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FR/LG Game Log

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    [Edit: Stickying this and editing it to involve the game generally. So that it can be utilised once you've beaten the gyms- Gary]

    Ok, I got it yesterday and I've already creamed Brock, so, I'm going to make a log of what happens in the gyms.

    Gym 1:

    Brock, you all know and love him to some extent. His Geodude and Onix are evil as hell, but not impossible with Charmander ^^

    My Team:

    Charmander (Bahamut, as it happens)
    Ember, Metal Claw, Scratch, Growl

    Rattata (No nickname-- spooky)
    Hyper Fang, Quick Attack, Tackle, Tail Whip

    Pikachu (Or Pikachao, as I called him)
    Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Tail Whip.

    Pidgey (No nickname-- couldn't be bothered)
    Gust, Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack

    What happened:

    It started out as Charmander versus Geodude. I unleshed a few Metal claws, and creamed him quickly, but took a fair bit of damage. Then I switched to Rattata, to lower Onx's defense a li'l bit. I also used a potion on Charmy, or 'Bahamut' as I called him. He's soon to be called Chaorizard. Anyways, back to the battle.

    Charmander came back out and I metal clawed Onix to death.

    Feel free to post what happened with you.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't remember specifically what happened in all my Gym battles, but I'm currently working my way through the 8th Gym.

    Current Team (Levels 42-43):

    Venusaur (Slash - A take off my original Venusaur's name, "Slasher!!")
    Razor Leaf, Secret Power, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder

    Vaporeon (Currently no nickname)
    Surf, Aurora Beam, Quick Attack, Bite

    Growlithe (Sirius - The dog star. W00t!)
    Flame Wheel, Bite, Take Down, Dig

    Raichu (Ryo-Ohki - Name of my original Raichu)
    Thunder Bolt, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave

    Golem (Cannon - Had no idea what to call it)
    Rollout, Brick Break, Selfdestruct, Magnitude

    Pidgeot (Airazor - Beaties. 'Nuff said.)
    Secret Power, Wing Attack, Fly, Featherdance

    One Gym that does stand out to me, though, is Sabina's. The battle was tough from the get go and none of my Pokemon could do much damage to her... that is, until Pidgeot came out. Pidgeot's Secret Power tore through her Mr. Mime like it was nothing. It did end up getting beaten by her Alakazam, but since it had it down to a sliver of HP my Vaporeon merely had to 'Bite' it to win. For some odd reason she didn't bother healing it...
  3. By the time I finish training up for Sabrina's Gym, my team will look like this:

    Onix - Lv. 34
    Rage, Dragonbreath, Sandstorm, Rock Throw

    Golbat - Lv. 34
    Leech Life, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite

    Alakazam - Lv. 34
    Reflect, Future Sight, Calm Mind, Psybeam

    Wartortle - Lv. 34
    Tackle, Protect, Water Gun, Bite

    Farfetch'd (Ch'ding) - Lv. 34
    Peck, Knock Off, Swords Dance, Fury Attack

    Parasect - Lv. 34
    Spore, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Leech Life

    Onix, Golbat and Alakazam are in there for Venomoth, but Onix and Golbat both have good moves for the Psychic-types (Sandstorm and Bite, although I'll probably rely on the more powerful Wing Attack to take advantage of all Sabrina's low Defenses). Wartortle and Parasect have their Dark- and Bug-type moves, which will be able to do a little, at least, and Farfetch'd's Fury Attack after a Swords Dance has been awesome so far.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Wow... stickied... Christ, I've one another 3 gyms...

    Gym 2:

    Misty. Damn, i'm gonna have to get a Starmie now...

    My Team:

    Charmeleon, lvl 20 (Bahamut)
    Ember, Metal Claw, Scratch, Mega Punch

    Pikachu lvl 21 (Pikachao)
    Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Double Team.

    Pidgeotto Lvl 20
    Gust, Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack

    Bellsprout Lvl 20
    Vine Whip, Wrap, Growth, Sleep Powder

    What happened:

    B-o-r-i-n-g. Pikachu fried Staryu within seconds, then Bellsprout Vine Whipped Starmie, and obliterated it.

    Gym 3:

    Lt. Surge. Nothing special.

    My Team:

    Charmeleon lvl 25 (Bahamut... still)
    Ember, Metal Claw, Mega Punch, Seismic Toss

    Pikachu lvl 25 (Pikachao)
    Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Slam.

    Pidgeotto lvl 25
    Gust, Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack

    Weepinbell lvl 25
    Vine Whip, Cut, Sleep Powder, Acid

    Digglett lvl 25
    Fury swipes, Magnitude, Dig, Growl

    What happened:

    Diglett. No more needed to say :)

    Gym 4:

    Erika's puny team was wiped out quikly...ish

    My Team:

    Charmeleon lvl 31 (Chaorizard)
    Ember, Metal Claw, Mega Punch, Seismic Toss

    Dugtrio lvl 31
    Aeriel Ace, Magnitude, Dig, Fury Swipes

    Raichu (Raichao)
    Thunder Bolt, Shock Wave, Slam, Flash

    Wing Attack, Fly, Quick Attack, Gust

    Water Pulse, Bite, Quick Attack, Helping Hand

    What happened:

    Chaorizard fried Victribell, but got paralysed so while Pidgeotto took on Tangela i healed him. Pidgeotto Wing Attacked Tangela, nocking it out quickly, then Chaorizard fried Vileplume.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Giovanni is no more :twisted:

    I listed my team above, and while they gained a few levels before the final fight it wasn't anything dramatic.

    The battle was pretty much one sided. Pidgeot was accidentally sent out first and since it couldn't really harm Rhyhorn I changed it for Venusaur. Venusaur made quick work of Rhyhorn with Razor Leaf, but before Dugtrio came out I switched in Vaporeon for the heck of it. The rest of the battle was basically just EQ (his Pokemon), Surf, EQ, Surf (Dugtrio fainted), EQ, Surf (Nidoqueen fainted), EQ, Surf (Nidoking fainted), and Surf (Rhyhorn fainted). I think I used a Super Potion at some point between Nidoqueen and Nidoking but it wasn't really needed. Thus the battle was won and I received my 8th and final Gym Badge :D

    After that I left for Victory Road and battled Gary along the way. I forget exactly how the battle went but I think it was mostly type vrs. weakness (ie. Pidgeot verses my Raichu, Gyarados vrs. Raichu, Exeggcute vrs. Pidgeot, Rhyhorn vrs. Venusaur, Charizard vrs. Raichu *who was defeated by Flamethrower* and Golem *who kicked Zard's scaled behind*) Aside from the others, Alakazam was taken down in one hit by Pidgeot (critical hit with Secret Power). And so, like any normal loser would, Gary gave me some cash, dissed me again, and walked away :roll:

    Time for Victory Road! I hate having to leave some of my Pokemon behind for an HMer :?

    EDIT Oct. 5th:

    B00yah! Elite 4 eat my dust! Gary, stuff a sock in it! I'm the new Pokemon League Champion! We're partyin' tonight! XD

    Whee! While the Kanto Elite 4 + Champion isn't as hard as Hoenn's they were still tough enough to give me lots of satisfaction. I love my Pokemon! *Group hug* ^.^

    And so, my winning team (and proud Hall of Famers) is:

    Golem (Cannon) - Lv. 48
    Growlithe (Sirius) - Lv. 46
    Pidgeot (Airazor) - Lv. 47
    Raichu (Ryo-Ohki) - Lv. 45
    Vaporeon - Lv. 48
    Venusaur - Lv. 48

    On average I would have to say my most useful Pokemon were Vaporeon and Pidgeot (because of Featherdance). All of them were used, but since Sirius is still unevolved and Ryo-Ohki has such bad defenses they never lasted very long.
    Hardest opponent... Overall it was Agatha, but Lorelei's Jynx was totally nasty. Since the majority of my Pokemon are male (including Sirius) its Attract screwed 'em up, and if that wasn't enough it insisted on using Lovely Kiss every chance it got. Match that with its high SP. Attack & Ice Punch attack and I had one bugger of a Pokemon on my hands... Oh well. Everything turned out for the best :D

    Dunno what I'm gonna do next. I still have all the Legendaries to catch, plus a bunch of new islands... Meh. I'll wing it.
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Ack, I started a new game. I couldn't be bothered training Dratini so when I start again he'll be easier to train in two watys. I'll post the other 4 (is it?) gyms when I beat them.
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    2.15 played currently, beaten Brock and am about to head into Mt. Moon.^^

    Brock was iffy. I chose Charmander, so trained to level 13 to get Metal Claw but after having a rough time with the Camper in the gym trying to get Metal Claw to effectively kill his Pokemon, i decided to go and train Charmander up another 3 levels and evolve.

    Charmeleon took down Geodude no problem but needed a potion after Onix Rock Tombed it. Then again, another potion. Luckily, Onix seemed to be all Rock Tombed out and was left tackling and binding me - which only whittled away at my health slightly. Giving me the perfect opportunity to launch the final couple of Metal Claw attacks i needed.

    My current team consists of:

    Charmeleon at level 18
    Pikachu, whom i've been training up from just after Brock at level 12
    And a newly caught Male Nidoran at level 6.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, except for releasing the Unown on Seven Island, entering the Seafoam Island & Mewtwo's dungeon, I've basically done everything event-wise in the game. Still have yet to rechallenge the new and improved Elite 4 but I'd rather catch the remaining Legendary Birds (just caught Zapdos) and Mewtwo first.

    I think after I do all the stuff listed above I'm going to put my 'Dex on hold and start up LeafGreen. Maybe I'll focus on catching more actively this time and will end up completing LG's Dex instead of FR's. We'll see ^^
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Well, in case anyones interested, I have proved that Beedrill is one of the better pokemon to have near the beginning. The proof? Here it is:

    Misty. Don't much like her new outfit. Or her old ones. o_O

    Pokemon she had: Staryu, Starmie. Feh.

    My pokemon: Bedrill. I only used him.
    Twineedle, Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Focus Energy

    What happened: Beedrill opened the battle with a Fury Attack that cut Staryu's HP in half. Twineedle creamed it there and then. Starmie came out and a critical hit took out most of its hp with Twineedly. Then the secind hit made the starfish get speared.
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Misty felt the full force of my team when i let rip Pikachu, Charmeleon and Nidorino upon her watery goons.

    Staryu fell easily, one thundershock and it's gone. Starmie took some work though. A thundershock left it with a quarter health, water-pulsed and halved health, switch out to Nidorino and take the blast of it's Water Pulse. Only a sliver of health left but enough to use a Super-potion on Pikachu to restore it to full health.

    Nidorino goes down and out comes Charmeleon. Smoke screened twice, ruining Starmie's accuracy and fainted by Water-pulse.

    That left Pikachu to finish it off, thundershock - down to half health now, Water-pulsed, same for Pika. Super Potion brings it back to full health and the next Water-pulse misses. A quarter health left and it begins using Swift, confuddled from the Water-pulse, Pikachu screws up twice but then Starmie makes the fatal mistake in using Rapid Spin.

    Starmie becomes paralysed from Static, Pikachu's health is restored to full with another super-potion and confusion is gone! Thundershock brings it down at last.

    Surge was a walk-over.

    After the SS. Anne, Nidoorino promptly was evolved into Nidoking and proceeded to make light work of the Vermillion Gym... now it's off to the rock tunnel!
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Whee.... Thus with the capturing of Moltres, Articuno (which, after one reset each took a max of 4 Ultra Balls to catch), Mewtwo (Master Ball. w00t), and the A-shaped Unown, I took on and defeated the new and improved Elite 4. They definitely weren't easy... Gary's new Heracross took me by surprise, and his Tyranitar made me yelp. He shouldn't have a Tyranitar! ;_;

    Unlike my first go, every one of the members gave me a challenge this time: Bruno being the least hurtful, Gary being the most. Lance and Agatha were about the same really... Lance's Kingdra was rendered useless because of my Vaporeon, and his Dragonites weren't too bad after I T-Waved/Leech Seeded them. There was lots and lots of healing involved, tho ^^;

    My team (as they stand now and will stay for awhile, all L. 54 when challenge started):

    Golem (Cannon) - L. 55
    Nature: Lonely
    Brick Break
    Rock Smash _<

    Arcanine (Sirius) - L. 55
    Nature: Hardy
    Extreme Speed

    Pidgeot (Airazor) - L. 54
    Nature: Careful
    Secret Power
    Wing Attack
  12. That quote's gonna come back to haunt you. :D
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I knew it! :evil:
  14. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Ooo, I don't envy you at all for saying that :p
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, it was a bit intentional, so... Yes, I knew it sounded bad ;p
  16. Har. Just got FR.


    Dugtrio lv. 26/Rooter
    Fearow lv. 27/Arrow
    Charmeleon lv. 25/NoMafiaTie
    Hypno lv. 26/J. Drowze
    Jolteon lv. 25/Hammertime
    Gloom lv. 28/Rather Odd

    -Gym Overview-
    Brock: Mankey. Low Kick pwnd.
    Misty: Took down Staryu with Gloom, then Starmie required a team effort from both Gloom and Pikachu.
    Lt. Surge: Diglett all the way, with a little help from Gloom for Raichu.
    Erika: Victreebel went down from Drowzee's Psychic, Gloom's Acid pwnd Tangela, and finally, Vileplume went down from some Ember action via Charmeleon.

    Current Status: Trying to save up enough cash to get Thunderbolt for Jolteon.
  17. An update. Har.

    Jolteon lv. 41/Hammertime
    Vileplume lv.41/Groove Guy
    Snorlax lv. 41/GourmetGuy
    Charizard lv. 41/Pyro Guy
    Dugtrio lv. 41/Camo Guy
    Hypno lv. 41/Anti Guy

    -General Update-
    KO'd Koga solely with Hypno.
    Beat down Blaine with Dugtrio.
    Explored the Islands.
    Grappled with Giovanni at Silph Co.
    Socked it to Sabrina with Snorlax.
    Grappled with Giovanni once more at the Viridian Gym using Vileplume and Dugtrio.
    Caught Moltres.
    Wrecked my rival en route to the Pokemon League.
    Current location: Victory Road.
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Blah... After extreme annoyance from LG (see egg trading rant) I decided to start the game anyways.

    I'm currently saved at the Pewter City Pokemon Center preparing to take on Brock. The team I'm going with this time is:

    *All @ L.9
    Charmander (F) - Quirky
    Mankey (F) - Lax
    Spearow (F) - Hasty

    I would've rather train a Spearow with Tri-Attack but again... *Jerks thumb at rant*

    As soon as I beat Brock I'm planning to pick up a Nidoran (most likely a male). After that the rest of my team will be random, although I am thinking about getting a Jolteon. Oh, and the all female Pokemon was a coincidence. Only the Charmander was planned ^^;
  19. I rebooted my FR, but I haven't had the willpower to play some more, largely in part from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  20. I finished Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door last week and have returned to Pokémon LeafGreen Version. I'm in Liptoo Chamber with a Pokédex completion level of 243. Once I catch the O, U, A and ? Unown, I'm off to secure myself a Mewtwo and begin the exhausting task of breeding and raising Pokémon with supreme movesets.

    I planned to play all day today (had the day off work), but instead played Mario Power Tennis till my eyeballs fell out. I'm trying to unlock everything I can before it has to be returned (Saturday at 11:00 pm, but I leave for Calgary tomorrow after work, so I won't accomplish much more). (Absolutely awesome game, by the way. Much more fun than the Game Boy or Nintendo 64 versions, and the opening movie and end credits are just what you'd expect from Camelot... :lol: )
    #20 QuagsireQing, Nov 12, 2004
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  21. How are you typing? :shock:
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, considering that he's a Quagsire, he must have many talents. Can't be easy to type with hands like those, eh? ;)
  23. ...which would just make it harder to type with no eyes as well as unwieldy flipper hands.
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    And I say again: He must have many talents ;p

    Haven't done much on LG (due to the extreme awesomeness of ToS - get it. NOW!) but I kicked Brock's rocky behind with Mankey and Low Kick ^^
  25. Got the Unown and am about ten minutes away from getting me Mewtwo. Then it's a hard week's breeding until the DS becomes the object of my affections.
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    *Victory-sign Ash-style* I caught a shiny Pokemon on LG! ^__^

    In little over 3 hours of playing, I've met and caught a sweet shiny Geodude - with a Naughty nature to boot! I didn't even meet a single [wild] shiny through out FR (gotta love irony). Yayness! XD

    *Ahem* Continue with your lives ^^;

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