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Ask to Join Forestezmao Region RP (BIC)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. This is the actual role play. Here are the current people who can post: Me, @SkySilvally @Pastel Moonlight, @*that* guy, @Fin 'n' Sparky, @Charlespark, @Eevee E
    Discussion Thread/Sign-ups:
    DO NOT ASK TO JOIN OR POST WITHOUT SIGNING UP. Posts with people who have no signed up will be kicked from the role play, while people asking to join will be completely ignored from where they asked.

    Alright, let me start this off! (BIC)
    Autumn walked around Professor Blossom's lab. Professor Blossom was her aunt, well most people knew that. She already got her starter Pokemon, Rowlet, who she called Ronin. Her parents had died, so Professor Blossom had to take care of her.
    "Okay Aunt, I am going to go out on my journey!"
    "Ok, take care!"
    "I will!"

    Autumn left, and then walked over to Route 1000.
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  2. Max woke up to axe his axew head butting him Repeatedly he got up got dress and had breakfast he had just finished breakfast when he relised that "today the day my adventure starts!" He shout exited he ran outside with axe and he waited one route 1000 where he saw another trainer "oh hi I'm max" he said introducing himself
  3. Sky was already out on Route 1000 after having gotten up extra early to start her adventure. Rhythm the Oricorio perched on her shoulder, staring into the grass on the lookout for wild Pokemon. Sudenly she turned around and chirped. "What is it, Rhythm?" Sky asked, "Oh it's more trainers! Hello you two!" she waved at the trainers.
  4. "Oh uh um hi" max said suddenly feeling extremely shy,axe then climbed up onto Max's shoulder "axe axe axew" he said looking at rythems "I'm uh um I'm max" max finally managed to get out
  5. Unlike the others Jeff had woken up late and had to quickly rush through his morning routine which mostly consisted of eat breakfast, have a shower, get dressed and eat more breakfast. Even as he was leaving the house and heading towards route 1000 he was still chewing on a snack, much to his companions annoyance. The Gible got so annoyed in fact that it leapt or and snapped the sandwich out his trainers hand, gobbling it up himself with a laugh. "GGi-Gible!" "Hey! Gible that was mine" Jeff was so caught up complaining at his Gible that he didn't notice the group of trainers beginning to form up a few meters ahead of him.
  6. Embry slowly woke up to realize she had to go to go on her first ever journey She quickly did her usual morning routine, got dressed, ate a few waffles, her favorite, finished her chores, got dressed and said goodbye to her parents. She then ran quickly to route 1000 to train her Weavile, a devilish little guy named Loki. Embry got Loki out and started to train a bit. She faced a few low level Pokemon before she noticed a group of Trainers that looked around her age. She saw a Guy with one of Embry's personal favorite Pokemon, a Gible, A Girl with with some kind of Oricorio, A Guy with a Axew, and A Girl with a Rowlet. She ran up to the small group to introudce herself. "Hey! I'm Embry, a new trainer who will hopefully become the Pokemon League Champion!" Embry spoke with confidence as usual. "This is my partner, Loki the Weavile." Loki simply looked around at the other pokemon and turned away. He wasn't a very social pokemon. "Sorry about that, He's always grumpy after I get him out of his Pokeball. I would keep him out but he tends to run away." Embry looked around and saw Loki had run off probably to battle some poor Rattata or something. "Uggg Loki! Sometimes he can be such a pain!" Embry though in her head. She then ran after the devilish Pokemon.
  7. Yep. Time for introductions.

    Autumn was a bit shy in very social places, but at least it was an opportunity to finally talk to people more, but nope. She completely ignored everyone. She only wanted to get another Pokemon right away. She ran behind the trees and bushes, but her Pokedex had a map because it was from her aunt, Professor Blossom.

    A sudden Pokemon out of the bushes pounced right at Autumn's backpack trying to steal it!
  8. As usual, Alexis woke up late. Her alarm had, yet again, failed to wake her up from her sleep. She'd woken up two hours after her intended time. Drowsily, she opened her eyes to face her alarm clock. After seeing the time, her eyes jolted open, and she sat upright. She moved so quickly without thinking, and forgot that Vanilla, her Buneary, had been sitting right on her chest. The small Pokemon was sent into the air, and landed on Alex's head. After making sure Vanilla was okay, Alexis rubbed her head, before sighing. "Biggest event I've looked forward to in my life, and I can't even wake up in time for that." She muttered. With one more sigh, the girl got up from her bed, changed from her Pajamas into her usual attire, and packed her bag with everything she needed.

    After taking a quick review through her supplies with Vanilla, the Buneary gave her trainer a nod of satisfaction. "Alright, lets go." She said, walking down the stairs. Fortunately for hew, the rest of her rather noisy family were asleep. She ate a bowl of cereal, triple-checked that she had everything, then left a note on the counter. "Don't know how I managed to not wake you guys up first, with the racket I made getting up. Oh well, you all know where I've gone! I'll be back eventually! ~Love, Alex" Is what the note said. "Alright, Vanilla, let's go." Alex called, and her Pokemon bounced over, climbing along Alex's back and resting on her shoulder. As the new trainer approached Route 1000, she noticed a small group of other trainers. "Are you all beginning trainers, too?" Alexis asked, as she approached them.
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  9. Kate woke up later than usual, as she heard the rings of her alarm clock. She sluggishly got off of the bed, while Evan continued to snore about. She shuffled towards her dresser and quickly changed into her attire. She smiled at herself while she wore her bracelet around her left wrist. The bracelet glimmered along with the fluorescent lighting, as it gave off a silvery hue to her eyes. She said to herself while sighing in relief, "Well, thank god I packed last night... though I did get up a bit late. I suppose I'm not the only one since little snoring over there is still dreaming about."

    She grabbed her bag and wore it around her shoulder, as the leathery textures softly nuzzled the cotton that was within her tan shirt. She grabbed her goggles and wore them soon after, as she headed over to the asleep Elgyem. She said to him in an enthusiastic tone while chuckling, "Alright sleepy head, time to rise and shine now! Come on buddy, today's a big day! We're going to explore around the new region now!"

    Evan replied in a hesitant tone, "Elg- Elgyem..."

    She replied back to him, "Aww, come on baby! You can't always be sleeping like that now!"

    He hesitantly got off of the bed, while he slightly hovered over the ground. His body wobbled about, as he attempted to balance himself in the air with his psychokinesis that still needed sharpening. He slowly hovered over towards Kate, while he saw her exiting out of the room.

    He followed her to the kitchen, while his body continued to wobble in slight motions. He slowly desended onto his seat, as it was significantly higher than Kate's; due to his small size. He looked over at Kate with patient eyes, as he saw her making breakfast. The sweet aroma filled the kitchen, as the lights on his hands blinked the moment he saw the pancakes being neatly placed onto the plates.

    He noticed her placing the syrup onto the pancakes, as she walked over towards the table with the plates. She gave the smaller plate to him, while she placed the bigger plate in front of her. She got up and grabbed a fork while Evan slowly lifted the small pancakes with intense concentration. She sat back down and quickly began eating the pancakes with her fork; while Evan utilized his psychokinesis to eat his pancakes without even touching them.

    After they finished eating breakfast, Kate got up and brought the dishes and fork over to the sink. She washed them with love, as they all sparkled with a faint shine after they were placed on their respective racks. Evan got up and hovered over to the couch, as he sat down and waited for Kate by the door. He saw her walking to the door, as she wore her socks and her shoes on.

    She picked up Evan and said while she smiled, "Alright buddy, are you ready? I'm all packed here and good to go!" He happily nodded at her, as she opened the door and exited out of her house. She checked her bag before venturing out to Route 1000; to make sure that she had everything for her adventure.

    After checking her bag, she walked over to Route 1000. As she approached the route, she noticed other trainers that were nearby. She responded to the trainer that she heard within the moderate distance, "Well, you're not the only beginner here. I still need sharpening on some core things here." She quickly walked towards the trainer, noticing a Buneary that rested on her shoulder. Evan's body shook from the accumulating anxiety that his body had; he was not used to being around others. He looked over at the Buneary that was with the trainer, as he stayed slient.
  10. Before Alex had a chance, Vanilla had already moved and leaped on top of her head. The Buneary was looking behind Alex, now. As Alexis turned to the new voice, Vanilla had to move around on her head to be able to see as well. This movement earned Alex a grunt of discomfort from her Pokemon. Alex gave a slight giggle at this, before replying to the trainer. "Well, good to know I'm not the only one. I have decent knowledge on the basics, but that's about it. It's nice to meet you!"

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