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General Online Gaming Discussion

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

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    Have a certain game w/online abilities that you're wondering if anyone else plays? Want to plan gaming sessions, MMORPG teams, etc.? Ask about it here. (Tho, due to the lack of activity, unstickied the topic)

    I know some of you must play online games beyond the WFC. Don't be anti-social. Speak up! :p
  2. Ill speak up! Well my online games I play.. I have more then what I'm going to list but, these are the ones I play regularly.

    Dods: Day of defeat source.

    Bf2: Battle field 2.

    Hl2: Half Life, Haf life 2, and all the other Hl games online.

    Halo: For PC

    Age of empire: I play all of em.
  3. I'll speak up too! I also have more than I'm listing, but I'll name a few favorites:

    Day of Defeat: Source

    Battlefield 2 (although this one's a bootleg so the online capabiliies wind up crashing the game now and then :p)

    Halo for PC

    All Half-Life games

    Return to castle Wolfenstein

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Underground 2 & Most Wanted

    Alpha Centauri (Best strategy game ever made :) )

    Used to play Star Wars Galaxies... got bored of it.

    Might fill up the list in the future. Too tired to think of any more of them :p
  4. Dazz0r What's your steam user name for Dods? We should play sometime. :)
  5. My online games.... gah i've got like 2

    Neverwinter Nights(r0ckzorz my s0ckzorz

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