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Forged From Fire, Brought By Lightning

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Chadwyck, Sep 26, 2011.


    Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to make an art thread because I enjoy drawing. I'm not nearly as good as most of the people on 'charms, but hey, practice makes perfect. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'mma just draw stuff, and you guys can critique it and comment and schtuff.

    Please, go easy on me D;

    anywho, I've gots 2 drawings to show ya.


    I hate drawing hands. And legs. So, I decided I wasn't going to draw either of them :'D This is a /concept/ drawing of Chadwyck. I'm trying to decide if this is going to be his final drawn form or not, so I'mma draw him a few more times in the near future.


    Girl: Oka-san!
    Mom: Nani~
    Girl: Kawaii-desu!
    Mom: E-Eh!?

    This poor little drifloon just wanted to steal this little girl away, but he was too light, and now he's been deemed adorable by this little girl and he'll never escape :'D

    I'm actually quite proud of this one, even though I ffffffffff hate the hands. Again. D:<

    Sorry that they're so gigantic. Let me know what you think~
  2. Chad, you're not half bad. *lol rhymes shot* I think your on the way to drawing pretty well, after, you know, practice.

    On your Chadwyk,the only thing I can really poke at is the arms. Forearms have muscles too, so try and even that out a little*. But he looks pretty good other than that.

    On the little girl, her hands are actually about the right size. The only thing actually weird is again, the arms. The bent arm is actually longer than her straight arm, so you need to lengthen that one a little*. The thing I'm impressed with is Drifloon's angle. I still suck at perspective and stuff, so bravo.

    *(One quick way to remind you of this when you draw is go on DeviantArt or someplace and look up an anatomy tutorial for simple rules that you can remember... they'll have pictures for you too.)
  3. before I start,
    just thought everyone should know that.

    but anyway, um ♥

    Your hair is very good and your lines are very nice. That should be known.

    My favourite piccu has to be the Drifloon one. c| The hands aren't actually half bad, they're a good size and the hand holding onto Floony looks good c: And the perspective of the Floony. It's soo goooood ♥ I suck with proportion so that's just awesome <333

    I gotta get some sprites done, but I'm just gonna say the hair on Chad is lovely. Very lovely. c: And the eyes! How pretty ♥

    bla bla I should say more but sshhhhh. Next time I comment I'll be moar interesting - v -
  4. I come bearing a new batch of pictures! First up is some chibis, and it's awful :'D Don't mind the car, it was terribly done within like ten seconds XD



    Next up is another concept art of Chadwyck, and I must say that I really like this one. The legs are a bit off because I based them off of the Lupin the Third style XD


    This is the one I am most proud of, hopefully you recognize Tara from Sem's Pokefic universe. I love it so so much :D
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Pfffffff your piccus are so awesome. XD

    The girl with the Drifloon immediately made me think of Tun because of her obsession with the 'mon. It's so... KAWAII-DESU. ♥

    And the car piccu is hilarious~

    I feel like Chad looks like he just got back from a tan in your piccu, but he looks so... hawt. *shot*

  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Yay Tara ♥

    Like I said, you're improving with each piece so keep going ;o
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Will do a detailed analysis at some point but for now I'll comment on what caught my eye

    The style itself is visually simple but very effective. You've got a great grasp of the human body (compliment or masturbation joke? YOU DECIDE) which gives everyone realistic, if anime-style proportions (that was not a criticism! I love anime style).

    What I really love is those wings. They're very simple but very nice visually. Even though you don't draw each individual feather all... feathery, it's aesthetically very nice - it doesn't overwhelm you with the detal but you can clearly see what they're meant to be, and their proportions are spot on.
  8. Only one picture this time around, but I liked it a lot so I decided to post it before I finished another batch (meaning one more drawing, the way my updates have been going).


    Alice Vanguarde, the older sister of Rein. Anyone who's read Reformation should recognize her. The text that goes along with this drawing would be:

    Even though we're apart, my heart is with you...
  9. I did a drawing of Rein that I actually like a lot. Of course, there are several, SEVERAL things that could be a lot better, but I still enjoyed drawing it, so I'mma post it anyway D:< Plus, I think it's awesome ='D



    I decided to post it again, but without the white background~ Oooooooo~


    Note: Alice's hair looks different in this drawing than in the previous because she is older and let her hair grow out ever so slightly :p

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