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Game Version differences?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by TrainerBreezy, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I don't buy far too much into this, and it's still older news from Serebii, but it's an interesting idea to hear that the games will have differences besides the Pokemon.

    Whatever could they be, I wonder. I'm sure that if it's true they'd be nothing more than plot differences, maybe a few different areas even, but that's just my theories.

    What do you guys think?
  2. there will be a new charecter and the area is diffrent and the graphics are better and the english names of the starters are to be annced
  3. I'd like to see bigger differences, especially bigger storyline differences. R/B/G, G/S and D/P were EXACTLY the same (storyline wise.) R/S had slightly different storylines, but the only difference was you were working with the opposite evil team to bring down the other, but other than that, identical. However, I am against version exclusive non-legendary Pokemon. It really irked me how you couldn't catch X Pokemon in Y game, especially if you had the perfect team set up in your mind.
  4. Hopefully it surely can't end up like Ruby and Sapphire, that would only cause immense frustration for those who took this news more seriously than me.

    I'm sure they'll continue with version exclusive Pokemon, it was the only reason before to actually think of buying both games, I'm sure they won't change it now. It usually isn't too bad, especially now that we have Wi-Fi to cure that.
  5. I personally can see a plot line with a "world balance", kind of like with the original rescue teams. Except there will be more detail, and pokemon that represent that balance.

    If you think about it, black and white are the colors of the Ying and Yang, and the theme of the white in the black and vice versa also shows in the games itself. Look at Pokemon White, the representative of the Ying, which has a touch of black; the pokemon Zekrom. The same goes for pokemon Black and Reshiram.

    In the storyline, I can see some sort of upset in the balance, evil team trying to change the balance by summoning one of the two pokemon, the player having to summon/capture the other one so that it can redress the balance. Something like that at least. Even if it sounds cheap, it actually is quite interesting that they are being inspired by traditional religions. I studied quite a bit about Daoism, and enjoyed it. So I have hopes for the coming story of the game.
  6. I liked how it was in HG and SS; in HG, you could get Ho-Oh first, but at level 50. Then, later on, you could get Lugia, but it was level 70, and vice-versa. I like that idea.
  7. I'm sorry everyone, but I think it's just going to be the same differences as usual. There will be version exclusives, some altered text here and there, but nothing too special. About the same as Gen IV.
  8. I have to agree with ZeeBeeDee... there probably isn't going to be a ton of differences...
  9. I say they'll keep the version exclusives, and that's it. Though, something like R/S would be amazing. I would also love a different rival for each game.
  10. I think that there will just be the same differences between them, version exclusives and a slight change to the plot at the part where the main legendary is summoned.I hope that there will be different evil teams in each game, Team Dark for Black and Team Light for White, or even Vice Versa.

    I thought, also like Brendan Savem, that there would have to be a balance, so Team Dark in Black make the world be surrounded by darkness, or something like that, and the player must summon Reshiram, and the same in White with Team Light, light and Zekrom (although I'm not sure completely about having to stop light from destroying the world... :-\).

    On the other hand, it could be Team Light in Black summoning Reshiram to make the world consumed by light (or something like that) and it is up to the player to catch/defeat Reshiram to save the world. The same in White with Team Dark, darkness and Zekrom.

    These are only theories, though, and the likeliness that they will come true is not high, but something like this may happen.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I'm honestly waiting on this one before giving solid opinions. These so called differences may simply be our usual very subtle plot changes, or they could be something more. The possibilities are endless if it's the latter.

    I think a couple of exclusive locations between either game would be awesome, or if certain parts of the environment varied from one game to the next. A lot of it will depend on the kind of plot they give us this time 'round. If they go with a light/darkness theme (light equaling daytime, darkness equaling night) I could see the potential of an area that's in 24 hour sunshine in one game and 24 hour darkness in the other.

    Could be fun, but yeah. I have no expectations and don’t really mind what they do. I'll still be buying both versions. XD
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  12. Well my theory is very unlikely, but I think it'd be neat.

    So Zekrom and Reshiram are these legendary Pokemon who control day and night. They live harmoniously or whatever until one day they get into this big fight and decide to split the region in half. Reshiram takes one side and makes it permanently day time there, while Zekrom takes the other and makes it night.

    Since your character isn't ten, you don't start out your journey by getting a Pokemon from the professor like you normally would. Instead you get them from like a Pokemon shelter or something. I don't know. Anywaysss, depending on the version you choose, you start out either on one side of Isshu or the other and so you get to catch different Pokemon right from the start and have to deal with permanent day or night time.

    I don't know I just think it'd be cool if you could start out in completely different places in each game. Since I usually get the opposite version as my friends or my brother, we could show each other the different towns we get to see. And stuff. Yeah.
  13. I could see some version differeces, like what Virgil and Linkachu said, but I also could see a Yin Yang thing, in which one side of Isshu is happy happy happy :3 and the other side is grumpy >=( Or, when Team "X" releases these pokemon onto the world, you have to go to an opposite world where,

    White ver.: People are always angry, they yell at you, etc. and you have to get pass trainers to get to Zekrom.

    Black ver.: People are happy, to a fault, they try to hug you, they try helping you but instead make things worse, like parylizing a pokemon, and then you face Reshirom.

    Either that, or one team tries to shroud the world in darkness with Zekrom and another tries blinding it with light with Reshiram.
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  14. I've read somewhere that there are supposed to be large differences between the two games, this time. In my opinion, following the warping of DPP, it will be in different dimensions.
  15. Really, I want not only a twist but a pre-elite4 lenthen of the plot. How about, you do the normal gubbins, get the badges then make a valiant attempt to stop Pink-shoulder-flare Godzilla-mon. But instead, you fail. Through some tricky twist, you may have defeated the legendary, but they still won. You wake up a few days later, and you have to have another go at defeating the evil team again. It'd be a lot more entertaining, and it opens many creative possibilities.

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