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Garet Adventures (Plazma, Copper and Heart fangames)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eeveechu151, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Plazma was exited. Today was the day he would get his starter Pokemon. The Garet region was home to many Pokemon, over 103 unique ones to the region. Of course, there was the Gamma Island incident in Kanto, but the Pokemon had been kidnapped. Plazma started thinking about the Pokemon he could choose from. There was Nymphi, a Pokemon made out of pure water with a gem inside. There was Treedut, a small seed-like Pokemon with a tiny tree on his head. Lastly, there was Firoe, a mixture of a blue jay and a phoenix with a tail and wings made of flame. For some reason, Firoe can't learn Fly. All of them were amazing. But today, he was not the only one choosing. There were two other trainers living in Amberheart town that would choose. Plazma was on his way to the professor's lab, when he saw another trainer on the path.
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  2. (Okay, sure, Elsydeon. I'll try to refine it a bit. About those last two posts? Okay, I think that WAS a good decision. I will try to help as best as I can. And about the name. Please explain Black, White, Green, gold, Silver, and so on.)
    Turning around his blue-and-white hat and fluffing his jacket, Plazma looked around. Amberheart was in the middle of a big plain, with a few oak trees around. The Soulshine beach was off to the south, with forest covering the landscape everywhere else. The Topaz Forest was up ahead, with it's orange trees. Suddenly, Plazma encountered a trainer. "Oh, hey. Who are you?"
  3. " My name..." He said. "Just call me Copper." He was wearing a green jacket, black pants and a brown cowboy hat. He had a copper bracelet, but he seemed to be trying to hide it. "Are you going to Professor Spruce`s place?" While he waited for a answer, he stroked hes black hair, which was a huge mess and fingered the bracelet. " 'cause if you are, we can go together" he asked. He was still waiting for a answer.
  4. (Before you ask, Sismic is a friend of mine in real life and I told him about my ideas for Professor Spruce, Garet's Pokemon professor.)
    Plazma shuffled his blue track pants as he responded, "Yeah, I'm on my way to get a starter Pokemon and Pokedex." The young black-haired boy turned to the white-and-grey lab, and looked at the blue streaks traveling through the currents on the side of the building. "I still can't believe we're going to get starter Pokemon from the leading professor on Evolution Stones. And sure, let's travel together."
  5. "Ugh, thank you!" He looked stressed, but he now relaxed. As they walked, Copper admired the town. Once they got there, he swallowed and told himself to stay calm. As they entered the lab, he once again tried to remember his past but, like always, failed. Then, Professor Spruce arrived "Ah, Plazma and our amnesiac guest! Welcome to the lab! Now, before we do anything, I must warn you to choose your Pokemon partner with care as they will stay with you forever!" He then opened the capsule with the Pokemon inside.
  6. Plazma smiled, looking at the three Pokemon. Right before his eyes, three holograms popped up over the Pokeballs. One was a small acorn-like creature with feet and a small tree on it's head. The second looked like a small raven with fire around it's body, giving it extensions to it's tiny wings and a new tail of flame. The last featured a small human-like creature made of water with a small gem inside it's chest. It wore a dress and had features resembling those of a Meloetta from far off Unova. Looking at the holograms, Plazma grabbed a Pokeball, anouncing his choice. "Treedut, I choose you!" Professor Spruce smiled, saying, "Good choice. Here's your Pokedex and five Pokeballs. Now, Copper, it's your turn to choose." Plazma stepped back, giving Copper a chance to choose. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him.
    (@AbbieEeveelutions, this is the chance for your character to come in.)
  7. Copper looked long and hard, and decided that one called to him. "I'll choose Firoe"
    He looked at the small raven-like Pokemon. "I'll call him... Flare!" He felt happy he had a Pokemon. "So..." Then he heard footsteps behind him...
  8. The footsteps was made by a trainer. She was behind Copper, and her name was Heart. She had cute hair, cute clothes, and cute accessories. "Hi, nice to meet you." Heart said. "So you're here for your starter Pokémon?" Professor Spruce asked. Heart nodded. "Yes I am. I'm also going to get a Pokédex and 5 Pokéballs." Heart replied. Heart saw that only one Pokéball remained. "I'll choose Nymphi." she finally said. "I'll call her Harmony!" Heart beamed happily. Heart was happy because she got her first choice, Nymphi. She received a Pokédex and 5 Pokéballs.
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  9. "Now then, trainers," Professor Spruce replied, "you have your Pokemon and are ready to venture into the wild. Good luck!" Plazma turned to the new trainer. "So, what's your name?" he asked her.
  10. "My name is Heart." Heart replied. "I was wondering if I could travel with the 2 of you. Can I travel with you and Copper?" Heart asked politely.
  11. "Well, sure!" Plazma said. "I brought a map. According to this, we have to head through the Topaz Forest to get to Turquoise City."
  12. "Thank you!" Heart replied happily. "Should we head to Topaz Forest now or should we wait?" Heart asked.
  13. "Let's rest for today." Plazma said. "We can use the rest of the day to train and prepare ourselves." Taking Treedut out of it's Pokeball, Plazma said, "You know, I wanna give you a nickname. How about... Sprout?" Treedut smiled, liking it's new nickname.
  14. A trainer rushs through the doors, completely out of breath, "Am I...too late...for a starter pokemon?"
  15. Professor Spruce was taken aback. "I-I'm sorry, but... wait, we do have... yes, there is ONE left. It's not a true starter Pokemon, but I think it will do. Here." he said, giving the new kid a Pokeball. "This is a Streako, a Electric-Fairy type Pokemon. It should do you well."
  16. "Well, What is your name, good friend?" His Fiore did a high pitch giggle as he looked at his bracelet. He wondered what friend he could meet at topaz. "Right, so, past topaz should be a well with water, so we should go there" He was tinkering with a wristwatch he had found. He was stroking Flares's fur. "So, I asked Spruce 'bout the dex, and now I know this guy's move set." He sighed deeply.
  17. "Sure, I guess." Plazma said. Booting up his 'dex, he scanned it over Sprout, and all of it's data came up. "Cool!" He said. A great big yawn came out. "Agh. It's late now, so I'm headed home for the day. Good night!" Plazma said before running home.
    (Seriously, I'm turning in for today. G'night.)
  18. The trainer takes the pokeball, feeling glad he was lucky to get a pokemon. "Thank you, Professor Spruce...I hope me and Streako get along fine."
  19. (Okay, I'm here for a minute, but no later.)
    Spruce chuckled. "I have no doubt, but it's a bit of a rascal. Now, then, it's late. You three should head back home. I'll see you kids next time!"
  20. "Alright Professor Spruce." The trainer gathers his Pokedex and his pokeballs, puts them in his bag, then left the lab.
  21. "Bye everybody!" Heart said, and took off to go back home. Heart thought about her trainer class in bed. Should I be a Pokémon trainer or a Pokémon contest coordinator or are there no contests in Garet so I should be a regular Pokémon trainer? Heart thought. "Maybe I should think about it..." Heart said, falling asleep with Harmony sleeping next to her.
  22. Back in his room, Plazma dreamed. He did not know why, but he dreamed... of strange events.
    He was walking. The three trainers he had met were beside him. Copper, Heart, and the mysterious fourth trainer. The strange thing was, he was not in his body. He flew in the air, only watching. He stared. The trainers tossed their Pokeballs, and out came a Treedodon, a Nympherena, a Phoenaz and a Startailzer, the final evolution of Streako. There were six men ahead, all sending out powerful Pokemon. One of them attacked with a blinding light, and the Pokemon all fainted. Then another released a powerful beam of energy like he had never seen before, and the trainers fell unconscious one by one. First Heart, then the boy, then Copper, and finally Plazma. "No!" He cried, as one of the men ordered a Pokemon forward. Then, a light blinded him...
    Plazma woke up, sweating. Sprout was staring at him, worried. "I'm fine, Sprout." Somehow, he doubted his own words.
  23. Laying in bed, The boy watchs his Streako sleeping. "I bet we'll have a great time together...". Zack slowly closes his eyes and goes to sleep.
  24. Meanwhile, Copper was sitting on a roof, attempting to use his amnisiaisia to glimps the future... And he discovered something... a attack on the group! He left to tell the others.
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  25. Zack slowly opens his eyes, looking at the time..."It's midnight..." He gets up, and goes out on his fornt porch. "Dad...I hope your watching down on me...Cause my pokemon adventure will be amazing," said Zack in a whisper voice, "If only you we're here..." Zack starts crying a bit.
  26. Heart was in the middle of dreaming until Harmony woke her up. She jumped out of bed and looked out her bedroom window. "It's a shooting star! I wish that I could find my dream that I could chase until the end of the Pokémon universe!" she wished. After wishing, Heart and Harmony went back to bed, back to sleeping.
  27. Zack sees the same star."A shooting star. I wish...," Zack thought about his wish...He was thinking of wishing for his father, but we relieved that he's in a better place,"I wish for an awesome adventure through this region...And to make my father proud." Zack yawns. "I should head back to bed..." Zack goes back in his bed and goes back to sleep.
  28. Out of his window, Plazma glanced at a shooting star. "I wish..." Plazma said, relaying his wish to the star. Suddenly, he saw Copper running through the town. Carefully, so as not to wake his parents, Plazma got dressed and walked out. "Copper?" he asked. "What's wrong? Are the others up?"
  29. "Holy Arceus! I saw something bad. Really bad. There was some strange characters sending out Pokemon and our Pokemon got hit with strange light and then we got hit with strange light and we got knocked out!" He proceed to discribe where they were in the vision. He saw recognition on Plazma's face. He sighed deeply. "let me guess. You had a dream about that, right?" He said. "I think we should tell the others" he ended
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  30. "Yeah, I had it in a dream. I wonder if the others saw it too? Let's go check." Plazma said, dashing towards Heart's house.
  31. Heart was having a sweet dream until she dreamt of strange people sending out Pokémon and her friends' and her Pokémon fainted and they got hit with a blinding light and they all became knocked out. Then she saw Plazma and Copper rushing towards her house. "What's Plazma and Copper doing out there so lately? Is it that strange dream I had was true? Did they come to warn me?" Heart thought. Then there was a knock on Heart's door.
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  32. "Heart? You in there?" Plazma asked, knocking. He hoped he hadn't woken her up.
  33. Heart opened the door, and to her surprise, Plazma was out there! "Plazma? Why are you here in the night?" Heart said, confused why Plazma came to her house.
  34. "Me and Copper had the same dream. We were attacked by six men and weird Pokemon. We were taken down in seconds flat." Plazma dropped sweat. "We were all there. Me, you, Copper and that other boy. Did you... did you have the same dream?"
  35. "I had that same dream too!" Heart replied, shocked. She couldn't believe that Plazma and Copper had the same dream as hers! "Should we go to that other boy's house and warn him, or is it a bad idea?" Heart asked.
  36. "Maybe later. If the same happened to him, he'll come after us. I think-" Plazma was interrupted, as an explosion came from the lab on top of the hill. "Professor Spruce!" Plazma cried out, starting to run to the top of the hill.
  37. "It was not a dream! I wanted to see the future!" He looked mad. Then he ran to the fourth trainer's house. He knocked.
  38. "No, Copper, the Professor needs help NOW!" Plazma said, rushing to the lab. He almost fell down, seeing the lab covered in a black substance. "What...?" he said, frozen with shock.
  39. Heart looked at the lab covered black substance. She looked carefully at it. She gasped in horror. "What...happened?" Heart cried, terrified of what happened.
  40. "I don't know! Professor, are you there?" Plazma said, running straight through the doors.

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