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Open Galaxy at War

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. OOC this RP is meant to be an open ended open world expanding story, much like an MMORPG, which will change as various events occur such as the shifting balance of power effecting the scale of new events.

    The year is 2520, Earth stands as a pinnacle for innovation and peace, species from across the galaxy have settled on the planet, making it a center of galactic commerce, science and culture. Likewise humanity has spread itself across the galaxy, with a major presence in just about every home system in the Milky Way. As well as embassies from Alpha Centauri to Sigma Prime.

    Earth date - 15/7/2520

    Earth along with various other Home-worlds were ambushed by an unknown enemy, a coalition of extra-galactic species known only as the Hol’ra Empire, the species of the Milky way were taken by by the ferocity and sudden appearance of these invaders and thousands of worlds quickly fell to this seemingly unstoppable assault. Appearing and disappearing without warning and often before a planet's traditional planetary defenses had a chance to fully engage.

    Earth date - 23/12/2525

    At least that’s how it started, lightning assaults spaced sporadically across the galaxy, but it didn’t last long soon their lighting raids morphed into orbital bombardments and eventually planetary invasions. All at a rate unseen in Galactic history, such speed and ferocity allowed the empire to claim entire sectors of the galaxy. Starting the first truly Galactic War, and plunging the universe into turmoil.

    Current Earth date - 3/6/2527
    No God-Mod
    Swearing where appropriate is fine but don’t over do it
    Just for simplicity sake only one OC per Rper
    PLEASE spell, capitalize, space, punctuate, and use grammar correctly throughout the RP. If your bio fails at that I can't accept you.
    Make posts sufficiently long to give others enough to respond to. No one-liners.
    Please maintain and respect the existing story that has been laid out by others
    This rp is open ended so as people side with factions and various events occur I will update this area with information on the state of the war and the main factions involved

    The Empire - Controlled space: 30%
    Allied species: Hol’ra
    Federation - Controlled space: 40%
    Allied species: Humans, Digi-sapians, Scorpiods
    Midnight cartel - Controlled space:5%
    Other factions - Controlled space: 5%
    Free space: 20%
    Hive mind creatures will always belong to the Empire,
    Humans and Digisapians cannot join the Hol’ra Empire
    (Will be expanded as more are introduced, if you’d like to add a species you will need to fill in this basic bio so everyone else understands the species in order to rp effectively)

    Average life span:
    Societal structure:

    Species: Humans
    Homeworld: Earth
    Appearance: mostly hairless bipedal creatures with skin of various hues, eyes of often blue or brown colour and and average height of around 175cm
    Average life span: 100 years
    Societal structure: Democratic
    Notes: Prone to unexpected outbursts of emotion

    Species: Scorpiods
    Homeworld: Scorpius Prime
    Appearance: bipedal humanoids with dark grey skin and piecing orange eyes which glow slightly in low light conditions, what little hair they have, if any, is cut short and is of a light grey hue. Scorpiod skin is thick and leathery often with various scars and marks from years of battle. All Scorpiods possess a highly articulate tail, which protrudes from the base of their spine and is covered in scaly plates with a sickening stinger claw at its tip.

    Average life span: 300 years
    Societal structure: Tribal, each tribe has its own territories and outposts, despite this a central council of chiefs does exist to handle planetary matters
    Notes: anti-social at times and do not take well to working in groups

    Species: Digi-Sapiens
    Homeworld: Vector Sigma
    Appearance: Bipedal with four arms and blue skin. Their bodies are covered in bio-metallic ‘circuits’ designed to improve their electrical manipulation, they lack any form of hair. With interface claws at the end of each of their four equidistant fingers
    Average lifespan: 1000 years
    Societal structure: Hierarchy based upon skill and technological advancements
    Notes: extremely effective as engineers

    Species: Hol-ra
    Homeworld: Unnamed Extragalactic planet
    Appearance: bipedal creature with purple and red leathery skin with yellow eyes. Their bodies are attached to their armour with a shock absorbing resin they naturally excrete from their skin, helping to better protect them from both energy and kinetic based weaponry.
    Average life span: Unknown
    Societal structure: Imperial Hivemind
    Notes: Loosely based upon the Gul-ra from Voltron and the Yuuzhan vong from Star Wars Legends

    Species: synthetic beings (Synths)
    Homeworld: the original synths came from earth but they are primarily "birthed" from factories on the Habitat IV planet
    Appearance: they range from looking almost identical to a human to the infiltration unit which look like other species
    Average life span: 150 years
    Social structure: democratic, elections are held once every 10 years
    Notes: The first wave of independent thinking robots where treated like scum, more often then not being executed, but some managed to get off world and began building in the shadows, eventually Habitat I was built. This made people realise, they are more then robots with wrong programming, they are people, so they where granted the social status of citizens. From the on the synths began to build up on there manufacturing funding. Now the 3 biggest gun companies are synth controlled
    Alius (?)):
    Aligned Faction:

    Here’s mine

    Name: Alexander Xavier
    Alius: Orion
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Earth
    Age: 23
    Appearance: tall with a slim/fit build, light tan and grey eyes. His hair is black and cropped short
    Clothing: Dark grey bodysuit with black armour over the top
    Occupation: fighter pilot and gun-for-hire
    Aligned Faction: None
    Weapon(s): A pair of laser pistols which can combine into a sniper rifle. As well as this he carries a pair of plasma blades .
    Vehicle(?): ‘The Renegade’ a small modified corvette, equipped with plasma cannons and missile launchers. Designed for a crew of three through operable with a sole pilot, The Renegade is capable of carrying a single Snub fighter as well as two combat drones. To maximise solo combat efficiency.

    Backstory: Born a low class human on the outer rim mining world Traknor 7, Orion was orphaned at birth growing up on the streets he resorted to stealing whatever he could in order to survive. AS expected Orion fell in with the wrong crowd joining a gang and then a mercenary group, working odd jobs from smuggling to piracy and so on.
    Orion was on a smuggling run when a single frigate from the Hul-ra armada arrived in the system, it took less than a day for The Empire to completely take over slaughtering almost all of the systems inhabitants. Taking the opportunity to free himself from his past, Orion took the ship and its cargo and never looked back selling both on the black market before setting off to wander the galaxy as a gun-for-hire.
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  2. Ok ok, is a rouge hive minded creature a opinion? Or a race of robots the gained became independent? Or a amoral race of living plants! Like This rp sounds awesome
  3. Hiveminds will belong to the Empire so yes
    Robots I like the idea of
    Living planets depends, is it like MOGO the living planet from DC or more like a living forest on the planet
  4. Well ok, this is awesome, but if my character went rouge from the hive, they could be a merc right? If not just let me know!
  5. Yes they could become a merc though if you look at the realism of a hive mind as an evolutionary outcome, individuality doesn’t exist so the very action of going rogue seems impossible
  6. Yeah, well I accidentally just deleted my species form for the hive thing so forget about that, guess I'll go with synthetic species or something
  7. Wait I have an emailed copy of that post I can add it to the species list if you want
    Thought I don’t have the information front eh spoilers
  8. Oh hell yeah! Thanks!
  9. Species: synthetic beings
    Homeworld: the original synths came from earth but they are primarily "birthed" from factories on the Habitat IV planet
    Appearance: they range from looking almost identical to a human to the infiltration unit which look like other species
    Average life span: 150 years
    Social structure: democratic, elections are held once every 10 years
    Notes: The first wave of independent thinking robots where treated like scum, more often then not being executed, but some managed to get off world and began building in the shadows, eventually Habitat I was built. This made people realise, they are more then robots with wrong programming, they are people, so they where granted the social status of citizens. From the on the synths began to build up on there manufacturing funding. Now the 3 biggest gun companies are synth controlled
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  10. Great I’ve added them to the species list
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  11. Name: charlie
    Alius (?)): Astro princess
    Species: Synthetic (Human)
    Homeworld: Habitat II
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Charlie looks roughly 27 with short red hair done up in a pony tail. "She" is used to be being called short by many people as when she was manufactured from the many components and combinations some of the measurements where off reducing her height. Charlie got emerald green eyes, which is very rare among synthetics
    Clothing: Charlie can normally be found wearing a long sleeve tee shirt and jeans with a coat on top, she uses this coat to conceal most weapons
    Occupation: bounty hunter
    Aligned Faction: Charlie is sided with whoever pays her more
    Weapon(s): Experimental SMG (fires explosive rounds), 2 knives, slug shotgun
    Vehicle(?): The dark wing (a stealth ship with only enough room for 10 passengers and 5 crew members
    Backstory: Charlie was put together on habitat II and was raised there by her "mother" who was a pretty high up the food chain of her company. Charlie first got a job when she was "14", putting small fire arms, by age "16" she had finally put together her own prototype SMG, it was a duel barrel gun and kicked like a mule. Once "18" she moved out to a small settlement on a asteroid belt circleing a gas giant, at this time she became "Astro Princess the mercenary" She did odd jobs here and there, kill this, steal that. One day she was approached by a person, to this day she is unaware of who they are, she was tasked with taking over a cargo ship, with "high value items" she got a crew together and they raided the ship, taking control her hired pilot took it back to the settlement and landed it, she was given the extremely large sum of money and parted ways no questions asked. She proceeded to hire a full time crew and "the dark wing".
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  12. I like the character but I think just being given the ship and the gun right away robs her of realism, and your backstory needs to be longer
    Also the ship seems a little big for just one person to operate if it’s crew is supposed to be 15

    I don’t think you read the story properly because if you did your backstory wouldn’t go against what it said
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  13. Aye, ok sorry, I had just woken up and had to get ready quickly, I'll fix some stuff up cause I missed some stuff I thought
  14. Unfortunately your backstory is too short and the spelling,grammar etc are shocking. Until those are fixed I will not accept your bio
  15. Fixed it up, I fleshed out how she got her gun and ship and made the crew size smaller
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  16. Much better, approved
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  17. Ok so I'm really interested to join, but I have a question regarding one of the species. Are the Synths like the robots from Detroit : Become Human? (Just to compare and to get a better understanding of them)
  18. Somewhere between Think of them starting from Detroit and then working up to fallout

    And then there are the synths who look like other species but that's some high class stuff
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  19. Alright... Off i go to write the character sheet
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  20. Also other question: isn't Digi-Sapiens life span 10 times more than humans? For example, If a Digi-Sapiens was 200 years old, would they look like they 20 years old to us?
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  21. Name: Cayla Kampf
    Alius (?)): N/A
    Species: Digi-Sapiens
    Homeworld: Vector Sigma
    Age: 250 years
    Appearance: Cayla has Cadet Blue skin, dark violet eyes and is 180 cm tall. She has also lost her upper right arm from her hand to her elbow when she was younger. She was building a copy of a complex gun from scrap and in the process there was a explosion that injured her upper right hand so badly it was unusable. Luckily Cayla could afford it to be replaced with a robot hand instead. Cayla made some improvements, making the robotic hand quite useful in engineering. Otherwise she has the typical appearance of a Digi-Sapiens.
    Clothing: Cayla often wears dark brown cargo pants that has multiple pockets where she usually stores some kind of bolts and other small metal piece, white tank top that has few stains on it, welding googles and (Either around her neck or on her head) has 2 piercings above her left eye.
    Occupation: Owns a small workshop where she works or she gets hired on small crews as the mechanic for a while, but then returns to her workshop.
    Aligned Faction:Neutral, but she usually works for the "Good Guys " and charges them less
    Weapon(s): something that looks like a Handgun, but of course Cayla has done some adjustments, like making it fire faster and its accuracy better, making it easier to hit her target. The gun shoots some kind of a lazer beam (like the Lazers in Star Wars, as an example). It's still in the progress, but when she finishes it she would start making another one for her other hands.
    Backstory: Cayla Kampf comes from the planet Vector Sigma, but she moved to a nearby planets Asteroid belt and started a small workshop for fixing,improving, making different weapons and fixing vehicles. She's good at what she does and is quite successful with her small business, but she gives a big sum of money to her family that she needs to support for their well being. She also lives in the same space as her workshop and owns a robotic feline. Otherwise she lives alone.
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  22. Yes
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  23. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Name: Justin Hardin(The Space Ranger)
    Alius: Virgo
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Earth
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Has an average human male build, and stands around 5”10’ tall, weighing 195.00lbs. Has medium dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and pinkish white skin.
    Clothing: wears worn light grey clothing, consisting of a jacket, a shirt, sweatpants, and shoes. Wears a big black backpack that doubles as an ammo resivior.
    Occupation: a lone wanderer, traveling space, completing the occasional job, earning money, and building up his base. Mostly does work to fight the Empire, and has earned a small reputation, as some people know him as “The Space Ranger”. Is NOT a bounty hunter.
    Aligned Faction: he isn’t really interested in the Federation, or any of the other factions. But he HATES the Empire, and typically goes on runs to weaken them in ways.
    Weapons: His main weapon is a laser minigun, know as “Cosmos Bane”. Came into his possession after earning enough money to have it built, and is a standard minigun, just being able to shoot lasers instead of bullets. Has another weapon that he had been given by his family, a laser revolver, which he simply calls “Big Iron”.
    Ship: The Cosmos Cruiser, the only affordable ship he could buy, because he spent most of his money on weapons. A simple 2 person cruiser, with a small shields system, and a decent speed. Doesn’t have a weapons system, but he plans to find a way to put the Cosmos Bane on it. He repainted it light grey with electric blue and red details. He wants to find someone to get it tricked out, so it can fly faster, and is more maneuverable.
    Backstory: He was born on Earth, and began traveling space with his parents. At age 14, The Empire then began an attack on their ship, in which they told Justin to escape, giving him a blaster, and blasting him off in an escape pod. The Empire destroyed his parents ship, and he hates them now. He lives on a small base on a tiny moon, hopefully undiscovered by anyone else.

    @Frontier Master please tell me if there’s anything I need to edit, because I’d like to be in this RP! : )
  24. Accepted
  25. Again it’s still very short, and your sentence structure isn’t very good. “He didn’t fought in any battle”. Also I don’t see how a love to drive can equate to an appitude at flying
  26. I'm not sure if you have notice it yet, but I have edited the Age of my Char and the only thing left is for you to say if Cayla Kampf is accepted or not...

    Sorry if I bothered you, but I just wanted to know if she's good to go or if I need to edit anything...
  27. Accepted
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  28. I still don’t understand how a love for driving equates to an Aptitude at flying
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  29. Unfortunately it has been decided that this rp will go ahead without your involvement as we wish to uphold a standard of grammar and writing style, as outlined in the rules. We apologize and understand that this may be a disappointment but this decision is final
  30. Hey sorry I was grounded
  31. Everyone still interested?
  32. Yeah! I'm excited to use my synthetic human thing
  33. Also may I add to the lore of the synthetics?
  34. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    I’m just waiting to start. I’m still interested and everything.

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