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Fossil Moon: Anyone can join!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zachary, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. The scientist sat in his study, brooding silently as he watched the rain fall gently against his Victorian styled windows. He was a sickly pale man, wearing a dirty lab coat that showed his disdain towards hygiene. With an unkempt beard and wrinkles, the young man seemed to be older then he looks.

    He closed his fists tightly, anger pumping through his veins with vigor. The scientist was once a leader amongst the scientific field until he suggest his theory. The theory that evolution of Pokemon didn't end simply with a stone or experience but can go on with a certain type of energy. His fellow scientists laughed at him, mocked him unrelentingly. “How can Pokemon evolve beyond the final stage?” they asked as they roared with laughter until a Professor Sycamore discovered Mega Evolution. Then they backed him as the leader in the field.

    The scientist closed his eyes and slowly sighed. The darkness in the room added to his somber behavior as he filled himself with an idea. A vindictive idea.

    He stood up and paced to the window, staring out of it with a vile grin on his face. The man lived on Bismuth Island, an island notorious for having an abundance of fossilized Pokemon. Many Trainers and Fossil Hunters come to Bismuth Island to excavate the caves filled with the remains.

    The scientist rushed to his work desk and began to sketch out his devious idea. They took all that he loved and perverted it, destroyed it. And every day, his former friends and colleagues remind him of it.

    But by doing this, they created a monster.

    And this monster will be their greatest horror.


    Bismuth Island, by all definitions, is a tropical paradise. Located within the Zallenfros Archipelago, it also went by the title of Fossil Kingdom. Zachary stood at the bow of the ship he was sailing on towards Bismuth Island. He opted out of his usual attire for an open shirt and cargo shorts combo with fur-lined sandals. His hair was spiked up stylishly and his five o'clock shadow was just shaven right. His signature scarf fluttered behind him as Zachary had a smile on his face. Bismuth Island was notorious for wandering Trainers to come and try to collect fossilized remains of ancient Pokemon.

    And hot women, lots of hot women that wore skimpy bikini's which delighted Zachary, but that's just Zachary being Zachary.

    Pintsize/Rocky the Pancham sat on the railing next to Zachary. His own signature bandana around his neck was flapping in the wind as he ate a hot fudge sundae. A wild Wingull saw the hot fudge sundae and began to dive towards it but with a swift round-house kick from Pintsize sent the Wingull flying into the horizon.

    “So, Pintsize, shall we go skirt chasing or go on an adventure?” Asked Zachary nonchalantly, ignoring the whole debacle as he stole Pintsize's cherry off of his sundae. The Pancham looked at Zachary incredulously, like he did the worst thing possible.

    “<How about we dance the night away with my foot in your ass?>” Pintsize said with mock rage in his voice. Zachary rolled his eyes as the ship came to port suddenly. With a grin, Zachary said, “Let's go skirt chasing!” and picked up Pintsize. With his super light speed, okay, not so super light speed, Zachary ran through the crowd of people, rudely knocking into people as he jumped off the side of the boat and onto the pier.

    “I'm yo pleasure man, ah-huh. You will be my friend, mmhmm. I come to you in the niiiiight, with my shiny body in my ferrarrriiiii~.” Sang Zachary as he and Pintsize raced towards the beach, ignoring the obvious rage and confusion from the spectators. The two bumbling heroes weaved and dashingly dashed through crowds of people on the street as they dodged kiosks. The two came to a skidding halt at the beaches edge, admiring the smell and beauty of the sea as Zachary scoped out the ladies.

    “So, Pintsize, shall we mingle and jingle?” Zachary said as he eyed a blonde bombshell walking past him.

    Pintsize nodded, he knew his role. Act cute and cuddly while Zachary tries and fails at getting the girl. The two walked onto the beach and headed towards the nearest girl with fire in their eyes. Pintsize knew either Zachary will score or end up in handcuffs.

    The latter, more then likely, thought the Playful Pokemon.


    Anyone can join, I just ask you have decent grammar and such. Sorry for the crappy post, but I was in a hurry.
  2. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Faye may be a hard worker and a very determined trainer, but the girl knew all work and no play was a pretty bad thing for humans and pokemon alike, so today the trainer decided to treat her team to a day at the beach.

    Normally Faye would try to stick to only fairy types when it came to pokemon but she did have a few exceptions...Mainly her father's Tropius, Laurel, who happened to be flying her to the island. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her Togetic, the bell on the blue ribbon tied to its neck jingled rapidly in the wind.

    Faye's long chestnut hair danced in the behind her in the wind as she rode the flying Tropius, relying on her green bandana to keep the hair out of her face. "Good job Laurel lets go ahead and land so all of you can take a well-deserved break."

    Laurel happily did as she was told before giving Faye a nice nuzzle as she climbed off. Fay chuckled lightly stroking the pokemon after letting go of Togetic who floated lightly by her head before drifting to the pokeballs clipped to her waist, letting the rest of the team, Sylveon, Flogress, Klefki and finally Azumerill out to play.

    On any normal day Faye would wear her usual blue shirt and green overalls with the straps wrapped around her waist. Today however because of the heat of the island she came prepared with a bue bikini top, matching the dark blue of her t-shirt under her shirt which she now shed.

    "Now all of you make sure you stay close. Today is for fun but I don't want to lose any of you." Fay instructed before letting them play in the water. Laurel and Togetic however stayed by her side, Laurel providing shade for the pair while basking in the sun and Togetic began building a small castle’ out of sand and shells. The girl simply sat on the beach, watching her beloved pokemon play, like a mother watching her children. However, after watching them for a few minutes she felt comfortable enough to lean back on the sand under the shade of Laurel's wings, knowing full well any of them would alert her to somethng wrong.
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  3. It was another boring day of work, but today Corey didn't mind it as much as usual. She sat at her counter, staring at the clock and wishing it was time for her to leave already, like she usually did, but she had a good reason this time. Today was the day she could finally quit this horrible job and get off this island that she'd been stuck in for over a month.

    When she'd left on her Pokemon journey, with her Skarmory by her side, everything had seemed so easy, and for a while it was. She was more than able to support herself with all the money she was making off other trainers she battled. Everything was working out exactly as she'd hoped. When she'd got a phone call from her parents asking to borrow Skarmory for a few days, she hesitated, but ultimately agreed. Those few days ended up being weeks, and it didn't take long for Corey to realize that without Skarmory, she was losing way more battles than she was winning.

    The money that had seemed to be filling up her pockets was now dwindling, and she knew that until she had her best battler back, she was going to need a different source of income. And that's how she ended up working in a souvenir shop on Bismuth Island. In fact, that's also how she ended up living inside a souvenir shop on Bismuth Island. She was used to moving from place to place and staying for free in Pokecenters, but the Nurse had kicked her out after a week. She'd been sleeping on the beach before she got this job and moved in, unbeknownst to her coworkers.

    A customer came to the counter holding a Bismuth Island coffee mug and a t-shirt for her to ring up. Corey suppressed a sigh as she got back to work. It wouldn't be long now until she could get to the Pokecenter and retrieve her Skarmory, and then she'd be out of here for good.
  4. Zachary sat at a bar on the beach nursing a rum on the rocks and a wounded ego. The man of action got rejected and while Pintsize watched, he got his ass kicked by the women's boyfriend.

    “Thanks for having my back, Pintsize.” Zachary muttered as he took a sip of his rum with a disgruntled look, “Bartender, can I get an icepack? My head and ass hurt.”

    Pintsize was laughing his ass off next to Zachary on a bar stool, sipping a nice glass of milk. “<I tried to be cuddly, like you wanted!>”

    “Yeah, she cooed at you and bitch slapped me.” Zachary scoffed as he slammed down his drink and set it back down on the table. He stood up and stretched, “C'mon man, let's go.”

    Pintsize nodded, he finished his own glass of milk and wiped away his milk mustache before jumping down into the sand. The two headed past a Tropius and a lady sitting underneath it, they headed off the beach towards the souvenir shops. Zachary picked up Pintsize and squirmed through a throng of people and walked towards the nearest souvenir shop.

    “Stiffer then the stiffs back home.” Zachary said underneath his breath as Pintsize laughed. Zachary waited for the automated doors to open as cool, automated air hit Zachary in the face.

    “<Boss, I want a cheeseburger.>” Pintsize said hungrily towards Zachary as the two barely even made it into the souvenir shop

    Zachary looked at Pintsize incredulously, “Do you ever stop eating? I'll get you one later.” as he grabbed the nearest shirt off of a rack and grabbed a cup. He haphazardly tossed it onto the counter and eyed the clerk.

    “Why, helloooo, gorgeous.” Zachary said as he kicked up his trouble making smile, “My name is Zachary.”

    (That's to you Virgil.)
  5. Corey stared at the customer, a less than amused look on her face. Was he being serious? She wondered. She wasn't exactly expecting this kind of attention given that she wasn't making any attempt at all to look gorgeous, nor did she feel very gorgeous either. She hadn't taken a real shower in weeks, substituting it instead for jumping into the ocean every morning. As a result her dark brown hair was dried out and messy, though it hardly mattered as she'd tied her hair back into a ponytail and covered her head with a backwards hat for this very reason. She was sporting her laziest makeup, eyeliner and some mascara, but was otherwise barefaced. Her outfit consisted of an unbuttoned red plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up which she'd worn unbuttoned over a white spaghetti strap top, a pair of jean hotpants, and sneakers. The only thing that would be consistent from this, her messy, gross, minimum effort look, and a more dolled up Corey would be her piercings that covered most of her ears.

    Still, it had been a long time since she'd been hit on, and she knew she had to get back in the dating game sometime. Whether or not this guy was more than just your average creep she'd have to find out. "Fascinating." She responded somewhat coldly as she reached across the counter and scanned the bar codes on the two items. "You know this shirt is a child size, right?" Corey asked as she held up the shirt. It was a plain white t-shirt with a Pokemon skeleton on it the words 'Bismuth Island' at the top and 'Fossil Kingdom' at the bottom. It would definitely not fit the guy in front of her and she didn't see any children with him, although he was accompanied by an awfully cute Pancham.
  6. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    It didn’t take Togetic long at all the poke at Faye’s face making small winy noises. Faye opened an eye to look at her little friend with a smile. She knew Togetic well, so of course she knew exactly what she wanted. “I did forget about lunch didn’t I….I’m sorry sweetheart.” She said before looking out to the other pokemon. “Hey everyone! Lunch time! We can come back and play after we eat ok?” Fay called as she readied everyone’s pokeballs.

    Once everyone but Togetic was put away Faye began her trek to the shops and restaurants to find somewhere to either buy something to prepare or somewhere to sit down and actually eat. “Keep your eye out for anything that sounds good Togetic.” The pokemon was, as always floating by Faye’s head, eyes darting all over in search of food. So of course Fay noticed when a blur of jingling white passed by her face as something caught Togetic’s eye.

    That something seemed to be a stuffed Tirtouga in the window of a souvenir shop. Togetic made a sweet sound as she pointed to the toy. “Well Togetic, looks like you found mom’s birthday present. Good job.” Faye praised as she rubbed her best friend on the head. “After we get this we’ll start looking for something to eat again.” She promised Togetic.

    As the two entered the shop she grabbed the stuffed pokemon before moving to stand behind a guy with a Pancham, waiting her turn in line. She definitely wanted to compliment the other customer on his Pancham but did the polite thing and waited silently for the two to finish talking.
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  7. "Well, Abra-Goddamn-Kadabra." Zachary said with an embarrassed smile. He placed the shirt back on the rack and pulled off an extra large shirt. "Does this look good on me?" He asked the lady. He noticed that she wasn't really in a good mood so he payed for the shirt and cup and left.

    "So Pintsize, shall we battle someone?" Zachary asked out loud to his companion.

    "<YEAH! Let's do it!>" Pintsize said as he jumped in the air. Zachary nodded and waved his hands in the air, "DOES ANYONE WANT TO BATTLE?!" he yelled.
  8. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Faye’s eyes widened a bit once she realized the other guy was leaving. “Hey wait!” She shouted as she dug into the pocket of her green improperly worn overalls. “Go catch up with them Togetic, I’ll be right out!” Togetic let out a determined chirp before darting off to Zachery. “Sorry for the rush miss.” Faye said to the girl with soft apologetic eyes as she let the money for her things drop onto the counter before rushing off to catch up.

    Togetic chirped and whistled as she circled Zachery’s head trying to catch his attention playfully, her soothe bell jingling as she weaved around the guy’s head. Once Faye caught up to them she smiled at her little friend, watching her have fun.
    Catching sight of her trainer Togetic darted from Zachery to her, sprawling out on top of the green bandana tied around her chestnut hair that was in turn pulled into a half ponytail off her face. Faye was panting just a bit, normally running wouldn’t be much of a bother to her (which should be made apparent by her athletic figure), but the heat…
    “I saw you in the store. I wanted to compliment you on your Pancham, but you ran off so quickly.” Faye said as she caught her breath. “Did you breed it yourself?”
  9. After she rung up the last customer in line, Corey pulled out her PokeNav. She had no new messages, and the time displayed on the screen still told her she'd be here a while. She frowned, and placed the PokeNav on the counter. No sooner had she put it down than it vibrated loudly, the screen illuminating. Corey snatched the device up again and read the text message she'd just received.

    "Sending Skarmory to ur pc right now. Stay safe, love you." The message was sent from her mother. Corey's face lit up with a huge grin and she had the sudden urge to jump up and down, which she repressed. Her PokeNav vibrated once more, this time a notification informing her of the new arrival in her PC. She couldn't make herself sit back down, all she wanted to do was run to the PokeCenter, grab Skarmory and get out of here. There was the jingling of a bell as a middle aged couple walked into the shop.

    "Oh, it feels nice in here." The woman said, smiling at Corey as she appreciated the store's air conditioning. Corey attempted to give a smile back, but with her mind so preoccupied, and the fact that she heard this same line about a thousand times a day, it was more a twitch of her mouth than anything. She watched the customers as they looked around the shop, tapping her fingers on the counter and wishing they would leave already. "This would be cute for Iwan." The woman said to her husband as she picked up a stuffed Kabuto. They seemed to be taking their time browsing, and it looked as if they planned on examining every shelf in the store.

    And before she knew what she was doing, or could stop herself, Corey stood up and left. What was the point? She thought to herself. She was going to quit after today anyways, and it was likely she wouldn't stay on the island long enough to collect her last paycheck so really it was a waste of time being there when she could be, well, anywhere else. She jogged so carelessly to the PokeCenter that she bumped into at least three people and stepped on a small kid but she didn't care.

    There was a line for the PC but that was to be expected. She waited in it for what seemed like an hour, though in reality it was about ten minutes, and then finally had it to herself. Corey logged into the PC in what must have been a world record breaking time, expertly navigating all the screens until the machine began to make noises and with a small zapping noise, Skarmory's Pokeball appeared before her. She grabbed the ball, logged off the PC, and ran out of the PokeCenter.

    Corey had thrown the Pokeball before she even left the building. It cracked open in mid air, spilling out a bright light which took the form of her Skarmory. The Pokemon looked delighted to see her, and he hurried quickly to his trainer, nuzzling his head against her leg. Corey patted him affectionately. "Glad to have you back." She told him. The Pokemon cried out, and then took to the sky, flying circles a few feet above Corey before heading off toward the beach. Corey followed, running carelessly again through the crowds of people, who steered clear this time.
  10. Zachary stopped walking as the Togetic flew around his head in circles. A bemused look crept onto his face slowly as Zachary and Pintsize waited for the lady who owned the Togetic to catch up.

    “I saw you in the store. I wanted to compliment you on your Pancham, but you ran off so quickly.” said the women as she breathed heavily, "Did you breed it yourself?"

    Zachary laughed and patted the Playful Pokemon on the head roughly, "Pintsize? Compliment him? Don't give him an ego boost now." Zachary held out his hand, "Zachary Klink. At your service."

    Pintsize jumped up onto his shoulder and gave a huge wave, "<I'm Pintsize! You're gorgeous!!!>"

    Zachary gave a scandalous look at his companion, "Shush, you perv. I'm sorry about that, he's just- wait, you can't understand him so why am I apologizing?"
  11. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Faye chuckled a but as she reached a hand out to pet the Pancham on the head, blissfully unaware of what he had just said to her. "You are just the cutest little Pancham I've seen." She said to the little guy before looking up to Zachary.

    Pulling away from the pokemon Faye reached her hand to Zach in response to the introduction. "I'm Faye Morris." The Togetic sprawled out on her head chirped and whistled, happy it thought it was making new friends, to the point it seemed to have forgotten about the promise of food....Until its stomach grumbled. There was no way Faye could ignore that. "Say, um, is there any good place to get something to eat around here? We kinda skipped lunch and everyone's pretty hungry." By 'everyone' of course she meant those residing in the pokeballs that were clipped to her waist.
  12. Jacaranda was upset. Another day another day walking around and being attacked by trainers. Do these kids ever take a break? Whatever. All that mattered was that there was an amazing cafe on this island and she HAD to try the desert special. Her faithful Muk, Betbeton, must of been thinking the same thing, since it tugged on the side of her cloak and pointed to the restaurant.

    "Good job! I heard this place makes an AMAZING leppa berry pie!" Jacaranda yelled out, grabbing the attention of some of bystanders. Whatever. Like she cared. She was burning up in her cloak and she had to get inside. Muttering about those kid trainers and their battles, she made her way in the cafe.
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  13. As much as she wanted to leave the island as quickly as possible, Corey found herself sitting on the rocks at the beach, dipping her bare feet into the cool ocean water. Skarmory was pecking at the spaces in between the rocks and Corey imagined there was some poor Krabby scurrying around trying to avoid being eaten. Her grumbling stomach reminded her that Skarmory wasn't the only one who was ready for lunch.

    In fact, she decided as she stood up and shoved her feet back into her sandals, she would treat herself to a nice meal now that she could actually afford it. Skarmory stopped his pecking and flew back over to his trainer, ready to move on. The two made the short trek back up into town where Corey began walking towards a particular restaurant well known for its Leppa berry pie. She'd only had a piece once, when she'd first arrived, but couldn't justify spending money on dessert since then. It was becoming increasingly difficult to resist since she passed the restaurant almost every day, but there was no need for that now.

    Reluctantly returning Skarmory to his Pokeball, Corey opened the doors and stepped into the refreshingly air conditioned restaurant and waited to be seated.
  14. "Sure, I know of a good place. I'm from a nearby island so I come to Bismuth Island often." Said Zachary, "Follow me."

    He walked down a pathway, leading Faye towards a restaurant famous for their Leppa Berry pies. Cool, refreshing air hit his and Pintsize's face as they walked into the restaurant. Waving down the hostess, he asked for a giant table for Faye's and his Pokemon.

    "I'm paying, it's on me." Zachary said nonchalantly as he did a slide into his seat. Pintsize jumped down into a seat next to him and started to play with his silverware. "So, tell me, what do you do for a living?"
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  15. Jacaranda was having a heated argument with the manager of the restaurant, who requested that she put her Muk into its pokeball, as it was causing customers to leave. "Well, I say that she is fully sanitary!" she yells at the manager. "Betbeton may look diseased, and her pokedex summary may say some very rude things, but I have not yet contracted a disease of anykind from her!" she yelled. "And as a certified professor, I demand you let me conduct important studies!" she demanded, stomping her foot. "...Studies on pie?" the manager questioned. "I AM FREE TO STUDY WHAT I WANT, GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!" she huffed, taking a seat in the corner, gesturing Betbeton to follow her. People these days... she thought to herself as she ordered seven slices of pie to the waiter, who was shivering for some reason.
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  16. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Faye took in a deep breath as the cold crisp air conditioned air hit her face. Togetic flapped her little wings happy she was out of the heat. "Thank you but you really don't have to." She said in reply to the offer.

    As she sat Togetic moved comfortably into her lap, very used to being treated as the baby of the group. "I'm a pokemon trainer. Isn't it obvious?" She answered, planning on waiting to order and get the food before she let the entire team out. "How about yourself?" She asked as she absentmindedly pet Togetic on the head.
  17. Zachary laughed at Faye's sarcastic remark. "I used to be a trainer but now I'm an archeologist."

    The waiter came over and took their orders. Zachary and Pintsize ordered a giant cheeseburger to share. He left his other team mates in their balls for they were too big to fit all together in the dining room.

    "So, Faye. What brings you to my side of the world?" He asked, keeping the conversation going.


    The scientist walked down the cave's path with a flashlight guiding him. The beam of light reflected off of the gems embedded in the wall as the scientist walked into a large cavern. A small hole in the cavern's ceiling shined light down from the outside, revealing a gigantic machine surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of fossils. The scientist smiled as he picked up his tools and began to work on his machine of doom. His blood, sweat and tears fueled his primal rage, willing him to finish the machine by nightfall.

    For when the Ancient Eclipse happens, the light will shine down onto the machine and the machine will amplify it, causing the ancient Pokemon fossils to come back to life.
  18. "We have chocolate cake, Crème brûlée, brownie sundae-"

    "I'll have the leppa berry pie." Corey interrupted the waitress as she listed off the restaurant's desserts.

    "I'm sorry, we're actually all out of leppa berry pie. They're making another one right now, but it probably won't be ready for a while."

    "Oh." Corey said, not bothering to hide her disappointment. That pie was the only reason she even ate here. "I guess I'll just take the check then."

    The waitress smiled, grabbed Corey's plate, which was empty except for a pickle that had come with her sandwich, and walked off. Corey glanced around the restaurant just in time to see a waiter bringing a customer her order.

    "You've got to be kidding me..." Corey muttered to herself as she saw the waiter place seven pieces of leppa berry pie down in front of the customer who, as far as Corey could tell, was dining alone. "That's why they're out? There's no way she's going to eat all that pie."

    She slid a little farther down into her seat as she debated whether or not to do what she was about to do. Eventually deciding that she had nothing to lose, seeing as she was going to be leaving this island and probably never coming back, she grabbed a Pokeball from inside her pocket and stealthily released the Pokemon inside. In a flash of white light, her Tangela appeared under the table. Corey checked to make sure nobody saw her release her Pokemon, but there were enough Pokemon already in the restaurant that she figured no one would care.

    "Do you think you can get me one of those slices of pie?" Corey asked her Pokemon, pointing to the nearby table. Tangela nodded. It was used to these kind of requests, which had become more frequent during Corey's penny pinching days. A tube of toothpaste here, or a bottle of water there, Corey had always reasoned that nobody would really miss these things if she happened to take them.

    She watched out of the corner of her eye as Tangela worked its way under the table of the pie girl and extended a single vine up to take that delicious leppa berry pie.
  19. Jacaranda licked her lips as the pies were presented onto her table. "Alright gang! Come on out!" she said, releasing 5 of her pokemon. She looked at the pokeball containing her waillord. "I'm sorry, you would destroy the place" she said with a giggle, and the pokeball shook with understanding. "Alright one at a time!" she said snickering. First, her smallest Ditto. "Here you go" she said, smiling as the pokemon bit the pie and ate it within seconds.
    Next, her flyer, Noivern. "Quiet as you eat" she told the pokemon as it swallowed the pie slice whole.
    Afterwords, Goodra. "There we go" she smiled as the pokemon devored it.
    And then, Sloodge, her Swalot. The pokemon opened his mouth wide as she dumped the pie into his mouth.
    Finally, her best friend since childhood, Betbeton, her Muk. She smiled at how happy the pokemon became, petting her head.
    And finally, hersel-
    "HEY!" she cried out, looking in distress at the slice that was now missing. "I can't catch a break without these lousy trainers stealing my stuff!" she stressed. "I was so looking forward to it too" she mumbled. "The only one left is for Waillord, I'm not going to let her starve!" she declared, picking up the plate with pie on it, and heading out to the beach, where she released the Waillord into the ocean. The humongous pokemon let out a greeting, and Jacaranda slid the pie onto his tongue.
    "Just for you!" she cheered, smiling and her full and happy team.
    That is, until her own stomach rumbled.
    "Don't worry about me you guys! I've got an iron gut, I can hold out on pastries until they make a new one!" she lied.
  20. Elizabeth was very happy today.The reason was that she finally got to Bismuth Island.Hopping off her pidgeot,she sent out the rest of her team.First came her cyndaquil then treecko,skitty,and eevee.
    "What should we do now cyndaquil?" elizabeth asked.Cyndaquil sat down and began rubbing his belly.
    "Ha ha.I guess your right. Come on team, let's go get something to eat."
    Elizabeth began to walk around the place looking for a good restaurant to eat and rest at.They
    finally found a restaurant after about 15 minutes.
    " What would you like today?"asked the waiter.
    "I won't be having anything but my pokémon would like some of the leppa berry pie."Elizabeth said cheerfully. The waiter wrote down the order then walked off.Cyndaquil looked around and spotted a group of trainers feeding their pokémon. He squeaked cheerfully and rushed over to the trainers.
    "Get back here cyndaquil! Don't be rude to those trainers!"Elizabeth yelled. Once again cyndaquil ignored Elisabeth's order and made a bee line towards the people.
    " Stay here and and don't do anything." Elizabeth told the rest of her pokémon.Elizabeth raced off to go catch her cyndaquil.
    " This is going to be SO embarrassing." Elizabeth thought. She walked over to the group of trainers,trying to be as casual as possible.
    " I'm sorry if my cyndaquil is being a burden to you.He just wants lots of attention." said Elizabeth
    " By the way,my name's Elizabeth.
  21. Dark hopped off his Swoobat and landed on the beach.He turned to his Swoobat,who was already looking for shells,"Hey,Buck.My bag?"Dark asked the blue bat who had a black and white shoulder bag around his neck.Buck looked down at the bag,then took it off and pushed it over to Dark.Dark sighed and grabbed his bag,heavier now that he had stuffed his hoodie and pants in there in stead of the weightless bag of shorts and other necessary items he was used to in Unova."Better call out the rest of them,hey Buck?Token might not want to miss a swim,"Dark called as he grabbed five Pokeballs from his belt.He threw them up and the popped open,releasing a Shiny Reuniclus,a Druddigon,a Samurott,a Conkeldurr and a Darmanitan.The Samurott looked around,then started for the ocean."Hey,Token!I want to give you something!"Dark called to his Pokemon.Token stopped,gave a sad look at the water,then walked to his trainer."Here,for helping me with everything,you can have these poffins!Don't worry,they're nice and fresh!"Dark held out the treat to all his Pokemon,who each took one happily.The Reuniclus finished hers first,then looked at Dark.Dark nodded,"Yes,Victory,yes.I stole them from Keeley when she was beating me with a stick.I know she lost a Shiny Dousion,but she doesn't have to kill me about it."While he was talking,his Pokemon had wandered off to do some stuff nearby.Dark just sighed and pushed his dark brown hair from his scared eye.'I hope this trip will have some more use then hiding from her,'Dark thought as he took a bite from a sandwich.
  22. Sophie sighed and leaned against her Altaria, Azure. She watched the waves roll lazily on the glittering surface of the water, and decided to let loose, letting her feet drift in the water, watching Azure play on the beach, and enjoying the sun. Sophie took her bag off her shoulder, and groped around until she found hat she was looking for. An indigo stone that seemed to have a cloud of smoke swirling inside. If you tilted it just right, the sun would reflect off of it, giving the illusion that the smoke was actually moving.
    Earlier today, she had arrived on Bismuth Island, because her mother, who was a scientist, wanted her to bring back some fossil specimens. Sophie wasn't planning on going any time soon, for now, she just wanted to relax. She pulled out 3 more Pokeballs from her bag, and tossed them into the air, releasing a Lilligant, a Vaporeon, and a shiny Zorua. Sophie stretched out on the sand and Trixie, the Zorua cuddled into the crook of her neck, like always. Myst the Vaporeon dashed to the water and jumped in, splashing a few of the nearby trainers, while Ivy the Lilligant basked on a large rock, and Azure was leaning over Sophie and Trixie, providing shade. Sophie was lulled to sleep by the lapping water on her bare feet, and the scent of the sea wafting over her.
  23. Aloe silently walked through the restaurant, Dot, her Chatot, flying close by her head. They both followed the waitress to their table.
    "Dot, what do you t-think the r-rest of the team wo-would like?" Aloe asked the Chatot.
    Dot seemed to reply with a "Ill show you later" nod to Aloe, and continued to follow the waitress.
    When Aloe and Dot reached their booth, the waitress quickly gave them five menus, all for the team.
    Aloe quickly released the rest of her team: Whisp the Slyveon, Lillia the Lilligant, and Bandit the Purrloin.
    The Pokemon seemed to chatter for a bit, then sat down where their menus were. They quickly found out what they all wanted; a tray of poffins and pecha berry sandwitches. Lillia daintly remembered the time that Aloe and her had Pecha berry sandwitches at the Village Bridge.
  24. Dark pulled Buck from the sand,while Fang the Darmanitan and Log the Conkeldurr watched,chuckling."It's not nice to bury Buck!"Dark snapped at them.Then he heard a roar,and noticed his Druddigon,ussally calm,brutally attack Token,who was wailing.Broken seashells lay on the sand by the water."Stop!Ivy!"Dark ran over and pulled Ivy off Token,"You can always find more seashells!"Sighing,Dark sat down,watching Buck fly off into a tree,Ivy walking over to the sand,growling complaints,the fighting types in a mock battle,and Victory investigating a starfish.I came here to avoid fighting,not to pull my Pokemon off one another...Dark sighed,Hiding at a beach was not a real smart idea...
  25. Lydia walked alongside her Sylveon,PawTer. "See what i mean? Im alone" Pawter held up her paw and started walking faster. Lydia sighed. "Hold up!" She walked to the mountains and took a flower and she looked at her phone.

    New Message
    New Message
    Beep Boop

    Pawter was standing there right next to a bush. "What? You want me to see what the message says?" Pawter slowly nodded.

    Message Loading
    "Lydia.. I need you to come here... please..."

    She was confused. Who is this guy? Where is he or she? Lydia thought. Then she remembered "Pawter.. Smell it out, You should remember him or her"
    Pawter tilted her head and then smelled the ground. They both ran up the mountain then stopped. Nothing was there. Another message came on her phone.

    New Message
    New message
    Beep Boop

    She looked at the message.

    Message Loading
    "Dont worry looking up there.. ive already took him"

    Pawter ran to another sound Lydia following her. There stood a ghastly figure smiling. "Dad?" Lydia gasped. The figure dissapeared. "What is he trying to tell me?" They ran, PawTer fell in a pond. "Just what we needed!" Pawter was prancing in the water jumping on her reflection Pawter took the flower off her and started running. Lydia ran after her. "Why is this so confusing!" She yelled

    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock

    Time was going fast. Pawter stopped infront of a gigantic forest.

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  26. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Faye ordered enough onigiri for herself and her team. Once the rice balls were at the table all her pokemon were let out and handed one. "Vacation, honestly. I've always believed that a happy pokemon is a strong pokemon, so along with regular training and battles I make sure to treat my team here to as much kindness and fun as possible." She answered with a smile. "So where did you come across such an adorable pancham?"

    As Faye ate she heard the squeak of the cyndaquil and its trainer trying to call it back to her side. It didn't take long for her to feel the warmth of the flames close to her leg. "Well hello there little one." She said with a smile as she reached a hand down to pet it. Hearing the pokemon's trainer she looked up to the girl with a smile. "Oh it's alright, I really don't mind." She looked down to cyndaquil scratching under it's chin. "I think your trainer wants you back little one. Would you please listen to her for me?" She asked sweetly. Her face beamed with happiness as she attempted to help, a sure sign she truly wasn't bothered by it.

    While Faye's attention was focused on Elizabeth's pokemon Togetic hovered over to Pintsize, holding out the riceball, whistling an offer to share.
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  27. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    Poppy the furfrou watched the trainer hand out riceballs, wishing it could eat one, but not wanting to disturb the girl and her pokemon. He glanced up through his bangs, peeking at the Kabuto he had made friends with.
    Poppy didn't want to disturb the trainer, but he was so hungry, and he couldn't resist. Still with Kabuto on his head, furfrou went up to the trainer and gave a simple greeting, hoping she would respond in a good way.
  28. The young twenty year old Chef of the best, three star restaurant in Bissmuth, Pascal Gagurst, was making alot of leppa berry pies with his companion, gourgeist. hestight up his blue coat, putted on his hat and cleaned his three Michaline stars. He walked out of the kitchen and... "Welcome! Welcome! Here are the pies! Please!" he said. His blonde hair fell in his big, blue eyes and he tripped. "Oh! Sorry..." he gets up and takes a piece.

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