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Ford's Doodles.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ford, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. I do actually have quite a few drawings around but until i get my sanner back from school you'll have to put up with my quick MS paint doodle of sceptile.

    Why Sceptile i hear you ask..Who knows.


  2. Wow, that sceptile is awesome..if rather bright. It sort of hurt my eyes but my eyes are sensitive to light, and the light green didn't work out so well.

    Do you do requests? Because I would love if you did that with Luxio or Aipom.
  3. Nice! I like it, and you did it with MSPaint? Wow. Just wow. I'll admit, occasionally I'll use Paint, but not as good as that. Keep on going strong with your computer artwork! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I mean, awesome Trainer Card template (thanks for the custom ones, again!), a great sprite, and now an excellent Sceptile on Paint. If you do requests, could you please do a Shaymin? I just love that little guy!
  4. [​IMG]

    A Luxio anyone? Another MS Paint doodle.

    I do have apretty nifty watercolour sudowoodo somewhere im trying to track it down now.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    They're both pretty good, and I like how you've stuck the colors you used for shading and such at the side like that, but what exactly makes Luxio in that picture Lucario-like? ^^;
  6. Err.. A spelling mistake of Luxio.. X_X

    Darn, We need D/P over here in the uk i need to know these new pokeys!
  7. I assume double posting is allowed when posting an update.

    Anyway probably my second...ish favourite pokemon Munchlax.

  8. Just a small update.


    A Custom badge for my Character Ford despite the fact hes not a gym leader X_X
  9. Again just a little addition from the custom badge. Im hopeing to create an entire set of 8 badges.
    But with 8 Badges where would you put them?

    In a custom bade holder of course...


    And with the sinnoh badges.. Note: The sinnoh badges where ripped i didn't create them. This is just to show how it looks.

  10. Wow.. this must be my 4/5th post in a row. Luckily i have a real peice of art other than a sprite drawing.

    This is part of a collection of the future "Twerps" First of all May as a pokemon ranger. It dosn't seem to futureistic so its more may dressed as a pokemon ranger but ah well. Not coloured yet but il get around to it.


    Please comment, I want posts from more people other than myself in ym art thread X_X
  11. theyre all really good, but id have to say the munchlax and sceptile are the best, especially since its on ms paint, i dont know anyone that good on paint, keep up the good work
  12. Thanks alot, Although on the paint stuff anyone can do it. it just involves looking at the character, Looking at the shadeing and takeing it line by line. Its not like i use an overly complicated pallete as you can see.
  13. nice drawings specaily munchlaxbut can u draw some other pokemon???
  14. yeah, but it also takes a lot of time and patience, which most people dont have, but i still probably couldnt do it anyways...
  15. May looks hot as a Ranger.....LOL
  16. Errr..Thanks lol.

    Anyway i coloured the may pic in photoshop...Awfully may i add. Im definatley going to re-do this as it just looks so awful but you know whatever.
  17. I think the coloring job on Poke'Ranger May looks pretty good actually :)
  18. really good drawings ford
  19. Thanks for the great comments Guys. Your comments keep me motivated to create more peices.

    Anyway here is the Re-Colour of the May Ranger Pic. I decided to create it once again in watercolours. unfortunately my computer has "unmountable boot Volume" and so i had to take a photo and upload it to my moms laptop but once i get my computer back il scan it at better quality.



    Anyway next up will probably be Max. I'd imagine him as the ultimate pokemon champion being as hes such a little know it all at the moment.
  20. all of them are really good drawings.
  21. I can't wait to see Max.
  22. Thanks alot guys, Just a little update...But an update without a picture.
    My computers seriously down now so pictures aren't going to come as often as they were.

    And just a little heads up i have a few Chibi pictures of spiderman 3 crew that il probably upload them soon.

    But still keep the nice comments going because it truely does keep me motivated.
  23. [​IMG]
    Scanned and finished. The Scan sorted of distorted teh smoothness of the colours but ah well.
  24. OKay first peice:
  25. These were created by request from Eevee Lover. I guess these are going towards a gym leader castle or something but you'll have to ask her about that. Designs by Eevee Lover re-created by me with slight Artistic Liscence.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And the Holder:
  26. I'm not overly sure on how plausible this idea is, but would it be possible for you to please made an Unown themed trainer card, as well as a kind of 'techy' mechanical one in a blackened steel style? I'd greatly appreciate both. Cheers in advance.
  27. As with most requests il give it a go.
  28. Cheers Ford, I'm looking forward to them already.
  29. Wow. What program did you use to color that May? You did a really nice job! :D
  30. wow, nice sceptile! :o

    Very Artistic
  31. Comments Oh Glorious Comments!

    If You mean this one it was painted in water colours.
  32. He returns..


  33. I know its not really pokemon Art, But i've seen non pokey art around.

    Paris Hilton:
    This is a stencil i've sprayed around with the words "ASPIRATION?" Printed underneath.
    Social Satire or mindless vandalisim...I don't care..


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