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Frizzy's First Sprites :'D

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Frizzy, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Hello! I'm Frizzy, and I'm new and very nervous. D; I figured I'd have a go at trying to make some FireRed/LeafGreen-style Sprites.
    I didn't use bases... or edit already-existing Sprites... maybe I should've? ^^;

    This one is just a general Trainer.


    I always thought Pokemon and Sailor Moon would cross over nicely, so I did some Sprites of them as well.


    I've looked around and I can't find where to submit Sprites for the great Trainer Cards they have here... Any help? D:
  2. To submit sprites, go to the 'Forum/Site Feedback' board, and I think you can figure it out from there. ;)
    Those are good sprites, may I make a suggestion? Try outlining them a little bit more. Not drastically, though.
  3. Thanks. x3 I'm such a ditz sometimes.

    I looked closely at the in-game Sprites, and they don't really have that much outlining... but you're right, I over-did not doing it. D; I guess I need to work on them before I try to submit anything.

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