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DPPt/HGSS Gaby's Trades: Egg Move Pokemon for trade.(VT Pichu's!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by xGxAxBxYx, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Well I just recently got into pokemon again, and I now want to complete my D/P pokedex.

    Seen: 357 Obtained: 260

    ...Long way to go...

    Friend Code

    ...Waiting List...

    - (None)
    - (None)
    - (None)

    Pokemon I want.

    *Any Genders, and any Evolutions.*

    - Baltoy
    - Barboach
    - Burmy
    - Cacnea
    - Chinchou
    - Delibird
    - Glameow
    - Lileep
    - Luvdisc
    - Makuhita
    - Shuckle
    - Shuppet
    - Spiritomb

    Note: Bolded pokemon are first priority.

    Legendaries I want

    *All Legit*

    - All 3 Regi's
    - Celebi
    - Darkrai
    - Deoxys
    - Groudon
    - Ho-oh
    - Lugia
    - Kyogre
    - Latios
    - Rayquaza
    - Deoxys (Speed, Attk, Def, Norm.)

    Items I Want

    - TMs 2,3,5,9,10,12,15-17,20,21,and 23
    - Razor Claw
    - Razor Fang
    - Metal Coat (x1)
    - Macho Brace
    - Rare Candy (Any Ammount)
    - Master Ball (Any Ammount)
    - Power Weigh
    - Power Band
    - Full Insence
    - Light Ball
    - Kings Rock (x2)

    Pokemon I'm offering.

    - All Starters
    - Eevee
    - Gible
    - Dratini
    - Lickitung
    - Heracross
    - Larvitar
    - Aerodacty
    - Kabuto
    - Yanma
    - Porygon
    - Lapras
    - Scyther
    - Bagon
    - Ralts
    - Tyrouge
    - Absol
    - Gligar
    - Riolu
    - Miltank
    - Skorupi
    - Houndour
    - Kangaskhan
    - Snorunt
    - Anorith
    - Pinsir
    - Tropius
    - Kecleon
    - Beldum
    - Sheildon
    - Cranidos
    - Smeargle
    - Sableye
    - Seviper
    - Tauros
    - Nosepass
    - Nincada
    - Misdreavus
    - Swablu
    - Spinarak
    - Zangoose

    Note: Most of these I breed, please be patient.

    Egg Move Pokemon!(NEW)

    - Gligar; Cross Poison, Night Slash
    - Riolu; Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut
    - Pichu; Volt Tackle
    - Torchic; Crush Claw, Night Slash (Coming soon, 50%)

    Note: I just started Egg Moves...don't have too much.


    Closed for now...

    Note: For Shinies, I'm only taking Legendaries or EV trained pokemon. Also, the "Shinies" section will only be up if I currently have shinies to trade.​

    Random Eggs!

    To get a Random Egg, just ask.

    During the Giveaway, there will be some Rare Pokemon, some common, and two Phiones a week. As soon as I get my egg moves section up, I might include 2 or 3 egg move pokemon a week also.

    If anyone wants to trade post offers and friend codes. I also have AIM so feel free to IM me if you can.

    AIM = GxRamos95

    Coming Soon...

    - Ev Services
    - Shiny Requests
    - Egg Move Pokemon
  2. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Hey, xGxAxBxYx. What do you want for the Jirachi? I'm interested.
  3. Sorry I should've been more specific. I'm looking for Jirachi as well. I don't have one. The "*Legendaries*" section are the legendaries I need. Sorry.
  4. i think i can get you all the ruby sapphire emerald starters for the original starters, and i don't care about the genders. I can also throw in a houndour cause i have some extra, ill pm you later if you are interested.
  5. Awesome of course I'm interested. We'll have to do it some other time. I'll pm you tomorrow giving you details because it's 12:00 AM here and I need some sleep.
  6. Hey, I've got a Tropius(dunno gender), Tyrogue and Ditto. Can I trade them for Dratini (Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful or Quirky natures), Lapras and Porygon?

    I prefer untrained ones please. :3
  7. I have a Bashful, Quirky, and Serious Dratini, all lvl 1. Anyone you prefer. My Lapras's are at lvl 25, but I didn't train them. I got them from LG at that lvl, and the Porygon's are both at lvl 18. That's the lvl they came at from LG also, do you mind?

    If you want I'll do Dratini for Ditto then breed Porygon and Lapras for the lvl 1's.
  8. They are fine as long as it's untouched. ^^ Just doing that in-case I want to EV train. I'll take the Quirky one.

    My FC is 3137 2612 0012. What's yours? I could get you R/S Starters but my Sapphire is lost. =\

    Edit: Oh wait, can you say what natures your Lapras has so I choose? Sorry if I appear picky to ya. xD
    Btw, Tyrogue is lvl 1.
  9. My Lapras's natures are Calm and Naughty. My friend code is at the top and in the side bar but I'll put it anyway.

    FC = 0774-7091-9149
  10. Lol, they're complete opposites. I'll take the Calm, if it's ok. And sorry I didn't see that look. xD

    Gimme a min and I'll be on.
  11. Ok well PM me when your on and I put you down as Kaitou, is that ok?
  12. When can you get on? I've been in wi-fi for a while now. xD
  13. Sorry I was eating dinner, I'm getting on right now though. Are you still on?
  14. That's cool. I just thought you disappeared. XD

  15. I have the R/S/E Starters and am currently looking for a female lavitar
  16. Awesome, I have plenty of female Larvitars.

    I can't do trades now bacause my friend doesn't have Wifi, but I'm going back home later on today.
  17. cool, cool. I'll see you about later on then
  18. Nee


    I am looking for squirtle. I can trade for totodile, treeko, or torchic. Im not too conserned about gender or nature.
  19. Ok, cool. I'll take Treeko. I can't trade now but I'mgoing back to my house is about 10 mins. and I have wifi there. What's your FC?
  20. Nee


    Sounds good. I got my FC just under my name.
  21. Which stater would you like ? (i have some torchics)
  22. Do you think I can get a Mudkip, any gender.
  23. i'm have misplaced my swampert howver i'll get ne of my housemate ASAP when would you like to trade ?
  24. Oh ummm sorry, I don't need anything other than Mudkip or Cyndaquil, unless you have something else on my wanted list?
  25. Hmm I do need Kabuto and Aerodacyl [though I could just keep digging...] But I can trade a cyndaquil and mudkip for those two.

    Just give me some time for the cyndquil ;) [I have to breed and transfer, then breed again So it'll take a while.]
  26. seeing as the guy above has got them on hand
    i do have any of the other non legendary pokemon on hand would you be up for a trade tonight ? (GMT)
  27. @Sunny- Ok that's fine, it'll give me some time to breed. Any specific genders?

    Just PM me when your ready to trade.

    @Lord Ferligatr- Huh? xD
  28. well sunny is getting you a mudkip and torchic
    i could get you something else maybe ?
  29. I'll trade you a Manaphy...
    Do you want in an egg or hatched?

    It doesn't matter what I get in return for Manaphy...
    Surprise me with an egg?

    Make sure it's "random"

    I don't want to know what it'll be :p

    Friend Code is in siggy vvv

    Also, what's your character name?
  30. @Lord Ferligatr- Sure, if you can get a Torchic that'll be awesome.

    @burp23- Is the Manaphy legit. My characters name is Gaby.
  31. You get Phione when you breed Manaphy. o.o
  32. Any gender is fine.
  33. It's 100% legit...

    Have both Ranger games, so I'd say ya.
    I hatched it, so if you wanted the egg, sorry...

    I'm adding you now.

    Again, FC is in siggy
  34. Yeah, I just found out today that you get the Manaphy in an egg too. It'll also say Pokemon Ranger on the its status so you'll know if it's legit.
  35. @Kaitou- Thanks for letting me know! ;D

    @burp23- Ok I'll trade, when ever your ready just PM me.
  36. Are you sure all you want for your shiny Zubat is a EV or a legendary? I can get you anything off of your list...
  37. It really depends on what you give me. Like I won't take a Wurmple for it because it's lower priority.

    If you can get me a couple pokemon with an item or vice versa, I would think about it. I would almost always take EV trained or legendaries though.
  38. Hey, think you can breed your Pinsir, Kangaskhan and Staryu? Nature doesn't matter on them. xD
  39. Yea sure, I already have some extra Kangaskans. Just give me some time for Staryu an Pinsir.
  40. No prob. Pick 3...?

    - Chinchou
    - Clefairy
    - Gligar
    - Poliwag
    - Poocheyena
    - Wurmple (Male & Female)
    - Zigzagoon

    I gotta breed some of 'em too.

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