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Gen V Console Game Speculation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Keleri, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. So every pokemon generation has featured a sister console game (Stadium, Colosseum, PBR). What would you like to see in the inevitable PBR 2 or whatever it ends up being for Gen V?

    Being an MMO addict, I think it would be cool to have an online game for Gen V that you connect to over Wii wi-fi or what have you, and select and customize a player character to use as your avatar. Then you could have a game world where trainers (trailed by their pokemon, of course) can stand around and show off their goods and start battles and so on. A collection of mini-games would be nice, my sisters STILL play the mini-games from Stadium I and II. I wouldn't say no to a story mode either. The pace of the 3D battles really needs to be improved though, sometimes they can just crawl along.

    I admit I really just want to do the pokemon equivalent of "standing around in Dalaran" showing off my l33t m0nz. x)
  2. Agreed on the whole MMO thing, but I would also like for them to have grass so you could capture wild pokemon in those games and also share them with your Black or White game.

    Another thing I think would be cool is if they would have the 3d pokemon follow you in those games, also having an option to have smaller pokemon ride on your shoulder or back. Plus, I would like a more advanced character maker. More hair styles, more hair colors, more eye colors, more clothes, and the ability to TAKE OFF THE FRICKEN HAT!!! (Sorry I couldn't resist.) Plus, as Shown in the Colloseum games, I would like to be able to customize my ride (I've wanted to have a badass motorcycle like Wes's since I saw those 8 or more engines.). I also would like to be able to do things like the 2d games, like surfing in 3d (plus if they did that they could probably make it where you could have a visible pokemon.). Plus, this could be cool too, I think it could be cool if they would open a Wi-fi daycare center, where you can leave your pokemon, and if they make an egg, your could get something rare. I would also like it if they would let you copy your pokemon data like PBR, but also have it where they make baby versions of them, and your have to raise that particular team from scratch. Also, look at this

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj2Jqz-r ... re=related

    I would really like it if they could make the game have those kind of graphics and physics. Seriously, I want a casualty or few when I battle! XD. Though I'd settle for the voices being normal, It would take too long to record every Pokemon voice in all those languages.
  3. Yeah, what you guys said ^

    Awesome MMOness.

    Also, they need to make it more like stadium, i.e. put in minigames, a Pokemon Academy and the ability to battle with any Pokemon (not just ones you've caught.)
  4. MMO idear FTW. Even if it's just a transfer 'mons and have a cooler avatar that can fight in three dimensions. And I'd at least like an overworld mode, not just battling. Like at least as big as Orre region, but where you actually get to go across the routes, maybe pick up some rare Pokes while you're at it.
    But I doubt they would really do that... I'd just like my mini-games back. PLEASE???
  5. I'm not too keen on the Memorpeger (MMORPG) idea. If they were to make a console game, I think it would work if it was just like XD, or PBR. MMORPGs work a lot better on the computer, and plus, you wouldn't even be able to play the game on your Wii if you didn't have an Internet connection. So let me revise the first statement. I'm not too keen on the MMORPG idea, UNLESS it was on the computer.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Gotta agree with Blarg. I've never been a big supporter of a console-based Pokemon MMO and would probably be happier with more of what we've had in the past - just more included. Even with the new customization options, PBR lacked things to do. You could beat the first 'round of battles in under a day.

    What I'd really like to see is another console RPG like Colosseum and XD, but this time with the option of customizing your player character. Online battling could be included in the game which would allow you to showoff your custom character, and possibly they could make an online tournament mode, too. PBR did some really fun stuff for multiple DS to Wii direct connecting, but the online functions were lacking muchly.

    Hrm. Actually, I'd be fairly satisfied with a PBR 2 (even without an RPG mode included) if it simply included better customization and online options like I mentioned above. An online tournament mode that allowed up to 16 or 32 battlers to connect would be an awesome addition.
  7. I want a good-sized console RPG. Colosseum and XD were excellent and gave me my favorite Pokemon character ever, but they were short. And the Pokemon selection was embarrassing. We need a console game with all the depth of the handheld games, but the higher focus on the story that the previous console games gave us.
  8. From what I heard from a lot of people, PBR was only good if you wanted to battle in 3D, so I'm not sure if I want a Gen V version of it. I didn't have the pleasure of playing Collosseum or Gale of Darkness but they seemed to be pretty good from what I've seen. And of course I have to mention the Stadium games as a basis as well. Like TBA, I want the Gen V console game to have depth and a great storyline, but I want the fun minigames and gym leader matches that Stadium had as well. And while this technically isn't a game, we need a good storage game because Pokemon Ranch had so many shortcomings. It wasn't really organized well and only being able to interact with specific save files was really crippling.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    3 on 3 battling has to be in the game. I don't care what it's about. Just give us that.


    Makes me wonder if they'll create the ability to battle with two other players at once (like our current doubles co-op modes)? Give all three players up to two Pokemon to control. It'd certainly make for some fun battles... albeit longer ones. XD

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