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Private/Closed Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Role Play Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kyuukestu, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Ken followed Ellen inside the restaurant. Hearing the other trainer’s comments on the name he chose for his newly caught Drowzee, Ken clicked his tongue. “Oh come on, it’s not the best name but don’t treat it like it’s the worst name imaginable.” He said before taking a seat on the table Ellen booked. He took many small sips from his glass of water as he waited for their food to get ready.

    When the freshly prepared Magikarp fillet arrived, Ken wasted no time digging into the meal. “Mmm, wow this is well done. The meat are cooked to a very tender degree and it’s filled with great flavours. The scales served on the side is a nice touch for decoration, they really know their seafood here.” Meanwhile, Geb was joyfully gobbling his portions down. “Looks like Geb agrees.” Ken chuckled a bit.

    When Ellen initiated some small talk, Ken swallowed his food in order to talk properly. “Alright, of course.” Ken thought a moment. “Let’s see, I was born in the Sinnoh region, Sunnyshore City, but I moved to the Kanto Region before I turned 10. I now like in Viridian City.” He took a quick glance at Ellen’s wrist. “Judging from your Poketch, I assume you’re from Sinnoh. Correct me if I’m wrong.”
  2. Shifting her eyes to her Poketch, and then back to Ken, Ellen nodded.

    "That's right, Sinnoh; born and raised. I'm from the other side of the Region though, Canalave City."

    She winced slightly at the meager proportions of the meal. One Magikarp was never meant to be shared between 4 people. She dabbed at her mouth, remnants of grease and sauce soaked up by her napkin which she then disposed of. She was spending good Poke on a well-deserved fish fillet only for half of it to end up in a virtual stranger's belly. Across the table, Cordelia shuffled the remaining bones into her hind-jaws, and a few crunches later, the Mawile swallowed.

    Paging a waiter for the bill, Ellen put down 100 Poke, and an extra 20 Poke as a tip —compliments to the chef. Leaning back, Ellen made herself comfortable. She'd let her meal digest for a moment before departing again.

    "So why are you in the Geminos Region? The League challenge?"


    • 2880 Poke
    • Book on Sinnoh Mythos
    • Poffin Box (Poffins x4)
    • Pokeball x 2
    • Poketch
    Cordelia (Mawile)
    Nynyve (Clamperl)
  3. Ken and Geb both finished their meals on their turn. Ken watched as Ellen payed for the meal. “Thanks for the meal Ellen. Thought it’s kind of weird being treated to dinner by you, we only just met after all.” Ken said while smiling.

    Hearing Ellen’s following question, the Kanto trainer let out a breath. “Actually no, I’m not here for the league. This is the first region I’ve traveled to on my own and me and Geb just want to explore a bit and experience new things you know. Learn a lot more about pokemon and stuff.”

    Ken then though he should ask the same. “So what about you? Why are you in this region?”
  4. "Well, I hadn't expected you to take a seat."

    Ellen was blunt.

    "I never planned to feed you."

    She huffed under her breath. She hadn't expected to spot Ken and his cannibalistic turtle any grub, however, he'd helped himself to her meal before she'd even noticed. Though, it was hardly worth grumbling over.

    She rested her elbow on the table, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

    "I guess I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here. For now, I'm just stretching my legs. I was planning to head to City Hall to get a Map and maybe some more information on the region. Then maybe I'll set out tomorrow."
  5. “Oh well, sorry about that. I tend to be oblivious to things.” Ken apologized while scratching his head. “I kind of assumed. I’ll treat you to something next time.”

    Ken finished his glass of water as he sat back in his chair. He listened to Ellen y’all about her plan of action. “Oh is that where you get the info here? I must admit I didn’t prepare enough before coming here.”
  6. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Rowan took some time to consider Devin's question. It was only natural that he had deffered to him, after all, Mantì was his partner. If anyone should know how she thinks, it would be Rowan.

    "That's...a good question. One so good that I don't even have a conclusive answer," The somewhat temperamental young man gave a chuckle as he said this before quickly rushing in to correct his statement.

    "I-I do have some theroies though! From the looks of it, Mantì trusts me because I'm her trainer, and I guess that anyone who i treat like a friend is someone who Mantì treats as a friend as well? I don't really know for sure," To his surprise, his Fomantis waddled back up to her trainer to give confirmation to his theory before reoffering Sandra a "hand"shake.
  7. Well, at least he knew how to apologizing. She would gladly take Ken up on his offer to finance her next meal. The guy might've been...off but maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

    Or so she thought, then he revealed that his plan of action was no plan of action.

    "Ah, love, you might be helpless after all..."

    Ellen shook her head.

    "Well then, let's get going shall we?"

    Excusing herself from the table, she made a quick stop at the front desk to ask for directions to the City Hall. In hindsight, she probably should've done that from the start.
  8. "126 Rockruff? That is an insane amount!" Sandra cried out, both impressed and a bit in shock of the amount of Pokémon in a fanclub. "Unbelievable, there's a farm up north from my home town and it only has 5 Miltank. How do they manage to feed them all?" In her mind, she imagined some kind of cult worshipping the Puppy Pokémon. "Nice to meet you Devin, Terra's adorable by the way!" Her amazement only increased when a Fomantis appeared, another Pokémon she didn't recognise. "Wow, you guys have amazing Pokémon!" As Manti extended its appendage again for Sandra to shake, she complied and gently shook the appendage of the Fomantis. "What species is this? It looks like a Bug type, but not like any of the ones I've seen. Does this mean this one is from Alola as well? Are both of you from Alola?"
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  9. Wynaut jumped back as Elekid pursued, wiggling it’s body around rapidly as it did so.

    “I think that was Splash...” Levi noted, now engrossed in the events playing out in front of him.
    “This is bad...Wynaut doesn’t know any attacking moves...”

    Just as the young trainer spoke, Elekid responded to this strange movement by quickly rotating one of its arms in a windmill motion, a light electric current visibly building on the limb as it did so.

    “Ele....kiiiiid!” The small electric Pokémon roared, launching a small beam of lightning towards Wynaut.

    “And that was...ThunderShock, I believe.”

    Wynaut should’ve had enough time to dodge the attack, but it elected to throw Levi’s notepad out of harms way instead, taking the full brunt of the attack head on.

    Both Pokémon stood completely still, staring each other down. Elekid was clearly winded from all the running around the city and fighting, and Wynaut was pretty badly damaged after taking Elekids ThunderShock.

    “This is bad...both Pokémon are low on energy...perhaps we could...” Levi mumbled as the gears turned in his head.

    “Newt! Throw a Pokeball at Wynaut!” Levi finally shouted, drawing a Pokeball from his own pocket before tossing it in Elekids direction.
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  10. Ken looked away as he was, admittedly, pretty ashamed of himself. “Yeah.” He let out in a quiet voice. He then heard Ellen’s words as she got up to leave. “Let's get going? Is she referring to me?" He turned towards her. "Hey wait. Am I misunderstanding your wordings or are you telling me to follow you?” He got up and ran after her after she made her exit. "Wait up."
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  11. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Um I...what?”

    Sure Newt had pokeballs on him, but this was more than a matter of convenience. Morality was also to be concerned here. Was it his right to forcefully capture another sentient creature? Didn’t think matter what THEY thought?

    “I-I don’t know Levi.” He mumbled. “I don’t know much about Wynaut, if it wants this or-“

    “Why not!”

    Newt’s eyes widened as he saw the damaged wynaut, burn marks all over it, appearing to be looking in his direction. He couldn’t be sure what it was trying to say...but he could feel it. He gulped, digging out a pokeball from his bag. I have to take it from the suffering. At least for a little while. A temporary measure, yeah.

    “Hang in there Wynaut, in coming to help...!”

    He thrust the pokeball in it’s direction. It bonked the blue blob on the ear, absorbing it into the sphere. It blinked and rolled around, offering little resistance before...

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  12. I don’t know much about Wynaut, if it wants this or-

    “We don’t have time!” Levi replied hastily as his own Pokeball bounced off Elekid, encapsulating the Pokémon in a red glow.

    “Come on....come on....!” Unlike Newts Pokeball, Levi’s was shaking far more aggressively, showing Elekids continuous resistance despite being low on energy.


    Levi’s expression softened as the Pokeball finally settled. Without a moment to waste, he retrieved both his notepad and Elekids ball from the ground, turning on his heel to face Newt.

    “We did it!” Levi shouted enthusiastically, a goofy smile washing over his face.
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  13. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “We did it!”

    “I just enslaved somebody...” Newt said with a spaced out in his eye.

    He was far less enthusiastic about the catch than his friend was. He had to contemplate the moral repercussions and was catch a pokemon really represented. He was still wondering if he made the right call.

    “I just...hah...enslaved somebody.” His pupils getting smaller as he looked up to the trees
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  14. Levi’s excitement drained away as Newt replied, now more so concerned with the issue at hand.

    “Woah woah woah. Hold on man. It doesn’t have to be like that.” The chestnut hair boy replied whilst reaching down to pick up Wynaut’s Pokeball.

    “Come on out buddy.” Wynaut was released in a flash of red light, it’s body still slightly scorched from the battle, but it’s overall expression far more relaxed.

    “Would you like to travel with Newt? He cares a whole lot about his Pokémon, I can promise you that.” Levi informed the small Pokémon whilst pulling a potion from his backpack.

    “Why...not?” Wynaut replied with a small smile, looking up to his new trainer.

    “Heheh. You heard him. Why not?”
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  15. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Why...not?” Newt copied.

    Snapped out of his thoughts, he looked at Wynaut with somewhat blurred vision. Despite being hurt, it stood present and strong, unyielding. How it had such strength in such a tiny body boggled him. He still had his own concerns about this whole arrangement, but as long as Wynaut was okay...

    “Well then...I’m glad you can join us.” Newt said, offering an insure half smile.

    “Why not?” It spoke, dancing in place.

    Newt grabbed the pokeball, sending it back. Right as he did so, he gave a long sigh, leaning on a nearby tree.

    “Too much excitement...I think I need a minute...”
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  16. Now that Newt’s situation had been worked out, Levi snapped back to reality. He stared down at the Pokeball in his hand, a look of uncertainty quite present.

    “Hm...I wonder...” He mumbled, tossing Elekid’s Pokeball out.

    “Kid!” The Elekid grunted as it appeared, crossing its arms and turning its head up to the sky.

    “Hey there...you know you caused me and my friend here a lot of panic.” Levi spoke softly, kneeling down a short distance away from the moody Elekid.

    “Ele!” The Elekid replied, turning away from Levi even more.

    “Look, I’m not one to hold grudges, so if you wanna leave, your welcome to. I won’t force you into anything you don’t want.” With that, Levi climbed to his feet and walked away from Elekid. On the ground where he had been kneeling, rested a single Oran Berry.

    “Ele?” Elekid was taken aback by this unexpected act of kindness. Did this boy really forgive him for the trouble he’d caused? No. He’s probably just trying to pull something.
    “Kid!” The fiery pokemon replied once more, giving the berry a passing glance as he finished.

    “Oh, by the way. That was quite the ThunderShock. It’s a shame, a powerful Pokémon like you would do great against gym leaders. You’d probably even get way stronger along the way.” Levi added while he was still in earshot, quickly peaking over his shoulder as he did so.

    “Elekid?” This statement caught the mischievous electric Pokémon’s attention. He did love battling. It’s the reason he took the notepad to begin with, so that Levi might challenge him to get it back. Maybe...just maybe, he could use this human as a way to grow stronger.
    “Elekid Ele!” Elekid shouted in a slightly panicked tone, waving its arms about as Levi walked away.

    “Oh? Does that peak your interest?” Levi asked, a cocky grin spreading across his face.

    “El...Elekid.” Elekid replied once more, crossing its arms again in embarrassment due to losing its ‘cool’ there for a second.

    “You like battling, yeah? If that’s the case, we could take on as many opponents as we can find, defeating anyone who opposes us. Together, we could grow stronger.” Levi finished his offer by approaching the Elekid once more, picking up the berry before offering it to Elekid by hand.

    “Eleee.....Elekid.” Elekid pondered it’s options for a second, before hesitantly taking the berry from Levi.

    “So...you wanna come with me?”

    “Ele.” Elekid replied with a small nod, taking a bite out of the berry as it did so.
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  17. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Watching the display from Levi and Elekid, Newt was mesmerized. Was it so easy to choose the right words to make elekid so willing to join? He wish he knew this power. Words had obviously not been is strong suit, and continued to allude him. He chuckled as elekid accepted the offer.

    “It looks like you got through to him.” Newt laughed. “I’m surprised. Someone who caused such a hassle for you, and you still accept him anyway.”
  18. Levi stood up, only just now remembering the boy who had been watching.

    “Oh uh, yeah. Well when I was young, Professor Oak taught me that Pokémon are just like people. Some are mean, some are kind, and some are misunderstood...” He trailed off, glancing down at Elekid, who had just polished off the last of his berry.

    “And in the same light, they can be reasoned with. Just like a person, no matter how angry, hesitant, or shy they may seem, you can always find common ground. Besides, who am I to judge someone off first impressions alone? No one has that right.”
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  19. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Always find common ground. Judge someone off first impressions? I mean. Team rocket is a thing. It can’t be truly correct can it? Pokemon are far different than people. People are...people. Realizing he hadn’t been vocalizing any of this, newt got up from the tree, dusting himself off.

    “Ahem, well...” he cleared his throat. “Misunderstood maybe...but if they can be like people, that means there can still be bad ones..”

    Uncomfortable about the subject, newt decided to changed it, setting sights on to their probably path to their destination, or so he hoped.

    “W-well should we be going??”
  20. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "If I had a nickle for everytime I've heard that," Rowan chuckled as Sandra tried to guess what type Mantì was, "Shes actually a grass type, the 'Fo' is apparently supposed to mean Fake, meaning that her species are a bunch of fake mantises," After Mantì's offer at a handshake was accepted, she went over to Devin and slowly offered her appendage like she did with Sandra. The difference was, there was suspisious expression that the grass type had before replacing it with a more friendly one.

    "So, anyone here have any plans for themselves?"
  21. "Grass type?" Sandra looked confused for a minute before speaking up again. "Oh! Is it camoflage to protect themselves from Bug types? We have a Pokémon called Sudowoodo over in Johto who does something similar. It hides as a tree to avoid attacks. That's so cool!" She gushed out the information, unaware of the fact that she might be annoying the people next to her.

    "Plans? Uh, I was going to City Hall to get my bearings, do you four wanna come with me?" The Johtonian asked the two boys and their Pokémon.
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  22. Devin watched as Rowan was honest about what his partner considered a friend while the Mantis Manti adorably waddled over and gave a confirmation before offering an appendage to Sandra once more.

    "W-wow....well, seems to show the bond and t-trust it has with you. Sign of a good trainer as far as I-I can see." Devin complimented before he overheard Sandra ask if they were from Alola or not.

    "A-actually my mother came from Alola and met my father in Hoenn. Bringing with her some Pokemon from the region which is how I met Terra here." Devin clarified as his Rockruff barked at the compliment before the two notice Manti walk over and offer a momentarily unsure appendage to him; guess Devin had not been as clear cut as Sandra with being trustworthy but it seemed to quickly become friendly as Devin slowly shook it with a shy smile.

    Then he heard Sandra asked what their plans were and mention of City Hall which was enough to get him to speak up.

    "Y-yeah! Was planning to g-go there and get my Pokedex a-along with...Pokeballs. And register for the Geminos League." Devin said, carefully this time to avoid another slip up with Pokeballs like he had with Nurse Joy as Terra jumped out of his arms and raced in a circle with joy at that filled with so much energy and excitement. In truth that was not all he desired to come here but he figured to keep that second part to himself for now.

    "I-if it is okay we tag along, we'd like to g-go with you. Unless we'd be a bother." Devin said sheepishly.
  23. "Not at all, the more the merrier!" Sandra flashed a blinding grin at Devin before continuing her talk. "Hoenn huh? I've seen some Pokémon of that region back home, and they looked stunning. I hope that I can visit Alola one day, I've heard great things about it. And what you're looking for should be in the City Hall. I've got a map on my Pokégear, so we shouldn't get lost. That is, as long as the battery doesn't die on us." She let out a laugh before checking the battery. "Phieuw, more than enough left. Was a bit worried there."
  24. "T-that's cool. Hoenn & Alola are pretty sweet and I am sure y-you'd enjoy yourself. Actually I asked where I could find City Help and got some help, s-so between that and the Pokegear we should be okay." Devin said, as he himself lacked one given he wanted an "authentic" experience for his own journey which basically meant showing up with his partner, whatever purely essential survival stuff he could get in the bag and the clothing on his back. Well something else to but that would be reserved for later.

    Terra herself smiled and wagged her tail high in the air as her tongue hung out clearly she was all too eager to travel to City Hall with new presumed buddies as she would smile up at Sandra.
  25. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Yeah, something like that," He said the statement with more cerrainty than he ought, considering that he knew very little about Sudowoodos, "Wait, you guys going to city hall too? What a coincidence, so am I. Theres no reason to not go with the two of you," Rowan let out a smile as he recalled Mantì to her pokeball.

    "Sandra, seeing as you have the map, I'd like you to lead the way,"
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  26. Sandra smiled back at Terra before booting up her Pokégear. "Next stop, the City Hall. Let's see what wonders await us!" She said in a dramatic fashion as she walked forward. She began to whistle a tune that she heard sailors sing a lot, though it was for the best that she didn't sing the lyrics. She didn't know if sailors were the same in other regions, but those of Johto sure had a 'sailor's mouth'. After a while, her Pokégear began to show white lines on the screen.

    "Huh?" Sandra stopped, confused as to why her Pokégear was acting up. "This is odd..woah!" The screen began to move erratically as it began to buzz. "Guys, I am no tech expert but it seems to be that my Pokégear is glitching. Take a look at this." She showed the screen of her Pokégear at Devin and Rowan as she began to think about the cause behind the glitching. She didn't have to think long, as she saw a horseshoe magnet floating in a nearby bush. "I found our culprit, a Magnemite." She whispered as she pointed at the Electric type floating around.
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  27. Devin followed Sandra with Terra right by his side before the two heard Sandra comment that her Pokegear had been on the fritz which she showed the static screen as she wondered the cause. One would not have to wonder for long as Terra moved up and began to bark at a new arrival by a bush as a Magnemite appeared and its magnetic pull caused electrical interference.

    A common issue if his father's old stories were to be believed, though usually Magnemites hung around power plants rather than coastal areas. But new region so had to expect the unexpected.

    Terra seemed to be trying to get its attention by barking its way, which caused Devin to sweat drop. "E-easy there Terra. Don't want to make a...huh?"

    Devin was cut off when he noticed something. Another Pokemon seemed attracted to the commotion of Terra's barking as a Porygon appeared right beside the rock type starring off into the bush as well. Terra's sharp smell picked up on this as it jumped back from the Porygon who stared curiously at her.
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  28. “Yeah, we should probably hit the road.” Levi agreed with Newt rather enthusiastically. After a long day in this new region, a simple walk would be nice....unfortunately, just as he came to this conclusion, it became very apparent that the sky was dimming at a rapid pace.

    “Dang, we wasted to much time chasing Elekid around. We’ll have to set up camp near the entrance of route 1.”
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  29. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Camp...?” Newt questioned. “I don’t exactly have a tent on me...!”

    Was pretty sudden of a request. Newt hadn’t expected to be spending a night in the woods. Then again, what had he expected coming to a new island alone? Not 5 star treatment that was for sure. Dunsparce was quick to realize the reality of the situation, burrowing into the ground out of sight with it’s tail.

    “Space!” It said in an echoey voice.

    “Looks like you have it covered...” newt smiled, before gettings serious to levy. “What about me?”
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  30. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Adam went from the City Hall to exploring the beach. He looked around and saw Pokemon in the water but to far away to fight and people enjoying themselves. He kept on moving along with Korei behind him and saw shops nearby. He went to see them but didn't see anything of interest except for a fishing rod merchant.

    "Fishing Rods! Get your fishing rods! Heya kid, would you like to buy one?"

    Adam pondered over whether or not it was worth his money since it didn't seem to be of such great quality but he decided to buy one for 250 Poke since it could be used to find a Pokémon. He decided to try out the product he just purchased and fortunately didn't have to wait to long. Adam felt a tug on the rod and began reeling it in. Out of the water a Qwilfish appeared. The Trainer took out his Pokédex and analyzed the wild Pokémon.

    "Qwilfish, the Balloon Pokémon. The quills covering the entire body have evolved from scales. A Qwilfish can cause its body to swell in order to shoot its needles in all directions," a robotic voice informed him. Noticing the Trainer the Pokémon quickly lost his hold of the rod and fell on the sand.

    "Korei, don't let him escape!" Adam shouted worriedly. The ghost Pokémon appeared seemingly out of nowhere due to his invisibility and gave the Qwilfish a Mean Look. This scared the Pokémon away from the water and made him stay still shaking for a moment. This provided an opportunity for an attack.

    "Use Thunder Punch!" As strange as the command may be to ask of for a gaseous ball-like Pokémon, Korei was able to make a fist out of his gas with Electrical elements infused into it and used it to punch at the Balloon Pokémon. This caused a decent amount of damage but the Pokémon wasn't going to be defeated in one hit. Qwilfish suddenly gained confidence and his tail began twirling rapidly. The Pokémon formed water around his tail and eventually it enveloped his whole body before launching towards Korei at high speeds.

    The Aqua Jet attack took the Ghost-type Pokémon by surprised and was effective. However Adam wouldn't stop just because the Pokémon he was trying to catch fought back.

    "Korei use Lick," the Trainer said. His Gastly made a nod-like motion and appeared before the Qwilfish before giving him a lengthy Lick with his large tongue from the top to bottom. The Water-type Pokémon shuddered and Adam realized his attack was a success at Paralyzing the opponent. After his initial reaction however Qwilfish showed that although Paralyzed it didn't matter in stopping the attempt to capture him. The Pokémon's spikes around his body turned purple for a moment before releasing them as a Poison Sting barrage towards Korei.

    Although the attack didn't do much damage it was successful since it allowed the Pokémon to make a follow up attack as he suddenly performed another Aqua Jet caused the Gastly to be pushed around.

    "Enough, let's finish this. Use Thunder Punch once more!" Korei once again created an Electrically-charged fist and attacked his opponent causing it to take a large amount of damage. Seizing the opportunity, Adam sent a Pokéball at the Qwilfish and due to the damage it had sustained it didn't have enough energy left to resist the capture. The Trainer went to get his new Pokémon and released him from his capture device. Adam keeled down before his new partner and cleared his throat.

    "Sorry for hurting you, but you didn't seem like the type who would follow me along easily. Now, you can ignore commands I give you if you really don't want to listen to me but I'll promise to take care of you. I'm sure with time we can become good friends so would you like to stay with me?"

    Qwilfish thought about the Trainer's offer and his new life as a Pokémon that is taken care of. The human did seem capable of making him stronger as it did best him in battle so perhaps it would be more beneficial. After a moment he smiled and decided to stay with Adam and see where his new partner would take him. Adam realized this and also gave a grin back.

    "That's great! How about I give you a name... uhh how about Hiruko? He's the God of Fishermen and I caught you with a Fishing Rod so it sounds good. What do you think?" The Pokémon gave a motion that signaled agreement and Adam was happy.

    "Alrighty then, Korei welcome your new friend to the team!"

    "Gas, gastly!" "Qwil, qwilfish." The two Pokémon seemed happy with the new arrangement as they both respected each other so they didn't have an issue with it.

    "Good, now we should go to the Pokémon Center. It seems like you could use a rest since the battle. Would you prefer to stay in your Pokéball or stay out?"

    Hiruko gestured towards the Pokéball with his tail and Adam sent him back inside. Gastly didn't take much damage, plus he preferred to be outside so he stayed with his Trainer. The two made way to the center where Adam casually put Hiruko into Nurse Joy's care. After a few moments, he got his Pokéball back and released the Qwilfish.

    "Alright, now that we're all good to go, I suggest we go eat. I don't know about you guys but I'm hungry." The trio went to a restaurant and sat down. Adam ordered food for him and the others and they sat down. While he ate Adam overheard a conversation with two people who sat down nearby. He didn't mean to eavesdrop, but quite frankly there was nothing he was thinking about at the moment and it's not like he was looked at them while hearing what they were saying.

    He left before them and wondered where to go, however it didn't take long for them to leave. He was looking at his Pokégear for points of interests in Seafare and noticed from the corner of his eye a familiar Pokémon.

    "Hey, isn't that a-" Adam stopped his search for things to do as he noticed a rare Pokémon native to his region. A Squirtle walking side-by-side with a Trainer. This was unexpected since the only person he knew that owned one of those Pokémon was Professor Oak, a famous researcher from Kanto.

    He walked to the trainer and noticed his voice was the same as the person who had been fed by his companion. He looked over to the other person walking with him and saw a Pokémon he hadn't seen before. However, he thought it'd be rude to take out a Pokédex to a complete strangers Pokémon so decided to stay uninformed for now. He turned again to the Squirtle then back to its trainer.

    "Excuse me sir, but how did you get that Pokémon? Are you from Kanto perhaps? The only person I know that has captured one of those is Professor Oak."
  31. Ken was running after Ellen after they had left the restaurent, intrigued by her word choices. When someone else suddenly called out to them, the trainer glanced back to see another trainer with a Gastly and Qwilfish with him. "Hmm? What was that?" Hearing the other trainer mention pokemon, Kanto and mentioning professor Oak, Ken assumed he was most likely talking about Geb. "Oh you mean Geb? Yeah you're correct, I do come from Kanto and yeah Geb was a gift from the professor." He answered.

    After answering the boy's questions. Ken got a better look at his Pokémon. First was the Gastly who he had seen plenty of due to their prominence back in Kanto but his other pokemon was a lot lesser seen. "Qwilfish are found quite a lot in Jotho but I must say I'm haven't seen them that often." He thought.
  32. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Rowan had a goofy grin on as he held up the rear between his two new travel partners.

    You know, under different circumstances, I may not have met these people

    The young man's cheerful outlook morphed into that of concern once he heard that Sandra's PokéGear stopped working. It was only worsened when he learned that the static

    "That's fine, Nurse Joy gave me a map once I asked her where City Hall was, bless her soul," As he reached to pull out his map, Mantì noticed something that could prove to be troublesome: A Voltorb. The Voltorb shot a shockwave otherwise known as Sonic Boom. Because Mantì was ambushed, she was unable to dodge the attack, much to the frustrstion of herself and her trainer.

    "Alright guys change of plans," Rowan began as his expression darkened, "Pick the Pokemon of your choice and fight them until they faint or you catch them, whichever comes first. Mantì, Fury Cutter," The Fomantis nodded as she used her now glowing appendage to slice at the Electric type, an expression resembling enjoyment born from annoyance possessed the Fomantis's face.
  33. "No, you can say, I was talking to Geb."

    Ellen rolled her eyes, commenting sarcastically as Ken chased after her. Maybe she shouldn't have told him to follow her after all. Her apprehension only increased when a rando-stranger stopped them to ask about Geb. Ellen massaged her brows, it appeared it would be some time before she actually reached the City Hall.
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  34. Alright guys change of plans...pick the Pokemon of your choice and fight them until they faint or you catch them...

    Devin had to blink at this sudden bombshell dropped at them as the situation went from curious to intense at the drop of a hat. Not only had a Porygon arrived to the scene, but it appeared the added commotion brought a Voltorb to show up as it launched an attack at Manti while Rowan called out for battle against these rogue Pokemon.

    For a first battle, this had not been what Devin expected to say the least.

    None the less, Terra moved between the Porygon and Devin and seemed ready for battle. Devin shook his head as of course a first encounter would be before he had any Pokeballs but he figured this was as good a way to get their first fight out as any. Devin took a deep breath in and out to calm and focus himself before his eyes focused on the Porygon.

    "Well, let's get started..." Devin said with even a light if not nervous as Terra barked and smiled that big grin of hers ready to go as Porygon waited for them to strike first.

    I want to be the very best,
    Like no one ever was...

    "Terra use Tackle!" Devin called out as Terra charged ahead with a burst of speed as she slammed right into the Porygon's gut which toppled the Virtual Pokemon as it tumbled back before it righted itself. The Poryon responded as it built up psychic energy and fired a Psybeam right at the Rockruff.

    To catch them is my real test,
    To train them is my cause!

    "Terra jump over and use Rock Throw!" Devin called out as Terra jumped just as the blast hit at where she stood which left a small explosion as dust picked up but Terra was unharmed as she jumped high and over the Porygon before she fired several rocks at it. Porygon responded quickly as it fired a Pysybeam up at the rocks which caused a collisuon and small explosion that shot a shockwave through the immediate area.
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  35. “Yeah I get it.” Ken responded with a slight chuckle towards Ellen’s sarcastic quip.

    While Ken was busy speaking with Adam, he did not notice his companion’s growing irritation. Although Geb did. “Squirtle.” Geb tugged at Ken’s jacket and pointed towards Ellen. The trainer noticed his partner’s motions and glanced back. He also noticed how the other trainer looked like she was getting very annoyed. “Yikes, it seems I’m delaying things a lot. Better try to do something to ease up the situation.

    “Uhh Ellen, you can go on ahead, I’ll catch up.” He turned back towards Adam. “So did you just come ask me about Geb or is there something else you wanted?”
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  36. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Adam noticed the attitude Ellen gave Ken but decided not to comment on it. Instead he went to answer his question.

    “So you’re a trainer from Kanto? You seem new here, do you need some help navigating the city?” He asked if he needed help as he has been in a similar situation but had a pretty good idea what to do. Hiruko had been hopping around Geb curiously, interested in the fellow water type. Meanwhile Korei had tapped the Squirtle’s shoulder before quickly turning invisible.
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  37. Levi paused for a moment, not quite sure if what he was hearing was correct.

    “You...don’t have a sleeping bag?” He questioned once more, somewhat surprised by the answer.
    “Did you never think you’d be sleeping while on the road? I assume you didn’t intend to stay in Seafare during your entire trip, especially intending to walk the perimeter of the city and all.” With an eyebrow raised and a cynical grin on his face, Levi walked past Newt, lightly nudging his shoulder as he did so.
    “Relax. Just messing with ya. Let’s get to a shop before they close. You need some proper camping gear.”
  38. "Alright."

    Without qualms, Ellen walked off. Ken would catch up with her later, or so she figured. And speaking of figuring, she still needed to figure out what moves Nynyve knew. She was, of course, intimately familiar with Cordelia's move set and hoped to reach the same standard with Nynyve. She planned to step out of town so her Pokemon could stretch their legs, but the opportunity seemed eager to present itself.


    Lurching from an alleyway, was a purple blob of what she could only describe as 'filth'. The pokemon had a mean stench and the first whiff knocked Ellen reeling. She scrambled backward, nearly tripping over her heels.

    Her nose curled upward, and her expression morphed in utter disgust. Whatever this Pokemon was —Grimer..? It had said?— it was clearly the unholy lovechild of Skuntank and Darkrai, and even more importantly it needed to go. NOW! Chivalry and fair-play were held in contempt against the purity of her maiden senses.

    Without hesitation, Ellen ordered a double-team.

    "Cordelia, Nynyve, we're removing this thing at once!"

    Stepping up aggressively, Cordelia leveled a 『Intimidate』-glare at the Grimer. Bursts of flames jetted from her steel-jaws as she channeled Ellen's anger into a 『Fire Fang』and made a pounce for the pollution pokemon. A shriek from Ellen, however, quickly stopped her in her tracks— "Ewwww!!! Don't touch it! Cordelia, 『Fairy Wind』! Nynyve, ummm...do something? Errr, 『Water Gun』?"



    She wasn't sure if Nynyve knew 『Water Gun』 but the basic water-type moved seemed a very safe bet. Her bet paid off when, as Nynyve's shell opened up, a pillar of water shot after the Grimer. The clumsy slime-ball was too slow the two-pronged assault. The attacks slammed into it at full-force with...less than desirable results.

    Sure, the Grimer went splat across the concrete, Jirachi(stars) spinning around its head, but when it went splat it really went splat. Sludge and filth sprayed in all directions, threatening the sanctity of everything in sight. When a droplet of sludge landed on a wall, a mere 10 ft away, Ellen freaked!

    She returned her pokemon to their Pokeballs and then immediately booked-the-hell-outta-there.
  39. "Way ahead of ya! Let's make Magnemite see stars, Astraea!" Sandra tossed her Pokéball up in the air and the Staryu spun in the air as it descended to the ground, landing on its 'feet'. "Get ready for your first battle on land, let's make it count! Water Gun!" A stream of water was forcefully shot out of the top-most limb at Magnemite, taking it by surprise and barely hanging on to the electricity box providing power to the surrounding houses. It let go and turned to face Sandra and Astraea, its large eye locking on the attackers. "Mag. Magnemite." The two magnets began rotating faster as a weak electric current got sent Atraea's way.

    "That's Thunder Wave, use Water Gun to propel yourself upwards!" Astraea pointed its top-most limb at the ground and fired water at the ground, using the resulting pressure to boost itself out of harm's way. Whilst the Star Shape Pokémon was in the air, Magnemite charged bright yellow electricity at the end of its magnets and shot two sparks from them, converging together to one singular bolt of electricity that was heading straight to Staryu.
  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “I uh...well-“

    A flush of pink washed over his face. He didn’t even think about that. Before he could try to cobble some kind of response together, Levi lead the conversation to getting a tent from town, walking off and nudging his shoulder, which he rubbed, his lip quivering.


    He gulped, looking over to Dunsparce, who was still burrowed in the ground.

    “Come on Sparcy...”

    As he slowly walked off to join Levi, Dunsparce squeezed itself out of the hole it made and fluttered its fat body to Newt’s shoulder and rested there. This is gonna he a long trip
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