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Ask to Join [Freedom]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Celeste Exo, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. (My last thread was a bit of a failure.)

    // Plot \\

    Pokemon have taken over the world. No more humans.
    Pokemon have now become like us; hostile and rude. Weaker Pokemon are not allowed rights that the more Powerful Pokemon were allowed. Very young Pokemon were forced to work at young ages, for the better income of their families. There were towns with hardly any Pokemon left. There was no peace when it came to this argument. Weaker Pokemon were considered the 'runts' of the rest. It was if you wanted respect you would need to become greater than you already were. But, a few Pokemon are forming a rebellion. A rebellion against power. A rebellion to end the disrespect.


    - No Legendaries, No Humans. {Or should I say 'Hoomans'}
    - Follow all the Pokecharm's rules they have greatly provided for us.
    - At least 3+ lines in your responses to the RP.
    - HAVE FUN!
    - And finally, respect everyone and treat them fairly.

    //Character Template\\

    Age: (probably 15 or older)
    Side Their On: (Rebellion or Non Rebellious.) [I'll allow someone to be the leader of the Rebellion, and my character will have the role as the Leader of the Non-Rebellious Pokemon.]

    //My Character(s)\\

    Name: Leah 'Eliza' Leafgorge
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Liepard
    Side Their On: Rebellion
    Personality: Leah is someone who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She wants to be heard. She otherwise is very kind, wishing to help, but can sometimes be sneaky.
    Appearance: A Liepard with a eye patch, and a normal fur color and eye color.
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Assist, Pursuit, and Fury Swipes
    Skills: She's very quick, and is hard to hit if your aren't as quick as her. She also is a very diligent writer in her free time.
    Name: Aaron Jehu
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Arcanine
    Side Their On: Non Rebellious. (Lead)
    Personality: Aaron is very strong-willed, and is very tolerant. He is very high of power, and hates being dissed.
    Appearance: A normal Arcanine.
    Moves: Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, and Roar
    Skills: Aaron is a excellent lawyer. (Yup.)
    //Side Notes\\

    - You'll have to be at least somewhat descriptive, that's all I ask. :,>
    - As for the Leader of the Rebellion, You'll have to be one of the first to ask. (Not in posting your profile, asking me personally. This will be one of the most important roles.)
    - Finally, have fun! That's one of the most important rules of a RP!

    //~Celeste Exo\\
  2. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Name: Chiri
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pachirusu
    Side: Rebellion (Probably won't do anything for the cause though :/)
    Personality: Outgoing, kind of annoying because he can't stop talking about random things, overestimates his ability to do things a lot.
    Appearance: Normal Pachirusu
    Moves: Charm, Nuzzle, Growl
    Skills: Good at being cute.... :love: (I didn't know what to put here.)

    Just saying, your other thread didn't 'Fail'. You never even started it. It takes my threads weeks to catch on.
  3. Hallo! This RP seems intresting..... I shall ask to join!

    Name: Jason Wiki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pichu
    Side: Rebellion
    Personality: He's a quiet but silly pokemon. He also loves watching pokemon train!
    Appearance: A normal Pichu but with hearts on his cheeks
    Moves: Tackle, Helping hand, Scratch
    Skills: Doesn't really have skills other than being really sneaky.
  4. Approved.
  5. Approved.
  6. ;) When do we start?
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  7. um, are Fakemon allowed?
  8. As long as you are allowed permisson and I am shown a picture of the Fakemon that is owned by your or made for you.
  9. When a few more people join.
  10. Name: Ike
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Mimikyu
    Side Their On: Non Rebellious
    Personality: Ike is a Narcissist, thinking that he is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and that he is wearing Pikachu Rag as a handicap, because whenever he does, everyone around him dies. Although under his narcissistic nature, he can be caring.
    Appearance: Just a Normal Mimikyu
    Moves: Play Rough,
    Skills: The homemade Pikachu Rag that he wears, can make himself look like Pikachu, and as such, works undercover as a member of the rebellion.
  11. Approved.
  12. Name: Ezra
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Salazzle
    Side Their On: Non-Rebellious.
    Personality: Dominative, aggressive, arrogant, stubborn and merciless. Ezra is an expert in manipulating other Pokemon to achieve her goals using lies and her pheromones if the other Pokemon doesn't cooperate with her. Easy to please, especially if you follow her orders. She is a little lazy.
    Appearance: Just a normal Salazzle, but she wears a tribal a tribal attire. She has purple and fuchsia stripes all around her body, though the ones that are more noticeable are the two fuchsia stripes that run along her eyes. She also has several ornaments made of dark feathers and bones, as well as a big headdress with an aztecan thematic in order to look more imposing.
    Moves: Flamethrower, Toxic, Dragon Pulse and Venoshock.
    Skills: As I said earlier, techniques of manipulation, blackmailing or using her pheromones. She has a small army of Salandit (and probably a pair of Murkrow as a messenger, if she can, of course, I think that it can make sense. Also, can I have another character? If I can, I'd like one of those Murkrows to join the Rebellion eventually.)
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  13. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    Name: Jack
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Meowth (Kanto form)
    Side Their On: Rebellion; Strong support for the rebellion because he is classified as a very weak Pokemon
    Personality: A little bit strange/quirky but likeable to those on the rebellion, otherwise he is very bitter to those who are non-rebellious
    Appearance: Normal Meowth but walks upon 2 legs
    Moves: BubbleBeam (gen. 1 TM), Thunder, Fury Swipes, Bite
    Skills: Has a very sharp sense of hearing so he can easily spy on the non-rebellious side
  14. Approved. I've been off for awhile so I didn't see these.
  15. Name: Leafy
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Pokemon: Leafeon
    Side Their On: rebellion
    Personality: leafy is happy go lucky and cheerful,he is mentally depressed at sometimes since he was beat for being weak when he was little
    Appearance: he looks like a normal Leafeon except his leaf parts ore bluish green,he also wears white goggles with red lenses
    Moves:leaf blade,giga drain,energy ball, quick attack
    Skills:he is a good fighter and he is really quick,but he's still a kid
  16. Approved.
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  17. Name: Kuro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Pokémon: Shiny Umbreon
    Side: Rebellion
    Personality: Kuro is very kind, always helping the “Weak” Pokémon. Although he is quiet he is very observant with the Pokémon and the area around him. He can seem mysterious at times, when he hides in shadows collecting information.
    Appearance: Kuro looks like a regular Shiny Umbreon but his right eye is a bright purple while his left eye is is a bright blue
    Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Shadow Beam, Synchronized
    Skills: Kuro is a good fighter and is very good at hiding and having good agile

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