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DPPt/HGSS Future Wi-Fi/PBR Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Hoenn Master, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Okay, now I'm ready to prepare for a Wi-Fi team. I will also use this in PBR (Pokemon Battle Revolution). Here We go! I can do EV training eventually, just tell me the best pokemon to train against. I will change anything except my Battle Type. I would prefer accurate moves.

    Battle Type: Double
    Strategy: Hit fast and hard

    Best with Speed at 159, Sp Atk at 153, and Attack at 126.
    1) Calm Mind
    2) Flamethrower
    3) Grass Knot
    4) Focus Blast

    w/Leppa Berry
    Best with Speed at 153, Sp Atk at 122, and Attack at 117.
    Snow Cloak
    1) Ice Beam
    2) Hail
    3) Shadow Ball
    4) Water Pulse

    Bests Unknown.
    1) Dig
    2) Poison Jab/Pin Missile
    3) Shadow Sneak
    4) Agility/Endure

    (Right now, Lv. 18 Togepi) Best with Def at 33, Sp Def at 27, and Sp Atk at 22.
    Serene Grace
    1) Aura Sphere
    2) Air Slash
    3) Ancientpower
    4) Safeguard (I HATE status)

    w/Wide Lens
    (Right now, it's a Lv30 Dragonair) Best with Attack at 60, Sp Atk at 55, and Sp Def at 52.
    Inner Focus
    1) Dragon Dance
    2) Dragon Rush
    3) Aqua Tail
    4) Thunderpunch

    w/Muscle Band
    Bests Unknown.
    Clear Body
    1) Magnet Rise
    2) Bullet Punch
    3) Stone Edge
    4) Hammer Arm

    Help Please.

  2. Make sure your Togakiss gets a verity of attacks, especially those that would cover up holes in your team. For example, a electric move. You only have one pokemon with one move of that sort. And when you want to get minimal damage from a flying pokemon, send out Togakiss, unleash an electric attack, and you end up KOing the oppenent with minimal damage ;D
  3. on your metagross, i see that the bullet punch after hammer arm thing, using speed after loosing speed, (haha, that rhymes) so im not going to mess with those moves, and i understand magnet rise, but with three different pokemon having move super effective against flying types, id go with either: zen headbutt or earthquake but thats just my opinion

    for ariados, go with poison jab for stab, and the side effects happen kinda often, or at least with me...as for the agility-endure, it all depends on his stats, if he already has good speed, go with endure, if hes really slow, get agility

    theres something about togekiss having ancient power that bothers me, so maybe try to get his ability of serene grace, and put in phychic instead of ancient power

    oh, and on frossglass, instead of hail, which will hurt everyone else on your team, go with destiny bond and ev train her speed up as much as possible, and for that i recommend raticate and fearows
  4. King of Rhinos, Froslass's Speed is about 153 and its best stat. I was thinking of EV training in the Old Chateu for SpAtk. I'm going for Double Battles, and Earthquake would kill Infernape, my team jewel. Oh, yeah. I was going to Zen Headbutt, but I forgot it.

    About the Poison Jab/Pin Missile thing, I meant about the abilities. Swarm= Endure/Pin Missile Combo w/Metronome. Insomnia= Agility/Poison Jab. Would it be better to use the Swarm Combo or your combo?

    Okay, so far...

    (Right now, Lv. 18 Togepi) Best with Def at 33, Sp Def at 27, and Sp Atk at 22.
    Serene Grace
    1) Air Slash
    2) Thunder
    3) Aura Sphere
    4) Psychic

    AL has Accepted
  5. ok, i see what you're getting at with the swarm pin missle thing, but im not sure if pin missel would work better, but i guess if you get swarm you should do the pin missel, but otherwise, go with poison jab&agility

    as for togekiss, im not saying you have to get rid of safegaurd, so if you dont want to, you could sacrafice accuracy for them being paralyzed with thunder, or lose power with phychic and use serene grace for air slash's critical hit
  6. T's okay! I've been thinking about replacing Ariados with a Alakazam I just evolved Gallade. It can use Safeguard, and hit hard & quick!I won't have anyone use Safeguard. Waddya think of this set now?

    Bests Unknown. (I have the Ralts, but its stats change dramatically from Ralts-> Kirlia-> Gallade)
    1) Psycho Cut
    2) Night Slash
    3) Stone Edge
    4) Swords Dance

    w/Muscle Band
    Bests Unknown
    Clear Body
    1) Bullet Punch
    2) Hammer Arm
    3) Zen Headbutt
    4) Agility

    BTW: What are DV's?
    BTW2: I'm going to keep my Togekiss's moveset.

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