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Open Futuristic Pokemon Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ngalili, May 16, 2017.

  1. I've had this RP called Medieval Pokemon for a long time now, but it's kinda dead. So! Let's leave the medieval times (For now, until I can revive Medieval Pokemon) and hop into the future! Rules:
    1 - All Pokemon must be allowed and in your rank. Ranks will be explained later.
    2 - Gotta catch 'em all! The pokedex can have up to 2000 fakemon. I am not making them, but you will be making fakemons if you want to make it through your quest. Only gen 1 is allowed, but fakemons are always allowed.
    3 - Swearing is allowed, go crazy, my fellow bananas!
    4 - Gotta kill 'em all! That's right, if your pokemon faints, you have to send it by mail to lavender town, where it will be buried.
    5 - Gotta have 'em all? There is no restriction on how many pokemon you can carry at a time. but, the less pokemon you have, the more exp each one gains. exp share is always on, and it's XY style.
    6 - Violence is allowed. again, go crazy, but nothing TOO violent. I mean, there could be a 4 year old joining the RP.
    7 - Nothing sexual.
    8 - That's it. Any questions? Ask me or one of the people I listed below.

    Helpers: Currently none

    Character sheet:

    Full name:
    Nickname: if none, delete this part.
    Inventory: Starting items are 5x Pokeballs, Pokedex, Exp share, Map. Don't miss out on these.
    Trainer card: Make one with your pokemon, looks, and name. If you have all of that ready, just replace everything that is noted in the card.
    Hometown: You don't have to start here. Edit this after the region's map is revealed. Currently, don't touch this.
    Pokemon Species: Can be fully evolved, but no legendaries or mythicals.
    Level met:
    Ball caught in:
    Nickname: If none, remove this part.
    Type(s): In order.
    Location met:
    Met as: The pokemon you caught it as. example: Persian was met as a meowth.
    Copy paste the above to add more pokemon.
    Enough of that, let's get into the RP. I'll post my sheet after one person joins.
    Go nuts, my fellow bananas.

    If you want to play as a pokemon, I can give you a pokemon sign up sheet. If you just want to play as a trainer, you don't need to read this.
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  2. Maybe it would help if you changed the title to futuristic trainers. People on mobile cannot do the thing where you can read the first comment without opening the page. So everyone on mobile devices are opening this to expect a Pokemon role play. What they get is a trainer role play.
  3. But then, some people will think "Oh! What a nice RP! Are we going to get an RP without pokemon?" And that's why they don't want to join. If anyone is THAT desperate to play as a pokemon, I may make some adjustmantes in the sign up sheet for them. But most are trainers.
  4. Unless you want to be a pokemon, where I can make a sign up sheet for you.

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