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Open Galar Academy discussion.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by rakeinthelake, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. I had just been recently reminded about creating a discussion about my previously created thread 'Galar Academy' I made sure to look at a few other discussions to see how this works just so I am being as accurate as possible. The roleplay is currently open until further notice as will this be. So without further ado, let's begin!
    -Basic rundown of Galar Academy
    This year at Galar Academy, a new round of students have come and the eldest students have left Galar Academy after three years at the academy. The prestigious academy is known for its knowledge, technology, diversity, and reputation. There are three roles a student can take in this prestigious school. The wealthy. The wealthy have something/someone in their lives that gives them the ability to be so wealthy. Whether it be a family member or job, this role as a student is extremely wealthy in power and money. The intelligent. The intelligent have done something in their lives or have trained in some sort of intelligence that has made them so smart. This role as a student is very witty and smart in both mind and body. The troubling. By far the most interesting. These students have done something in their lives that affected those around them in a negative way. This role as a student is sometimes quiet, and rash. Though some, are friendly and bubbly. All students are taught the ways of the world and taught different things based on their roles. But all are taught about pokemon and the way they live with them in their lives. But lately... somethings been off with the Vice Headmistress and her niece... just what are they conspiring?

    |1. | This is a school/academy setting so all characters must be 20 and under years since fourth years age range from 18-20. The first year's range is 13-15. The second is 16-18. The third is 18-20. And fourth years are apprentices/successors to staff members. As Belle is the niece of Mrs.Julian and thereby the successor for Vice Headmistress. The ages for fourth years go up to 30 since it takes a while for a successor to gain their ranks. The rest of the years that aren't successors are only allowed to stay at Galar Academy for 3 years.
    |2. | Romance and violence are allowed just don't make it to explicit. Afterall my hope for the story doesn't need a ton of violence and romance to reach its goal.
    |3. | I ask that everyone that joins Galar Academy uses 3 lines or more just so things don't get too bland or boring. I also ask that we roleplay semi-lit. It doesn't have to be over the top amazing, but I do ask that everyone at least adds some detail into their replies just so we can keep the thread alive and well and more interesting instead of just one sentence replies that make it bland and uninteresting.
    |4. | Troublings aren't allowed in the academy if they have committed/done the following; Murder, Manslaughter, Substance Abuse, Attempted Murder, Robbed a bank/any other establishment (Pokecenters are an exception since they don't have anything seriously valuable in them.). Also, don't make your Troubling character have a super tragic, terrible backstory that overpowers the character and all the characters ever think or talk about it their backstory. But, that doesn't mean your character/troubling has something tragic occur in their backstory. After all, characters backstory makes them who they are to their present day.
    |5. | If requested, people may create teacher characters to roleplay as and/or for their character to have connections too. This also works with if you wish to have your character be a successor for a staff member. This goes for teachers, lunch lady's/men, gymnasium teachers(There are a few that I have created.), The headmistress (With permission of course,), etc.
    |6. | And of course, make sure to follow the basic Pokecharms guidelines.

    -Characters so far (Including those who have entered)
    -Miss Kioko
    -Miss.Husk - The tired, annoyed-looking teacher
    -Miss.Turrent - The bubbly, kinder looking teacher
    -Mr.Borine - SantaClauslostacouplepounds(Courtesy to gaming fan) The long-bearded normal-looking teacher.
    -Mr.Hushhire - The strict looking one.

    -Updated form
    Full name-
    First, Second, Third, or Fourth year-
    Wealthy, Intelligent, or Troubling?-
    Are they a successor to any staff member? If yes, who and how are they related?-
    Team(Add gender, personality, etc. if you wish)-

    -Potential event/plot ideas
    -My creativity can only go so far lol, so if anyone has any plot/event suggestions I will list them here and the one(s) with most tally marks-I will ask those in this discussion if they like the idea- will be wiggled into the story to its best ability.

    -Frequently asked questions

    -Here, I will put frequently asked/important questions and their answers.

    I do believe that is all, thank you for reading and hopefully, you enjoy this idea enough to join and for those who are already apart of it, I hope this discussion goes to good use. See ya later! ^^~Rakeinthelake
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  2. Cool discussion thread, you made it well XD

    I’ve been making some drawings for this, gonna make one of Xavier soon. But for now I made a diagram of the dorms, or at least how I understood them (sorry if I got something wrong lol)
  3. Oh my god.

    It's perfect.

    That's exactly how I imagined the dorms to look like! Holy crap lol-
  4. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Night's Shadow used Mind Reader!
    Also I appreciate you putting my description for skinny claus. Thank you rakeinthelake, very cool.
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  5. I already have first names for Mrs.Julian, Miss.Kioko and Miss.Turrent, but what first names should I use for Mr.Hushhire and Mr.Borine? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  6. Smek Husshire? Got it from the Boov king from the movie Home lol. Because Husshire is like Husher which is like the Shusher? Idk

    Maybe Riley Borine. Like someone who doesn’t know how to spell trying to spell “really boring”. Dunno.
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  7. Honestly- That is pretty realistic to his personality- I'll use that, and I'll think about Borine.

    Also, would you guys like to know what Belle and Mrs.Julian are up to? Or do you want it to be a surprise?
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  8. Alright, I've been working on Belle's personality and fell in love with it- Though I need some criticism on it since I don't think it's necessarily being used to it's best potential yet. Also! Would you guys like to know what Belle and Mrs.Julian are up to? Or would you rather it be a surprise? I'm fine with either one. So here it is;

    Belle is two-faced. In public, she acts bubbly and energetic. A cheerful role model for all. She acts happy and well mannered along with having her respect being used to its full potential. She's happy, the social girl of the school. Well, that's what appears on the surface. While outside of Galar Academy and with her Aunt, Mrs.Julian, she shows her true colors. She's manipulative, cold, rude, and sadistic. She truly hates everyone in the world besides her and her aunt. No one knows what happens to her parents, and if you dare speak about them in front of Belle, she immediately lashes out and shows her true colors for a single second. Until she realizes what she had done and apologizes for her rude behavior, this is overlooked by many due to her reputation and status in Galar Academy, so some just think of it as a trigger topic. Belle also has a reputation for being very generous in public, though, she hates acting like it and wishes she could just be herself already instead of the overly happy girl she acts like.

    (/Sorry if I'm being annoying- I'm just filled with motivation and creativity tonight lmao,\)
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  9. (Nothing wrong with expressing creativity.)

    Do all characters have to share a dorm? Not with literally everyone, but do they have to be with someone.
  10. It depends on the student. if a student is a fourth year, (aka a successor,) they get their own dorm on the second floor. All other students share a dorm with at least 1 other person or 2 depending on the circumstances.
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  11. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Hey, is it alright if I joined this rp?
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  12. Of course! Anyone is welcome to join. ^^
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  13. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Full name- Finley Rees
    Age- 15
    Gender- Male
    First, Second, Third, or Fourth year- First year
    Wealthy, Intelligent, or Troubling?- Wealthy
    Team(Add gender, personality, etc. if you wish)-
    Galarian Yamask (Male)
    Nickname: Jenkins
    Looks- He has charcoal hair that is slicked back but messy at the end. Finley is constantly squinting because of his inability to keep track of his contact lenses. This squinting makes the boy come off as if he is annoyed and very judgmental. Standing at 5'6" Finley wears a brown leather jacket over a scuffed up semi tucked in dress shirt and tie (of which his father forced him to wear). He wears khakis (matching his jacket) which run down to a pair of shiny black shoes.
    Personality- Finley is adventurous due to growing up and playing in Stow-on-Side with his (just as adventurous) grandmother. He's got a short temper and an affinity for defending those he cares about, which can lead to him getting into some trouble from time to time. The boy can also be a tad standoffish when first meeting someone.
    History- Finley's father is very successful business man and his mother is a highly esteemed artist in the Galar region, and they didn't make the time to raise Finley. Finley was sent to live with his Grandmother in Stow-on-Side and so he didn't grow up in luxury. He has a strong bond with his granny who is the single most important person to him. However, the opposite can be said for his parents. Finley's grandmother has always financially struggled (Fin's father does nothing to help) and Finley plans to attend Galar Academy in hopes of being able to support his grandmother in the future.

    Alright, hope the history wasn't too much. I just wanted to give the character a decent motivation. Anyways, if all is good I'll post into the RP thread ASAP.
  14. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Hey @Ridleymon. You good with our char's in the same dorm?
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  15. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    That sounds good to me.
  16. Drew Xavier:
    52F0C937-431D-4D4B-BAE4-DA05FE7BA8E9.jpeg Yes, of course I drew Echo the way I did because it looked cool. I totally did not draw him that way to avoid having to draw a fullbody... ;)

    I’ll upload the final when I get to it.
  17. Oooh! That looks really nice! :)
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  18. I like it, I feel like I could've had one of my Pokemon fully evolved if not two, but I'll just save that for later in the story, maybe have Corvisquire evolve first out of the three.
  19. Also, Ridelymon do you have any questions about anything? I'm open to be answering any questions you have.
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  20. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    I'm sure I'll hit you up with some later on but I'm fine right now. Thanks.
  21. Mhm. That's fine, and it's no problem, ^^
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  22. Don't really have much planned for Axel as there's not much he'll likely feel like doing; he prefers speaking when spoken to, and even then it's likely to tell them to leave him alone.
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  23. Hmm... I see. I'll try and figure out a few events that could occur that would allow Axel to be more involved. If that's alright with you of course.
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  24. Perfectly fine, not trying to beg or anything, I'm a patient man, so take your time.
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  25. qlovers

    qlovers Previously pæstella

    ooh this looks fun ^^
    NAME: Adonis Pearce
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 15
    APPEARANCE: Adonis is a fair-skinned girl of average height, with slim yet feminine physique, and is considered quite pretty. She has long, straight, light blonde hair (sometimes tied up in a ponytail or pigtails) and sapphire blue eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a navy blue beret with a baby blue bow on it, a navy blue high-neck sweater with a pastel blue, spaghetti-strap mini dress to go over it with intricate frills at the hem and thigh-high white stockings. As for shoes, she wears a pair of glossy dark blue Mary janes with slightly longer heels and ankle straps. Although Adonis isn't a big fan of jewellery, she's always seen wearing a pair of star-shaped earrings.
    PERSONALITY: Friendly and optimistic, Adonis Pearce is a girl with a stubborn outlook and sympathetic mannerisms. Despite her cutesy exterior, she can come off as cold and rude at first, but she slowly grows more friendly as people warm up to her. She has some strong qualities of a leader, coming off as quite bossy at times. She seems to have a hard time admitting her true feelings to her peers, however, she's quite skilled at reading other peoples feelings. She's always oozing with self-confidence, despite being an introvert.
    Pearl ( Brionne) ( F ) (lvl 30)

    - Aqua Jet
    - Icy wind
    - Bubble Beam
    - Encore

    Sweetie (Galarian Ponyta) (F) (lvl 35)
    - Confusion
    - Fairy wind
    - Psybeam
    - Heal pulse

    Solstice (Umbreon) (M) (lvl 30)
    - Sand Attack
    - Confuse Ray
    - Assurance
    - Moonlight

    HISTORY: Adonis was born and raised in Hulbury, Galar. Raised in a rich family with busy parents, Adonis has felt quite lonely throughout her life, which translated into her cold nature.
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  26. Welcome qlovers! Your character sounds lovely, I hope you enjoy your time here! ^^
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  27. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Pfft, nearly everyone here has a fully evolved pokemon and here i am with the little league.XD

    Anyway, two questions.
    1. Is the four move limit intact?

    2.Is there something else for the day or should we just timeskip to the next?
  28. Meanwhile all my mons are in second stage evos.
  29. 1. No, it is not, pokemon are allowed to have more than four moves.

    2. I believe it'd be best if we time skipped, does that sound good to everyone?
  30. Sounds good to me! ^^
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  31. Seems like the best way for people to be able to write and progress.
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  32. Alright! I'll send the next post with the new time. Sound good to all of you?
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  33. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    *Agreement noises*
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  34. Good Evening, Holmes May I Join?
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  35. Are some people allowed to let their Pokemon out during breakfast so they can eat as well?
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  36. Apologies for my absence, I was quite busy yesterday.

    1. Of course, you may join! ^^

    2. Yes, pokemon may join their trainers for breakfast/lunch/dinner as long as furred pokemon stay away from the kitchen.
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  37. 2/3 Axel's Pokemon are furry, but well trained, Electabuzz mostly.
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  38. In that case, the pokemon is allowed near the kitchen as long as a staff member(s) has examined the pokemon in the past and knows for sure that the pokemon are well trained.

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