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Gen 3 overworld sprites [Requests: open]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Luke The Evil Spheal, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. You want gen 3 overworld sprites made for one of your original characters? Well look no further! Send me a drawing, trainer sprite [battle], photo, whatever you want and I'll make a spritesheet in the style of a GBA pokemon game.
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  2. You're Signature is amazing!
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  3. Okay I will sent some drawings of character

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  4. Pick one of the picture or any
  5. Could you colour the characters in, it's a bit hard to sprite based on silhouettes.
  6. Thank you.
  7. It's done and be happy and you can change the colors

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  8. Okay, I'm working on it now.
  9. A sprite for her maybe? [​IMG]
  10. I'm currently doing sprites for Kaben, but when I'm done I'll make sprites for you.
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  11. oops, lol. Just fixed it
  12. if you are still doing this, i have a sprite that i need overworlded!

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