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Frostbite (Brian vs Frederick)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Psycho Monkey, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (OOC: Yep another battle PRP staring yours truly and Zacky aka The Bard. Same rules apply, you may read but you may not post unless you are me or Zacky.)


    The air was bitter cold and the winds spiraling around Twist Mountain made it that much colder. The sound of crunching snow echoed as two figures made their trek through the maze like mountain. One was a tall man wearing a long black trench coat that was zippered tight for maximum warmth. His spiky black hair was hidden under the coat’s hood to minimize heat loss from his head. Accompanying him was his partner in crime, an Infernape with gold fur.

    Hey Brian! How much further to the next town?” asked the Infernape.

    “Heck if I know.” responded the Trainer with a shrug. “What’s wrong Axel? Can’t handle a little cold?” he teased.

    Oh you’re one to talk!” Axel retorted. Brian chuckled. It was true, he hated the cold but he could endure it when necessary. At least Twist Mountain was milder than Mt. Coronet. Now that was treacherous! As the duo continued along, they saw a shadow in the distance. The wind was kicking up snow from the ground obscuring their vision.

    “Be on your guard Axel. We already know about Cubchoo being on this mountain so there is no reason to think Bearctic aren’t here too.” said Brian preparing for a battle if need be.

    If they want a fight, then I say bring ‘em on! I’ll kick their ass!” the Flame Pokémon boasted. As the figure came closer it became obvious that it was no Wild Pokémon… it was a man. Brian relaxed just a little as the stranger’s intentions were still unclear.
  2. The winds of Twist Mountain howled with screams of loneliness as Frederick stood amongst the peak of the frozen palisade. His dark hair blew with the wind as his brown hooded duster flapped with long strokes. He held his hands in his brown suits pocket as he stared off of the peak. A sense of nostalgia washed over him as he lifted his hand out of his pocket, brushing a warm hand against his numb cheek.

    “It's been a while since I felt cold like this,” He thought to himself. Snow whipped up into a meager tempest, swirling around him like a spiraling vortex as the nostalgia grew from waves to lightning bolts that smashed into his heart strings, pulling on them one at a time. Thoughts of home slowly crept into his mind as he looked on from the beautiful sight of Twist Mountain.

    Frederick's hand moved towards the inside pocket of his suit, feeling for his Poke-Ball's that held his comrades in warmth and safety. He thought about releasing his partner from his Poke-Ball, considering Frederick had returned him against his will when he entered Twist Mountain and the fact that his partner didn't like to be in it, but Frederick liked to think and he thought best when he was alone.

    Pulling up his hood on his duster, he walked down the path that he came up to the peak with, the wind and snow started to pick up with such ferocity that he had trouble looking forward without the freezing fangs of ice stinging against his face. He noticed a man and his Infernape- wait, was that Infernape golden?- walking towards him.

    Stopping in the snow, the warmth of his feet melting the powder white slowly as it crept into his shoes, he called out to the duo that were walking towards him.

    “It's interesting to see someone close to the crown of this mountain. Not many people would come up past this way, so what is Neo from the Matrix and Monkey King doing up here?” He said loudly with a sociable smile, a mysterious twinkle glittered in his eye as he watched the duo appear in front of him.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Ha! See? Everyone knows my lineage!" Axel said proudly.

    "Well it's easy to see why." Brian said back to his partner. And Neo was definitely new or at least Brian thought it sounded new. There was a bit of déjà vu in the name.

    "So we're nearing the top of the mountain you say?" inquired the Trainer making sure he had heard right over the howls of the wind. "We're heading to Icarus City, do you know how much further we have until we get there?" The man seemed cordial enough and it seemed like he spent a lot of time up here so Brian didn't see the harm in asking for advice.

    "By the way, I'm Brian and this is the Monkey Prince Axel, son of Wukong." he introduced, adding the last part just for kicks.
  4. Frederick did a quick scan over Brian and his fabled monkey prince of a friend. Obviously they were travelers looking for the next town but they seemed to be lost. No matter, Frederick liked to help people.

    “You're almost to the top, friend. A couple more yards and you'll hit where I was,” Frederick said, jabbing a thumb beyond his shoulder to show what he meant. He raised an eyebrow and scoffed lightly as he gave a salute to Brian, “The name's Frederick Eucliffe. I'm here to have fun and stuff like that.”

    Frederick walked around Brian and Axel, looking around the duo like they were a used car. Giving a “hmm.” here and a “mhmm.” there, Frederick did a twirl back into view and gave a maniacal smile.

    “You guys seem incredibly strong! Obviously you two aren't from around here, that accent sounds like Pallet Town so I take it you're from the boonies?” He said with that same smile plastered on his face.
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Brian could already tell he was going to like Frederick. Another seeker of fun and entertainment was good company to have.

    "Very perceptive." he said taking the complement and then laughing at being implied to be a country boy. And here he thought nine years of traveling the world had dulled any accent he might have had. "So where are you from Frederick? I'm guessing around here."

    Brian grabbed the sides of his hood and pulled it back letting his spiky black hair blow in the wind. He then reached inside his coat and pulled out a Great Ball. "And if you have any Pokemon with you, I can show you just how skilled of a trainer I am." said Brian flashing a wide grin. Axel pounded his fists together in anticipation for his turn if Frederick accepted Brian's challenge.
  6. rederick reached into the inside of his suit's inner pocket and withdrew a Net Ball. The maniacal smile grew into a grin as he tossed the Net Ball up and down in the air.

    “I'm from Castelia City. Nice little place, well not little. Considering it's a major port of Unova.” He said, exaggerating his words with facial expressions and hand movements. “Onwards now!”

    Frederick tossed the Net Ball in front of him, the sphere opening up to release a dark crimson light. The light materialized, morphing into the shape of a Crustle. The Stone Home Pokemon shook it's rocky shell and stretched it's pincers.

    “Feel like battling today, Mason?” Frederick called out to the Crustle.

    Aye, laddy. Let's give this scarecrow a round-about.” Mason the Crustle replied, shaking his pincer like Brian was standing on his lawn.

    With a laugh, Frederick called out, “Hey, you can take the first move. It's only fair considering Mason's threatening you."
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "I'd rather be a scarecrow then a blockhead!" Axel taunted back.

    "Funny as that is, that's still a lame pun." laughed Brian patting the monkey on the back for trying. He threw the Great Ball to the ground releasing his newest recruit: a small bear with powder white fur on her body and a blue head. A long thick string of snot leaked out of the Cubchoo's nose.

    "Hey, you can take the first move. It's only fair considering Mason's threatening you." offered Frederick.

    "If you insist. Cubchoo! Use Charm followed with Powder Snow!" called Brian. The small bear smiled cutely at her opponent and winked to throw him off balance. She then sniffled a little before blowing a cold wind of snow at Mason.
  8. The Cubchoo's cuteness pierced Mason's dark, rocky heart, breaking through the grumpiness that laid within it. He felt like he shouldn't hit her as hard as he usually does to others then he reconsidered that idea when wind of soft snow collided with him, making him curse so violently that Frederick was half tempted to stop the match and wash his mouth out with soap.

    “Alright, pottymouth! Use Rock Polish to raise your speed and then use X-Scissor to show you mean business!” Frederick called out, half amused by Mason, half annoyed.

    The Crustle raced his claws against his jagged shell, wiping away all the excess dirt and grime. Mason then lunged forward with speed unlike the Stone Home species. His pincers started to glow with bright green energy, Mason slammed them into the Cubchoo, the blow being weaker then usual.
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Mason cleaned off his shell to remove all the deadweight holding him down before jumping at Cubchoo with speed otherwise impossible for a Pokemon of that bulk. The Crustle lifted his claws up and slashed Cubchoo in an 'X' shape. The Chill Pokemon put her hands on her head and started tearing up.

    "No need to cry over it Cubchoo." Brian said lightheartedly. "Just pay him back with an Icy Wind." he instructed with a smirk. Cubchoo nodded and blew a breath of cold air at the Stone Home Pokemon.
  10. The icy wind hit Mason hard, frost started to grow on his shell as he stutter curse words. He slid back a couple feet before standing his ground again.

    Son of a armless Lotad! I'm going to round house this frozen bitch!” Roared Mason, his claws shaking with anger. “Herald my rage!

    Frederick sighed, “Easy, Mason. Use Rock Slide and then Stealth Rock.”

    Mason grumbled and dug his claws into the snow, burying them to the ground. He grunted, and lifted his pincers. Hundreds of rocks and boulders flew up into the air, raining down on the Cubchoo. As he was done with the move, Mason's eyes glowed with dark brown energy. Some of the rocks that laid next to the Cubchoo floated upwards and turned jagged, floating around her like a rocky minefield.
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The Crustle looked to be getting angrier and angrier with every blow Cubchoo landed on him. Brian couldn't help but chuckle as it reminded him of his Aerodactyl. But now wasn't the time for idle musings.

    "Bide your time Cubchoo!" commanded Brian while Mason prepared his Rock Slide. The small bear dropped down in a sitting position willingly taking the painful assault of rocks that struck her. Even with a cage of sharp rocks surrounding her, the Chill Pokemon remained motionless as she patiently awaited Mason's next attack.
  12. “Uh oh,” said Frederick, he raised an eyebrow as the Cubchoo started to use Bide. “Clever girl.”

    “So, Mason. I'm going to give you a suggestion to use Withdraw and Sand-Attack but knowing you, you'll do-” Frederick commented as he was interrupted by Mason's unholy war cry that sounded like a mix between a gurgle and a Purrloin being beaten to death.

    Mason smashed his claws against the ground, fissures erupting between the area as the cracks brought forth gigantic rocks. Mason crushed them together, the sounds of rocks smashing and grinding together echoed loudly. Brown energy surrounded the cobbled together sphere as the Crustle hurled the boulder at the Cubchoo with rage.

    “Well, shit. Rock Wrecker will do too.” Frederick said with a look of amusement slapped on his face.
  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Oh this is not going to end well." Brian said snarkily as a boulder larger than the Chill Pokemon flew at her. "Endure if you can!" encouraged the trainer anyway. The boulder exploded on its target, but as the smoke cleared it became obvious that through sheer force of will Cubchoo was still conscious.

    "Well shit! You're quite the determinator aren't you?" said Brian in a mix of surprise and pride. Cubchoo smiled and gave a weak reply. "Have at it then." The small bear's body glowed red as she ran at Mason and tackled the Crustle with all her -and his- might. She then fell to the ground panting. Cubchoo may not win, but dammit if she wasn't going to see this through to the end.
  14. OOC: Sorry for the late post. :(

    Mason roared with curses, his shell just barely taking the hit that the Cubchoo unleashed. A visible crack ran down the side of it as Mason rubbed his pincer alongside it.

    “Bitches be trifling!” roared Mason in rage. Frederick reached his suit's pocket and took out a Dusk Ball as he readied Mason's own Poke Ball.

    “Alright, Mason. That's enough. I'm not going to allow you to kill her.” Frederick commanded. He held out Mason's ball and zapped him in a dark beam of red light, dematerialized him back into his sphere as Mason angrily protested. Frederick sighed with pity, “He was such an awesome Dwibble, now he's got a chip on his shoulder he can't eat.”

    Frederick tossed the Dusk Ball in his hand, “Sorry about Mason but I can't let him get too wild with someone like your Cubchoo.”

    He threw the Dusk Ball in the air, unleashing a Eelektross wearing a mask and a cape. The Eelektross flexed his arms and posed with his cape. Frederick rolled his eyes at the EleFish Pokemon.

    “You ready, Elwood?” Frederick called over the wind. Frederick then had an amusing thought to psyche Elwood up, “This guy here, is an evil doer! Use Charge Beam!”

    “What?! No one escape my lightning of justice!” cried Elwood as he swooshed his cape around. “Evil doer beware! I am Captain Elwood!”

    The EleFish Pokemon raised his arms up as they crackled with static, a ball of electrifying energy grew as Elwood prattled on about being the swift justice of the sky and sea. The ball reached the maximum power and Elwood threw it forward, unleashing a electrical beam that raced towards the Cubchoo.
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The Crustle got even more rowdy with having his own power used against him prompting Frederick to swiftly call him back and apologize for his Pokemon's rude behavior.

    "Don't worry about it." said Brian in understanding. "Perhaps after Cubchoo has gotten more training the two can have a rematch where Mason can go as wild as he needs to."

    Frederick's next Pokemon was an Elektross dressed like a comic book superhero. Brian couldn't help but laugh at Frederick command to his Pokemon while Axel got a chuckle out of Elwood's response. Cubchoo stood bravely as the Elefish charged his energy, up until the beam of electricity knocked her out.

    "Great job Cubchoo!" Brian congratulated calling her back to her Great Ball. "I can tell you're going to be a fun one to train!" he said congratulated on her first Trainer Battle. As Brian put her ball away, he replaced it with a standard Pokeball.

    "Have at it Lucario!" he called throwing it on the field releasing a tall bipedal canine. The jagged edges of Stealth Rock nicked Lucario causing him to growl in irritation, but weren't strong enough to break his steely skin.

    "May I introduce Lucario! The Knight of Justice and Truth!" introduced Brian dramatically. Lucario gave his sensei a confused look.

    "Just go with it Rio! This is too fun to pass up!" Axel told his protege laughing every word.

    "Right then, use Metal Sound followed by Dark Pulse!" instructed Brian. The Aura Pokemon shrugged off the silliness and clapped his hands together creating a loud sharp clang that made even Axel and Brian cover their ears. A cloud of darkness then formed around his paw which he then thrust forward sending the shadowy wave at Elwood.

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