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Private/Closed Forced Friends.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Diffrent▪Dice, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Welcome to Forced Friends! I am the creator Dice. Here is the sum up: You are a beginning trainer in the region of Unova, after picking out your starter your professor says you're going to travel with three other trainers on your journey, How will your story end up? (Also the people listed here are the only people I have spoken too about this roleplay and are allowed in this thread: Renz,Playful,Justin.) If you are not one of these people please delete any posts you have created or yours will be deleted otherwise. Other than that enjoy the thread.

    Here is the form you'll be filling out.:
    Basic Body looks( Hair,Skin,Eyes,Ascessory's)

    Pokemon team (Gender and personality required, your team will progress through the story):

    Roleplay starter:

    Here is my character:

    Name: Dice Heartz
    Personality: Very introverted and usual keeps to herself. Always has a knack for helping Pokemon and comforting them, she usually gets shy when someone talks to her and usually stutters.
    Basic Body Looks: Dark black hair always down and reaches down to her knee caps. Light pale skin. Sky blue eyes with a hint of dark blue. Has freckles that reach from her left cheekbone to her right cheekbone.
    Clothes: Long sleeved black and white shirt with slits on the sides of the sleeves. Long striped knee socks. Black vans with blue stripes. Has a bag that is white and black with a fire type symbol on it.

    Pokemon Team: Torchic Male, (Personality: Protective,Shy,kind,nervous, curious)
    Backstory(Dice's story changed): Dice was born in a small town with her mother, her father never wanted a child and abandoned her and her mother, after a while when her and her mother were driving they got into a severe car crash, her mother died the next morning after the crash, Dice was left with a scar that reached from her temple to her left eye. After living with her grandparents for most of her life at their bakery it was time for her to choose her starter.

    Roleplay Starter: Dice woke up to the smell of fresh bread like any other morning, the smell brought her joy as she awoke for today was the day she chose her starter.
    "Dice come down stairs! It's time to go!" Yelled her grandmother from the downstairs kitchen. Dice jolted out of bed and quickly got dressed, it was 7:00 AM and she had to be there at 7:45. She got dressed in her usual outfit and went downstairs for her morning breakfast.
    "Good morning Grandma, Good morning Grandpa," Dice's grandfather had lost his hearing at age 73 but he always managed to smile at Dice. "Good morning deary, enjoy breakfast and get there as soon as you can," said her grandmother as Dice began eating her breakfast.. After a delicious breakfast Dice grabbed her bag and hugged her grandmother and grandfather goodbye, "Wish me luck," she called at the door as she put on her shoes and exited the door. After a while it was 7:40 And Dice made it to the proffessers office. "Here I go," she thought to herself, and with that, she opened the door.
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  2. Name: Nathaniel Westland

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He is calm... most of the time. He is, well, somewhat shy around people he has not met before... he just feels awkward unless there is a common point of interest. (I’ll flesh out personality more in the RP)

    Appearance: In case you haven’t seen ANY of my characters: he is about 6’ tall, with slightly tanned skin. His eyes are Hazel, and he has dark brown hair. He normally wears V-neck T-shirts and jeans, or sport pants, depending on the weather. He has other outfits, of course. He also has a wristwatch and a backpack. You know the drill on those. I DONT WANNA TYPE THIS STUFF AGAIN.

    Pokémon Team: Mesa (M) (Archen) (Personality: TBD)

    He has lived in Unova for much of his life. He loves exploring caves and finding fossils. After a little while, he began to wonder why these Pokémon went extinct. He is now researching this and trying to find out.

    Anyway, his life has been pretty standard overall. You know, going to school when he was younger, and now that he has gotten to the point where he is able to begin his journey. He has communicated with Professor Juniper, who has agreed to revive a fossil that he found. (I will probably add more later, but that’s all for now, folks.)


    Nathan had woken up early that morning. His parents had agreed to bring him to the Raltz Ready Café for breakfast, so that they could say goodbye. So now he, his parents, and his sister Kayla were sitting in the Café, eating breakfast. His parents were giving him advice on Pokémon Journeys, and Kayla was asking all kinds of questions. Eventually, they said goodbye, since Nathan had to get to the lab.

    He hurried, hoping he wouldn’t be late. As he ran he checked his bag to make sure that his fossil was still there. Professor Juniper has promised to revive it for him the day he began his journey. From his research, he belived the fossil to be the fossil of an ancient Flying type, Archen. The fossil was there, safe and sound, and he closed the bag. Soon his destination was in sight, and he entered the lab.
  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Name: Inosia Dream
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Inosia is a timid girl. She tries to keep her distance from others. She yawns a lot, a sign of her lack of sleep. She is a nice person though. She is deathly afraid of Ghost-types and constantly has nightmares about them. She also might have depression.
    Basic Body looks: Inosia stands at about 4'7 and has a slender build. She has grey eyes with bags under them and big lips. She has black hair that reaches right below her shoulder.
    Clothes: Inosia has a light pink hoodie that covers her shirt. She never takes this hoodie off. She has light blue jeans with a floral pattern on her right leg on the side. She has grey tennis shoes and a painted feather that looks like it is supposed to be a replica of the Lunar Wing (not the real one, a fake) that is a necklace.

    Pokemon team: Flora, female Munna: Flora is a gentle Pokemon that looks out for Inosia. She is faithful to her trainer, although she is a bit shy around new people.

    Backstory: Inosia was close to her father. You could say she was a daddy's little girl. Her father was interested in Pokemon ruins, so one day, when she was five, he entered one, her following him. He led her through the ruins until they saw a coffin. Her father, who was astonished that a coffin lasted that long, walked up to it. It turns out that coffin was a Cofagrigus. It swallowed him whole and turned him into a mummy (look at the dex entry). She ran out quickly as she could, tears running down her face. When she came back out of the ruins, she was never the same. Now she has nightmares that bring her back to that day just about every night. That is why her mother got her Flora.
    Roleplay starter:
    Inosia had a nightmare, again. Flora was worn out and so was Inosia. When you sleep, you are supposed to gain energy, not lose it. But Inosia's hyper-realistic dreams of her father's death kept waking her up. She also had nightmares of Cofagriguses following her and mummies chasing her down. It terrified her. She looked down at Flora. She looked terrible. Inosia decided to bring her to the lab, it was best for her dream protector.

    Inosia entered the lab with her Munna. "Flora needs a check-up," Inosia said sleepily. She skipped breakfast due to the fact she wasn't hungry. She carried Flora in her arms due to how tired her pink pig was.
  4. Name:Justin Hardin
    Personality: A little skeptical, optimistic, and quiet. Introverted, but tries to make friends either way. Cares about others to an extent, though, and will (usually) help out when in need.
    Basic Body looks: Wears black headphones and a big black heavy backpack. Deep brown eyes, medium thick dirty blond hair, pinkish white skin. An modified Xtransceiver can be spotted on his left wrist
    Clothes:Wears a full grey outfit, complete with sweatpants, shoes, a zipper hoodie, shirt, and socks.
    Pokemon Team:

    Name: Buddy
    Gender: Male
    Species: Oshawott
    Personality: As of current, he's very playful and lovable, but is kinda a troublemaker(His personality changes as he evolves)

    Backstory: Just an average kid, staying back from going on his Pokemon journey to help out with things at his home(or at least, that was his excuse.) He now starts on his journey, a full 5 years after he's able to.

    Roleplay starter:
    As the sun was already quite aways in the sky, Justin slowly woke up and collected his things, unafraid of being late. Justin was excited, but mostly nervous of what lie ahead of him. He went downstairs, backpack and headphones on his back and around his neck, and Xtransceiver on his wrist. His mother watched as he neared the door, worried about his well being. Justin had a slightly fearful look on his face, and she could tell that something wasn’t right. “Are you alright, Justin?” She asked in a calm but concerned tone. “Yeah, just a bit frightened I guess. But I shouldn’t stay in the house forever. Plus, I’m sure more good will come than bad...” he trailed off. “Well, you do have a point... don’t be worried to call me or visit home if you’re ever tired or worried.” She continued. Justin smiled and gave a hug, then proceeded out the door. He’d lived in Nuvema Town for as long as he could remember, so of course he knew where the Professors Lab was. He’d even met her once, but it was really brief, and wasn’t even really him meeting her, more like him seeing her for a minute. As he neared the lab, he let out a deep breath, and proceeded inside.
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  5. Nathan found the lab fascinating. He was taking it all in when he heard the door open behind him, and someone say something about a checkup. He turned around to see a younger girl carrying a pink Pokémon, and outside and about to enter, a guy closer to his age. He smiled and said,

    “May I take a look at your Pokémon? I’m waiting for the professor as well. Is that a Munna?”
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  6. Inside she met the professer, Proffeser Juniper.
    "Ah,hello Dice, ready for your first Pokemon? You'll have three Pokemon to choose from, And also, When three other trainers come over they'll be traveling with you. The reason this is because kidnappings have been more common then usual but please, choose a pokemon." Said the proffesser as soon as Dice had entered the building, and she was then quickly usherd to a table. Dice suddenly started to wonder who the other three trainers were but shook her head and looked over the pokemon. "Mrs.Juniper, I don't know about these pokem-" before she finished a young boy came into the room along with a professer chasing an unknown p okemon down the stairs, all at the same time.
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  7. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Inosia nodded as she yawned, "Yes, she is a Muna. Flora helps me sleep at night." She then looked at the professor with a worried expression on her face. "I think Flora needs a check-up," she reported, "I had some bad ones last night and I can tell she's having some problems taking care of the dreams."
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  8. If her Pokémon is having problems, I must give them the opportunity to talk to the professor first.

    That was what Nathan thought as the girl spoke to the professor. He decided to sit down while he waited. The Munna did seem pretty tired... actually, he was kinda tired as well. His eyes shut as he leaned back in a chair.
  9. Justin entered the building to see another boy, presumable around his age, talking to a younger girl with a Munna. Someone was already speaking to the Professor, so he’d have to wait a bit longer before he got his Pokémon. Another girl, around his age as well, was also near the Professor, but she’d looked as if she’d been interrupted. Instead of engaging in any social activity, Justin leaned up against the wall, in a place where he could see everyone. He then watched in interest after the girl with the Munna said that her Pokémon would need a checkup.
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