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Gardevoir Master Mocks You, Specifically, with Crude Drawings of Your Mother

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Gardevoir Master, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Sigh... It's just so hard to come up with original, clever titles these days. If you want me to change it, I will.

    I drew a Happiny. The ponytail went off the page kinda by accident.

  2. happiny looks good,second most detailed thing i ever saw
  3. And WHY cant I scan things right now?

    Cuttte Happiny. Nice shading, and don't worry about the cutoff.

    You mught want to work on the clenliness of you shading. Unless that's your style, but I think that it would look better if you used straight lines...
  4. Are you saying it should be more clean, or less clean? I'm guessing less clean, as my shadows do tend to be a tad abrupt.

    I'm working on some Fakemon right now, or I will continue to do so once I find the time. They're "Unhappiness" evolutions, and I'm basing them on Pokemon that evolve out of happiness. So far, I've drawn up ones for Pichu, Cleffa, and Igglybuff, and I'm in the middle of an Eeveelution.
  5. I'm saying stick with something. Make the shading gradual, or make it nice and clean. It'll look better either way. :-/
  6. Right.

    Anyway, here's the first what I guess I'm going to call "Shadow Evolutions." If you don't treat your Pichu right, you may just wind up with a Pikaiju on your hands. "Kaiju" is Japanese for "Monster," and is often used in reference to movie monsters like Godzilla (although the proper term for a giant monster is "Daikaiju," or "Great Monster.")

    Pikaiju, the Electric Rat Pokemon
    The trauma it suffered as a Pichu led it to distrust almost everything. It'll lash out violently at anyone, and has been known to continue electrifying enemies long after they have fainted.
  7. Wow, Pikaiju is scary :o! I'm always going to take good care of my Pichus! I like how it's hunched back for some odd reason. It's like Igor from Frankenstien.
  8. I wanted to make it look like it was skulking and bent over in its terminal loathing, so I gave it a hunch.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    singing snake, this is not the place to ask such things, nor is it the place to post your sprites. If you want to post your sprites make your own thread for it. Warned.
  10. That reminds me... I have three more Shadow Evolutions to color!
  11. All right. About time I got around to coloring these things in. I'm thinking of calling them "Emo-lutions" now. For those of you just tuning in and too lazy to look at the previous posts, an Emolution is like a Happiness Evolution, except instead of making your Pokemon happy you make them miserable. It works for Frustration, why not evolution?

    Firstly, Clefatal, the Troll Pokemon. Due to long suffering-tragedies, this Pokemon has abandoned all hope and has lost its playful sparkle. It often questions its reasons for fighting and cries whenever it looks in a mirror.


    And, Wrigglygruff, the Balloon Pokemon. This Pokemon no longer cares about anything. It takes unnecessary risks in combat, as almost dying confirms that its still alive.


    I still have one more left to color in. Hopefully, it won't take me another four months to do it.
  12. Sorry if I'm a bit late in commenting, but aniwaiz...

    Let me just say that I love Pikaiju, It's a humourous and awesome-looking concept. Clefatal as well, seeing as how clefable looked more brutish than dainty. Your coloring is also very good.

    I await this last pokemon tha you have to color in.
  13. Yeah. I'm a little disappointed with Wrigglygruff, though. She doesn't look all that much different from Jigglypuff. Just more bummed, with green eyes, slightly different hairstyle, and missing half an ear. Maybe I should play with the colors more...
  14. I don't know why, but Pikaiju looks like a Telefang'd Pikachu.

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