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Funny Bugs

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by The Snom Prince, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    This thread is about bugs and funny stuff mine are mainly in Skyrim y'know flying Cows, Guards on skooma, magical horses the uge in Skyrim but I want to know about your funny bugs tell us and provide a screenshot if possible (Make it double funny)
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

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    I heard from my friend who plays BotW about how you can fly around the map using Magnesis as long as you're stand on something and have another item underneath it that you can Magnesis. I've not seen this myself, but I'm fairly certain youtube videos exist of it.

    I also used to play Don't Starve pretty religiously; one of my favorite glitches (features?) was what I called the "firehouse". Basically, I wall off an area with stone walls, surround the stone walls with several ice flingomatics, put either Pig Houses or Rabbit Hutches inside, and then surround the houses with grass walls (the whole process does take a while to complete, and uses up a lot of resources). Then, I turn on the ice flingomatics, and light the grass walls on fire. And then the pigs/rabbits die. Over. And Over. And Over. Until the flames finally stop. I usually kill the last pig/rabbit who wasn't killed by the fire so that i can safely collect all the loot dropped. The same glitch (feature?) can be used to kill hounds and nightmare terrors very easily, so long as you have some Scalemail to equip so that you don't take fire damage.
  3. Shocari

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    In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller, buying a card pack costs 150 DP. Assuming there's a fully stocked store, select the desired pack and hit L to select all available packs of that type, then deselect just one. Choose another pack and select just one. Hover over another pack and hit R. What should happen is that it just deselects everything, but instead, the game assumes it has just dropped all but that lone second pack, so you are now purchasing roughly 30 card packs for a low price of 150 DP. Could be considered game-breaking as your resources are now far greater than what they should be at any given point in time. No more grinding for DP!
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I have a magical capacity to fall into holes in games - and if there's no hole to fall into, I'll fall into a hole in the code. I've tripped into the endless void through a hole in the map that was never there in Borderlands. I've been shoved through solid objects and into a gap from which there was no escape without fast traveling in Horizon: Zero Dawn. I've died and respawned fused with a bush, immortal but unable to move or progress the encounter in Uncharted 4. But my personal favorite story has got to be the Sacred Icon Loop.

    The background: Halo 2's co-op mode is coded in a way that, should Player B be too far away from Player A when Player A crosses a checkpoint, Player B is instantly teleported to their location, and vice versa to an extent. Reasonable, right? Except sometimes, the game gets a bit fuzzy about what 'too far away' is.

    There is a level - I seem to recall it was Sacred Icon, although it could have been Quarantine Zone, the level immediately after. In this level there is a passageway with a checkpoint coded roughly in the middle of it - and some rather wonky teleportation code - the practical upshot of which is that when Player A crosses the checkpoint, Player B is teleported right behind them - but should player A move ahead a bit from the checkpoint, when player B crosses the checkpoint, Player A is teleported behind THEM. Rinse and repeat for a while until finally both players either cross the checkpoint at the same time, slowly and deliberately, or the Great Gods of Bungie are appeased by the Divine Loop of Fail and opt to release the players from it. Deities know the exact circumstances.

    I've played that level in co-op mode twice, a year apart, and somehow that exact glitch managed to happen both times. It is still the thing I most deeply associate with that thrice-blasted game.

    But you wanted screenshots and not just novels. So here, have a glorious moment where somehow, Farkas decided that he just absolutely HAD to get in touch with his Inner Togepi.


    (He actually waddled around with that goddamn half-pot for a good chunk of the room. I still have no idea how.)
  5. I'm no hardcore gamer, so I don't have a lot of stories, but I have had a bit of fun with testingcheatsenabled in the Sim 3. For those not in the know, this is essentially god mode, allowing you do all kinds of things you couldn't in normal gameplay. There are a lot of things you can do with this, but I was interesting in forcing Sims to age up as I was doing a Genetics Challenge, and I was breeding Sims faster than they were aging up far enough to look after themselves, so I thought I'd just save myself the effort and age toddlers straight to adults. However, to do this you have to use the force age up command four times in a row, which can take a while as they have this whole birthday routine they go through each time, especially if you've had twins, or heaven forbid, quintuplets, so I decided instead to go into edit Sim in Create-A-Sim, and just change their age there.

    Naturally the game isn't built to handle this jump at all, and it results in the now adult sim doing all of the toddler animations. Also their limbs have now contorted and lengthened making them into some kind of eldritch abomination crawling all over the floor, glitching everywhere. It was beautiful.
  6. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    2017-06-18 (1).png
    So I murdered the DJ and left the corpse by the entrance for the people to find and when the cop came to put the body away...this happened...I just went back to his original position on the DJ thing
  7. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Knowing Sims I have no clue if this IS a bug but it looks like one seriously it looks like they are about to have an orgy or something

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