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Private/Closed Forbidden Interest

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by kageyama, May 30, 2017.

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    (18+ rp)​
    A young, sun kissed girl sat in the basement of her home, cold and unhappy at the least. Her knees were pulled to her chest as she watched her parents viscously shout and threaten each other. All the nine-year old could do was pray and wait for the heated fight to end safely.

    “I'm just saying, Kassie easily could have died on that mission!” The girl's stressed mother spat.

    “She has to learn sometime! Better earlier than never!” Her father fought back, gesturing a hand at their child who nervously bit her lip on the leather couch. The lights were dim and the computers were scattered off and on. Kassie, took a sharp breath and closed her eyes. As the only child of "not-so-secret crime fighting society" parents, Kassie was usually left home under heavy protection in hopes that she wouldn't get hurt. However, this mission made an exception. Kassie's father snuck her along to show her what her legacy held. You can imagine how unexpectedly bad it went for Kassie.

    She didn't want to remember it, but the young girl's thoughts traveled to the previous events. The mission was taking place around a city, and the members of the "good side" scattered around the create a perimeter for the suggested area the criminals were lurking. Kassie was brought unto the roof of a tall building with her father, where apparently, an evil sider decided to stakeout. It went down in a suspenseful fight between father and stranger, which resulted in Kassie and her parent escaping quickly.

    She remembered the hatred in the strangers' eyes as he had glared at her, ready to come at her with a knife. And before she knew it, warm tears were spilling from Kassie's eyes.

    The crying girl stood up, grabbing her parents' attention. “Mum, please... don't fight. It's not papa's fault! I wanted to come... just don't fight, okay?” She said, voice cracking. Her mother held a hand on her chest before quickly diving into a hug on her daughter. It wasn't long before her father wrapped his arms around both females, and the small family cradled each other for a good solid few minutes.

    Now, nearly eight years later, 17 year-old Kassie, or Kass, found herself staring dreamily at a buffet table.

    There was no use in lying that Kass was gorgeous. With her still sun kissed shade, she emitted an alluring aura that cheered up most people. Her form was thin, but fit for any type of battle to come. Kass' size never seemed to change despite the sweets she liked, the ones she was currently smuggling in her white and red strapless dress. The partially short skirt twirled as she turned around, hiding the candies behind her back.

    Brushing a silver strand of hair from her face, she looked around, hoping her parents weren't judging her from a hidden distance. She blinked her piercing gold eyes at a fellow member, who nervously scuttled away at her owl-like stare. Kass unwrapped a piece of butterscotch before shoving it in her mouth happily.

    “Kassie, come here, would you?” She heard her mother's polite voice behind her. She turned around, panicked that she was busted. She met her mother's disapproved gaze, which left disappointment twinged in Kass. She stepped forward, and greeted the stranger her mother was gesturing to. Kass didn't know that this night would turn more exciting than she excpected.
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  2. Abandoned at birth Adriane struggled as he grew up. Even at the age of 9 his body was weak which gave every bully in his orphanage a reason to pick and mess with him. They would often pull on his ash gray brown curly hair hard, which gave him a genuine defense reaction whenever someone reaches for his hair. His right eye, black as an abyss was always covered by his hair and his bright gray one would be left out, otherwise he wouldn't be able to see.

    Adriane from his room in the building would watch day after day as the boys he grew up with were adopted and slowly his anger grew, but so did his emptiness. "Why am I the freak.." he said to himself. His eyes followed the boys as they entered into cars with smiles and cheerful strides. He couldn't believe that the boys who abused him day in and day out were adopted without a hesitation. He stepped down from the window and pressed his back against the small bit of wall between the window and floor and slowly slide down it until his bum planted firmly down on the cold wooden floor. He cupped his arm to his knees and laid his head in between them. He could smell for just a second the finish on the wooden floors from the cleaning crew this morning before his nose stuffed up. His eyes had begun to water ever so slightly at the thought of himself being alone, but all he ever had was himself so why did this feeling hurt him so much more now, at the site of others happiness. These constant questions in his head moved all over, every question he had was answered with another question until he stopped his tears. "I guess it's not new.. no use crying about it now" he said to himself again after he had lifted his head and wiped his tears clear from his eyes.

    "Adriane, I have a surprise for you!" said a mans voice. Adriane's head cocked to the side to see the Head Master standing at the door to his room. The old man gestured for him to come closer to him. The boy stood from the floor and made his way towards him after he brushed himself off. Head Master placed his hand on Adriane's opposite shoulder from where his sides were; two people, one male one female stood before them both. Adriane was mildly confused, he looked up at the Head Master then at the two people "Yes sir.." he replied to him. "This lovely couple had taken an interest in you during the full house and they have agreed to... adopt you" he said with a smile on his face. Adriane hearing toned out once he heard 'adopt you' they were still in mid conversation, but it was if everyone had gone mute for him.

    Shortly after, The man and woman Adriane now can call father and mother signed the papers for his adoption. His bag was packed for him in a small backpack by the head master. He stood in front of the door with the bag around his torso, he watched a long black vehicle pulled up before him. He walked up to it, the door slowly opened. The small cold breeze blew around him from the car, the smell of mint and vanilla tickled under his nose. His mother took held of his hand and his father the other as they pulled him into the limo. He stared out the window at the head master as the car slowly drove off and all he could see was a chubby brown figure waving in the distance.

    eight years later, The boy had gotten taller, he stood at five feet eleven inches. His skin had taken in more sun and finally held the light Carmel glow and tone it was suppose to. His hair no longer long and curly, it is now tousled and short with a underline of dark brown but still all around thick and ash gray brown, but part of his hair still covered his abyss black eye. His body athletic but still thin and his bright gray eye still as dazzling as ever. He wore a tan cardigan over his sea blue button up shirt, his very top button unbutton and navy blue fitted jeans with black very clean vans. He had small diamond studs in both of his ear lobs.

    Adriane was engaged in conversation when he felt the gentle tug of his arms by a woman who was much older than him, he recognized her immediately as the woman his mother had warned him about. eight years ago Adriane had been adopted by a man and woman who were later classified as 'bad guys' and they had raised Adriane to be one of their top fighters.
    "Adriane, I'd like for you to meet my daughter" she said as she pulled him towards her. Her grip was tight and the boy had no choice but to move along with her. "Kassie, come here, would you?" she said to a girl who had what seem to place a piece of candy into her mouth. Adriane moved closer towards the woman as the girl moved closer to him.

    "Hello.. my name is Adriane" he said as he held out his hand towards her. His Carmel cheeks had lightened up a little as he studied the girls face and hair. She was breathe taken, what stood out the most to him was her golden eyes and how well they complimented her silver long hair.
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  3. Kass wanted to protest as her mother gently pushed her towards the tall boy in front of her. He had to be at least 6 inches taller than herself, causing her to look up a bit. She pushed the butterscotch to the side of her mouth to avoid any disaster of choking or spitting it out. She shook the male's hand with her own free hand, smiling politely at the handsome expression on his face. “Kass. Kassie, or Kass,” she stuttered, face turning a bit red at her social awkwardness.

    Her mother quietly sighed, which didn't go unnoticed by Kass. Her expression dropped a bit as she took a step back from the boy and smiled weakly. “Nice to meet you, Adriane,” Kass said. She turned to leave but her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her close to her face. The feeling of shock prickled on Kass' skin as a startled look crept on her face. The last time her mother grabbed her like that, the outcome ended in a way Kass didn't want to remember. All she could say was that getting beaten as a child hurt. Badly. Of course, her mother tried to apologize for her "wrong actions", but Kass shut her down for a good week or so. Thankfully, it was the first and last time the action would ever be used.

    “You aren't going anywhere, so don't bother. Understand?“ her mother hissed into her ear quietly, to which Kass glared scarily at her mother. Of course, the older woman flinched at her daughter's nasty look before grabbing the rest of the candies from Kass' hand and shoving them in her handbag. Fussily, Kass' mother let go of her arm, to which it left a faint handprint from her tight grip. Kass looked at her arm, face blank but eyes shocked. Immediately, she covered it with her free hand, holding her arm in front of her regretful parent.

    Kass awkwardly turned around to face the boy. “So, uh, wanna - want to - get a little tour of the place?” She asked, tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear. Her hands fell to her sides as she heard a small clanging noise, which made her turn her head to the creator of the noise. It came from a group of suspicious looking people. Kass could've sworn she saw one pick up a weapon, which made her stumble a little bit. Her mother stepped forward, and (surprisingly) with concern, asked what was wrong. Kass was quiet for a moment as her nerve wracking eyes scanned the embarrassed looking group. “It's... I thought... never mind,” she shook her head, but couldn't shake the suspicious feeling from her conscious.

    Staying in place, she turned her head to the tall boy again, but expression was less cheerful. “So, that house tour; do you want to look around?” She asked again, fumbling with her fingers and tapping her foot. Kass couldn't sit still as she wanted to further examine and investigate what she actually saw.

    The butterscotch in her mouth melted, leaving her to chew on her tongue. Her mind shifted slowly from the previous event of suspicion to the sudden realization that Adriane was a rather attractive person, and Kass felt pretty stupid that she was acting so awkward in front of him, and not her suggested polite and girly behavior that she despised.
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  4. Adriane chuckled lightly at the mischievous behaviour from the girl. Unlike hers, Adriane's parents didn't care where he went as long as if he got in trouble he didn't get beat to badly or taken hostage, because he knew they wouldn't come get him and also, he'd never ask for help. Adriane watched closely as the woman and young lady had an
    argument amongst themselves. His eyes scanned the room back and forth until they caught the nodded gesture from one of his teammates. They came in not to long ago disguised as waiters. Adriane nodded back at them before their accidental loud noise caused Kass' attention to be shifted towards them. Adriane had to think quick on his feet in order to move Kass' attention away from them. "Oh yea, I'd like a tour" he replied. A tour of the building would be great information for him later on when he would make his escape. Adriane slide his hands into his pockets and relaxed his shoulders a bit. He wasn't a very talkative boy so he felt a little awkward when the decisions fell on his shoulders but he had to step up in order to keep his team mates from being caught.

    He took the lead; Adriane walked in front of Kass to gently guide her through the cluster of people until they both made it to the end. He held open the door for her, and also guided her through it. His head swiveled back and forth to make sure no one had saw us come through the back doors. The room had become silent as it shut slowly behind him, with the reassuring gust of wind that followed. "I.. ah.. like your hair" he said nervously. To spark a conversation was probably more difficult for him at the moment than the actual task of distracting Kass from his men. His voice was low and rhapsody, but calm. He felt his hands dancing in his pockets, he didn't know what to do with them or how to keep himself from being so awkwardly swayed. Adriane stared down at Kass' he studied her features well; her sun-kissed skin glew from the dim lights of the hallway, even though the walls were an auburn red and floors had streaks of bright gold and white, she still stood out more then anything in front of him. How her beautiful flowed so well together, from her Silver'd hair to her sun bright golden eyes and pink lips there wasn't anything that wasn't interesting about her. Adriane felt his cheeks had turned a rose pink, which in all facts actually complimented his skin, so it was hard to tell when he was blushing.

    After a couple of minutes, he had realized what had happened and he must snap back to it in order to go on with the actual plan. Steal the radar from the home in order for his family to find the mines where a rare artifact is believed to be held. His father stressed how important this item would be to their company and if Adriane had failed, it would be another month in solitary, even though he really didn't mind it at all.

    Adriane took the at first but then slowly walked slower so that Kass was beside him. His mission was important to him, but the girl was so captivating that he couldn't help but stare at here her and there. The more he thought about it the more he decided that she was a danger to himself, if he wasn't careful the slightest gesture between them could cause him to be different.

    Adriane stared down at his watch; one of his men sent him a message.
    Attack ready.. it said. He clenched down at his teeth and looked up before she could notice. His face returned to his usual carefree expression before he stopped halfway down the hall. There were three doors each one had lead to the same place, I large balcony that overlooked an ocean, for a moment Adriane had forgot that the home was upon a mountain hill top. He could feel the cool ocean breeze sway his hair and loose parts of his clothing back and forth, his whispered under his breath "I'm sorry we couldn't have met under better circumstances"
  5. Kass' eyes lit up a bit at his agreeing response. “Ah, okay,” she spoke, receiving yet another disapproving glance from her mother. She ignored it, letting Adriane lead and clear the course for the 'tour'. Behind the tall boy, she uneasily glanced around at the waiters and unfamiliar guests that lurked around, laughing and chatting breezily. Something about them made Kass feel off. Sort of unprotected, and the like.

    She stepped through the door held open, pace besides Adriane's at an even tempo. In an uncomfortable silence, she heard his soft voice compliment her hair. Her face flushed a bit and she weakly laughed. “Thank you,” Kass murmured gently. She turned her head to look at Adriane, who she labeled mysterious and interesting. Her cheeks dusted pink at his calm, secretive expression, which she found rather alluring. Quickly turning her gaze to the ground, she avoided sight in case he'd spot her stares and gazes. She didn't know that he had been doing the same, however.

    At last, Kass found herself standing on the breathtaking balcony with him, eyes shimmering at the ocean view. She leaned over the railing, propping her head on her hands and closing her eyes. Sighing quietly, she heard his quiet voice say something she couldn't quite catch. “Sorry? I couldn't quite -” but Kass was cut off by the doors behind them swinging open in a frenzy. A disheveled looking female with a dark cyan pixie-cut was breathing heavily and panicked. “Kassie, get away from him! I wouldn't trust him if I were you!” The young woman panted.

    “What are you...? What's going on?” Kass demanded, stepping over to the female. An expression contorted with anger and shock spread on her face. “There's been an attack on us, th-they're trying to steal - it's...” the woman struggled to spit the words out. Kass' eyes washed with dread. “Attack...” she mumbled with confusion. Commotion was heard from behind the woman. Kass slowly turned her head to Adriane, jaw slightly dropped. “No... n-no, no, nuh-uh,” she shook her head, pleading eyes staring at him. “Don't tell me you're part of this...?”

    She stomped her foot once to an extent where she swore loudly because of her heels. Embarrassedly, she yanked them off and dropped them. The other lady spoke. “Ma'am, I really suggest we stop that young man from doing -” Kass cut her off, however. “Yes, yes, I know. Go, summon them!” The woman nodded and dashed out of the balcony, doors slamming behind her. Kass quickly stood in front of the door to block it.

    “Okay,” she began, voice shaking. “I don't know if you're a part of this, but right now, I can't really trust you and a lot of shit - stuff - is happening right now and... yeah?” The pretty teen ended the sentence with a shrug before the doors behind her burst open. “Ah, oh jeez!” She stuttered and turned around, meeting the gaze of familiar men. They went around her, two grabbing Adriane, and the rest swarmed them. “Oh but, please, be gentle with him?” Kass asked in a quiet, high voice. One man raised an eyebrow and shrugged at her.
  6. Adriane without a shred of emotion watched as the building begun to erupt in a panic. His eyes followed Kass as she scurried over to the brunette hair woman whom had busted through the door with a look of anger and discomfort in her face. He cocked his head and begun to ease back slowly towards the edge of the balcony. For a moment between all the questions there was a agonizing silence, "Don't tell me your apart of this" uttered Kas. Adriane couldn't help but to un-pocket his hands and let out a cold shrug towards her, his lips cocked up softly and a small sigh escaped his lips. "what can I say.. I'm a man with many faces" he replied to her.

    The broken sound of her heels stopped him in his tracks, he couldn't help but feel a small ounce of regret, for he had ruined their first encounter. If it weren't for the fact that they came from the opposite sides, Adriane would have had made many moves tonight to make her be his but alas, things aren't always destined to be for him. "You didn't hear me before correct.. I said I'm sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances." he repeated. The intense eye contact between the young man and the girl was if they had waited so long for each other to appear before them. He wanted to ask her for forgiveness but during the hype of emotion that was just be adding salt to a freshly open wound. As Adriane begun to call for his ride out, the door behind Kas bursted open and several men had broken out into formation around Adriane, he closed his eyes and smiled once again. What no one noticed was that Adriane had indeed called for help on his watch, but instead of a rescue now, he sent out a message that said come for him within two days he's going to play hostage for a while.

    "It's alright, trusting me isn't what I would want anyway" he said as he held up his arms. One of your men held a gun to his back and told him to surrender. Adriane simply nodded and held his hands behind his back in response, not to cause anymore commotion between everyone. One agent handcuffed Adriane, and another one carefully slide in a punch to Adriane's sides to rough him up a bit, but in reaction to it Adriane pushed back against the first guard that handcuffed him and wrapped his legs around the second guard's
    arms. It happened quick, but the motion caused them both to land on the floor and Adriane pinned him down just with his legs and knees. Two more guards rushed over to pin the boy to the ground, they held his legs down to the floor tight with their knees against his back. "Keep still evil do'er" one of them said. "Adriane smirked and his hair had gotten roughed up in the fight and covered his eyes.

    "Am I evil or do you see me as evil because I'm not on your side.." he said in reply to the guard.

    The guards look down at him and laughed as if he was stupid, they proceeded to lift Adriane from off the ground and took him into the holding cage until they are given order to do with him.

    As he passed by Kas, he said not a word. He just glanced at her and gave her the nice smile he gave her when they met a few hours ago. Her hair blew a little towards him as they walked but he didn't acknowledge it enough.

    Meanwhile in the black chopper that Adriane was suppose to be on. A female with long white hair franticly paced herself back and forth through the space between the seats. "How could he change plans like that so fast?! What is he thinking!!" she said out loud. The sound of low hard clips came from her face, she had been biting away at her nails as her black boots scuffed away at the floor. Another female with auburn colored hair sat in the chair half asleep, she stared the panicked female down and sighed to herself "This shouldn't be new to you.. usually if he found something interesting he lets himself get caught.. all we can do is wait.." she said as she glanced out the window. The white moon filled the sky with a bright glow that also reflected off the dark blue abyss of an ocean.
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  7. “So much for... trust...? Parents... crap,” Kass rubbed her eyes and mumbled tiredly. She let the buff men drag Adriane out of the balcony, meekly following with her shoes in her hand. Her feet were silent as she stepped; her black tights had small marks on the soles. She lifted her hung head slightly to gaze at the backs of the bodyguard-like men, furrowing her eyebrows. They led him for a few solid minutes from out of the balcony to a camouflaged elevator on the second floor of the large home. As it wasn't large enough, Kass, a few men, and the captured Adriane were the few who were put in as they were more prioritized. The others said they would meet them later, to which Kass didn't reply but shrugged gently.

    The elevator ride was short, and it led them down into a spiraling deep room in the lowest and most hidden floor. The men holding Adriane forced and uncuffed him into a room that had a twin bed, a separate small room with a crammed loo, and a table and chair. On one wall was a large window that gazed into another room. It was much larger, with navy blue walls and scuffed marble floor. A black desk was in the middle, and on opposite sides were two chairs facing each other. A few plants sat lowly in the corners, and circular lights were built into the ceiling.

    As Kass watched them shove him into the confined room, she stepped to the side to reach the larger, more colored room. As the girl approached, she was immediately tackled in a hug by a male taller than she. “Oh my god, Kass, tell me you're fine. You're okay? Did that creep do anything?” The boy detached himself from her, cupping her face with his hands, staring at her sternly. Kass smiled at him. He was tall and sort of thin, but had a well maintained form. His hair was a light teal color, and it was messy and stuck up everywhere. His concerned eyes glittered a violet color, and he wore a black vest over a white dress shirt who's sleeves were rolled up. He looked exhausted, and an earpiece stuck up to avoid any calls. Kass gently removed his hands from her face, holding them and weakly laughing.

    “I'm okay, Jin - I'm not lying - trust me,” she said to the boy, who was now wearing a relieved expression. “I was only being over-optimistic, but I'm not hurt.” He nodded. Kass and Jin had grown up with each other their entire lives, and it was safe to call them best friends. The kind that never ever drift away. Kass paused. “You look exhausted. Go, get sleep. It's getting late - no, go.” She pushed him playfully, and he smiled before turning his gaze towards Adriane in his dimly lit room. Jin glared nastily before hugging Kass and disappearing into the elevator.

    One of the men who escorted Adriane came up to her. “Ma'am, you should probably get some sleep. It's been a long day, we'll take care of him tomorrow. One of us will keep watch,” he said. But Kass shook her head. “I'm only getting changed, but I'm staying down here for awhile. I need to talk with my parents - oh my god, my parents - and I'll have to talk to Caroline, and probably to Jin, and...” the man raised a hand. “Okay, okay. I understand.

    Shortly after disappearing into the elevator, Kass came back down in completely different clothing. She wore her hair in a ponytail, and her eyes were revealed with dark marks under them. A loose white and blue t-shirt rested on her shoulders, and a pair of short black lounging shorts was worn on her legs. Finally, she had purple ankle socks and white slippers on. She looked the complete opposite from her so recent look, yet stayed attractive. Kass sat herself in a chair in the larger room, sitting in the chair that faced the window between herself and Adriane. A blank look covered her face as she listened to a man who assured her about her parents' safety. But, as she wasn't really listening, Kass was more focused on Adriane and his calm looking features. Her eyes flickered and glittered with grim expressions as she pretended to nod and agree with the man beside her.
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  8. woo woo woo soft echo of the elevator as the passing floors stride beside the metal box. Adriane's eyes shifted to the side as he studied the physic of each guard that held him down and an occasional glance to Kass here and there. He closed his eyes again and took a deep breath, he honestly didn't have a plan but he knew everything would work out in the end for him. The elevator came to a soft stop and the sound of metal straps working together pulled the doors open. One of the guards pushed Adriane forward, towards the bed and a less spacious room. He looked around, he felt the chill of the cold walls, almost like a jail cell, Adriane was no stranger jail cells it was if he had been caught by the police all over again during the raid of Nicolas Manner some time ago. His whole body turned in a circle, first the bed, it was small with no sheets; probably a spring mattress, which was uncomfortable but cells aren't suppose to be comfy. Next was a small room with no doors, and inside it was a loo or child like toilet. "Looks like I'm not even getting bathroom privacy huh.." he said with a grin and a chuckle. His body kept moving until he had faced forward; a desk, a chair and a window that leads into to what it seems to be an interrogation room. He watched as Kass and her guards walked into the room, he made his way to his own chair and table and sat in the chair, he leaned back slightly and relaxed and wait.

    "This room isn't very appealing but it feels like home somewhat.." he said out loud to himself. He watched as Kass from the window talked to her guards as well as a strange man who ran into the room. His facial expression changed quickly, it slightly became serious, Adriane leaned up in his chair and cupped both his hands together. He proceeded to watch them carefully. Their conversation only went on for a few seconds until Adriane and the boy caught each others glance and gave each other both a deep glare.

    Adriane watched as Kass left back up the elevator, he sighs and leans back in the chair, he pushed himself back so he had been balancing on the back two legs and held himself up with one leg while the other one hung. He looked back at the bed and lets out a dishearten sigh. Adriane land all four legs on the floor and stood up, the wooden chair smacked the floor and caused a loud booming echo around the walls. He walked towards the bed and begun to undress or more like he took his cardigan off and his button up shirt, he untied his shoe, one lace at a time and placed his shoes by the door to the bathroom. He stood there in an all black shirt, his jeans and socks and walked back to the bed. His hand slide into his pockets, they jumbled around for a little until he pulled out a small flute light object. He sat down on the bed carefully and leaned his back on the wall and begun to play. The soft sounds of the flute increased in volume because of the walls which gave it a soft hem as he played. Back when he first was adopted his mother and father gave him a choice of an instrument to play and the flute like item was more interesting to him than anything else there. Not only does the instrument serve as a personality trait but its also a beacon for whenever Adriane gets separated from a group during a mission; there is no one else in his parents company who can play the instrument like he does.

    Moments later Adriane had still been on his flute when Kass came back down, he sat there, he had not paid a single attention to her when she entered. As he became engulfed in his music you could see how relaxed his body was, how innocent he really looked, even though he was mischievous and cunning. Adriane's watched vibrated softly against his wrist. Midway between his song he stopped and took a quick glance at it, he cocked a smile which turned into a yawn. His hand covered his mouth, he could feel his warm breathe up against his palm. "It's been a long day.." he said to himself as he looked down at his wrist. He ran his hand up his hair, it pulled up more exposing his abyss black eye for a brief minute before it dropped down and covered it once more. He leaned to his side until his arm hit the mattress first, then his head. Adriane could feel the embrace of sleep dance into his eyes. He took hold of the pillow and held one of his arms over the edge of the bed and one cupped under the mattress, his face engulfed in the fluff of the pillow and now his whole face was covered by the cloud and his hair.

    Adriane was usually a defensive sleeper, but since he had undergone advance training and harsh silent room treatment, he was completely exhausted and even though he was in enemy territory, he had an unexplained feeling he was good to take a nap before they interrogate him.

    back at the jet...

    the white hair maiden and Jannet, the auburn hair woman were not to far from HQ. Phaedra had stopped her panicking moments ago and now she was just worried about the safety of her comrade. Jannet smirked as she looked over at her and ran her hand through her own hair, "Don't tell me your still thinking about him" she said to her with an offensive tone. Phaedra's cheeks quickly turned pink but she puckered her lips and closed her eyes crossing her arms, "No of course now, why would I waste any emotion on that hot headed jerk" she said as she looked out the window to the passing water, her expression shifted quickly. Jannet chuckled to herself and looked down at her watch as she had received a reply from Adriane himself.

    They have me on the lowest floor of the mansion, it's like a cell. similar to the one that mom and dad put me in when I failed to cooperate with missions. Haha (: thanks for grabbing the radar, I was sure you both would have goofed but you proved me wrong c(: anyway feel free to come rescue me whenever. I'll try to find out more about the structure of this building. Also the leaders daughter is super cute.
    Jannet sucked her teeth and sighed but smiled a little bit. "Jeez.. Adriane.. always making a girl jealous" she said in her head. Jannet side eyed Phaedra and decided it would be best not to show her the message on the account that she would go off.

    The Jet landed and both of the girls made their way to main room where they will give their report of the operation and an explanation to why Adriane isn't back with them.
  9. Kass watched Adriane carefully and beautifully play the flute like object. The melodic sound rang in her ears, causing drowsiness to wave gently over her. However, she jerked up with sudden awakeness, apologizing to the man who she had just startled. “'M sorry... been a long day,” she yawned with stress. The man stifled rolling his eyes, which passed over Kass' sleepy head easily. “You can go up...stairs. I'll stay down here for a bit,” Kass murmured to the man, who paused before nodding shortly.

    Kass propped her head on her hands, leaning forward in the table as she focused on Adriane. He topped by playing the flute, ran his hands through his hair, and passed out on the provided mattress. Kass caught the obsidian color of his hidden eye, which sent an unusual chill down her spine. “Crap,” Kass whispered to herself before dozing off, still holding her chin in her hands.

    It wasn't long before Jin arrived back downstairs, knowing Kass would push herself to stay awake. He laughed quietly as his beautiful friend napped on the table, clearly passed out due to lack of sleep and energy. With quiet steps, he approached her in the room, scooped her up bridal style, and held her for a few moments. In her sleep, Kass' hands reached up to wrap around his neck, and Jin's face flushed brightly. Kass was light in his arms, so it was a breeze when he stepped to leave the room. However, he stopped before exiting. His eyes narrowed at the sleeping Adriane, and a bit of jealousy rose in him. “Not a chance,” Jin whispered, clearly directing it at the sleeping male. With that, he departed the room, still securely holding Kass in his arms. Jin entered the elevator up to the third floor, where he approached and entered Kass' room. With quiet and careful movements, he gently set Kass on her large, welcoming bed, where she curled up and cuddled up with her blankets. Before leaving her room though, Jin bent down and kissed her forehead softly. He smiled for a second and left.

    He and Kass had known each other for the majority of their lives, and it was only natural that Jin would acquire feelings for the girl. While in thought about Adriane, Jin met up with a few guards, a serious expression on his face. “It's really necessary that you protect Kass from that boy. He doesn't give me a good feeling,” Jin muttered to them. They nodded. “He's not gonna lay a finger on her, buddy,” a thin guard named Malcolm snorted. Jin smiled deviously. “Good.” With that, two guards were sent downstairs to keep watch, and everybody else went to sleep.

    Kass woke up at around 4:00. She remembered being in the lower basement, watching Adriane intently. When she sat up, she felt her soft bed and cushions. “Jin,” she mumbled, smiling lazily. She slid out of bed, rubbed her eyes, and headed for her closet. Her head felt warm and her hands freezing. Kass grabbed a white dress shirt, a black corset-vest, and charcoal colored skinny jeans. She removed her sleepware and slid the ther clothes on, rolling up the sleeves of the long shirt. Kass brushed her hair before sleepily exiting and heading towards the elevator in the hall.

    Jin accompanied her along her way. They chatted quietly about their suspicions and the like before the elevator dinged, signaling their arrival into the basement. Kass saw two guards, named Keith and Leon, standing near the door to Adriane's cellar-room. “He didn't cause trouble, right? You didn't cause trouble, right?” She asked, easing an eyebrow tiredly. Jin stood at a close range behind her, sternly staring into Adriane's provided cell. His eyes flickered dangerously.
  10. Adriane even though the room had no windows had woman up hours before the whole mansion did, he sat on the bed, his arm had been supported by his leg and his hair was bed messy but still looked good. He stared at the window but his mind had wondered somewhere else. He couldn't help but slightly forget what happened last night and tried to recap it all in his head. He looked around and chuckled, flicking his finger back and forth. His shoes were over by the bathroom opening; it be best if he put them on but he really didn't enjoy footwear very much he felt they restrict his movement and speed so he left them over there for the time being. Adriane being the relaxed man he was, took a deep breath and held it for a bit before exhaling it out, he pulled himself to the front of the bed and climbed down onto the floor. He assumed plank position and begun to do push ups, "1..2..3..4..5" he said, on and on until he was at fifty, but that didn't stop him he kept going even when he heard voices from outside by the door.

    "85..86..87..88" he kept on counting until the door opened and in first to enter the two body guards from last night, next Kass and that guy who was with her last night as well. Adriane kept going he didn't really pay them attention. A puddle of sweat pulled underneath him. He hesitated for a second and begun again counting in his head instead of out loud. He watched each of their feet as they crowded around him at the front of the room. "Stand up now!" shouted the first guard, Leon. Ignoring his demand Adriane kept going his face changed from relaxed to focus. "Hey did you hear me?!" he shouted again as he made his way towards Adriane with hostility. Adriane's eyes shifted quickly over to Leon and spun his body on one hand and swept Leon off his feet and to the floor and pinned him down, he quickly grabbed his weapon and pointed back at the other guard who already had his gun pointed towards Adriane while his knee held Leon down by his neck. "You guys are impatient, I was almost done yenno" he said, his smile reoccupying his face again. He stood up and watched as the guard, Leon, scurried over towards the other, who still had his gun pointed at Adriane. Adriane dropped the weapon and placed his hands up. Keith the second guard quickly made his way towards Adriane and handcuffed him again. "Ms. Kass I'm sorry he caught me off guard" Leon said to her as he looked up at Kass.

    Adriane laughed to himself as he was roughly thrown into the chair by the bed and the guards stood post at the door.

    "Your both up kinda early for good guys huh?" he said as he looked at Jin then at Kass. He leaned back in the chair and took another deep breath, his hair messier then before and his shirt was sweat stained.

    back at the black headquaters

    Phedra and Jannet made their way through the halls of home base. They both held special key cards up to a scanner at a blue door. "Security verified.. Phedra and Jannet- access granted" said an automatic security system. The door opened up from the top and Phedra walked in first followed by Jannet. Jannet made her way to the computer where she typed in a code which turned on every computer in the room. "Okay so call head one and two right?.. Adriane's mom and dad" Jannet said with a giggle. Phedra tried not to laugh and held a soft serious voice. "Shh you know we can't call them that" she said. Jannet noded "Only when Adriane's around" she replied with another soft chuckle. After a couple of minutes, Adriane's mom and dad had appeared on the screen.

    Marquel (Father): Where is my son'
    Jannet: During the raid Agent D decided it would be in his and the companies best interest if he was subdued by the enemy.. commander
    Bella (Mother): What was his reasoning.
    Jannet: He said he was sure that they would guide him through the mansion moving him place to place, it would provide various blue print of their headquarters
    Bella: He did this of his own free will?
    Phedra: Yes ma'am and it was also last minute.
    Marquel: No use getting upset, I'm sure you'll both rescue him on your own time, now for the real subject at hand. Were you able to obtain the item?
    Jannet: Yes sir, the radar is right here with us, I'm sure they realized that we took it about now- she said as she held up the small square object in her hand.
    Marquel: Excellent carry on as plan, you both will be rewarded later. As for my son, when he returns see he gets a good sleep before reporting for his punishment.
    Bella: As well as have him see me..
    The screen before them went blue, Phedra took a deep sigh in relief "At least they didn't say he'd be receiving those awful treatments" she said as she stared at Jannet. Jannet smiled and noded "Yea. . . hopefully they aren't torching him over there. Jannet stood up and headed towards the door, she ran her hand through her hair and took a deep sigh before she headed down the hall to the facilities kitchen. Phedra stayed back and begun typing away plans for both the radar and the plan to rescue Adriane.
  11. Kass silently watched the sudden outburst of action. It had only innocently seemed as if he were doing push-ups, yet continued to ignore Leon's pestering. When the small fight broke out, Kass stiffened and rolled her eyes with a sigh. However, as Adriane was cuffed and tossed into the chair, she fell relaxed, sort of. Leon's apologies were accepted by Kass, and he stood up and provided guarding with the other men. Kass approached one of them, Tyler, and put her hands on her hips. “Where are my parents?” She asked. The man replied, “In attempt to retrieve the stolen item, they were engaged in a small fight and were forced to camp out. Luckily, we had hidden bases there and they're currently being tended to in them.” Kass nervously rubbed her fingers through her hair, which she had abandoned from her ponytail. “Okay, so they're fine? Right?” He nodded, and relief washed over her.

    You're up kinda early for good guys, huh?” Adriane asked. Without even a glance at him, Kass looked on at Tyler, nodding at his reports he continued to tell. The guard stopped speaking from the interruption, looking at Kass for her reply. “Not really early. And what is that supposed to mean, 'for good guys'?” Kass replied, a focused expression in her face as she fiddled with messages on a small tablet handed to her by Tyler. “So they're located here, and our base is here. That's the course they took... followed here. Do we know where the stolen item is?” Kass looked up at Tyler, her hawk-like eyes glittering. “We have ideas, but not for certain,” he replied hesitantly. Kass let a short breath from her nose, a disapproving glance towards the guards. “We'll get to working on it.” Kass nodded at Tyler's added response.

    “Bring him out, we're gonna have to interrogate him,” Kass told the guards, viewing the tablet's information it was spewing at her. The group of defenders nodded, and a two went in, tightly grabbed Adriane, and brought him to the marble floored room, pushing him into a chair. Kass looked up from the tablet at the fellow members beside her. “I want it empty. No distractions. I'll be the one to interrogate him - Jin, it's fine - so please exit.” The men around her shared uneasy glances before obeying and shuffling into the elevator. And Kass was left alone with Adriane. The young woman entered the fellow room, sitting in the chair opposite to him.

    She propped her head on one hand, arm on the table. “Why is your squad doing this? You ruined my night, dude,” she sighed, staring hard at Adriane. She could feel her face getting warm from his attractive features. However, she didn't let it faze her too hard as she brushed it aside, knowing it would come back to bite her. “What's giving you pleasure out of doing what's wrong?”

    Meanwhile, Jin was pacing in his assigned quarters. It was on the fourth floor, where he and other soldiers and guards were given a large room for their basic needs. While Jin wasn't a soldier or a guard, he was a pilot and computer handler, he was still given permission to stay with them. “What's the matter with ya, Jin?” A soldier who was wiping grime off of a pistol asked. Jin ran a hand through his colorful hair. “I'm unsettled. If we can't protect an item that's valuable to our entire team, how do we protect the one person who can keep us calm and rational?” He asked, staring at the ground. Of course, he was referring to Kass. She would always reassure them that they'd be fine and successful, which always lifted their spirits.

    The man cleaning the weapon snorted. “If we can't protect her, she'll certainly protect herself,” he said gruffly. Jin stopped. He was right. Kass was a strong, capable girl. Plenty of times she saved his ass, and countless times the others'. “Yeah... yeah, I guess,” Jin chuckled tiredly. “When are her parents coming back? We need them to truly know what to do.” A woman with freckles spoke up. “We've been told they'll be back in no more than a few days. Heard the conditions at that base aren't as good as this one.” At that, Jin nodded. “Makes sense.” Another woman, sitting in a bottom bunk cracked her knuckles. “Jus' calm down, mate. Worrying ain't doing you well.” Jin snorted. Right, he thought.
  12. Adriane, thrown onto the chair, sat there and watched everyone speak amongst themselves. His eyes switched between guards, Kass and Jin. He sighed and leans back in the chair and looked down at his feet. He waited minutes, his legs became jittery, he bounced it up and down fast and relentlessly. "They talk.. a lot.." he said in his head. "Your both up kinda early for good guys huh?" he said to them, he hoped that would interrupt their conversation. Kass looked up at Tyler and he stopped talking “Not really early. And what is that supposed to mean, 'for good guys'?” she replied to him. Adriane sat up and looked at them both. "Good do'er need their beauty sleep don't yenno" he said with a sarcastic playful tone.

    Kass nodded and everyone followed into the marble room, They forced Adriane up on his feet and walked him into the room where they again, forced him into a chair. He sighed and blew his hair out of his eye. "I want it empty. No distractions. I'll be the one to interrogate him - Jin, it's fine - so please exit." she said Adriane smirked as he watched as Jin left the room, he lifted himself up from the chair and stared back at Kass as she stared at him. "Why is your squad doing this? You ruined my night dude." she said towards him. He smirked and eased his shoulders a bit. "Is that all you want to ask me, what would I even tell you if I knew.." he said seriously. Adriane had become agitated from everything at this point. He hasn't eaten, taken a shower or seen the light of day since yesterday night. His body was hot and the handcuffs had become tight. "Well what gives you pleasure out of doing wrong?" she asked. He stood still for a moment and looked her deep in the eyes, his gaze slowly shifted from her to his feet and his hair covered his eyes completely and he lost his smile. Adriane begun to fidget more in his seat by his hands, he had become silent and just didn't want to see her face anymore, but it was difficult, he would occasionally glance at her reflection in the nicely cleaned table, he tried to go unnoticed as well.

    Adriane's feet begun to pat against the cold marble floor, he sat there and thought about possible outcomes to escape at this moment since it was him and her. "What gives you the idea that what I'm doing is wrong and what your doing is right?" he said back to her. His head slowly lifted up and his hair shifted over to his gray eye, his abyss black eye stared deeply into hers and he sat there for a reply. "Who's to say we aren't.. we.. meaning you and me aren't just pawns in a bigger chest game of family matters that really has no connection with us we were just born into it" he kept up with his questions. "Who's to say my family is evil and not the good guys trying to help another person who sees your family as a threat" he said again. Adriane stopped and took a breath as he leaned more to the side. "this is becoming an annoyance, if you don't mind it's about time to let me go.." he suggested to her. Adriane felt his heart pound, no one has really given him a reason to be this angry before, he felt a sort of, connection to her and he didn't really like it but at the same time he did and he wanted to explore it more. "Or better yet, how about you put me back in that room, the marble floors in here are kinda slippery" he chuckled a little sitting straight up.
  13. The next events that Kass encountered were like a tricky rollercoaster. His tone was serious and sly, which made her feel a bit unsafe. At his clever reply, she fell silent for a moment. “If your side is actually the good side,” she began, “then why was one of your members ready to murder an innocent child?” A grim expression crept onto her face as she folded her hands under her chin. Of course, that innocent child had been her. “My men have never had any intentions on doing what's cold for no reason.”

    Curiously, she narrowed her eyes at him, tilting her head a bit. He seemed agitated or annoyed, yet he wasn't really trying to do anything about it. “And, you don't even know why your alliance is doing such? Are you sure you're part of their team?” Kass said fiercely. Tension hung around the room, but it was unclear what kind of tension it was. Her heart fluttered in her chest. This guy was attractive. And it didn't help that she was leaned in, but she couldn't will herself to move back. Her head was pounding and she felt her cheeks warm up. “Prove it,” She said hotly. “That your team is really the good side.”

    Kass wasn't good at interrogating people, but since her parents were unavailable, she was the only one chosen to. While she lacked intimidating to get an answer, she found herself flirting her way in. It probably wasn't working, but she liked to believe she was impacting a little bit. ‘Nice, Kass. You're really showing him who's boss. Hey - what if you tried being sedu-,’ a voice in her head teased her, but she cut it off before it could finish the sentence. She shouldn't try that... should she? Kass' mind flurried with replies and responses to say to the young man in front of her.

    Everything seemed to stay still. The same unidentified tension lurked about as Kass continued to study the male opposite to her. She noticed how he seemed uncomfortable with the living conditions, which she certainly couldn't blame him. Kass herself had tried to persuade her parents years ago to give better treatment towards captured people, but the neglected to consider it. At his short laugh and remark to be put back in the cell, Kass smiled a bit deviously.
  14. He could feel the air in the room change, him and her were both totally in to each other and he could feel as it provoked them here and there. "If your side is actually the good side why did one of your members ready to murder an innocent child" she replied to him. He could feel her voice crack a little, as if she had relived a bad memory, a banished experience, one she didn't want to actually bring up. He turned to her face so serious again, her hands cupped underneath her chin as if wanted his reaction to change. Adriane leaned forward against the desk this time and took a good look at her, his voice got low. "I have nothing to do with that.. probably around that time I still took up residency at an orphanage" he replied to her. His shoulders loosened up, he took a deep breathe and tilted his head up so he had been glaring up at the lights. Why had he just said that, he never shares anything with anyone yet he let that slip through his soft pink lips.

    Kass was stubbornly coming at Adriane with questions, just as he did. He regrets his playfulness now because this made him uncomfortable for many reasons. "My men have never had intentions on doing what's cold for no reason" she said to him. "Sometimes kids have to experience some harsh things in life early" he said with a cold tone as he continued to look up at the lights, and after a couple of minutes he brought them down so him and kass were eye to eye again.

    And, you don't even know why your alliance is doing such?" She asked him. Adriane just leaned forward a bit more and whispered his reply. "I have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna tell you" he said with a smile. "Are you sure you're apart of their team?" again with the allegiance questions, he had begun to suspect that Kass is slowly trying to pull Adriane to her side, as if this was a cheesy star wars book or movie. "If I wasn't apart of the team why would I still be here.. id be um.." he hesitated and smirked then continued on licking his lip a little, "probably just waking up beside you from our late night under the stars long talk.." he finished with a smirk and chuckle on his face. He felt the spark between them, it was playful kind of.. mischievous and a little bit forbidden, things like that got him excited in a good way. "Prove it, that your team is really the good side" she demanded. The boy tilted his head back and his face looked perplexed. "How am I suppose to prove this to you.. tell me what you want me to do" he said laughing as if he knew already but honestly he didn't, he was completely oblivious to the actual emotions of the beautiful Kass before him.

    Adriane begun to tap his foot again, the cold floor felt great on his warm skin, he honestly wished for a cold bath right about now, and maybe he could use these spark between them to get a few things for himself if he was going to locked in the basement for another day or so. "what do I need to do, to receive at least a cold shower and some new cloths" he asked with an innocent tone. "You know I haven't bathe for almost.. three days now. It ain't easy being an "evil" spy and all" he laughed towards the end of his statement. Adriane believed he had relaxed again under these conditions, probably from the entertaining actions of Kass or maybe he was just crazy, he didn't really have much of an answer right now.

    Back at headquarters, Phedra had finished the plans of rescue for Adriane, hopefully they were good enough to break through the bottom layer of metal that resides underneath their mansion. She stopped and took a deep breathe, "I've been up all night doing this for you Adriane you better appreciate this.. and me.. a little bit more" she said to herself. A glimpse of Adriane's face popped up in her head and she blushed. "Damnit why does he have to be such a hot head!!" as she smashed her hands on her thighs and smiled. "But hes... my hot head".. as she laughed to herself and begun to type away again to finish to report.

    Meanwhile.. Jannet had fell asleep in the arms of her boy toy grunt, she sat up in his vanilla white sheets. The soft cotton wrapped around her body as she brought it up to her chest and cover her breast. She ran her hands through her hair and took a deep breath as she looked down at Ryan. "Hey get up.. slacker.." she yelled at him. He had been snoring, his mouth had spots of drool over the corners here and their like a dotted line. "HEY WAKE UP!" she yelled as she shock her. Ryan had instantly woken up and franticly spun his head side to side. "Huh what where?!" he said, like a babbling fool. Jannet glared at him and crossed her arms "We are leaving today.." she said to him. Ryan side and threw himself back on the bed, he laid his arm over his eyes and lifted his left leg. "Is that what you woke me up for.. you'll be ok" he said laughing a bit. Jannet cupped her legs and looked at the door "That's not the point... you.. idiot.." she said to him as she scooted her little butt to the end of the bed. Ryan who was sorta slow from his "emergency" snap pulled his head side to side. By the time he had noticed anything or had to say something to her she already had fully dressed and made her way down towards Phedra.

    Hours later, Phedra and Jannet boarded the aircraft vehicle quickly without saying goodbye to their comrades before executing their rescue plan.
  15. “Orphanage? Oh,” Kass said quietly, a bit surprised. She did regret poking at him a bit, but it was only because of the playfulness between the two earlier. The conversation only continued to get more heated. “If I wasn't a part of the team, why would I still be here? ..I'd be, um... probably just waking up beside you from our late night under the stars long talk..” Adriane had said smoothly. At that, Kass' face seemed to burst into flames as she nearly choked. Of course, her cheeks had only turned rosy, but she covered the majority of her face with her hands as she rested her head in them.

    She settled down after a few moments of tapping her foot. “What do I need to do, to receive at least a cold shower and some new clothes? You know I haven't bathed for almost... three days now. Being an evil spy ain't easy, yknow,” he had then said. While her face was still flushed, she kept a determined look on her face. “You'll get both of those later,” Kass said. “But, I need to get at least something out of you.” She leaned forward so her face was at least five inches from his. Her eyes were narrowed in a sort of flirty way, but she still had some spunk flickering in her golden eyes.

    By now, Kass was ignoring her emotions and just going with the flow. She had blocked out the voice in her head, shouting at her to do the flirtiest ideas possible. Her heart was thudding against her ribcage. ‘Why am I so... like this?’ Kass mentally cursed at herself. But, she didn't make an effort to back away. “I'm not letting you go without some information,” she started. “So I don't really believe you truly want that shower and change of clothes.” ‘WOW, WHAT A GREAT THREAT,’ her mental voice screamed. Yeah, she had to admit it was pretty childish.

    Meanwhile, Jin was angrily thrusting a gun towards a soldier, snapping for him to do target practice. The man did so, with an eyebrow raised as he shuffled away. Jin had a nasty feeling that there was zero interrogation actually happening. But, he didn't want to disobey his best friend and potentially embarrass or anger her. She wasn't nice when she was mad. Jin picked up a loaded rifle and cocked it towards a human dummy. With annoyance, he pulled the trigger and the thick bullet blasted through the lung. He cursed, as he had been aiming for the heart. “Nobody,” he muttered, “is taking us down.” He was really only upset because of the pressure that Kass' parents weren't actually okay. He didn't remember any confirmation of their aliveness or inhabitance at a hidden base. All Jin could do was shut his mouth from Kass and believe Tyler's claims.
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  16. Night time had arrived and the interrogation between Kas and Adriane had gotten no where. The young ash brown hair boy didn't take the situation at hand seriously enough to get information from. He didn't know whether he made Kas angry or not but he was happy to be back in his cell on the beat up dirty bed. Adriane blew cold air towards his hair, his stomach growled from lack of food all day and his head begun to become light. He took a deep sigh and leaned his head back on the wall and closed his eyes, so he wouldn't become dizzy. "I wouldn't give for a thick sandwich and some chips" he said as he rubbed his stomach, slightly drooling from the small images that appeared in his mind. He felt as Kas and her underlings stared at him beyond the other mirror. The room seemed so much bigger then it was before, maybe because he felt himself become more dizzy even though his eyes were closed. This was a feeling he was accustomed too, but it didn't get easier for him. Adriane definitely loved to eat, his favourite food was anything with noodles and pasta for sure; ever since he was little he was put on a strict diet for his training and only got to have his favourite food for a special day of the month; right before a life or death mission.

    Adriane laid his head down on the pillow and waited, hopefully Kas would fulfill one of his request, if not tomorrow hell just take a day off from being an agent and travel into to town for some good food and cloths. Without his parents permission, he might add. He picked up his arm and looked at his watch, only the time showed and no new messages. Adriane smiled at it "maybe they forgot about me, it's okay I can leave tomorrow on my own" he chuckled lightly at his watch and laid his hand back down on the bed. A strong yawn grew in his lungs and soon out of his mouth, he could feel himself growing slowly more tired then usual. "Eh.. a nice bath would be great right now" he said to himself as he looked over at the bathroom where his shoes are. He got up and walked over to the mirror and pounded on it, "Hey! can I get something to eat atleast you guys haven't fed me all day, this isn't very nice. If you wanted information from me this is a bad way to get it from me" he said laughing slightly.

    Meanwhile... back at Adriane's headquarters. Jannet made her way back to Phedra who had passed out by the computer, she smiled and stroked the girls head and slightly shook her to wake her up. "Hey dumb ass go to bed, I'll take care of it from here" he said with a smirk. Phedra smiled sleepily and stood up, shook her head and walked out the door. She ended up bumping to a wall and stood there shook for a little bit. She soon made it down her hall and entered into a room that was not hers. She looked around, cloths on the floor, gym cloths and items in the corner and a messy bed. "mm.. this is Adriane's room.." she said as she stumbled over to his bed. She smiled hard and took in a deep breath, Phedra inhaled in his scent and relaxed. She remembered the time her and Adriane spent their first night together, how gentle he was with her and loving. She became mesmerized by his scent and slowly fell asleep to dreams of him by her side once more. Whilst Phedra slept, Jannet begun to finish the plan to rescue their friend.. again. "Damn Adriane you're always doing this stuff and we always save you and you always.... take the blame for us all.." she said sadly as she looked down at the picture of them three. She was able to complete the rest of the work within two hours and stood up ready as the night passed on.

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