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Open Freyit Islands Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Link to RP thread here...http://pokecharms.com/threads/freyit-islands-a-fakemon-rp.13977/#post-294580
    Welcome to the beautiful Freyit Islands, a cluster of scenic islands containing special Pokemon exclusive to the area, some not even yet documented! An unforgettable experience no trainer will want to miss! Make sure to get a ticket because it's almost sold out, and all cruises are leaving soon!
    You, a trainer from anywhere across the pokemon world, have somehow come across a ticket to the Freyit Islands, a hidden area with many special Pokemon!
    First, the rules
    1. Anyone accepted to join can add Fakemon to the Freyit Dex simply by sending their important details to me.
    2. Each trainer can bring one starter Pokemon, in it's first stage. That is what you start off with, one from any region.
    3. No overpowering of Fakemons or characters.
    4. Don't be a Mary Sue. I'm surprised I even have to say that.
    5. At least type one paragraph. At least.
    6. No mega evolutions or legendaries. There will be no Mega Fakemon, and not necessarily Legendary Fakemon, though some Fakemon may be hard to find, be powerful and not evolve. Just there are no typical legendaries.
    Your Bio should be like this.
    Home Region:
    Appearance: (Don't use unsourced art please)
    Starter: (This is your first stage starter from any region, the one Pokemon you will bring with you. Feel free to list anything important about it.)

    My bio is here
    Name: Isaac Willow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Home Region: Johto
    Appearance: Short brown hair with brown eyes, wears a red shirt and shorts (the standard for Johto trainers), he is relatively short for his age.
    Personality: Keeps to himself, creative, calm. Can be snarky and rude when angered.
    Starter: Titus the Totodile (Male,Adamant,not ready to evolve yet. Loves to battle.)
    Other: Isaac got his ticket to the cruise from winning a tournament held by Professor Elm.

    Just post your bio and any suggested Fakemon below.
    I will make a Pokedex post when we start to add Mons, (I will edit it) 151 will probably be the max.
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I'd like to join this but before I post my character's bio I need to know if we PM a mod for fakemon a because I thought I saw it in the general rules?
  3. The rules say we don't have to as long as the thread owner agrees (of course), they are original creations (they must be your ideas) and they are explainable (make sense) and are reasonably powered (no Pokemon that are too op). I think we're fine. Post your bio whenever you feel like it.
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  4. Name: Zura
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Home Region: hoenn
    Appearance: (Don't use unsourced art please) Tan-Brown skin, slender arms and legs, brown eyes, Taller then most his age, wears glasses, wears any sweats and favors a blue and grey coat.
    Personality: Usally likes to mess around with his opponents/foes or friends. And gets a bit violent if you say somthing wrong to him.Easy going unless its somthing really wrong.
    Starter: (This is your first stage starter from any region, the one Pokemon you will bring with you. Feel free to list anything important about it.) A treecko (haven't thought of a name so TO BE RPED)
    Fakemon: Has long pointed ears ranging to 1"5 to 2"0, the head with the snout is about 4 inches long, has a body shape of a cat, and has 5 long skinny tails with what looks to be crescent moons attached matching the eye color of the Pokemon.
    Kerlat could be its name.
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  5. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Eric
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Home Region: Kanto
    Appearance: blond hair, blue eyes, quite short
    Personality: kind, lives for excitement, fun
    Starter: Charlie the Charmander.

    I plan to submit a bunch of fakemons
  6. Both approved. You can make your first post whenever and the Fakemon is approved.
  7. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Details: Type: electric. Appears as a yellow long haired chihuahua. It draws electricity from its neck. It has high speed, attack and decent special attack, but very poor defence. Lives in deserts in packs despite the amount of ground types it comes across. It's ability means that ground type attacks are more likely to miss.
  8. That's good enough. I'll make sure more details are added to Fakemons when they start to get used in the RP. Just warning everyone that we need to post at least a good paragraph.
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  9. Just alerting everyone again about having to post a paragraph like a story rather than just what your character is doing. And I was just wondering about the colour and type of Kerlat. With the crescent moon tails I have an idea for an ability.
  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    New Fakemon ideas:

    Parotter--> Twocan--> Mawrawcaw

    All three are poison/flying type. Parotter is based off of a Parrot, and it has the ability to shoot poisonous acid from it's beak. Twocan is basically a two headed Toucan which can also shoot poisonous acid from it's beak. Lastly, Mawrawcaw is a giant Macaw who, like the others also shoots acid from its beak. I hope this Fakemon line will be good since this is set on a island and these kinds of tropical bird families will be ideal with the sort of theme going on.
  11. That is good, I'll note that down. I had an idea for the bug type line to show you.
    009- Cavant (Bug) (Swarm/Adaptability)
    010- Searant (Bug/Fire) (Guts/Legacy)
    011- Sargeant (Bug/Rock) (Guts/Multitasker)
    012- Dominant (Bug/Fighting) (Guts/Mold Breaker)
    Cavant is a brown Ant like Pokemon, about the height of a Weedle with long antennae. It has three evolutions. Searant becomes red, and stays quite small, but has red veins on it's wings, and can hover.
    Sargeant stands on two legs, and has a lobsided army style helmet hanging off it's head. It also has a belt, and has a habit of saluting. It is a dark brown colour.
    Dominant, the third choice, has 6 legs, standing on two of them, and having a sumo-like stance. It is a light brown colour, and has a large chest with huge transparent wings that it keeps wrapped around it's waist like robes.
    It evolves into Dominant when reaching level 20 holding a Kings Rock, into Searant when reaching level 20 with higher Sp.Atk than Attack, and into Sargeant when reaching level 20 with a higher Attack stat than Sp.Atk.
    Searant's new ability, Legacy, passes on it's stat boosts to the Pokemon that comes in its place after it faints. Sargeants new ability, Multitasker, increases the chances of Stat boosting or lowering side effects of moves to happen (think Rock Tomb and Ancient Power as examples).
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  12. Kerlat is primarily has a black coat and decorated forming a line of dots on it. I was thinking its ability should be like cats eye (yay so original) it would act like a passive ability giving it 10% crit boost at night.
  13. I had an idea called Crescent Arc or something when on switch in it basically uses the move Moonlight for free, like a free Moonlight heal on switch in.
  14. That would be to op it would act like leftovers for every turn when it's night don't you think then my trainer will just keep on switching and attacking.
  15. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    More Fakemon ideas!
    Platy (water type)
    Platybill (water/normal type)
    Plateradon (water/normal type)
    This is an evolution line of Platypus pokemon. Platy is about the size of a small dog. Playbill has a spike on it's back. Platerdon has multiple spikes on its tail, body, legs and head. They all have beaver like tails and bills. Platy has the ability dam helper. This new ability means that, if there is the same pokemon on its team or next to it in a double or triple battle, it's defence doubles. Playbill has new ability Hard Bill. It's physical water type attacks get an extra boost if hitting against the normal type. Platerdon has new ability punk form, allowing it to randomly change the normal type part of it's typing to either poison, ground or dark, meaning you can get water/poison, water/ground or water/dark typing from it.
  16. Not every turn, just on switch in. Like regenerator.
  17. Well hello! I would like to join the RP thread here and this Fakemon I have is mine here. If I have to give more information on it, which I most likely have to, then I will do so at the thread creator's request.

    Name: Hope
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Home Region: Camtonia (Yes this is my own region here.)
    Appearance: Short black hair, brown eyes, wears a blue v necked shirt and brown cargo pants, wears a tan conical hat
    Personality: Calm, soft spoken, perserverant
    Starter: Pyravi (No nickname, is the Fire starter in my region, its type is Fire/Flying, it evolves into Fealase later starting at level 18.)
    Other: Hope had gotten his ticket to the cruise from his mother by acing the Pokémon school final exam.
  18. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I have this idea where, on the ship, someone will steal my character's Charmander so my character will have more of a reason to obtain a new starter.
  19. I didn't really make starters for the islands, as it isn't a region and more of a giant safari zone, considering there's no professors. I have a plot, but it's not going to be important until the ship is there. I'm fine with Charlespark's bio. Also, Kelrat can just have that crit ability. It's typing that's most important. I'm fine with the Platypus but I think you should tone down Punk Form to make it swap between Water/Ground and Water/Poison.
  20. Well I can give you more information on my Fakemon if you want. I felt like I was too vague on her on especially what she looked to be honest.

    And well, can I also join the RP?
  21. Sure. I'm assuming it's the Phoenix you were drawing in Poke college. I'm in there as you probably know. I can probably guess it has Blaze as it's ability as well.
  22. Holy... you knew?! Well impressive I'll say. Her ability is blaze and well you'll get to know her hidden ability soon. She's a starter in my region here and she's a fire bird/phoenix.

    And thanks for letting me into the RP.
  23. I occasionally was surprised they didn't make a Pseudo-legend Phoenix. I actually am working on now an Ice/Dark type that's going to be pretty important.
  24. Here's my bio
    Name: Moon
    Home Region: Johto
    Appearance: Tall, light-tan skin, black hair, blue t-shirt, jeans, blue and purple hat, and a blue and black bag.
    Personality: Shy, caring, loving, gentle
    Starter: Pichu
    Other: Doesn't like to fight
  25. Accepted. You and Charlespark can hop in any time.
  26. Alright thanks Sect. And well here's some more information on Pyravi here.

    Name: Pyravi
    Species: Phoenix Pokémon
    Region: Camtonia
    Dex Number: C-004 (In Camtonia)
    Type: Fire/Flying
    Gender Ratio: 3 Females : 1 Male
    Appearance: Has colorful feathers on her body that represent the rainbow in reversed order; tiny flames on her wings and body if angered; has a short, black beak with yellow eyes; head is tiny and has three feathers that represent her home region's flag.
    Starter Moves: Tackle, Fleet Dance, Flare
    Signature Move: Conflagration
    Evolves into: Felease (Second Form at level 18.)
    Ability: Blaze (Powers up Fire type moves if the user is in trouble.)
    Hidden Ability: Rebirth (Allows Pyravi to revive in battle with 1 HP if she faints. However, this ability cannot be used if it has already been used in battle, or if she faints from a 1 hit KO move, or if she faints from taking too much damage to the point where it exceeds her max HP.)
  27. I made a ton of fakemon for a rom hack i'm doing, so i'll share one with you.
    Spirlue, the spirit pokemon. Spirlue is the spirit of a girl that died turning into a squirtle. As a result, her skin is blue, and she has possessed a voodoo doll, also making the fabric blue. The patches on her body are purple, her hair is red-violet, the pin she holds is black, and her button she uses as an eye is blue-green.
    *always female
    *Her ability is aftermath (dealing damage to the opposing pokemon when user faints)
    * she doesn't evolve
  28. I'm fine with that Fakemon. Once everyone has boarded and maybe one battle, the ship will reach the Islands, at a small fishing village.
  29. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I'll change it so Punk form swaps between it's water/normal typing and a water/dark or water/poison typing randomly.
    I quite like the fakemon suggested here. I plan to post a few more pokemon. Also, in the actual RP, my character's Charmander will be swapped with another starter from a region close to the Freyit islands.
    There aren't any gyms on the Freyit islands, are there?
  30. That's fine. There sort of is gyms, but there isn't really a Pokemon league so it's not exactly the same.
    There will be some sort of special challenge to continue progressing. I even have some villians planned. Here is a bird Pokemon I made.
    Chickum (Normal/Flying) (Static/Fur Coat)
    Humbuzz (Electric/Flying) (Static/Fur Coat)
    Humbpuff (Electric/Flying) (Static/Fur Coat)
    It starts off as a small white chick with yellow tiny legs and feet, and a yellow head with a long black beak. It flaps it's white wings but can't fly yet. At Lv. 16 it becomes a more streamlined, flying bird, with less fur and yellow wings. It's head becomes spiked at the back, and it gains a long beak, curled at the tip.
    At Lv.32 it becomes Humbpuff, basically a giant ball of white fluff with small yellow wings and a small yellow head compared to the size of it's body. It's yellow feet are also small, and it struggles to stay in the air. It sips from plants with it's curled beak.
  31. Well I am having some legendary Pokémon in my region here, but unfortunately, I can't really use them in RPs because... we all know how OVERPOWERED those guys are. However, I do always like to share my ideas. I figured that it would be interesting here.

    Resonation Duo:

    The legendary creators of Cyberspace in the Camtonia region are Cybality and Reverolf. They both represent equilibrium in Cyberspace, as Cybality takes control of the spacial aspects, while Reverolf is in charge of every bit of sound that goes on in Cyberspace. It has been said that a new form of Mega Evolution exists within Cyberspace, but it is unknown to the general public in Camtonia.


    Name: Cybality
    Species: Cyber Pokémon
    Region: Camtonia
    Dex Number: C−??? (In Camtonia)
    Type: Cyber/Flying
    Gender Ratio: Genderless
    Appearance: Is an eagle that has green particles of code that orbit around it. It has a short beak, and its fur has green and black stripes. However, it is a little small in size, as it is around two feet in height.
    Starter Moves: Data Drain, Logic Bomb, Recovery Code, Virtural Terrorization
    Signature Move: Virtual Terrorization
    Evolves into: N/A (This Pokémon cannot evolve.)
    Ability: Virtual Sense (Enables the Pokémon to hit anything without missing, excluding Pokémon that are under the protection of moves such as Protect.)
    Hidden Ability: Cybalatic Skin (Makes stat effects and status conditions work in the opposite way. Example: Poison now heals, and using healing items or healing moves will damage it.)


    Name: Reverolf
    Species: Reverberation Pokémon
    Region: Camtonia
    Dex Number: C−??? (In Camtonia)
    Type: Sound/Dark
    Gender Ratio: Genderless
    Appearance: Is a wolf that has pink particles of sound that orbit around it. It has a smooth body, as its fur is grayish with a slight pinkish hue on the outside. It also has a tail that bounces a lot from sound, and has some fluffy ears that help it detect sound from hundreds of feet. However, it is a little small in size, as it is about the size of an average juvenile.
    Starter Moves: Sound Pulse, Resonance, Vibration Wave, Frequency Barrage
    Signature Move: Frequency Barrage
    Evolves into: N/A (This Pokémon cannot evolve.)
    Ability: Pressure (Makes the enemy Pokémon use more PP when attacking.)
    Hidden Ability: Amplification (As the Pokémon damages enemies, they will gain damage absorption which makes them take less damage from incoming attacks. However, receiving too much damage at once, fainting, ending the battle by any means, or using an item on the Pokémon will reset the damage absorption back to zero.)
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  32. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    so what are cyber and sound super effective and weak against?
  33. Cyber Type (Offense- When you're dishing it.):

    Super Effective Against:
    Cyber, Steel
    Not Effective Against: Psychic, Fighting, Rock, Ground
    *Everything else that is not mentioned is normally affected.

    Cyber Type (Defense- When it's coming at you.)

    Weak Against:
    Cyber, Fighting, Rock, Ground, Electric
    Strong Against: N/A
    Immune Against: Normal, Poison, Dragon, Ghost

    Sound Type (Offense):

    Super Effective Against:
    Sound, Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Ice, Dragon
    Not Effective Against: Flying, Rock, Ground
    No Effect Against: Grass, Ghost, Dark, Bug, Steel

    Sound Type (Defense):

    Weak Against:
    Flying, Sound, Dark, Ghost, Steel
    Strong Against: Normal, Ice, Fire
    Immune Against: N/A
  34. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    More Fakemon:


    All three are based off of the Lama. Lluma is Normal type and is small and cute. Llumaluma is Normal/Ground and is large with a longer neck and spikes on his back and Geollumadon has large spikes, hoof like feet and a large head with ears and sharp teeth, also being ground/normal type. Geollumadon has punk form as it's ability (being able to change the normal type to dark or poison) or it will have the ability Terrain swapper. The Terrain swaps-ground type moves will be stronger in certain terrains.

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