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DPPt/HGSS Fox Trainer Nik's trades

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Fox Trainer Nik, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Hey there! i'm Nik and i have a list of items and pokemon that i want but that i can't because i haven't got that far. if you have one of the items or pokemon i would be willing to pay for it somehow. if you gave me one of the items i would really appreciate it. ;D i'm also interested in battling if anyone wants to!

    i want:



    what i can give in exchange:

    -a spooky plate
    -a great ball
    -heal balls
    -super potions
    -net balls
    -dusk balls
    -a shell bell
    -x accuracy
    -lots of various berries
    -some repeat balls
    -lots of various poffins

    -a registeel
    -a teddiursa
    -a cleffa
    -an ivysaur
    -a wartortle
    -a ralts
    -a ponyta
    -a bronzor
    -a stunky
    -a criketune
    -an eevee (only if in exchange for espeon)
    -a chansey
    -a magikarp
    -any unown
    -a shinx
    -a geodude

    soon getting:

  2. i have tm55... do you have an eevee?
  3. yeah i do, do you want a certain nickname for the Eevee?
  4. no, Eevee's fine.

    ive got an extra Shellos to send over, is that OK?
  5. sure thats fine, just make sure that it is holding the tm
  6. What do you want for the Thunderstone?
  7. I've got alot (almost 40) of thunderstones that you could have.
    What Pokemon do you have that you could offer (doesn't have to be like your most powerful though) for them?
    If not any...I'll just trade it for an item or something...
  8. hmm.... i could offer you an electrike, or some items..
  9. Just send a Bidoof with a lefties of Calcium and I'll send a Bidoof with a Thunderstone
    How's that?
  10. thats fine but i was wondering do you by any chance have any of the items in my list? somebody already gave me a thunder stone :-\
  11. Yeah I can get TM 38 or TM 35.
    Which do you prefer?

    Edit: Yeah, my bad stupid typo. Regardless which do you want?
  12. you mean tm 38 or tm 25? hmm.... i think i prefer tm 38
  13. hey do you want to trade my electrike for tm 25 by any chance?
  14. Yeah that's fine. PM me when you're ready.
  15. thanks for the trades

    P.S. list changed!
  16. I can also get you the Fire Stone, Absol, and Growlithe you want. If you can, can have the Chimchar in exchange for the Growlithe and we can talk about the other two.
  17. that would be great thanks. i'm getting the chimchar tonight along with all of those other pokemon, so you'll have to wait a while
  18. Yeah that's no proble. PM me when you get them (I won't be on from 6-9 PST, so don't try then).
  19. sorry but i don't need the growlithe anymore as my cousin gave one to me. sorry for the inconvenience although i may be interested in the absol still. i'll pm you when i get the pokemon anyway.

    EDIT: sorry all but once i log out today i won't be back on till sunday sorry for all inconvenience. i promise that we can do our trades on sunday though
  20. i can get you a TM25 for a stunky... is that ok?
  21. hey all i'm back and i now have even more pokemon to offer (including a chansey), as well as some new items to trade including a spooky plate! i'd also like a battle some time and someone to talk to so if you want to talk or battle just pm me!

    SteelixFan3520: yep that's fine!
  22. well, i would trade today, but my ds was broken in a freak accident.

    i know that you can buy tm25 and tm22 at veilstone, if that helps any.
  23. steelix: okay thanks anyway

    all: hey all i'm back so please post!
  24. I can get you an Absol. Could I get a Chimchar or Registeel.
  25. Lvl. 20
    Rash Nature
    Quick Attack
    Razor Wind
  26. okay i'll trade it for the chimchar! i'm ready on wifi when you are!
  27. Could I trade you a Bulbasaur for your Teddiursa? Ursaring was one of my best in XD, and I sorta-kinda want to relive the experience of pure ownage. ^__^
  28. sure! is it okay if i train it up to ursaring (as i want the dex info) or would you like it as it is?
  29. I'm ready on the WIFI, waiting for you
  30. Not a problem- I can just get Ditto to breed with it for Teddiursa's info. I'll get your Bulbasaur hatched real quick. ^__^

    [Edit] Oh, you don't mind if it's female, right?
  31. thanks! ;D i'll pm you when i'ts ready!
  32. Thanks, BTW:
    Hey Nik, can you trade me the Arceus for Dex info? I'll trade it right back.
  33. ok sure i'm on wifi now!
  34. I've got your Bulbasaur ready on Wi-Fi whenever you're ready. ^__^
  35. Eonias, Nik was banned a few days ago.
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