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DPPt/HGSS Gallade Moveset

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Kite-Chan, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. What should my Gallade's moveset be?
    It knows leaf blade, slash, sword dance, and poison jab. It is at level 28.
  2. A gallade can effectively use

    Psycho cut
    Night slash/leaf blade/close combat
    Night slash/leaf blade/close combat
    Swords dance

    but this is only my opinion, its really up to you
  3. This Maybe Tried:
    Psycho Cut
    Close Combat
    Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Brick Break
    Shadow Ball/Toxic
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    Gallade's Special Attack is much, much, much lower than it's attack. It's so much lower that I wouldn't bother with Special attacks. Night Slash is better. And it would be a shame not to use Psycho Cut. Heh, and I just like Leaf Blade. These days Gallade can use it better than Grovyle or Sceptile.
  5. I have a Ralts that I haven't been paying attention to lately, so this is good practice.

    Coba/ Kasib Berry
    Night Slash (for pesky DarkGhost-types) I meant Ghosts... :)
    Rock Slide/ Stone Edge (for pesky Flying-types)
    Psycho Cut
    Thunder Punch (more Flying-types)

    I'm not a master at this, but I like to make movesets.
  6. Isn't Gallade part fighting?Its all fine except night slash is a dark move,and wont be effective against darks.You should give him a fighting move,and possibly drop thunder punch for night slash,that way he can handle the psychic threat
  7. Coba/Kasib Berry

    Drain Punch
    Psycho Cut

    Eh, just consider your options!

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