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Open Fugitives (Gijinka) Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Penumbra, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. How It Began

    The first gijinka was born decades ago. Half of the infant's genetic code was that of a Rhydon's, injected into a human egg during the moments of conception. It only lived for fourteen days, having never displayed any physical traits of Pokemon.

    Originally, a Team Plasma laboratory 'created' gijinkas. They discovered less than 2% of human genes could be replaced with a Pokemon's for the organism to show measurable Pokemon attributes, with no developmental complications. These attributes included both the physical traits and the tactical traits, such as abilities and movesets. Gijinkas level up by battling, touching an evolution stone, or consuming rare candies. They also evolve this way.

    However, there was strife between the Plasma scientists when they discussed what was to become of the gijinkas. One scientist started the experiments simply because he wanted to see if it could be successful. The second followed suit with a desire to use the gijinkas for power. The third scientist, however, wished to create legendary gijinkas, made from the DNA of Reshiram and Zekrom, to present to Ghetsis, one of the seven sages of Team Plasma. Eventually, all three scientists were forced to release their experiments by a reluctant Unova government that was pressured into it by the Champion of the Pokemon League, who threatened to reveal the project to the press.

    After the gijinkas were released, there were no provisions set for their rights or liberties. They had no identities, no homes, and no one willing to look after them. A third of all gijinkas were captured, and circulate in the 'Gijinka trade' today to be enslaved as tools and weapons. There are underground trading posts and designations across the world. However, uprisings in every region are growing, Gijinkas against humans. Some gijinkas are peaceful and willing to compromise, but many have destroyed human homes and businesses. Humans have started a witch hunt for gijinkas to give them to traffickers in exchange for money and powerful Pokemon.The most violence is concentrated, surprisingly, in the region of Kalos...

    Our Role

    We are a group of gijinkas and humans evading capture and the law. It is illegal for humans to aid in the resistance of a gijinka or hide them away, but many kindhearted humans feel it is the only way to make a difference in this time of unrest. We travel in secret around the Kalos region, helping gijinka escape from where they are held and defeating the trading ringleaders of Team Plasma, who have extended their influence across the world. Some small cities serve as "safe spots" for gijinkas; human businesses can serve them under the table, but don't involve themselves in their affairs. We can't have jobs, permanent housing, and we rarely are able to get more than a day's meal. To us, our liberty and pride are more important than our survival.

    The Rules

    • All Pokecharms global and roleplaying rules apply
    • No legendary, fake, or Shadow pokemon or gijinkas.
    • Shiny Pokemon are fine, but they must be younger than 18.
    • No more than two characters per player at one time.
    • No Gijinka may use Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves, or other artificial powers.
    • Ask for permission via PM for a rare candy or evolution stone.
    • Villains will be controlled by me, but I would like to keep temporary/non-playable characters to a minimum.
    • I reserve the right to add or change rules at any time.
    • Put "Double Team" in the Additional Information part of your character bio to confirm you have read the rules.

    Gijinka Character Form

    NAMEWhat they have decided to call themselves, since back at the lab they were probably Experiment #18-45.
    GENDER Are you a boy or a girl? Or non-binary?
    AGE A minimum of 14 years old, but they realistically can't be older than 35, based on the experiment trials. The same applies to shiny gijinkas, 18 years is a short time to perfect shiny genes.
    LEVEL Add 10 to the number of their age to begin.
    POKEMON GENE Self-explanatory.
    ABILITY Put one of your Pokemon's abilities in normal form - not Mega, not Alolan.
    NATURE Timid? Bold?
    APPEARANCE Describe their Pokemon features, coloring, body type, and general attire.
    PERSONALITY This should describe their general character traits, securities, aspirations, and shortcomings.
    HISTORY What happened after they were released from the lab?
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION What else would you like us to know?

    Human Character Form

    NAME First and last.
    GENDER Are you a boy or a girl? Or non-binary?
    AGE A minimum of 17 years old.
    APPEARANCE Describe their coloring, musculature, and apparel.
    PERSONALITY Same as the gijinka form. Also, why do they want to help or hunt gijinkas?
    POKEMON TEAM Your character's Pokemon and their levels. ONE Mega Evolution, and it must be real. Renember to get admin approval for Mega Evolution before the RP starts. Pokemon can be a maximum of level 45, but they can't all be at 45.
    OCCUPATION Trainer? Coordinator? Trafficker? Scientist?
    HISTORY Where were they before the uprisings?

    Dress up these forms however you would like! Or don't, it's up to you.

    Final Notes

    I haven't hosted a gijinka roleplay in years, and this is also my first roleplay on Pokecharms! I've heavily simplified this plot to maintain interest, since a lot of you seem to take this pretty casually. Still, I expect every one of my rules to be followed. If you have questions, you may post them here, but I will also accept PM's; I will quote them here so I'm not asked the same question over and over. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! I will post the roleplay thread when I have a substantial amount of players, and I will keep character applications open once we start.

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  2. NAME Sekhmet
    GENDER Female
    AGE 20
    LEVEL 30
    ABILITY Intimidate
    NATURE Quiet
    APPEARANCE Sekhmet has a Luxray's ears and tail, and her hair mimics a mane: thick and unruly, black enough to look blue. Her eyes are piercing gold in color. Her skin is lightly tanned and her face, neck, and shoulders are faintly freckled. Sekhmet's face is a blend of hard edges and smooth features, with prominent cheekbones and full lips. She stands at only 5'2", but her body is muscular despite her willowy frame. She wears a sleeveless top underneath a worn navy blue parka, ragged BDU pants, and study boots.
    PERSONALITY Sekhmet is a cold, resilient hunter. She named herself after a god; she feels she is a cut above the rest of the gijinkas for her ability to survive by herself. She's fiercely independent, refusing to give or receive help to or from anyone, including other gijinkas, unless she gains something in return. She possesses plenty of charisma, and finds it easy to manipulate others to give her food and shelter. On the flipside, she is a natural leader and easily wins trust. The only person that matters to Sekhmet is Sekhmet, and given her current state of affairs, she hasn't had much reason to care for anyone else. Still, she keeps her apathy a secret, preferring to be the voice of reason instead of being standoffish. Her sense of humor is dark and dry, often too morbid for individuals who haven't shared her experiences. Sekhmet is secretive, always finding a way to redirect conversation from her. She strongly believes information is power, so the less one knows, the weaker they are to stand in her way.
    HISTORY After her release, Sekhmet stayed below the radar; travelling through the countryside in the day and seeking food, supplies, and shelter at night. She crossed paths with law enforcement, and the gangs that occupied the back alleys of cities, but neither could pin her down to any of the looting in the area. She rarely interacts with any human or fellow gijinka, paranoid that her nomadic lifestyle may be compromised.
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  3. NAME: Wukong
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 21
    LEVEL: 31
    POKEMON GENE: Infernape
    ABILITY: Blaze
    NATURE: Impish
    APPEARANCE: Wukong has tanned skin, and stands tall at 6’2”. His eyes are light blue, and his hair has a few colors. His hair is red and orange, like flames, and spikes straight up. Then it bends back and forms a ponytail, that reached the back of his shoulders. Around the base of the hair, he has white bangs around his ears and a thin layer of white hair, wraps across the base of his hair. He wears a sleeveless white t-shirt white a golden swirl design on it, that he keeps tucked into brown shorts. The shorts have gold trim around the edges, and he also wears a white short sleeve jacket that also has gold trim and accents along the edges, and he wears this open. There are golden circles with swirls in them in four places. One on the outside of each of his sleeves, and one one each of his pant legs. He wears fingerless navy blue gloves and navy blue combat boots. There is a slit in the back of his pants to allow his long brown tail to move about. Over all of this he sometimes wears a large hooded cloak, to disguise himself. It’s color is brown and it is made from a thick brown material. He fights with an extentable bo staff, made of polished steel.
    PERSONALITY: Wukong is someone who struts to the beat of a different drum. Wukong is boisterous, loud, and can often be found pulling pranks or making jokes. He is hot headed and quick to fight anyone he feels is in need of a “butt-whooping.” He is stubborn and quick to react by attacking brashly. However because of this, he has over time, became someone who was quick wittier and could figure out a plan in seconds. He relies heavily on brute force however ad sees strategy as a secondary option. So a lot of his fighting is done on instinct mind with natural skill. He also follows his own ethical code, with it primarily saying that others come before oneself, and lives by it. He isselfless and often gives up things for others benefits. Despite this, he is quick to get upset and argue with people. But he will never kill someone even when angry, unless there is probable cause. This is something he has vowed against,and is known to spare many lives. He is someone that, while smiling and seemingly having a good time, is often studyig ones moves ad actions, and sizing them up. He is often mentallly suspicious of people until he gains respect and trust for them. Once they do, he become very loyal. While he himself doesn’t fear death for himself, he fears what it could do to others and is afraid for others to die. When not fighting he is a and reader of folklore and when picking out a name he learned a story called “Journey to the West.” He read it and fell in love with the character of Sun Wukong, who became the Monkey King and decided to name himself Wukong in honor of him.
    HISTORY: Upon release he traveled the Kalos region looking for a place to settle down. During this time, he met an orphan who grew attached to him. Wukong ended up trying to raise the young boy, while on the run from poachers, hunters, Plasma Grunts, and etc. Over time he became cocky and the child died, instilling a fear of death in those who traveled with him. More recently he became an underground fighter nicknamed, “Donneur,” which is French for Giver. He received this name as he is known to spare even the most ruthless of opponents.
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: He has used a variant of Double Team when he battles, making making copies of himself to confuse his opponent. However this does take extra strength for him, but they are more tangible then regular copies.
  4. Sorry it took so long, but I'm finally here!

    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 26
    LEVEL: 36
    POKEMON GENE: Gliscor
    ABILITY: Hyper Cutter
    NATURE: Bold
    CHARACTERISTIC: Highly curious
    APPEARANCE: Standing at about 5'7", her body is lithe and lanky, with any curves she has not being very pronounced. She normally wears her mid-back length hair in two pigtails that are joined together at the very end, with a sharpness that mocks a Gliscor's tail. Her blonde hair has a slight lavender tint, and is extremely course in texture. She has piercing yellow eyes, incredibly pale skin, and canines that are sharper than the average human's. There is also a small, undeveloped skin webbing under her arms that is really only noticeable if she lifts up her arms and draws attention to it. That webbing, however, restricts her vertical arm movement, and she is therefore physcially unable to fully raise her arms into the air. She does have some muscle, and her legs are sturdy and perfect for high jumping. As for her clothing, she wears a purplish-gray strapless crop top, with a red cord (actually self-dyed rope) under her breasts for support. She also wears black cargo pants, and some similarly purplish-gray fingerless gloves and flip flops. On her upper arms she wears some more dyed red rope, not for any particular reason, but just because she had extra. She often has a pair of binoculars on her, and/or a notepad and pen.
    PERSONALITY: She is dangerously excitable, though she prefers to call herself a "carrier of controlled insanity". Contrary to popular belief, however, Eolas is mentally stable, just passionate about her divergent philosophy. That is, that she believes the cooperation of humans and gijinkas are necessary to the survival of the latter race, and the best way to form that bond is to gather and disperse free information about gijinka's bodies, abilities, opinions, history- you name it, to the public. Her mission is to help normalize gijinkas into human society, by gathering as much information about them as possible, and by making herself a regular face among the public in safe spots, as well as some other, more dangerous places. It is normal for her to walk into a public space and begin cheerfully talking to a human as if it were just an everyday occurrence. This sort of behavior, as well as her unpopular beliefs, has given her a negative reputation among both humans and gijinkas, with most seeing her as dangerous and unpredictable. Most people have heard of her before they ever meet her. Therefore, she's used to getting the silent treatment, and has had more close calls then she would ever like to admit. Another, definitely more creepy thing that Eolas tends to do (especially after a social failure) is to silently watch human and gijinka behavior from trees without disturbing them, just to collect data. She normally displays a cheerful disposition, and is saner and smarter than she lets on. That doesn't mean she can't be serious when necessary. Eolas is happiest when speaking to a new face for the first time and taking new notes. She's an egalitarian, and would rather socialize and study than fight. She can still hold her own when necessary though (if she couldn't she would definitely be dead after so many stunts). She is one of the few, if not the only, gijinka that actually wants to go back to the lab where they were created. Her main weakness is her own naivety, as she believes that most people are ultimately forces of good. This has led her to strut into a few traps throughout her life.
    HISTORY: When she first got out of the lab, she hated humans. She loathed humans, as well as their stupid technology, and ideologies, and whatever the hell sort of mission her existence was supposed to be a part of. However, when the gijinkas were suddenly dropped and abandoned by the government, vulnerable to discrimination and starvation, her fear-driven hatred was directly challenged when an elderly man took her in. At first she threatened to kill him, spitting all sorts of curses and threats in his face, but he just kept smiling and helping her. After that, everyday, her behavior calmed down a little more, until her life was almost peaceful dream. He provided her some sort of education (she suspected that he knew more about gijinkas than he let on, but she never bothered him about that) as well as food and a home. And then, one day, he was shot in the face by members of the government. Whether it was because they knew he was helping her, or because he knew more than he was supposed to, she didn't know. He was suddenly alive and chirping, and then just... dead. However, just because he was out of her life didn't mean that his lessons were. After months of wallowing alone in confusion, and then reflecting on everything he had done for her, she decided that there must have been more good people out there. Over the years, she found some, as well as some other gijinkas as well. Her trust for both races only grew over time, as well as her curiosity, and eventually she began taking notes on every person she met, not just for her mental stability, but for the sake of her kind. That practice evolved into the ideology that she now carries today. In present time, she works to study gijinkas and spread knowledge about them to the world.
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Eolas has a habit of sticking her tongue out while laughing Double Team, and has a difficult time normalizing her sleep schedule.
  5. NAME: Luka
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 18
    LEVEL: 28
    POKEMON GENE: Growlithe
    ABILITY: Flash Fire
    NATURE: Docile
    APPEARANCE: He has quite an unassuming stature, standing at about 5'5 with a soft face that can make him look younger than he really is. His smaller size and build means that he's not physically the strongest around, but instead quite agile. His hair is a light blonde colour, cut to medium-length, and his eyes are a deep, warm brown. He has a faded orange bandana that he wears as a thick headband to not only hold his hair back, but also to hide oddly pointed orange ears. His body is covered in the black stripes normally found on a Growlithe, appearing almost like solid black tattoos. Three of these appear on his back and two on each of his legs, but usually the only ones that are uncovered by his short-sleeved black shirt are the stripes on each forearm. He has a fluffy blonde tail that is freed through a hole in the back of his dark blue jeans, the tail long enough to reach his knees when hanging down.
    PERSONALITY: Luka is a gentle soul that hates being alone, and seeks companionship regardless of their character; if they'll put up with him, he doesn't particularly care what they do or how they treat him. He's generally affable and tries to be honest when he can, but this can be difficult considering his circumstances. Luka doesn't take much of a side in the conflict between humans and Gijinkas; he understands that they're different, but not why his kind are hated. After all, he's seen kindness and cruelty on both sides. Either way, Luka finds himself admiring humans and, admittedly, envious of them and wishes there could be peace between them. While it's true that he can be trusting to the point of naiveté, he's far from stupid. Years of surviving in the inner cities have taught him the layouts and how to hide from and among the rest of the population. He usually won't fight except in self-defense or protection of someone he cares about, but even then he prefers to flee or negotiate if possible.
    HISTORY: After his release, he traveled a bit, but found that cities really suited him more than roaming the wilderness and country. Impoverished and alone, he fell in with some rough people; while they weren't necessarily the type to get into violent crime, they did do some stealing, vandalism and the like. Luka reluctantly lent them his abilities in exchange for safety and company, and they treated him well enough, buying things that he couldn't buy for himself and helping him hide his canine features in public. They even gave him a name and trained him up a bit, which earned the boy's admiration. It didn't matter much what he was; hiding a Gijinka was far from the most illegal thing they'd done, especially if they could use any of his skills to their advantage. Ever since the small gang he ran with broke up, he's been getting his food and money through reluctant thievery. With his newfound autonomy, however, he only steals when he's sure that someone doesn't need it; in other words, easier targets like other homeless and poor are off-limits.
  6. NAME Robin Deux
    GENDER Male
    AGE 21
    APPEARANCE Robin has scruffy blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a beat up pair of jeans and a green t-shirt, and always carries a traveling backpack with him. He also carries a sword, which is usually across his back either sticking out of or behind his backpack. He has a straight scar on his face that starts above his left eye and goes down across his nose, ending under his right eye. He's slightly more muscular than the average person, and has average height.
    PERSONALITY Robin stays pretty upbeat most of the time. He keeps to a code of honor, but still tries to keep his anger in check. He's also a bit of an extrovert, and a risk taker. Robin is a fully confident fighter as well. When it comes to helping the gjinkas, well, it really depends on if he thinks they're a good person or not.
    Gallade- Nickname, Q. Level 45
    Plusle- Nickname, Cherry. Level 41
    Farfetch'd- Nickname, Sam. Level 36
    Blastoise- Nickname, Big Turk. Level 45
    Absol- Nickname, Reaper. Level 37
    OCCUPATION Robin's trainer class would be Backpacker. He gets his money as a Battler, but also sells TMs and HMs on the side.
    HISTORY Robin has always been a wanderer. Being born outside the regions, he didn't have a real identity. Outside the regions, people would battle Pokemon to the death in Nuzlocke matches. Robin did this for a while before having a change of heart and going to the regions. There he explored new places and met many people, honing his battling skills and skills with the blade. One of Robin's friends went missing the same time the Gjinka experiments started, and Robin has been traveling around trying to find her ever since.
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: One of his favorite moves use to be Double Team, but now are slashing moves.

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