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Funny Quotes you'd put in your Sig

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Hoenn Master, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. [size=15pt]This topic is not to complain about the small Sig space.[/size]​

    Here you post the quotes you would put in your sig. Be it funny or noble, or small or large, I don' care! Again, don't complain about the small sig space! I already have two...

    I watch Home Improvement on Nick @ Nite, so I have one from last night.
    Another form Hannah Montana. Yes, I watch it. Jackson had just been fired.
    AL has LOL'ed! *POOF!!*
    P.S. Did I mention that this is not for complaining about small sig space? ;)

    EDIT: 11/23/07- Because of sig space returning to normal, this topic is CLOSED!!
    EDIT: 11/23/07- OMG!! While I was gone, the sig spaces shrunk! Okay... topic REOPENED!!
  2. Oooh...I've got a ton...*runs to get list*

    Losta random quotes I've gathered:

    Without ME it's just AWESO.-Shirt
    I would become a vegetarian but meat tastes too good.-Me (>_>)
    Ingenious people are rarely tidy, tidy people are rarely ingenious.-Albert Einstein
    10% of life is what happens and 90% is how you react to it. Mr.Vaghn (my Middle School band teacher)
    Work is what a man is obliged to do. Play is what a man is not obliged to do.-Mark Twain
    Hard work never hurt anyone but in some countries it's illegal.-Mr.Taylor (my friend [not a grown up])​
  3. Detective Green : Hey would a lawyer lie?

    Detective Briscoe: First Time for every thing.

    tis from Law and Order
  4. "It's the abominable snowman! And I don't think he appreciates my honesty!"
    -- Shaggy, "Chill Out, Scooby Do!"

    "Imagine... A world where e-mail is sent before it is written, and replied to before it arrives, by people you've never met, in places you never even heard of..."
    -- Frylock, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  5. I just remembered one from the Jonas Brothers Episode of HM.
    Then two from Bionicle Books:
    AL has Spoken
    P.S. Yes, I like Bionicle. So vat!
  6. lol well you could always quote me...

    "You know there's something wrong when the chef asks YOU what the lumps in his soup are."

    "Do you have to tell us everything that comes to mind? I mean, at least when I think, no one even knows about it."

    That last one just came out in the middle of an argument...
  7. "It's funny 'cause it's treason..."
    -- Stephen Colbert
  8. Here's s'more...
    Make sure there aren't any bees around when you stop to smell the roses. -My friend.
    Be who you are & say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who do don't mind."-Dr.Suess
    You may be disapponted if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.-Berverly Sills
    I don't think she could've done it. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands.- From somewhere evil...Legally Blonde.

    And I just thought of one...

    Justice is blind. Justice also likes money.-Me​
  9. "I'm really good at card games, and that's all that really matters!"
    -- Chaz, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  10. "And when I go to Jail in Monopoly, I DO pass Go, and I DO collect $200... and nobody can stop me!" - Puzzle Wizard, Captain SNES.
  11. You should recognize this one, Rayn. :D

    - Smoorg, Paper Mario Thousand Year-Door

    And some other favorites. Suite Life:
    More PM quotes:
    AL has More, but they are terrible...
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    (this happened in mens choir at school)
  13. I've got a one more from Bionicle. It's noble and slightly humorous.

    A few from iCarly.
    Spencer made a statue of butter. He turned up the AC to keep it cool.
    The *** is not a cuss word, it's just for those who don't like people to use THAT WORD.

    He's remaking Toasty.
    AL is a Spence fan! *POOF!!*
  14. --------------------



  15. "Pants are an illusion, as is death."
    -- Swamp mystic (Hugh?), Avatar: The Day of Black Sun

    "Time is an illusion. Lunch time doubly so."
    -- Ford Prefect, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  16. Yay! Another Bionicle fan! I have some from Bionicle too:

    Takadox: Every night, Mantax vanishes beneath the sea floor and stays there for hours. I waited here so I could follow him."

    Kalmah: What possible reason could Mantax--or any of us--have for wanting to go down there? There's nothing below but the prison in which we were held in for thousands of years.

    Takadox: Ah, dear Kalmah. Try using your head for something besides scaring small animals. Perhaps he's hidden something down there...The Mask of Life perhaps? (lol)

    Kalmah: It would be just like Mantax to get his claws on a treasure and keep it from the rest of us.

    Takadox: It would be just like you too. Are you angry at him for doing it, or at yourself for not thinking of it first? I knew there was a reason I never liked you Kalmah...Now I remember what it is.


    Okay, after their little argument, Kalmah and Takadox have become trapped in their old prison with Mantax. To make things worse, while they were gone, something else moved in, and are now after them. Nocturn is swimming outside the entrance, wondering why it's sealed.

    Nocturn: That was open before. Somebody's probably trying to hide something from me. I'll show them...Open it up! *He smashes open the entrance* What? *Kalmah and Takadox swim out. Mantax has already gone.*

    Kalmah: Move, you idiot!

    Takadox: Pardon us, coming thruogh!

    Creatures: Vengeance! Vengeance!

    Nocturn: What are they?

    Kalmah: Zyglak. A shunned species that lives to destroy.

    Takadox: In other words, our kind of people. But really, the things they said about Nocturn were terrible... I've never heard such language.

    Nocturn: What? No on insults me and lives!! *turns to the Zyglak*

    Kalmah: You really are sea slime Takadox.

    Takadox: And I'm so good at it too.
  17. A. Einstein
  18. Again, from 8-Bit Theatre:

    Black Mage: Does that look like an invisible castle in the sky?
    Fighter: Sure, maybe. I've never seen one.
    Black Mage: Can you imagine why?
    Fighter: [Thinks about it] Because they're quite rare?
    Black Mage: I... You...
    Thief: Technically, he's not wrong, you know.
    Black Mage: But he should be!
  19. I have an army of South Park jokes. However, most of them contain swearing, and then my asterisk key would fall off from too much blocking of swearwords.

  20. This isn't really a quote but... xD


    For those of you who detest Rap xD (Including me >w
  21. If your a ghost, then I'm straight!---Atem in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged

    Jiraiya: Now, Naruto..I'm gonna teach you how to walk on water.
    Naruto: Like Jesus?!
    Jiraiya: Yes, like Jesus...
    Jiraiya:Yes...Jesus was a ninja...*sigh*
    Naruto: Really?
    Jiraiya: NO!---Naruto Abridged.

    "Oh, God with the flying!"- Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho Abridged

    "I'm hear to kick gum and chew @$$, and I'm all outta @$$! ..Wait"- Piccolo in DBZ: Dead Zone Abridged
  22. These are more humoruos thn anything.

  23. My friend makes a lot of these:


    "Your the reason people like me need medicine..."
    --My friend

    "The inspiration of asprin? You."
    --Same friend.

    "You're too young to die. Don't make me kill you."
    --My freind's dad.

    "She's not a girl."
    --My freind's dad.

    "When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back, sip the grape juice and wonder how the heck you got grape juice."

    "Sometimes at night, I lie in bed and look at the stars. Then I wonder where my roof is..."


    "Why do humans look to the sky when they have no way to get there?"
    --Wolf's Rain, Kiba

    "Even if I walk this earth forever, the same path lies in front of me."
    --Wolf's Rain, Kiba
  24. "Don't shoot for the stars...I don't think the bullet can go that high."---Me

    "No one's a virgin. Life screws us all"----somewhere on the internet

    "Life's short...and we shouldn't be wasing it at school. I mean, we don't even use half the stuff we learn."--Me.
  25. Here are a couple I've used on Smashboards

    I'd use either one of those, or a line from my story...I know...they're not funny >.
  26. Here's another one from Reader's Digest.

  27. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I got this from Kingie.... I think it's from Pirates of the Carribean.

  28. hey! when did I say you could quote my quote?

    and to stay on topic:
    and 5 more Pirates quotes
  29. Pirates!

    On the island:
    And if you noticed that there were six people in each of the cages.
  30. Yay, Pirates!!

  31. Hey! I've been gone so long, you all kept this topic alive! Thanx! ;D

    And, I've a couple things myself.
    This one's from Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel.
    I've been addicted to Stargate lately, so here are some from it.
  32. Here's something that happened on the bus the other day...

    Now onto other stuff....

    Arnold Schwartzenagger(sp?):
    From DBZ: Fusion Reborn:
  34. Here's a conversation between two of my mods:

    I love my staff ;D...they're so awesome...
  35. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    This is from some movie I watched in chinese last night. Translated and abridged for your convenience.

    Yinyin: If you truly loved me, you would drink this poisonous wine!
    Lifujiang: I love you so much I'll drink it! *starts to tip cup*
    Yinyin: *snatches cup and drinks the wine*
    Lifujiang: Idiot, what did you do that for?!
    Yinyin: It's not really poisoned.

    Ah, the idiots that make Chinese movies...
  36. That was from the narrator on George of the Jungle.
  37. And my staff provides again XD...granted, it's not as funny as the first one, but...

  38. from Spaceballs:
    I just love that line...

    oh, here's another:
  39. Yay! Spaceballs!

  40. Spaceballs!!!

    You have to see the movie to actually understand the joke.

    Always makes me laugh.

    I can see why.

    You have no idea.

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