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GameCrash Presents: E3 2017

  1. Doctor Oak

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    E3 2017 starts here. EA's conference is taking place tonight at 8pm BST - the earliest any E3 conference has ever taken place.

    As we normally do, we'll be providing insight and previews into all the E3 conferences and reactions, updates and news to what comes from them. This year, though, instead of being a forum thread on Pokecharms, you'll be able to find all of that on our brand new sister site: GameCrash.

    GameCrash launched a few weeks ago specifically to provide a more focused location for the video game industry articles we have posted here in the past. The goal is, rather than to simply be another video game news site that churns out hourly clickbait every day, we will instead be an online games magazine collecting longer and more thought out articles.

    This year we will be posting individual articles for each of the conferences detailing when and where to watch, what to expect, what we're hoping for and - for some balance - what not to expect, as well. Today we're starting with EA's: http://gamecrash.co.uk/e3-2017-preview-ea/ (E3 2017 Preview: EA | GameCrash)

    We'll be updating this thread throughout the weekend with the rest of the previews. Also over the course of the weekend you can come back to GameCrash to see our roundup of what happened at each conference and a reflection on whether or not we saw what we thought we would.

    We'll be posting a special article here on Pokecharms for Nintendo's 'conference' - set to take place on Tuesday at 5pm BST.

    If you'd like to see more from GameCrash in the future, we'll be continuing to post stories like this for big Nintendo articles on the site, but to keep up to date with everything you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for notifications when we post a new story:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GameCrashUK/ (GameCrash)

    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GameCrashUK

    If you'd like to let us know your thoughts on each of the conferences, you can drop us a comment below, or join the discussion on GameCrash itself in the comments below each article.

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