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XY/ORAS GalladeTamer01's Battling and Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by GalladeTamer01, Mar 10, 2014.


Favorite Kalos Legendary Three Pokemon

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  1. Diancie

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  2. Volcanion

  3. Hoopa

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  1. GalladeTamer01

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    If your reading this, welcome to my X and Y PSS thread. This thread is for mainly battling, but also for trading as well.

    Like most People, you want an awesome Pokemon with a hidden ability. Right? Well I have all three Kalos Starters with Hidden Abilities (thanks PurpleTartan), and a Corpish with its hidden ability that comes with the egg move dragon dance. In return I would like:

    Aron: any lvl, and nature, and gender, any ability
    Totodile: any lvl, Any Nature, any gender, any ability
    Cyndaquil: any lvl, any nature, any gender, any ability
    Chickorita: any lvl, any nature, any gender, any ability

    Now moving on to battling. I'm usually on, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Never weekdays, and that goes for trading too). So if you would like to battle or trade, please add me to your friends list, and just ask to battle, or trade
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