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Gardevoir Master's Happy-Time Super-Lucky Sprite Explosion!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Gardevoir Master, Jun 8, 2007.

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    I've only got the two so far, in terms of Pokemon, related sprites. I'd like to know which one you think looks better: The one with the visor, or without?

    I suppose I could also show off the one I made for my avatar. I had to edit the Gardevoir a bit to make her do that.


    June 11, 2007 Update:

    Three Nurse Joy sprites. Three different hair colors, because I'm indecisive like that.
  2. Wow, Kudos to you. It looks like you took some time on your avatar.

    ((As a side-note, you should consider submitting your sprites as the Gardevoir cosplayer. ^_^ ))
  3. I already did, although I don't consider the sprite a cosplay as much as a theme.
  4. He reminds me of one of those "veteran trainers that went too far" Still, his costume rocks! He looks a bit like a Team Boss with the visor though...

    Still, this si one of the best Sprites I've seen here.
  5. This is the first time I've ever seen a guy as a Gardevoir-cosplayer.
  6. Well, I intended for it to represent myself, so I naturally chose a male base. Besides, I wanted it to have a trench coat and mostly only males had them.

    Hmm... Maybe I should do a female one, too...
  7. For the sake of redundancy (see first post), my three Nurse Joy sprites. Three different hair colors, because I'm indecisive like that.
  8. YAY! Yours is actually some what like Nurse Joy (unlike mine XD). Then again I didnt use a refferance
  9. I feel I must explain this sprite. On my own board, Pokemon: Special Operations, I play a character named Minnie Joy. She's the daughter of Twin Leaf Town's Nurse Joy, and she likes to goof around in a superhero persona she calls OverJoy. This is her in that costume.

  10. This is something that has been on my mind for a while now, and is probably a good illustration that I need a girlfriend. I've started work on a set of nudist trainers, to be exact modifications of the Ace Trainers. They face away from the player and as such don't lend to a particularly "hardcore" image. I may use front-facing sprites once I find a humorous way to censor them, like having them stand behind a bush or Pokemon.

    So my question is there a way to "display" them without being banned or warned? If necessary, I can link to a page that warns the viewer that they are about to see an "adult" image that, itself, will be on another page. Or will I get warned for even suggesting the idea?
  11. Well, I would've thought there would be a response of some kind by now. I can assume that either you're not taking me seriously or no one cares. Well, I'll just link to another page that links to the images. That said, however, I have taken the liberty of making more decent versions in which they wear bathing suits. Click on them to go to the nude ones. Be warned, they may contain full-rearview nudity.


  12. Here's the batch I just put up on the Create-a-Trainer Card Trainer thread. There's a new, uncensored nude on my nude sprites page. I'm not going to link to it, though, so you're just going to have to find the link that's already in this thread.

  13. To complete the line, I made a Meowth cosplayer. That's it. Nothing else to see here. Move along.

  14. Amber and Heidi from the RP "You exist, but not here."


    How'd I do on the jacket?
  15. Awesome I guess you sure do a lot of meowth people...wondering how a squirtle/meowth look like..
  16. I made a Gardevoir Master mugshot:

  17. [size=7pt]XD..The warning for the full frontal nudity sprite was funny. Although, sometimes Greek statues scare me with their eyes... >.
  18. Wow, shading.... *Calls out zombie army* Get.......G.......M

    I like it, I really do. He doesn't look happy, though. o.o
  19. Well, none of the male heads were exactly smiling. Although, I suppose Crasher Wake was grinning, but I thought the head I did use worked better.

    Someone in another forum suggested I make an Eevee cosplayer, and that I did. I couldn't decide if I wanted her hair to be the color of Eevee's fur or Eevee's mane, so I did one of each. I'll submit them to the Trainer Card Maker once it's unlocked again.

  20. Did you use Volkner's mug?

    And, Roark's was smiling. =]
  21. Flint's actually. I wanted the most symmetrical head I could find so I could paste one side onto the other to edit both.

    And who keeps asking people for black and red Typhlosions? Reia? Anyway, I went ahead and made one. I also did a bit of splicing to make it more unique.

  22. OMG!!! MIIINE! -grabs Typhlosion and is burned- Owwie. ;~;
    That Typhlosion is sweet man. You did good on the fire effect!
  24. -pokes Gardevoir Master- Did you scratch the fire or get it from another Pokemon? WAS IT A GASTLY!? 8D
  25. You're right on the money, there. I went for black fire at first, but it just wasn't working for me. After several other recolors of the fire, I thought smoke would make it look really evil. The smoke didn't look nearly as good as I thought, so I decided to try recoloring it to flame. As you can see, it turned out real well. It makes for a more intense-looking flame than what Typhlosion usually has, I think.
  26. Uh... I didn't understand most of that, because I'm too busy listening to music, but yeah, I think the lame is better! 8D
  27. Just saying Typhlosion's original flames didn't recolor very well for me.

    Someone e-mailed me a request for a Treecko cosplay, so I thought, why not? Unfortunately, I neglected to note the requested gender, so I'll have to make another one once I get back from Comic Con.


    Edit: I just got back from the TC Maker. I'm pleased to see that my Nurse Joy sprite got in, but I'm disappointed that the others didn't. Especially the Gardevoir Master and OverJoy sprites. And yet, someone else's Gardevoir cosplay got in that I didn't think was nearly as cool-looking as mine (no offense). I wonder where I went wrong...

    As a side note, I think there should be a Fakemon-based TC Maker.
  28. That's a stinking amazing idea, G_M! We could work together to do it. >=]

    A side note that could start a revolution! What they'd be revolutionizing against, I have no idea. ;]
  29. Well, I have thought of a way to make the application, but I only know how to use Flash and I'm not sure how to output a .png file with it.

    Anyway, I went ahead and made a female version of the Treecko cosplayer. I particularly like the pose, although that's mostly the base sprite.

  30. Thats a golden idea.Fusions too?Cause i would
  31. Yeah, sure. But would they be trainers, or trainees?
  32. Defenatly trainers. Or that's what I think. Or that's what it's like in the pokémon anime...
    #32 xfma_addictx, Aug 4, 2007
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  33. Just 'cause it was lost in the hack, here is my Final Fantasy Gardevoir Mas... I mean, Green Mage sprite, inspired by the Insane Asylum.

  34. I'm not really sure I want to put this in my thread, but here's my entry into the Wishing Nights contest.

  35. your sprites are so good i wish i could make good sprites (i really good at fire emblem sprites not Pokemon)
  36. Thanks. I think part of the reason my sprites turn out so well is because I just steal the colors of another sprite. It's either that, or figure out the shading colors by eye, and Game Freak did that for me already so why bother? Of course, if I tried making a sprite by scratch, I'd be in real trouble. I'm still trying to figure out how to do a proper 8-bit sprite.
  37. oh well i made a fe sprite by scratch would you like to see it
  38. Sure, but I think you should post it in your own thread.
  39. ture i think i will pm it to you though its easier
  40. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Amber Arcanine, that's spam, very pointless spam, and bumping a topic that's over a year old. Soooo, warning for you I am afraid. Also going to lock this for now, if Gardevoir Master wants it reopened, PM a member of staff : )
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