
  31. When will the RP start?
  32. Once all main characters are selected. The only ones we really need are Undyne and Muffet, as they are boss characters.
    But we also need someone to have all of the monsters from the ruins.
    The Whimsuns, Loox, Vegetoids, Migosps, and Moldsmols still need a player to use them.
  33. I'll take the Whimsum family, I suppose.

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