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FR/LG Starters: Who'd you choose?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Sep 18, 2004.


Which did/will you choose?

  1. Bulbasaur

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  2. Charmander

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  3. Squirtle

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  4. Traded for more than one

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Cliche to the extreme.
    If you bought FireRed or LeafGreen already which starter did you choose and why? If you're still anticipating the game, which one do you plan to choose?

    I picked Bulbasaur for the sole reason that it's the first Pokemon I ever got back in the day. Ah... The Memories ^^
    Too bad it has a nature that puts down Attack ¬_¬;;
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Taunting me with the fact that i can't get it for another 2 weeks eh?


    I will be picking Charmander.
  3. No taunting here.

    I picked Bulbasaur when I started my game 10 DAYS AGO (oops). My best friend got the game 11 DAYS AGO (there I go again) and we got together 9 DAYS AGO (can't help it, sorry) to trade to the extreme. We now each have Ivysaur, Charmeleon and Wartortle, after 23:48 of playing time (wow, have I played that much ALREADY?!)

    Don't worry, Dr. Your day will come. Sometime.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I'm gonna trade to get Charmy and Squirtle. *Throws Bulbasaur away*

    I'm not too much of a fan of Bulba really. Therefore I'll be getting a Bellsprout.
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'm getting them all anyway, beauty of an Action Replay. But the one i'm picking will be Charmander. ^^

    Well, QQ. Wait until November, then i can taunt you (and Katie) that I'LL have Minish Cap and you wont have it untill next year. :p
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That'd probably only work on QQ seeing that I didn't plan to buy it anyways. If I ever find it used, sure. Until then, don't got the spare cash :wink:
  7. You've GOTTA have the spare cash for Minish Cap! It's a must-play...next year. :cry:
  8. I don't have one of these yet, but when I do, I'll probably pick Charmander. Sure, it's gonna make the first two gyms a little harder, but it seems to me that you have to wait longer to get another decent Fire-type than for either of the other starters' types.

    BTW, Raichu, don't worry about the fact that your Bulba's nature drops attack -- that's probably the only stat you don't especially need on that line.
  9. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Charmander has no difficulties with Brock any more - Metal Claw at level 13.

    And by the time you get to Cerulean you should have something to combat Misty. Checking the Viridian Forest for a Pikachu before you leave it is always a good idea.
  10. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Screw Pika, if anyone's like me, they'll beat Gary before Misty and catch the grass pokemon to the north, rendering the need for Pikachu dead.

    I love you really, Pika...
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

  12. JC


    On my VBA... I picked Bulbasaur. He was an Ivysaur at level 18 before fighting Brock. Heh. I didn't want to waste the experience with it, so I used Mankey and Butterfree in Pewter.

    Right now, I currently have ALL possible pokemon so far at level 20 or higher. I am at the (Diglett Cave, SS Anne, Eatern Route of Vermillion) crossroad. I don't know which way I'll go next. Possibly through Diglett's Cave to pick up Mr. Mime, then train that in the frass to the east before heading onto the ship.
  13. Bulbasaur by far but I hate the look of Venusaur, it's so ugugugugly. I'll probably use an everstone on the Ivysaur later and use a Victreebel with Swords dance/Sludge bomb :twisted: .

  14. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Venusaur still beats the hell out of Kimorisorous Rex and, though i hate to say it, Meganium. I love the first two stages of that line (Guess who i'm picking from Birch once i've gotten 200 Pokemon in Emerald ^_~) but Meganium is just.... wrong.

    Venusaur is the best third evo grass starter, although they're all really still pretty poor. It just goes to show the games' anti-grass bias. Here's hoping for a full line of awesomeness for all 3 starters in Generation 4. We want something in this line of quality:

    Treecko - Grovyle - Blaziken

    If they can do three individual Pokemon that rock their stages, they can put them all together for all 3 starters.
  15. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Poor unloved Squirtle! :(

    I am one of those sad people who bought both games (LG on import, FR local). I picked Bulbasaur as the starter in "my" game because I love Grass pkmn. Then I restarted the FR game three times so as to have a team of all 3 starters :) (all female, too).

    Do you think Squirtle is the least popular because all the people with Leaf Green picked Bulbasaur and all the people with Fire Red picked Charmander? (Or do you think a survey of 8 people is too biased to draw any conclusions whatsoever?!)
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Poor Squrtile indeed :cry:

    A survey size of 300 would be a fairly good judge, but even then it could be bias (location, ages, etc.). Is it Water-types as a whole that people dislike - possibly the fact that there's so many of 'em? Was there any difference with Squirtle usage back in the R/B days (when Blastoise actually was on a box)? Or do people really just find it 3rd rate compared to the other two?

    We may never know ^_^;

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