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Fossil Moon: The Ancient Side Of The Moon.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zachary, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. The rain was cold.

    It drilled down in torrents into the night, soaking the girl as she ran quickly through the storm. Her blond hair was soaked, her t-shirt and shorts clung to her skin, the bag on her back was damp and waterlogged as it bounced off of her back. She was breathing hard as she ran in the night. The girl stopped, a look of confusion crawled on her face as she looked around her. She sighed and turned around and called out; “Shiloh! Stop goofing around! We need to get to Paleozan Town!”

    An Oshawott was dancing in a mud puddle, giggling as splashes rippled through out the formation. He jumped as his Trainer called out for him to snap out of it. Shiloh ran to catch up with the cold girl, jumping onto her shoulder before she took off running again down Route 6.

    The girl or Lucy was heading towards a newly founded town called Paleozan Town in the Unova region. The town was discovered by a notorious and random archeologist Pokemon Trainer with a Shiny Infernape when he was searching for ancient ruins when he stumbled onto a cave full of ancient Pokemon Fossils. Paleozan Town was created as a result of the finding, turning into a rich man’s paradise for vacations and to get a rare Pokemon Fossil.

    Back from this flash back.

    Lucy could see the town appear in her line of site, the bright neon signs and lights flashed within the night. Casino’s, restaurants, strip clubs, and a blanket of other entertainment looted the city. Lucy scanned the street, looking for a hotel. She wandered around for a bit before stumbling onto one.

    The air was warm, in stark contrast towards the storm outside inside of the hotel. Shiloh shook his head rapidly, spraying water all over his Trainer’s face. He started to freak out and jumped down due to her look of “I am not amused,” Shiloh dove under a chair and hid from his Trainer, shaking in mock fear.

    Lucy rolled her eyes and smiled, “Shiloh, stop it. T’was an accident.” She said with a smile then stuck her tounge out at him. “C’mon let’s get a room and let the storm die down.”

    Lucy walked up to the counter of the hotel and rang the dingy bell. “Hey I would like to rent a room.”

    A heavily bald man with a porn mustache slowly stood up from behind the counter creepily. Lucy jumped back startled and screeched for a short moment.

    “Oho~ I zee that zou vould. Sechs-hundread creeeedits.” He said greedily as he rubbed his mustache.

    She rolled her eyes and paid the man, motioning towards Shiloh; Lucy grabbed the key the man and walked towards the elevator. The doors opened and she walked in, waiting for them to close. Shiloh did a dive roll between the closing doors and exhaled in relief.

    “Such a boob.” Lucy laughed. Shiloh gave a cheesey grin and rubbed the back of his head.

    The doors dinged, Lucy and Shiloh wandered down the hallway towards their room. Unlocking the door, they lunged in and flopped on the bed as the door made a loud bang with the automatic locking system kicking so creepers wouldn’t appear in.

    Lucy flinged her bag into one of the empty chairs in the room and snuggled against a pillow as Shiloh fumbled with the TV remote, turning it to Doctor Who.

    “Not too late Shiloh, we need to be up in the m-“ Lucy didn’t get to finish her sentence as she fell asleep into the pillow.

    “Osha Oshawott!” Shiloh said, thumping his chest as he bounced up and down on the bed.

    EDIT: No more auditions, just join.
  2. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A girl walked toward the glowing neon of Paleozoan Town, obscured entirely by the oversized, hooded raincoat she wore. Beside her, a large, blue, sea lion like creature walked along, seemingly content in the pouring rain. Far away, a lightning bolt struck, followed several seconds later by crashing Thunder. The girl wondered if it was natural lightning or simply a skirmish between wild Pokemon, perhaps even trainers battling in this ungodly weather, as she entered the city limits. She wandered very little, quickly finding a suitable hotel and slipping inside, holding the door for her Samurott, Arthur.

    Inside, a greedy looking man with an enormous bald spot and a horribly out of date moustache got a gleam in his eye as she removed her raincoat and draped it over her arm so she could access her money. “How much?” she queried, trying not to look him in the eye.
    He replied in a heavy accent, “It vill be Sechs-hundred credits, if zou don’t mind.”
    “Sure, whatever,” she muttered, handing over the cash and taking her room key.
    The girl returned her Samurott as she walked to the elevator, releasing a smaller Pokemon, a bright yellow and blue spider as the doors opened and they respectively stepped and scuttled in.

    After a few moments, the traveler and her Galvantula companion exited the elevator as a dinging sound indicated they had reached their floor. The two made their way to a rather large room, capable of accommodating larger Pokemon. Realizing this, she released Arthur again, who looked around, and, seeming satisfied with the accommodations, curled up nearby to sleep. Percival, the Galvantula, for whatever reason, found the couch more to its liking, and crawled atop it to sleep instead. The girl, Zoey, patted Arthur on the side as she crossed the room to hang up her raincoat and backpack. Had anyone been watching her, they could now clearly see she wore jeans, a black jacket with golden buttons,which she removed and hung in the closet as well, revealing a light grey t-shirt.

    Not bothering to change into pajamas, the young woman nearly fell onto the bed and began watching TV, eventually dozing off with it still on, the light flickering softly over her features through the night.
  3. A boy flew through the dark thunderclouds, ducking, diving, and soaring on a large blue and red bird. The Braviary let out a screech, and plummeted down towards the town. Raindrops splattered against the Go-goggles stretched over the boy’s eyes, and a grin stretched over his entire face. If you listened hard enough over the sound of the storm, you could just hear the laughter and whoops of excitement escaping his lips.

    The Braviary pulled up just before it and its passenger turned into a very unique painting on the sidewalk, beat its wings several times, then settled down. The boy climbed off, pulled his Go-goggles up onto his messy hair, and stroked the Braviary’s neck. “Nice flying Ace. You deserve a rest.” The boy pulled a black Pokéball with a yellow ‘U’ on the front out, and pointed it out at the Valiant Pokémon. It stretched its wings out and looked up at the clouds before turning into a beam of red energy and being sucked into the Ultraball. The boy, James, looked in the direction of the Hotel and started walking

    Five badges arranged on the James’ black jumper glinted in the lights of the Hotel’s lobby. A bald man with an odd moustache zeroed in on James, eyeing his pockets. “I zee that zou vould like to reent a room, hmm? Sechs-hundread Credeets.” James wordlessly handed over the money, and picked up his room key. He walked towards the elevator, and pressed the ‘up’ button, waiting for the elevator doors to open. When they did, he walked in, and pressed his floor button. As the elevator doors closed, James muttered something, which unfortunately the man heard. “Wierdo.”

    When the elevator dinged, and the doors opened once again, James walked down the hall to his room. He opened the door with his key, and locked it after him. Noting the large size of his room, he released all of his Pokémon except Ace, seeing as the Braviary didn’t like being inside buildings. Three flashes of red light, three Pokémon standing in the room. Darma, a Darmanitan, walked over to the TV and sat to one side, while Yuffie, the Panpour sat happily on Darma’s head. Serpen, the Servine, walked over to Darma and Yuffie’s side, picked up the remote with his ‘hands’ and switched it on, changing the channels until he found Doctor Who. He sat down next to the two Pokémon, and watched the show.

    James got changed out of his clothes, and into a pair of boxer shorts and his red pyjama t-shirt. He walked over to the couch and sat down, watching TV. Yuffie noted that, and leapt over to James’ lap. She snuggled up to his chest and fell asleep. James, tired by the night of flying, scratched her behind her ears, while his eyelids sunk lower and lower. Finally they closed, and his hand rested over Yuffie’s sleeping body. Serpen noted this and smiled, and before long, the Doctor Who credits rolled across the screen before the TV automatically switched itself off, and the entire room slept.

    OoC: One of the first posts I actually wrote up in a Word Document beforehand~
  4. It wasn’t the rain that was bothering Camille. Okay, the rain was bothering her a little; she’d been walking in it for 45 minutes now with no umbrella or coat, and she was completely soaked. Her makeup was running and her poorly concealed black eye was clearly visible now. Her shoes squished with every step and she couldn’t stop shivering. But what was really bothering Camille was the stupid town she was walking in.

    Paleozan Town had to be the worst place she’d ever decided to go. If there was another place in Unova as renowned for its fossils, Camille would have gone there, but if she wanted a Tirtouga, and she desperately did, Paleozan was the place to be. At least according to her knock-off brand Pokedex. As she brought her hand to her face to sweep some wet hair out of her eyes, she accidently hit the bruised spot around it. She gasped a little from surprise and pain, then grunted angrily and smacked her bag with her fist, hoping her Tyrogue might somehow feel that from inside his PokéBall. It was his fault she had the black eye in the first place; if he’d just hurry up and evolve by now maybe he’d actually be able to win a battle for once, and she wouldn’t have had to pounce on that asshole who’d knocked her Tyrogue out in the last town.

    Camille stopped walking and let out a frustrated grunt. “Where the hell is the PokeCenter?!” She shouted loudly and angrily, but she doubted anyone was around to hear it. She decided to give up her search for the Center and just find somewhere to sleep. Maybe tomorrow would be drier and she could look for it then. Thunder rumbled in the distance as she selected a crappy looking motel to stay at.

    It was cheap and terrible, but it was nice to be out of the cold and rain and into the dry, less cold motel room. Someone had left the window open and there was a wet spot on the carpet from the rain. Camille headed to the bathroom, which had an obnoxiously loud fan that turned on automatically with the lights. She removed her wet clothes and tossed them into the bathtub, which she sat on the edge of, rolling a PokéBall around in her palm. She considered releasing her Simisage, unsure whether she should be embarrassed about a Pokémon seeing her naked. She stood up, took a look at her own chest in the mirror and snorted. “Not like there’s much to see there, Camille.” She said to herself glumly. She headed out of the bathroom, threw on some pajama pants and a ratty shirt, and climbed into bed. She fumbled with the alarm clock, setting it first for 9:30, then 10:30, then finally just shutting it off all together, and drifting off to sleep.
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  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    “No James, I’m not running from my work,” Dr. Isaac North said into the small phone at his ear.

    The sun was up; it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day in Paleozan Town. At the moment, clouds were a common sight, the last signs of a storm that had gripped the night. Isaac was strolling down the road, followed by two Pokemon. One was a Scizor, wearing the tattered remains of a black long coat. The other was a Buizel, a somewhat fidgety Pokemon who remained as close to Isaac as possible.

    “Well obviously I’m looking for a trainer for the Buizel,” Dr. North frowned, looking exasperated, “yes in Unova, Buizel is a rare Pokemon here.”

    The doctor himself was dressed in a fairly causal outfit. Well, as casual as a closed dark gray fatigue jacket, black jeans, black shoes, and a black scarf could be. His hair was short and a dusty brown color, and he had a goatee of the same shade. There was a pair of square rimmed glasses on his nose, as well. In the hand not holding a phone was a worn silver briefcase, which was unmarked other then general wear in tear.

    “What do you mean Buizel is common on the western half of the region, I was told that there are no foreign Pokemon in Unova,” the doctor froze in place, the Buizel bumping into him, “wait, they closed a whole half of the region to only allow trainers who challenged the Elite Four? You’re kidding, right? Well alright Dr. Kirk, I have a Ph.D. in Genetics as well, and you don’t hear me spouting crap at every opportunity.” Isaac sighed. “Fine, I will head back to Mistralton City and take the first plane to Kanto, now would you please shut up.”

    Who ever was on the other end of the line didn’t take well to being told to shut up. Shouting could be heard from the phone as the doctor pulled it away from his ear, groaning slightly. He hung up, silencing the man on the other end of the line midsentence. The phone immediately began ringing, which the doctor answered, then hung up again. This continued three more times before the man on the other end stopped, finally realizing that Isaac was not going to talk to him and longer.

    The doctor pocketed the phone, before wandering over to a small diner. He took a seat at one of the outdoor tables, placing the briefcase on the table. The Scizor hovered nearby, while the Buizel climbed up to the chair opposite the doctor. Isaac looked over to the small orange Pokemon, which seemed to shrink as his eyes rested on him. “Well Seth, looks like there’s been a change of plan, we’re taking you to Kanto. I know it isn’t as far from your home region of Sinnoh as you might have liked, but that’s life.”

    The Buizel frowned, not looking pleased at the thought. Eventually, a waitress approached, asking the doctor what he wanted. He ordered a simple coffee for himself, and decided to treat both his Pokemon to an apple. When the food arrived, the Scizor, Seifer, easily grabbed the red fruit and ate it almost absentmindedly. Seth, on the other hand, seemed to have more trouble, fumbling with the fruit and having to concentrate deeply on holding onto and eating it.

    “You’ll have to get used to that,” the doctor smirked, “You’ll starve otherwise.”

    Still, Isaac waited patiently for the Buizel to get how to properly hold and eat the apple before downing his drink, and paying for the lot, leaving a small tip as well. The Scizor had finished his food, while Seth was still working on the apple, bringing it along with him. They left the diner without much a fuss, and began to wander around the city. Isaac wasn’t ready to leave Unova yet. Perhaps he just wanted to spite the man he’d been talking to, but he decided he would remain in the city for at least one more day, and then take his time getting back to Mistralton.

    Half way up a hill that would lead the group into the uptown district, the Buizel tripped over himself, almost falling to the ground, and dropping his apple. The half eaten fruit went rolling down the hill, much to Seth’s dismay and Isaac’s amusement.

    “Well there goes that,” the doctor smirked.”
  6. The evening rain hammered down on the large figure’s brown cowboy hat. Tobias, as he went by, paced the dark and musty streets, and anyone who managed to lock eyes with him under his hat were met with a piercing gaze. This man was rock hard – surely he wouldn’t need to shelter for the night. Well actually, this ‘man’ did. Looking up, he saw neon lights, flickering and buzzing reading – “Hotel – People and Pokemon Welcome” Raising his eyebrows, Tobias walked into the building, slipping off his shoulder bag, flicking his hat onto his back which was now dangling off some string around his neck, and removing his black jacket before making the stupidest, slightly high pitched sound of relief you’ve ever heard. Tobias wasn’t even a man, he was in fact only a fifteen year old Pokemon Trainer, he wasn’t a serious person either – he just played that act to keep him safe in the night. The only thing that was the truth was that he was just tall.

    Very tall.

    He slung his removed possessions over his shoulder, which was covered by an aqua blue t – shirt, and shook his hair from side to side, whipping the water out of his curly brown hair. Chuckling a little, he jogged over to the counter and looked at the bald man staring at him.

    “Yeah, I’d like to rent room, please! Preferably one with a good view.”

    The man scoffed. He didn’t like Tobias’ attitude, and who was he to come barging in asking for a custom room. He gave a sarcastic smile and replied,

    “Yez, whutever. Zat vill be Sechs – hundread end feefty Pokedollars.”

    Tobias fumbled through his pocket, oblivious to the hatred being vented at him, and handed the moustached man the money, smiling. The man handed him the room key, and looked away, with a small murmur of ‘Enjoy your stay’.

    Opting to take the stairs over the elevator, Tobias quickly ran up to the third floor, where his room was. After a few seconds of fiddling with the lock, he got the door open. The room was nice and clean, and well looked after, even though the baldie gave it a bad appearance.

    Jumping onto his double bed and sighing, he looked up at the blue ceiling. Getting to Unova from Hoenn was a really annoying journey, but he was finally there. Besides, he couldn’t complain. The weather was warm (not as warm as his homeland, the tropical Hoenn region, but still), the food was apparently known to be okay, and all the Pokemon were one’s he’d never encountered before! Catching one and bringing it back home would be a real accomplishment. For now though, Tobias thought it’d be good to just sit back and relax. Kicking off his shoes, he took a large sigh and looked out of his window. It really did have a good view.
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  7. The Stunfisk slowly hovered out from under the bed in the room his current trainer was sleeping. He was a kind boy, but he would let him go, like all the others. They always did. He would never blame them, though, ever since he had grown up from an egg in Icirrus, other members of his species found him disconcerting. He was often initially caught by trainers, getting a free ride until his unsavory habits caused the trainer to let him go. Maybe one day, he would settle down. However, tonight was certainly not that day. Tonight, he would follow the telltale scent that wafted into his beak from outside the room.

    The boy's name was Riley, if he recalled. A beginner trainer, for the most part. The other two Pokemon in his possession were the rat and the cold thing. The Stunfisk's eyes narrowed slightly; he didn't like them. The rat was far too boisterous, and the cold thing has simply horrifying to look at. The boy and the cold thing both smelled like forest. They had probably journeyed from far away, but not so far as to outside the region. They would be easy to pass. It was the rat that was the problem. The Emonga was perched on its little makeshift nest of hotel brochures and tissues, and although it appeared to be sleeping soundly, the odd creature knew otherwise. Caught in his wandering thoughts, he tried to dimly recall the names he had been called, and his current one. It might have been Boris...yes, it was. The Stunfisk kept a sharp eye on the rat as he shifted ever so slowly, making sure to float just above the cheap carpeting. It smelled of cigarettes, likely belonging to the last resident.

    Boris suddenly froze in place as the Emonga opened a solitary eye, staring straight at him. Stunfisk were known to sleep with their eyes open, so if he simply stood still enough, he would be in the clear. The rat shrugged and closed its eye once more, shifting against its nest yet again. The Stunfisk dare not let out a breath as he squeezed in between the border of the ground and the door, its beak simply bending inwards as he pushed through.

    It wasn't the greatest hotel. It was certainly not luxurious, but it was passable. The boy could only afford just enough for the cheapest room, and as such, their accommodations were a little less than what the Stunfisk had been used to. At the same time, it wasn't often that Boris had met a trainer who let him outside of the pokeball at night. It wasn't much of a problem, though, for he was fortunate enough to pick up that scent. That ever so glorious scent, a mix of perfumes and pleasant smells of the breezes of spring and even the coldness of winter...

    Boris quickly pressed himself against the wall as a boy passed through the hall. He cared not for males. They smelled of must and other such unpleasant scents. He cursed himself silently; he mustn'y let himself get caught up in the glorious smell again. He had seen what happened to stray Pokemon in these kind of places. He remembered as the Riley boy picked him up from the Pokeshelter, after leaving his old trainer behind in the streets of Castelia after the trainer in question abandoned him. Shaking himself out of the nostalgia again, he followed the scent diligently, rhythmically floating up and down.

    After a few more minutes and dead ends of similarly smelling females, Boris was sure he had located the room. Lightning crashed from outside, lighting his blank face momentarily before he slipped into the room, the same way he had done while leaving Riley's current residence. There she was. Boris swept the room with searching eyes; luckily, there were no other Pokemon. He hovered across the carpet, longing to be near the smell. From a glance, it seemed the Stunfisk had shifted gravity as he began to hover up the side of the bed.

    There she was. She was beautiful, even with the unfortunate wound on her eye. The woman named Camille. He had listened as she checked in, noticing her lovely smell. He drifted ever closer to the girl in pajamas, simply hovering over her stomach area. The Stunfisk smiled. This smell...this everlasting scent. As Boris soundly fell asleep once more, despite his eyes sticking open, as Stunfisk do, he was at peace. The scent of what smelled like home wrapped around his being.

    Elsewhere, the Emolga smirked. She couldn't wait to see what kind of crap that thing had pulled this time. At the same time, the rat pursed her lips to look at Riley worryingly as he shifted in his sleep. He was probably having nightmares again. She also hoped that Riley will be able to not die of embarrassment when that thing would be found out this morning. She lowered her head once more, falling back to slumber.

    OOC: Okay, just wanted that to happen to badly! My subsequently posts will be of Riley's Point of View, as is normal, with maybe a little more of Boris.
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  8. The sun pierced through the curtains as Lucy rubbed her eyes, Shiloh was passed out on the pillow next to her, holding the TV remote. She let an exasperated smile creep across her face and patted him on the head. Grabbing her bag, she walked into the bathroom and did her daily rituals of the morning and jumped into the shower. After she was done, she threw on a nice vintage Daytrip top with a pretty skirt. Lucy walked over to Shiloh and shook him gently.

    Shiloh stuttered awake and yawned loudly. He rolled off the bed and walked towards the door, waiting for Lucy. Shiloh was banging the door with his scallop to get her moving.

    The two descended down the hotel and walked through the crowded, bustling streets.

    “So, Shiloh. Where do you think we should go first?” Lucy said as she looked at a map she snagged from a vendor.

    “Osha!” He said, pointing at the Paleozan Museum and Mine.

    She beamed at him with happiness, “Sounds good.” She said as they walked towards the building.

    OOC: Finally, I've been busy do don't bug me about it. Its not dead, just been on hiatus. Post away you people. (except Rex, you just smell.)

    (okay, I was kidding.)
  9. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Zoey was roused from her sleep rather early in the morning by her Samurott, who had already begun the process of dragging her out of bed so she wouldn't stay there until mid afternoon. She waved him away sleepily, rolling her way out of bed and into a standing position. After a shower snapped her out of the morning stupor, Zoey dressed in an outfit exactly identical to her previous one from her bag, along with a black newsboy cap she had grown fond of.

    The girl left the room, Arthur in tow, after recalling Percival to his Poke Ball, and, making sure the door was locked behind them, made for the stairs. A short climb down later, the two were in the lobby, which they crossed quickly, with their heads down. Once outside, the two walked over to the nearby Pokemon center, where Zoey, after some thinking, switched two of her Pokemon for ones she had stored.

    As they made their way toward the uptown district, they came upon a man and two Pokemon; Buizel and Scizor. As they walked up the little Sea Otter Pokemon tripped, dropping his apple, which immediately sent Arthur to the young Pokemon's side. Zoey simply watched as the larger otter ran off, used to the Pokemon trying to help everything he could.

    As the Samurott made his way over to the Buizel, he took an Oran Berry from the pouch around his neck, handing it to the smaller Pokemon with a smile.
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The Buizel's plight was soon answered, surprisingly enough. A Samurott, one of the local Starter Pokemon, rushed up to him, handing him an Oran Berry. Seth looked down and the road, nodding thanks, while Isaac simply looked on. The doctor approached the two, sighing to himself, Seifer backing him up.

    "I hope you don't expect me to pay for that," Dr. North frowned.

    Seth nodded again, moving to hand the berry back to the larger Pokemon. The Buizel's stomach growled, what he had eaten of the apple had not been enough a meal. Still, he continued to offer the berry back, still looking at his feet.
  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The Buizel's trainer apparently expected to have to pay for the berry, the Samurott raised his head to the man and shook it, still smiling, to indicate he expected no payment, then beckoned for the smaller Pokemon to eat.

    Zoey had made her way up to the trainer and Pokemon, and heard him say something about paying for the berry. Stepping up to pat Arthur, she said, "Pay? Nah, Arthur just loves to help anything that needs help, it's ingrained in his psyche or something. He would never expect payment for helping another, and neither would I. I'm Zoey, by the way, though from the looks of you I doubt you'd care a whole lot," she finished, looking from the Buizel to the man in black.

    OoC:Failpost is fail, just moving this short interaction along @_@
  12. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Seth nodded again, taking the berry and slowly eating it, still looking down. Isaac studied the Samurott's trainer for a moment, wondering if maybe he could hand the Buizel off to her. Probably not, she was already along as a trainer, and would be too hard to keep under control. For now, then, the Buizel would stay with the doctor, and probably travel all the way to Kanto with him.

    "I am Dr. Isaac North," the man answered, moving to the side a little so his briefcase was behind him, "And no, by the looks of it, there isn't anything you might be able to do make me care much."
  13. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    “Oh my freaking God, is there no way out of this maze!?” a voice yelled out, promptly making some stray Pokémon flee from the source of the noise. The face of a teenage boy peeked out from behind some building, thunder sounding in the background. He sighed, adding, “And to top off the fact that I’m lost, tired, and hungry, it’s pouring like hell out here!”

    Kelvin Bohr was the average trainer someone would probably find in Unova. His messy, blonde hair was tied back in a low ponytail to help him see, his beautiful leather vest and white t-shirt were drenched thanks to the downpour, and his favorite jeans were ripped, cut, and soaking wet, and it was NOT because he tripped over a toilet. He might be dense, but he wasn’t stupid enough to not spot something as large as that. If it wasn’t for the fact that he lost his bike a few days ago, someone could even think he was part of some biking gang or something. Or...

    “Madame, do you need help?” a little boy inquired from behind Kelvin. The teen smirked before turning around, giving a great shock to the boy behind him. He was used to being called a girl by now, what with his long hair and stuff; usually, like today, he used it to his advantage to give a bad shock to whoever was talking to him. The little kid blinked a few times while backing off, before stammering, “A-a-are you l-lost, sir?”

    “Sure am, kid,” Kelvin said, kneeling so that his eyes were about level with the boy’s. God, was he that short when he was that young? “Say, could you help me find some place to stay for a night or two?”

    The boy, despite his initial shock at finding Kelvin’s gender, giggled before pointing ahead of him, saying, “The closest hotel is right there, sir.” The older teen nodded, patting the kid on the head and, after a brief moment of hesitation, stuck his hand in his pocket and gave the boy a bit of cash. The boy’s eyes widened at seeing the money, and hugged Kelvin before taking the money and dashing off to join some lady who had just walked out of some store. Dang, I don’t want to see her chastise him for taking money from a stranger, Kelvin thought as he quickly turned around and dashed towards the hotel.


    By the time he got close to the lodging, his jeans were dripping with water and wet dirt thanks to the puddles, and his hair was in desperate need of a wash. His eyes shined with delight, finally seeing an opportunity to dry off and see if his clothes were beyond repair or if a run in the cleaners would make them good as new. However, just as he was about to approach the hotel, he caught sight of a girl walking back outside, and was able to pick up the word “screwed” as she talked to her Pokémon. Influenced by the help he received earlier today, Kelvin quietly approached the girl and, leaning against the wall, asked, “Need some help, miss?”
  14. A groggy expression and bagged eyes were pasted onto Tobias' face as his alarm clock ringed out it's electronic buzz, tearing through the tranquility of the room. A few blind swipes at the clock, followed by his own 'Hammer Arm' on the top of the device. With a last shrill buzz, the clock stopped. In fact, he'd broken it. Tobias slumped out of his bed, not even bothering tidying up the quilt, and headed to the bathroom to get a hot shower. Once he was clean, he went through the rest of his routine, and kicked the door open to his room, the same usual energetic expression on his face. He decided to go out to the centre of the city to have breakfast - for him and his Pokemon. Down the long corridors and stairs of the hotel he went, wearing the same things from yesterday, barring his jacket and his blue top - this time it was a deep green one.

    Striding out of the hotel's automatic doors, he made his way to the bustline square of the town for a good meal..

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